Factors that May Be Holding Your Business Back

Monday, 23 May 2016

Factors that May Be Holding Your Business Back

Posted by Rahul Gupta
As any experienced small business owner will tell you, the world of small business is a roller-coaster at times, but worth it in the end. Many new small business owners have to learn the ropes as they go, which can create some problems along the way. 
Factors Holding Business Back
The only thing that you want to do as a small business owner is staying with something that does not work. Whether you use an actual office or virtual office services, you will inevitably run into problems, but you will need to find a way to bounce back and come back better each time. 

The following are a few factors that may be holding your business back from the growth it needs.

No Help With Your Phone Calls

I would say that it's the biggest issue that most business owners have to deal with on a daily basis is answering all of their calls. But by hiring answering services, such as the live receptionist services provided by Alliance Virtual Offices, you will be able to avoid getting sidetracked when it comes to doing tasks around your office space. The amount of money that is paid to an answering service will be more than worth it considering how helpful it can be.

Lack of Capital

One of the biggest reasons that can hold a small business back is a lack of capital to put into your business. The lack of money will hold you back from growing and can lead to an overall collapse in the company. 

One of the best thing to do when trying to build up capital for your business is to find ways to cut corners. You need to create a budget that you can live with to save as much money as you can to reinvest in your business. 

Also, estimate how much working capital will be needed during the business year and same can be raised either way or not. If possible, raise money keeping in mind the level of risk that your industry has. The business may collapse if the money is not raised with the need of the time and it may be the worst reason for the downfall of any business.

Lack of Time

Another very dangerous factor that can lead to an overall decline in your business is a lack of time to devote to it. When most small businesses are starting out, the owner has to split time between their business venture and their actual job. Not devoting enough time to your business can make things start to get bad fast, which can lead to you closing the doors. 

You need to crack all the nuts you can to devote as much time as you can to growing and expanding your business to make it your primary job.

Worst Location of office

A garments shop in the market where no Joe is looking for clothes is such a bad selection of a location for business. Location factor has to be considered while setting up the office/business.

The business house has to be not too far from the employees, customers, and city. Yes, offices are established even in a rural area, but their business is attached to the locality most often. So, pick a location that will not be a barrier to the growth of your business.

Lack of Planning

If you do not plan anything and start a business suddenly, only a golden destiny can make it a success. Every successful business is a result of detailed, meaningful and analytical prior research and planning. 

You need not plan coming ten or twelve years of your business because the conditions are not going to be as you anticipate now. But, if you intend small goals one after another, it definitely will work.

While planning, you may find some thoughts to grow your business that you won’t be getting after commencing the business because of a right amount of operating tasks to do.


If you avoid the mistakes and give some attention to the factors laid above, you can make your business and the big success.


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