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Monday, 26 September 2016

5 Methods to Fix Google Play Store Error 927

Posted by Rahul Gupta
It seems to amaze me how everyone wants to live a mistake-free life be it Android or be it the real life. They just don’t want any errors. These days users are accustomed to using super-fast and reliable android phones that the even a small error makes them anxious, irritating and quite restless. I now feel that my seniors were right "People are prisoners of their phone, that's why it is called a cell phone.”

Oops! Too much right? Well, that’s some other day story. Today I will be providing a guide on how you can remove this obnoxious google play store error 927. Duh! The no. itself feels negative to me. This error mostly occurs when Google play store is upgrading itself in the background. It’s a transparent process, so many of you are not able to recognize it, so you continue with your downloading or updating your applications. And eventually, you get the error 927. 

Fix Google Play Store Error 927
These errors address us that any app cannot be downloaded or updated due to problems encountered by the google play store. But that's not enough for this critical error, it not only wastes your time but by stopping the downloading at the end; it squanders all your data without even being productive at all. Poor lads.

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So, here I am going to elaborate you how to resolve the famous google play store error 927. I must aware you that no particular trick or step can assuredly fix the error. The below methods are only trailed and tested by the Android community.

Steps to Solve The Google Play Store Error 927

#1 Reset Application Preferences

Now the system applications may have altered the functioning of these applications. So it’s important to start from the scratch. To reset all applications preferences to their default settings:
  1. Select the settings app from the app drawer or click on the cog icon in the notification shade.
  2. Under the Settings screen, scroll down to the device section and choose the “Apps” option.
  3. Click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner and select “Reset app preferences” from the drop down panel.
  4. A warning window will pop up on the screen, which speaks that this action will reset all disabled apps, disable app notifications, default applications for activities and background data restrictions for apps. Just tap on reset apps.
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#2 Clear Phone and App Cache

Sometimes, errors could be for the reason that there is no space left for storing the cache on your device. For apps to add on new cache, you have to get clear of old cache:

Google Play Store App
  1. Go to settings as shown you earlier.
  2. Go down to the device section and choose the “Apps” option.
  3. Locate the app that you want to clear the cache or data.
  4. Click on Storage and the buttons for clearing the cache and app data will become available.
To Clean The Entire Cache Stored On Your Smartphone
  1. Again go to Settings.
  2. In the device section, select Storage
  3. Let the device calculate the cache stored, and then click on the tab
  4. A confirmation dialog box will appear, then click yes. 

#3 Uninstall previous updates

The play store might be creating a problem because of an incomplete update or the latest update. Well, it’s better to uninstall all new updates and re-install it.
  1. Go to settings under the device section go to apps and locate the google play store app
  2. Click on it and tap on the three-dot menu in the corner of the screen
  3. Under the pop-up panel, click on the uninstall updates
  4. Click yes in the confirmatory dialog box to upgrade the app to its factory settings.  

#4 Remove and re-add Google play store account

To remove the error 927 in play store, this method could also work
  1. At First, add up a proxy google account and delete the first Gmail account by navigating to System Settings>>Accounts>>Google>>Remove your Gmail accounts.
  2. Then secondly, force stops the google play store application and under the settings only, clean data and cache files.
  3. Now again go back to your account settings and re-add the old Google account.
  4. After doing the above steps effectively again try to download your applications from Google play store.

#5 Clear space on the phone

Your phone must have enough storage space for to download and install apps from Google play store. Otherwise, they will not be installed due to lack of storage. So free ample space on your phone.
  1. Now if your phone don’t have enough room to add any more apps. It is advised to clean up the old data or apps from the internal storage.
  2. You can do that manually, or there are some apps available on play store to clean up some space in your internal storage.

Note: - It is essential to restart after every step to make the changes in effect. Also, it is not necessary that to fix the error, follow all the steps. Even one step or two steps make the error run away. Just don’t overdo any step.

So, those were some tried ways to solve the google play store error 927. One of them will surely help you achieve your goal. If you ever face this error again, you can re-use the above methods.
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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Phototheca Review: An Ultimate Photo Manager for PC

Posted by Rahul Gupta
We’ve come a long way from a time when photos used to be only an occasional thing, to a time when photos especially the digital ones have become an essential part of our lives. Every smartphone carries tons of pictures in his/her smartphone. Sometimes its nature shorts, sometimes it's selfies and sometimes its moments that he/she wants to keep along with him/her. 

Whatever be the case, the point is that photos have become an essential part of our lives. Now, being such an important thing, a mere “gallery” app or “folder” isn’t enough to manage all the photos. 
Phototheca Review
So, here is a tool named Phototheca for taking away all these management issues.

Phototheca Review: Introduction

Phototheca is one of a kind photo management software that makes it easy for users to manage and view photos and albums. With this tool, it gets very easy to administer all your photos and albums on your desktop or laptop PC. 
Phototheca Dashboard

Some Salient Features of Phototheca

  • Phototheca supports high DPI display, touch interface, dual monitor view and has Clean UI. 
  • You can instantly search across the whole library. 
  • IPTC options, with JPEG support for XMP, and EXIF. 
  • It also supports auto-updating and tracking from specified locations. 
  • Detection of duplicate photos and easy removal. 
  • Smart albums can work as saved search queries as well. 
  • Users also get password protected safe boxes.

Phototheca Features Explained

Import with ease & intelligence: The software makes it pretty easy to Import your photos for effective management later. You can import from cameras, cell phones, USB sticks and also from the local drives. The best part is that the files that you have on your local drive aren’t copied in a separate folder which means that no space is wasted and no file is changed.
Import Photos
You can import from memory cards as well. The software has been built intelligently; it makes sure that the photos which have been imported earlier already don’t get imported again. Which reduces duplicated photos to a great extent.

Users can also import from network shares or home NAS as well. Also, iOS device users like iPads and iPhones can also import files without duplicating content. Also, if the software detects any changes in the imported files, it makes the changes inside the app on its own. This feature is indeed quite flawless and makes the experience much better.

Last Imported Location
The software also tracks down and remembers the location of imported photos. If a new photo is added to the same location, the user can configure to import it automatically.

How Phototheca makes it easy to manage your Photos?

They have this term “Events” which are a group of photos which stand to represent a group of shots which were taken around a same time or place. For example in a birthday party or vacation. Then, the software assembles these photos in the import routine itself to import. It also uses some specific options to split photos.

You can also make albums manually to collect pictures of some particular subjects. These are the photos that don’t have any time frame. 

There is a feature whom the company likes to call Smart albums, but I like to refer to it as automatic albums because it is an album that gets populated based on some specific conditions. In total, there are ten total properties which you can use to search and use six overall conditions in combination.

Another cool feature is their live album feature in which you can track all the contents of the folder. (irrespective of folders being on the drive or the network drive) The fresh photos from these folders would appear in this library on their own when they appear in the respective folders. Even if you edit these pictures with some other applications, the changes would be recognized and reflected quickly in the library along with the new tags and keywords.

Also, one particular thing that you’ll love about this software that it doesn’t distract you while you are looking at your photos. The Full-screen mode makes the photo viewing experience smooth and flawless. You can adjust the background colors as per your light conditions or personal preferences.  Phototheca Features
Apart from this, many other things such as the size of thumbnails, height of photo strips can also be changed by a slider through which you can view bigger thumbnails, or alter the height of the image. If you want to search for a particular set of photos, you can do that with the powerful instant search feature.

Another cool feature is the timeline and calendar feature.

If you are a privacy-minded user (like me), you can hide your private stuff into password protected safes. This feature comes handy when you want some of your pics not to be available for everyone. All you need to do is to move such photos into a safe and then protect them with a password. Then those pictures become invisible in the library.

You can also export a part (or whole) of your library in some other place with ease. Items such as events, albums, and photos can be exported in any combination.

You can also send your pictures via email to your default email client (the one which is installed on your PC). 

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The tool has tons of features which you can explore and enjoy. Overall, the software works without glitches and is available to deliver what it promises.
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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Best Way to Track MoneyGram Money Orders

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Still looking for the legitimate company through which you can transfer money to a relative or a friend? A company you can believe, trust and “bring you closer” with your dear one. Didn’t you wish you had a track of your money order, about its security and hassle free transfer? Also, if you had a sense of trust that eventually you can wire money to people around the world. Well, to make you believe that online money transfer is the new game. Let me tell you something about MoneyGram: Bringing you closer.

MoneyGram is an international company which provides convenient ways to transfer money between two parties worldwide and offers bill payment series in USA and Canada. An individual can send or receive money through MoneyGram personally through agents at areas around the world, through account transfers, ordinary mail, and via online portals. 
Track MoneyGram Money Orders
Now either you are a new consumer or and an old loyal customer to the company, it is essential to track the money transferred from the sender as well as the receiver. Money doesn't grow on trees. Thus it is important to follow your money order and maintain peace in mind plus for the security reason as well.

Well, going mainstream; there are ways on how you can track your MoneyGram orders. Before contemplating a method, let’s see which of the following you are:

  • Sender 

The person or party who dispatch the money order.

  • Receiver  

The individual or party who receives the money order mailed by the receiver. 

  • Third – party person

You can still track the money order if you are a third person or indirectly affiliated with the receiver or the sender. But must have the relevant documents and credentials required. 

Let’s directly proceed to the process and find out how to track your money orders in MoneyGram.

Now, if you are a sender, you would be the maximum concerned person about the money order as of course, it’s your money which is at stake here. So to track your money order, you can follow the methods given below:

1. Call the MoneyGram money order service line. 

The first thing you need to do is to check if the money order was cashed or not, for that:

  • Look for the toll-free no. in the site’s contact information. Different countries have different contact support.
  • You shall be required to enter money order reference number and the amount of money sent.
  • Consider calling the toll free no. only if you have allowed at least one week to the recipient for a chance to cash the money order.

2. Submit a claim card

Now, if you have physically lost the mailed money order. You will need this form from the MoneyGram website:

  • Download and print the application/claim form. Fill out the form completely. Pay particular attention to the reference number you retained from the submission receipt.
  • Prepare for a small amount of processing fee in the name of: "MoneyGram International."
  • If the cash were established out of the money order, the photocopy of the receipt would be forwarded to you.
  • If the money order was still not paid, then the amount will be refunded to you as a check.

Next, we come to the receiver, the person receiving the money order:

1. Contact the buyer

The sender of the money order needs to file a claim on the money order if it’s not cashed:

  • Be as intensive as you can with ensuring you didn't lose the order in your daily mail, or other different areas the individual may have sent the order.
  • If you're confirmed that the money order is lost, then ask the buyer to submit the claim.

2. Go to a nearby MoneyGram agent

If the money was picked up in the approved area, then you must coordinate with them to check the status:

  • Money orders are mostly sent to a man or business straightforwardly; however, at times they can be sent to MoneyGram's retail-based areas--particularly if a man is voyaging or different circumstances are formed.
  • If the money order is delayed by maximum three weeks, then you must request the sender for the claim card.

3. Delay by a financial institution

There can be numerous reasons if an international bank or a financial institution is delaying your money order which includes 

  • If the sender conveys the money order to your bank or credit union, let’s say, they may delay it for processing similar to clearing a check. This could be a day or two or longer if this occurs during a weekend or holiday.
  • In the case of international orders, currency exchanges may delay processing for a day or so as the money order changes the value in the account.

Now, there may be a chance that you must be looking for the money order you sent last week or you are a third person looking for some information on the money order your friend gave to someone. Then you should follow the following steps:

1. Get a duplicate of the “historical transaction” form

You need to get this form from the MoneyGram site in the Money Order area.

  • Bring much documentation along with this form when submitting it.
  • You will need to prepare a fee for requesting information on an order one-year-old or less, as you go much past for the record, the expense will rise correspondingly.
  • Pay the fee online on MoneyGram's website or at a physical agent's location.
  • Fill out the appropriate reference numbers you paid the historical service charge.
  • Remember, MoneyGram does not hold records longer than 10 years.

2. Fill out the correct sender and recipient names

You should do this for each MoneyGram request you need data on. 
  • Include all past telephone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • If you are third-party, you will need to submit proper ID. 

3. Attach proper identification to the form

This ought to be a photocopy of your identification as the sender, recipient, or third-party. 

  • Documents can be emailed at the respected email ID.

Note: - In all the above methods shown, you always are free to contact the customer support. Either you are a sender, receiver or a third person customer support will always help you 24/7. The customer support no. can be found at the official company site in the contact support. I am not writing any formal no. Because contact information is different for different states.

So, the above were some methods through which you can track your money order in MoneyGram. There are many other money transfer banks and sites which may have better natural tracking than MoneyGram. But at the same time, MoneyGram is the best company which provides hassle free money transfer be it online or offline.
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Scanbot Review - Is It Best Scanner App for iOS & Android?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
It might sound cheesy and a little exaggerated, but this is the best scanning app I’ve used on a smartphone. You might be wondering that I’ve already concluded my verdict on the app, but there is so much more to say now. So without any further blabbering, let’s start the review of Scanbot.


Scanning all those receipts while traveling, lecture notes on the board, or taking snaps of all relevant documents can now be easier. Scanbot enables you to scan every document easily, recognizes the text, and can even save all your documents to the cloud.
Scanbot App 
The app is free for both Android & iOS powered devices. I’m going to test out all the features on my Android Smartphone, and the measures would depend on the image quality, the detection efficiency, and the output. The company strongly emphasizes on the feature, i.e. the text detection capability from the scanned files. So, let’s get started with all the stuff and installation process.

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Getting Started  

To use Scanbot, all you need is to download the application for your respective device. Since it is free, you can easily get it from the official stores of Android and iOS. However, it is mostly recommended for all the iOS users, and it is by far the most reliable scanner for iPhones, iPad, etc. 

Download for AndroidiOS

The setup takes up only a few minutes to get installed on your device and then you can get started with the app directly. Scanbot greets you with a simple but effective interface and the wizard automatically comforts you with all the features, and you can start scanning all those documents right away.

Though Scanbot offers all the essential features of the free version, there are some limited but necessary features that you can avail with the premium pack. The $5.99 starter kit lets you enable OCR, search, signature on files, and other editing functions. There is an extended plan with Touch ID support, color filters, themes, and smart naming for all the devices, and you can avail all this for $7.99 upgrade pack
Pro Features

I recommend to go for the free version first, and I think that the free version would satisfy your scanning requirements. The accurate scanning capabilities and the cloud backup features took my heart. 


Pretty much like other apps, Scanbot doesn’t suit itself with the possible lighting requirements. You’ll need to click the picture under sufficient light, for all those perfect scanned document results. The app automatically prompts with the notification messages so that you can shoot in the best possible light. However, you can also without any requirements and you don’t need to heed all the messages. 

I started with a simple scan and took it to another level by scanning and detecting an Urdu excerpt from a document. Unfortunately, the app only supports standard English, but the quality of the document was unbelievable. Most of the results were pretty satisfying and you can easily these scanned documents in PDF or any other standard format. 
Scan High Quality Documents
The OCR, on the other hand, couldn’t impress me, but since the machine algorithms have not been developed quite as we expect, I simply can’t blame the developing company. The recognition was not that bad, I mean most of the issues were related to the writing style, punctuation, or commas, etc.  


  • Simple Editing Tools

One of the handy features of this tool is that you can easily edit any scanned document or file. You can add other relevant text, highlight the important one and simply share it on Cloud. The app lets you insert your personal signatures so that you can quickly add or verify any scanned document by just tapping on the page.
Scan to the cloud

  • Easy Sharing Capabilities 

Once the scanning is done, you can then quickly circulate the document across multiple platforms like Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. The scanned documents are automatically saved on your Cloud Storage. Moreover, if you’re using the devices with iOS 8 or higher, you can then easily save your files directly to iCloud.

Also, with the premium version, you are entitled to adjust naming conventions, include time markers like Day, Month, etc. The Touch ID extension keeps all your documents protected on the device with the password restrictions. 

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Final Thoughts

All in All, It simple works fine and is dramatically comes in handy at multiple places. All the documents are quickly scanned and saved to Dropbox automatically, or any other standard cloud platform. One can download the standard version free from the respective stores, and not to mention that it was the scanning application for iOS devices. 

Do share your thoughts and let me know of all the amazing things you want to share regarding your experience with Scanbot. Cheers!
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Friday, 23 September 2016

Top 10 OCR Apps for Android | Convert Image to Text

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Suppose you are very lazy or busy or in a rush and you want to convert your big bulk of paper notes into something portable and easily accessible. Well, you got it!! You must have heard about OCR technology. OCR is short for Optical Character Recognition. It converts your text images (typed, handwritten or printed) into digitized word files, mainly in PDF format. Also by using OCR you can perform searching, editing, etc. on the scanned documents. 

The process of converting images into text file includes many steps such as analyzing the images, then breaking the words into characters and then comparing them with a set of pattern images. Finally, it converts the image into digital format.
OCR Apps for Android
By using this technology many apps have been created for the convenience of mass. Here, I am going to list some of those very popular apps.

1. Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)

A convenient, on the go app which is among the top best OCR apps available on Android phones developed by Renard Wellnitz. Text fairy is a free app on top of being the most accurate text scanning and editing app. Its many features include converting an image into text, editing the extracted text and converting the scanned page into PDF files. It recognizes over 50 languages. 

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Many points have to be taken care of for using text fairy such as lighting, background, etc. Lighting should be good for taking a clear picture, and the background should be glaring free. Text fairy cannot read handwriting in images. It’s one of its drawbacks.

2. Cam Scanner

Another favorite app for converting images into PDF format is cam scanner. It is one of the most downloaded apps on play store. The app’s function is to take a picture of the required document and then editing and cropping it to create PDF files for sharing a purpose. It also gives the user the option to merge multiple files, add password protection, etc. 

The different setting allows you to sort and edit the document files according to the user’s preferences. Cam scanner was developed by INTSIG Information Co. Ltd which is one of the top Android app developers. One can download the free or paid version via Playstore.

3. Fine Scanner-docs Recognition

Developed by one of the top leading app developer ABBYY, the fine scanner is available for both iOS and Android platform. By using ABBYY fine scanner, one can quickly digitize any printed or handwritten documents in jpeg or PDF files. 

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The app recognizes 193 languages on scanned papers and gives the user the option of 12 output formats such as doc, xls, pdf, txt, etc. The app can be downloaded in both paid and free versions having advanced features in the paid version. 

4. Genius Scan

The app uses the latest technology, i.e., OCR for page detection, image processing, etc. to convert scanned documents into Jpeg or PDF files. This is the most useful app present on Play store and has been awarded several productivity app prizes. When an image is not taken correctly, i.e., it is not in perfect alignment the app can quickly rectify the problem. 

Its many features include time-saving capability, the best quality images and creating PDF documents for multiple scanned images. The scanned documents can be easily shared via different mediums.

5. Office Lens

This OCR app developed by the Microsoft Corporation is best for Microsoft users. But it is also available for Android users on play store. Apart from changing scanned document into PDF files, this fantastic app can also convert images in word and power point files. It also has a business card mode whose function is to extract critical data from business cards. 

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The best feature of the app is its whiteboard mode which saves data written on blackboards and whiteboards in accessible formats. Files scanned are directly saved to One Drive and can be shared easily. The only shortcoming of this app is that it supports only a few languages.

6. Scanbot-PDF Document Scanner

On the top being a text scanner, scanbot can also scan OCR and Barcodes. The cropping and saving of a scanned document are done automatically. The app contains many filters which can enhance or improve the quality of the scanned documents. 

More features include fast scanning process, automatic upload of background and user-friendly interface. The app is free and can be downloaded easily on play store. 

7. Tiny Scanner

This app has both a paid and a free version available on Playstore. It is one of the best OCR apps developed by Appxy and can scan everything from small receipts to photos etc. It generates a jpeg or PDF file of the scanned document. Also, a user can name and organize the scans and share them via email, Dropbox, Wi-Fi, fax, etc. 

Apart from general features of all other OCR apps, this app can set sizes for PDF documents such as a letter, legal, A4 and much more. A user can also protect the document by setting a password.

8. Reader (OCR Speaker)

Till now we have seen the typical OCR scanner which converts scanned files into digitized document data. A different app using the OCR technology is Reader which converts the scanned files into audio files. It can extract text from the image by using Google Cloud OCR Support and makes mp3 file by using Google Text to Speech (TTS) API Support. The app supports many different languages. The user can share the created mp3 on social media with one click.

9. Anyline OCR Scanner

Different features of this app include speed, accuracy, security and offline work. The scanning process operates in real time and thus is about 20 times faster than typing manually. The app works efficiently even in a bad lighting condition. Best of all, the app works offline which gives the user the freedom to work when no network connection is available. Download the app on Play store and enjoy its features.

10. Google Goggles

Last but not the least, this is the best app of them all. Google developed this app for many purposes in which one of them is OCR function. The app also works as a QR-Barcode scanner. The app’s best feature is its ability to recognize a famous landmark, painting or an attractive image on a simple click. It can also translate the scanned picture into required languages as it supports various languages. 

Google Goggles is a one stop of any amazing features one can introduce in an app. It can even search for similar products online for the user. You can easily download this app on play store and experience its amazing features.

So go ahead and exploit these super cool apps which will save a lot of your precious time and energy, as these apps will make your text images usable by converting them into a more convenient format instantly.
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