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Friday, 22 January 2021

Effortless Ways to Split PDF File Into Pieces Using PDFBear's Splitting Tool

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Portable Document Format or PDF has always been essential for students, teachers, and office workers. PDF is a file extension with maximum accessibility for viewing, printing, and document sharing. Unfortunately, PDF is designed to be challenging to modify since it is a read-only format, but there are instances where it needs to be changed and edited. There are many different PDF shapers, creators, convertors, but none, like the all-in-one PDFBear.


Luckily, with advanced innovation technology, there are online tools that can help you with your difficulties. When you have PDFs in your file folder that need to be split, the PDFBear splitting tool will assist you. Here are several ways to break PDF files and pages into parts and the advantages of using PDFBear's web services.

The Upsides of Splitting PDF

There are several explanations as to why digital consumers need to split pdf online free. One of the reasons for this is the clarity of the divided chapters. The split feature is efficient when some sections of the text are not done intentionally for the reader. Moreover, splitting PDFs is also an easy step not to remove or delete the current pages from a particular file.

  • The splitting of PDF documents is significant because digital users cannot locate a page from different pages.
  • Large PDF documents consume a massive amount of time to transmit and even get corrupted when saving and downloading. If you divide a large PDF document into smaller parts, the smaller fragments keep data clean and accesible. It even helps share smaller documents as email attachments.
  • Dividing PDF files into smaller sections is manageable and accessible. It is also easier to open and read small PDFs segments by incorporating all available PDF reader features.
  • Once the PDF files have been completely split up, consumers will not need to share all the PDF documents, as only one page can be easily transmitted.

The PDFBear Split Tool

As a lightweight online tool, PDFBear will come in handy whenever you need to split PDF files into multiple pages. The application has come up with remarkable updates and features that are reasonable for its clients. For you to manage PDF documents more effectively, you need to retain a good part of them.

PDFBear splitting tool

Splitting PDF pages is going to be a lot easier if you follow these steps:

  • Loading the PDFBear website to your default search bar is the first step to take.
  • Tap the File menu, and then select Open to choose a portable document format file. Just run the drop and drag procedure for faster navigation.

splitting options

  • Next, navigate through the Documents menu, start picking out the pages you want to split into parts, and tap the Split Document in the toolbox. The process is only going to last a minute.
  • For the last part, head to the Download Page in your browser, and your updated portable document format file will be ready for download.

As the PDFBear creators have said, the split tool will be easy for the user to use and navigate to prevent document processing from failing. If the user has forwarded their documents to the service provider's interface in full, then the space made available for the page range is noticeable. For that reason, it is necessary to employ a tool that will make the process easy.

PDFBear is More Than Just PDF

PDFBear supports digital users with an acceptable section of features that turns daily activities into a more manageable and trouble-free process. This web-based tool offers over 20 prominent configurations and provides consumers with free trial access to its features without restrictions and restrictions.

PDFBear configurations

Additionally, PDFBear also takes into account that any unauthorized individuals will not open the private information and data of the client. Thus ensuring protection of your data and business. The characteristics of PDFBear have invented extraordinary innovations that ensure the security and safety of the files of its digital users. It is important to provide a structure that guarantees the privacy and security of the client.


Utilizing split tools online will be simpler for digital users to segregate the relevant pages that they demand. Only several individuals genuinely understand how splitting works. That is because they do not search for alternatives to make PDF splitting faster and easier. With that, PDFBear is one of the best convenient web-based tools you could locate.

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Easy Merging of Multiple PDF Documents Online with PDFBear

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Isn’t it a hassle to handle multiple PDF documents when you can combine them all into a single PDF file instead? By doing this, you can easily save more time and even avoid any hassle in performing certain processes. It can be really taxing to use the same process for different PDF documents may it be uploads, printing, and other purposes.


You can merge and combine your PDF documents into one PDF file through PDFBear. PDFBear’s PDF merger will help you combine your PDF documents in a simplified and straightforward way. PDFBear also provides this online PDF merger for free on its website. You’ll have a cost-friendly alternative in merging your PDF documents online. Even word to pdf conversion can be done easily.

Features of PDFBear

PDFBear has innumerable tools and features to offer its user. Among its many notable features, the following are the most striking:

1. Easy Merging of Multiple PDF Documents Online 

You’ll find that PDFBear’s online PDF merge process is one that you can easily perform. Any user using this tool can merge PDF files through a simplified process that uses a four-step method. In turn, you surely won’t feel confused while you combine your PDF documents using this online PDF merger. All you’ll need is to religiously follow PDFBear’s four-step process in combining multiple PDF files.

merge PDF on PDFBear

For the first step of this online process, you must select and upload your PDF files into the converter. We know that selecting and uploading multiple PDF files can be quite tedious. In turn, you can always drag-and-drop multiple PDF documents into this PDF merger. Once you’ve uploaded all PDF files, PDFBear will combine all your files into a single PDF document.

combine or merge PDF

You can always modify your PDFs if you find it necessary. Once you’re done making all the modifications, simply press “Combine” or “Merge PDF!” A merged PDF document should be ready to download in less than a minute. You can always download the new PDF document to your computer or share the file with your Google Drive and even Dropbox.

2. Cheap, Efficient, And User-Friendly PDF Merger

This online tool will help you combine your PDF documents into one PDF file. In turn, it can help you do so with ease. Plus, this online PDF merger is one of the simplest online tools to manipulate. You surely won’t have a hard time using it to merge and combine multiple PDF files! Even those who are trying this process for the first time can easily do so through this PDFBear tool!

It can provide you an accurately combined PDF within a minute. Without a doubt, this online PDF merger is one of the most efficient online tools available today. It qualifies as one of the best online tools for pdf conversion as well. It can give you an accurately merged and combined PDF file promptly with no delays! PDFBear’s undoubtedly an easy tool to use for these types of PDF processes.

PDFBear Pricing

This online tool allows you to combine multiple PDF documents for free. But you can only do so for a limited number of times. If you need to combine and merge many files, then going PRO with PDFBear PRO should be the answer. This premium subscription goes for only $5.99 a month which is almost nothing compared to those costly software tools that offer the same process.

3. Accessible & Usable On Any Platform

This PDFBear online PDF merger should function without problems or issues on any platform. You’ll be able to access and use this online PDF merger regardless of the operating system that you’ll be using. In turn, you can use Windows, Mac, Linux, and other major operating systems to merge your PDF documents through PDFBear.

PDFBear also offers this online PDF merger tool on mobile platforms. Anyone who’s using an iOS or Android device should be able to access and use this PDF merger tool. With this, you can now merge multiple PDF documents straight from your smartphone. See to it that you have access to a Wi-Fi connection before using this web-based PDF merger tool.


There’s absolutely no reason that PDFBear shouldn’t be on your top three go-to online tools for this process. PDFBear most definitely leads other competitors in efficiently and accurately combining multiple PDFs into a single PDF file. All the writing services, conversion work and PDF management can be done through this software in a trice!

PDFBear can provide you with a high-quality outcome using an effortless yet effective process. Plus, this online PDF merger allows you to combine multiple PDFs for free, adding another reason merging PDF files is ideally done through PDFBear.

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Thursday, 21 January 2021

Airy YouTube Video Downloader for Mac Review: An All-in-One YouTube Downloader

Posted by Madhu Gupta

YouTube, as we all know, is one of the largest video streaming platforms in the world, with a majority of its content being available for free. However, the revenue for YouTube majorly comes from the ads that the users get to see from time to time, mostly at the beginning of the video and occasionally in the middle of the videos. This is the most annoying thing that the users have to face during their video watching experience. 

When such ads pop up just at the moment when something important is going on in the video, frustration is a common and the most obvious feeling. That’s where the YouTube downloaders come into play. This review will educate you on all the aspects of YouTube video downloading in the simplest possible manner.

Why is a YouTube Video Downloader required?

A YouTube video downloader is a must-have tool for any user who watches a lot of content on YouTube but is unwilling to pay for the ad-free premium subscription. Also, if he feels that the price of the YouTube Premium subscription is too high for the benefits it provides, he may even switch over to the use of some YouTube Video downloaders. 

The YouTube video downloaders save the videos from YouTube onto your device so that you get to see ad free content offline. This means that you neither need a stable internet connection nor do you require to wait for the skip button to pop up during the ads – that’s quite annoying, after all.

Airy YouTube Downloader – a Promising Tool for Mac users

Many users face the dilemma of choosing the best YouTube downloaders as many options are valuable in the market these days. However, to make things very simple for them, as promised above, we introduce to you a very promising tool – the Airy YouTube Downloader.

Airy Youtube Downloader for Mac

This tool is available for Mac users, but PC users may also get their version from another section of the same website. This tool is great for Mac users as they get a wide range of features for a small sum of money that they have to pay a subscription fee. However, an option of a trial version is always there before you get impressed by the services and decide to pay.

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Features of Airy YouTube Downloader

The Airy YouTube Downloader is a promising tool that provides its users a wide range of features that they require while downloading content from a platform so big as YouTube. These features have been discussed below for an easy understanding.

Download Full Playlists with a Single Click

Do you wonder that you would have to spend a lot of time downloading the entire playlist if you want to watch it offline? If you answered in an affirmative, Airy YouTube Downloader has already solved this problem of yours. You need to paste a link to that playlist after you have signed into your Google account, and you are good to go.

download full playlists on Airy

Airy YouTube Downloader will download the entire playlist in that same order as it was on YouTube. You can even play it directly as a playlist in your media player – No sorting required at all.

No Compromise on Quality of Videos

While many YouTube downloaders are available for free of cost or send you tons of ads for a simple download of a YouTube video, they are not recommended to use. Safety is one reason, but another important reason is that they degrade the quality of the videos on your device.

Airy resolutions

However, Airy YouTube Downloader provides you with the same quality of videos that is available on YouTube – you need not content yourself with a satisfactory quality of the video. The quality for videos via Airy YouTube Downloader is up to 8K resolution. 

Download Every Video on YouTube

Many videos on YouTube are marked as not downloadable. Like the ones with the age-restrict mark are not downloadable. But, if you use the Airy YouTube Downloader, you do not have to worry about this sort of scenario. Airy YouTube Downloader makes it possible for you to download every video present on YouTube – whatever be its classification by YouTube.

Control Pace and Time of Downloads

Did you just hit download for a movie playlist and got some other important work that requires a lot of your bandwidth? You need not worry in such a case as you don’t have to cancel the download and waste the bandwidth you used to download a part of that playlist or video. 

control download time 

Instead, pause the download, and Airy YouTube Downloader will always remember the progress to restart the download at the same point from where you had left off. You may start a download today and choose to finish it later on without any issues whatsoever.

Download videos in Multiple Formats

Do you face issues in a video of a particular format, or do you need an audio version of a video? The Airy YouTube Downloader has the features to get you video and audio as output from YouTube video links. You need to select the desired output format, and you are good to go. The Airy YouTube Downloader will download the file in your preferred format and will also remember it in case you use the same option frequently. 

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How to Download YouTube videos using the Airy YouTube Downloader?

Downloading a YouTube video is not a herculean task – it’s rather a simple one. You need to get the link to the video that you want to download and paste that link in the search bar of Airy YouTube Downloader, which is located at the top of the window.

paste youtube URL

Thereafter, you should select the desired output format and click on the download option. This will start your download, which will finish depending on your internet speed.

select format and start download

The destination for downloaded folders may be changed from the preferences menu in the Airy YouTube Downloader window.

System Requirements for Airy YouTube Downloader

The Airy YouTube Downloader does not require the latest system configurations. Instead, it only needs a decent configuration that can support the software and provide a healthy environment for its smooth working. The requirements for Airy YouTube Downloader include OS X 10.9+ and 22.55MB free space – that’s all.


  • Very simple to download videos.
  • Multiple formats supported with good quality.
  • Downloading of entire playlist possible with a single click.


  • Audio format output is limited to only 256 kbps.
  • No browser extension is supported.



The Airy YouTube Downloader is a promising tool for Mac users who can spend around $20 to avoid the ads from YouTube. It has multiple features that enhance the viewing experience of the users, and we recommend that every user who wants to download the YouTube video must use this tool at least once before making an opinion of the Airy YouTube Downloader.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

5 Ways to Grow Your Business With Machine Learning

Posted by Madhu Gupta

 Machine learning is a discipline that combines the most modern aspects of three groundbreaking fields of study, mathematics, artificial intelligence, and statistics. It is designed to mimic the way people think and applies those patterns to create new programs and solutions automatically. Top scientists of the world created this amazing technology, so the question that we should ask ourselves now is, how, as entrepreneurs, we can use it to grow a business? Let’s find out. 

Improve Your Maintenance in Manufacturing 

If you are a manufacturer, then you can use this technology in your facilities to predict the production supply needs, therefore saving a lot of money by improving the quality of future sales predictions. Machine learning algorithms can also help you predict when your machines need to undergo maintenance work, eliminating some machinery problems and unexpected shutdowns. 

Using this technology can reduce your fuel and energy costs as well. To know the specific benefits that machine learning can bring to your manufacturing business, you can contact a machine learning consulting company like LogicAI and consult machine learning experts. 

Analyze the Customer Data Effectively

Machine learning helps to analyze the multitude of data your company obtains each day and helps you improve the understanding of your customer base and target audience. It will sort the customers’ data, and tell who your customers are, what they are looking for, and explain their behavior patterns. Machine learning can present you with data concerning customer lifetime value prediction, and it can simply help you adjust your offer and marketing communications to be more effective. 

Take Your Cybersecurity to Another Level 

Cybersecurity is an issue that we all face as Internet users. Now, when most businesses collect a lot of sensitive data, it is crucial to make sure that you won’t be hacked and your data is secure. Machine learning can help improve the spam detection software that you are using and help reduce the number of malicious software download attempts within your company. It can also help protect your software and data by recognizing and blocking any threats. 

Generate Machine Learning-Driven Content

Content creation is another part of your business that can benefit in terms of growth by using machine learning technology. This technology was used already to build several content-generating applications, and it is said that currently, a third of online content is generated by machines. Machine learning tools can help you to create blog posts, landing pages, and other content for your sites. 

Standardize Your Recruiting Process

The recruiting process in your business is yet another field that you can improve with the help of machine learning. It has the ability to improve the existing hiring process by analyzing and organizing CVs and build candidate profiles.

Machine learning shows many ways in which you can improve and grow your business. All you have to do is simply implement it and take advantage of the benefits it will bring to your company. This truly is the technology of the future. Why not use it today? 

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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Project Management As Career Choice: Here Are All The Reasons Why You Should Go For It

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Irrespective of the industry, project management is a role that never goes out of demand. Every organization is always searching for individuals who are qualified enough to plan well and provide an accurate provision of work. 

The basic job of a project manager is to plan, organize, lead, monitor, and manage tasks as well as resources with the aim of achieving business goals that have been set by the organization. 

Nowadays, most of these tasks can be automated, thanks to the project management software that is readily available. Teamwork is perhaps one of the best project management tools that organizations tend to invest in. 

Thus, become a project manager will not only help you become a better strategizer but also allow you to be a little more tech-savvy than you already are. The benefits of choosing project management as a career choice simply don't seem to end. 

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Responsibilities of a project manager 

Apart from the above-mentioned roles and duties of a project manager, here are a few more responsibilities and tasks that a project manager needs to get completed. 

  • Set the budget for each project and work. 
  • Set the duration of the project. Lock the schedules and time frame in which the project is expected to be completed. 
  • Scout for the right skill for the task at hand. Assigns the work as per the strengths of employees. 
  • Acts as a leader and arranges a meeting to track the progress. 
  • Plans on how the work will be completed. 
  • Communicate with stakeholders and offer them a detailed report. 
  • Keeps the culture and communication of the team intact. 

It is true that sometimes, juggling multiple tasks, projects, and schedules can get a little overwhelming. However, with training and experience, everything starts seeming like a cakewalk. 


Many are under the impression that being a project manager is an easy job. It is not. Like every other job, it requires an individual to have a particular skill set - a combination of hard and soft skills both. From being quick problem-solvers to having above-average math skills, they need the right balance in order to be successful. 

It is a great choice for those who enjoy handling multiple responsibilities. Here is the scope of project management. 

  • It is true that the majority of project managers are required in the IT industry. However, there are plenty of other areas as well, where there is a need for project managers, including finance, oil and gas, construction, insurance, manufacturing, utility, and more. 
  • The growth in project management is insane. Those who move forward to get themselves specializations and certifications, as well as a high-level experience, can expect to witness the double-salary than entry-level or maybe even more. 
  • The demand for individuals in this position will always be high. 
  • If you are an effective and well-trained project manager, you can really make a difference and impact employees' morale. 
  • Becoming a project manager is similar to becoming a CEO. Both need to work with and for projects, teams, clients, and investors. Both need to deal with a lack of finances. 
  • There is an on-going learning process throughout your career as a project manager. You can never learn enough. 

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Why You Should Consider To Study Project Management 

No one said that you could not become a project manager without specialization or a degree. However, no one ever tells you how much weight a degree holds when you work in an organization that is not owned by you. 

To put it simply out there, those project managers who have certification are likely to bag higher salaries and have many more opportunities to grow than those who do not have any sort of credentials. 

You can begin by learning from the various training courses that are easily available online. This will help you get the basic idea of the role, your responsibilities, and how you can carry out the work easily. 

Check out these top helpful websites where you can upgrade your skills.


The essence is that if you have any second thoughts about being a project manager, you should know that there are ample opportunities out there. Moreover, as the technology is advancing and more tools are being launched, with these tools the work gets much easier and less overwhelming for the managers. 

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