5 Best Article Submission Software - An Overview

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

5 Best Article Submission Software - An Overview

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Have you ever wondered how famous bloggers submit their articles to thousands of article submission websites? You might have noticed it if you're damn serious about blogging. One thing you know very well that one can't submit their posts one by one to hundreds of directory. It will a be lengthy process. They might be using any trick for the completion of this work. Don't worry my friend the secret behind it is very simple. They are using Article submission softwares in order to publish post in bulk. 

I know now you must be wondering that the secret was one of the most easiest thing that we could think. But when we're asked this question suddenly then it becomes a little difficult task for us to think properly. So in today's guide I am going to review 10 most interesting and best softwares for automatic article submission. These article marketing softwares are hand-picked. So you will love them surely while using.

1. Magic Article Submitter

It's one of the most loved SEO software or article submitter software. Magic Article submitter is an all-in-one software to submit your articles to hundred of directories. It will submit your articles to hundreds of sites and in turn you will get thousands of backlinks. It will help you to push your rankings up in Google search engine. 

Features Of Article Submitter:-
  1. Automatically Create 100’s Of Accounts For You.
  2. Automatically Verify All Your Accounts.
  3. Automatically Spin Your Submissions For 100% Original Content.
  4. Automatically Submit All Your Content To Over 2000 Sites.
  5. Automatically Solve All Captcha Verifications.
  6. Automatically Submit And Get 1000’s BACKLINKS On Autopilot.
  7. Automatically Capture And Organize All Your Links.
  8. Automatically Ping, Bookmark, And Even Spin Your Links.

2. Article Marketing Robot

It's another one of the most popular software for article submission. It was released in 2010 by Vince Severson. It is one of the most talked software of Internet regarding article submission. It not only submits your posts to hundreds of sites rather it has capability of spin also. It has more article directory scripts than any other marketing software.

Features Of Article Marketing Robot:-

It mainly focus on below listed key features.
  1. Mass Article Submission
  2. Built in Pinger
  3. Auto-Remove bad Sites
  4. Intelligent Article Spinning
  5. Easy to Manage Resource Profiles
  6. Captcha Sniper Support
  7. Contextual Linking
  8. Built in Site Scraper
  9. Self-Managed Scrape and Import Footprints
  10. Simple Site Import
  11. Personal WordPress Blog Posting
  12. Proxy Support
  13. LiveLink URL Extraction
  14. Scheduled Submission
Must Read :-

3. SEO Suite

If you're looking for a all-in-one SEO software including article submission facility then SEO suite is for you. It's an high level management SEO software bundled with 25 tools. It will help you to submit your articles as well as improve your website's ranking with the inbuilt SEO tools. This simply maintains and improves your search engine ranking.

Features OF SEO Suite:-
  1. Discover how to optimize your website in minutes.
  2. Build quality back links..without spending hours manually submitting it yourself!
  3. Monitor your ranking for any keyword and website…at the click of a button!
  4. Web Site Optimizer
  5. Search Engine Submitter
  6. Link Building Tools
  7. Reporting Tools and much more.

4. Article Kevo

It's a new advanced article submitter. It was released in 2012. Since the release it has made quiet awesome impression in the market. Currently it supports near about 24 platforms where you can submit your links. 
  • 6 Article directory platforms: WordPress, Article Dashboard, Article Friendly, Article MS, ArticleBeach and ArticleScript.
  • 9 Web 2.0 platforms: WordPress, Blogetery, Blog, Livejournal, Tumblr, Edublogs and more…
  • 3 Social Bookmarking platforms: Pligg, Scuttle and PHPDug
  • 4 Wiki platforms: MediaWiki, WikkaWikki, TikiWiki and MoinMoin
  • 3 Social Network platform: Elgg, PHPFox and Dolphin
  • 1 Forum Profiles platform: SMF
  • 4 Custom Sites.
Features Of Article Kevo:-

  1. Import your own list.
  2. Add your own WP blogs.
  3. Scrape your own list.
  4. Multiple author accounts.
  5. One click auto fill button.
  6. Easy Sign up+ confirms email.
  7. One click clean up.
  8. Group article sites.
  9. Advanced sites with list filtering and much more.

5. Article Demon 

Last but not the least Article Demon was released by Edwin Brian and his software development company EdwinSoft in 2009. Now a days most of the companies depend on article marketing software only. As they drive huge traffic towards their website. Article Demon is also one of them. It can drive traffic towards your blog, increases search engine ranking, builds high PR backlinks. 

Features Of Article Demon:-

  1. Provides faster search engine indexing.
  2. Increase search engine rankings. 
  3. Targeted traffic from articles.
  4. It boosts your business credibility.
So this was all about article submission softwares. Use them to boost your overall ranking of website. If you have any doubt or query then feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section.


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