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Saturday, 21 July 2018

5 Tips for Playing Fortnite Apk on Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Fortnite Battle Royale, or simply known as Fortnite apk, is one of the most extensive multiplayer games of its genre, even surpassing the likes of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and Rules of Survival. Although the game may seem like a usual battle royale game for beginners, it actually features a couple of exciting twists that make it more fun and exciting to play in an immersive yet straightforward way. The Fortnite Battle Royale environment has tons of weapons scattered around, the obstacles are not entirely bulletproof, and you can construct structures from the materials that you collect as you roam around the area.
Playing Fortnite Apk on Android
If you have been following the latest news about Fortnite Battle Royale, you may have heard that Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite, is planning to release an Android version of the game soon. It is also expected that every round will feature cross-platform action wherein you can play against 99 other Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch users.

Here are some tips that you should consider when playing Fortnite Battle Royale on Android and become a pro in no time.

Enable the Voice Chat Option

With a smaller display compared to the usual desktop and computer laptop screen sizes, communication becomes a more important factor when playing the game in party mode. You can use the voice chat by signing up for a Microsoft Account and downloading the Xbox App. Now, you can talk to your teammates and set up your plan in an organized manner.

Practice Using a New Set of Controls

Switching from a keyboard and a mouse or from a game controller, to a compact handheld device can be a bit challenging even to experienced players of Fortnite. While practicing can help a lot to improve your navigation skills, simply changing the settings of your camera can help you establish a good position and take calculated movements while in the open field. You may also take advantage of the pre-game lobby to practice moving around the area.

Adjust the HUD Accordingly

Setting up a HUD that is adjusted to your preferences is just as important as mastering the controls for the mobile version of the game. Change the positioning and the sizes of the icons as you wish and don’t forget to consider the buttons for both the combat and build modes.

Use the Sight Mode Often

Being the first to open fire is already a huge advantage while in combat against other players, but being more accurate with your headshots can help you win games. Remember to ADS in applicable situations so you can spot more enemies from afar and get easy headshots.

Take Advantage of Auto-Run

Escaping the Storm zones, being first to collect powerful weapons, and pursuing a running target are just some critical skills in Fortnite that uses your character’s ability to run fast and non-stop. To help you on this, you may simply enable the auto-run feature by double tapping the control stick on the left side. And then you can enjoy the exciting game-play of Fortnite.
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Thursday, 19 July 2018

EveryCloud Review: #1 Rated Spam Filtering Service on Spiceworks

Posted by Rahul Gupta
What image comes to your mind, when you hear the word 'Cloud'? Okay now, don't come up with the lame reply such as, "Clouds are the one which brings us rains" or "There are no clouds in summer." Anyways, jokes apart. Nowadays, even kids know what a cloud is. 
EveryCLoud Review
This term is often related to cloud computing or instead take it as something which always has our backup ready if it is connected to our account. But, what if this term is used to secure your monitor. Let's find out with this article.

How EveryCloud was established?

The term cloud computing is not new it has been with us since 1960 when it worked on ARPANET. But, it officially came into use in 2006. After that, there is no looking back for the users the need and demand of the data kept on increasing and space to save them ran out. 

This was the time when business was simultaneously growing and it needed assistance, management, and of course security. To overcome this need Matt Baker and Graham O'Reilly started the company named "EveryCloud," this was the most significant revolution with the motto of achieving prosperous and secure technology.

What Type of Services Does it Provide?

It gives you the following services such as:
  • Email Security 
  • Marketplace 
  • Free tools

Email Security

The intruder trend is more trending than the fashion designers. There are intruders always ready to hack your account by infusing ransomware or malware attack in your system. They keep a track on your system and hack your all the important messages. 

But, this software doesn't allow them to do so, it is effortless to create an account in that by mentioning yourself as an end user or partner representing your company. 

It saves your time and hard work for example, ‘If your email is being spoofed than you have to go to the service provider's page then click the checklist->create ab new password->setting->update browser-> report scams, spam, and phishing.’ So many things to remember right! Well, it is. So, why don't we start using EveryCloud, it will do it for us.


We generally go to our service providers when we have an issue with something. This software has IT departments and IT experts all under one roof. Isn't it amazing? No need to keep an IT expert.

Free Tools

It looks at the monitoring section of your emails and websites.
How was it and will be beneficial for the users in the market?
For the new businessman, it was like having an office assistant who can do all the tasks in one go. There was a time when we use to keep the records manually without any hassle and there were so many inconveniences caused because of it. 

This trend soon came to an end when the computer arrived and was mostly used by the businessmen, the need for maintaining the data arose and there was a need of a system or software which does the work of ten human resources in less time.

It will be a new era, for the marketers who are looking to establish themselves in the market with a target of getting big. This software is enriched with the rich and secure features, the fundamental element to establish the first step in the market. 

Final Thoughts and Take Away

The frequency of spams coming to your email will immediately drop this will, in turn, lower the chances of getting hacked with the unknown source. All the emails are handled and you don’t have to do it. Starting with a new challenge is difficult but you need to spend more time in generating business. For that, you need to have EveryCloud that won’t waste your time and it will be done automatically.
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Designbro Review: Affordable Logo, Packaging & Brand Identify Design Service

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Are you struggling with the branding of your product/ brand? You might also have got everything streamlined but worried about the logo for your brand! You may have already tried the designs offered by some famous freelance designers and feeling lost both of your precious money and energy because you don’t find the logo impressive enough for your company! 

This is just the story of many startups and businesses as well as others launching a low budget side business. Most of the times, the budget constraints prevent you from hiring priced design professionals and the designers who come up with cheap logo designs are just not impressive enough and not in sync with your brand idea. After all, your logo shall stand as the “face” for your business over the years by which your customers identify your business. 
DesignBro Review
Your logo is the first impression that shall be responsible for establishing a lasting memory among your customers. Hence, it should be neat, crisp and well aligned with your goals and motto! One such quality design website is DesignBro. DesignBro is the world’s largest recognized design platform where you can get your logo, packaging, or brand identity designs online from their specially selected and top- quality designers!

What is DesignBro?

DesignBro is an online graphic design platform with its head office located at Johan Huizingalaan 763A, 1066 VH Amsterdam, Netherlands in the province of North Holland. It offers one of the most affordable design services which manages to deliver your agency a quality design for a freelancer’s price while making your life easier.

Features of DesignBro

1. Agency quality design for a Freelance price

Let's say you want to source some design, a logo packaging or business card or something to make you stand out from your competitors. So first you ask around your colleagues or friends just looking to find a creative freelancer you can try! Yeah! As it turns out, it's not as easy as it seems. 

After several emails and calls sticking on the internet, you find the freelancers are not so responsive or even worse; someone accepts the job but asks for a prepayment! Eventually, you get a designer but there's still a long way to go asking for changes, getting lost in translation, improving timing, negotiating pay only to pray that you will get delivered what you are hoping for! Instead, make better use of your time. Get your designs done here to make things simpler. 

Just fill in DesigBro’s straightforward brief get a limited number of creative concepts from professional designers, take your three favorite designs, just get feedback and BOOM! You got your design and of course, with full copyright! This is DesignBro, a world of exceptional quality and clutter-free designs! 

2. Better quality 

The designers at DesignBro are hand-picked by their creative team. This means that only those professionals who have gained expertise over years of experience, study and practice in the field of design, are working upon your design. Thus, you have the guarantee that you shall get the best outcomes as your designs. 

3. Business-friendly

Whether you are a small, medium or large established business, DesignBro understands your needs and your required designs. Also, DesignBro is available through chat and support pages to solve any of your queries and doubts you may have.

Services Offered by DesignBro

1. Logo Design ($199-$479)

You get to choose from 3 to 10 professional designs based upon your pricing. 
Logo Design
The final logo shall not only be off-beat but shall also stand-out in the market of similar brands, boosting up your brand image.

What Will You Get?
  • Forget about clutter due to a tough choice to make from many similar looking designs. You get 10 best designs to choose from.
  • The designers who are working on your logo do not get to see one another designs. This triggers unique & creative content while avoiding blatant copies and similar designs.
  • You have full legal copyright over your own design.
  • You receive the files in all suitable formats for both online & printing purposes (.AI, pdf, jpg and png).

2. Brand Identity Design ($399-$679)

This service includes business cards, letterheads, envelope, compliment slips, etc. 
Brand Identity Design
3-10 professional designers are hired for your project to design your own unique logo & Brand Identity that shall not only boost your brand image but shall also create a consistent identity for your brand.

What Will You Get?
  • You are provided 3 – 10 suggested designs, one from each hired professional to choose from thus excluding the inconsistent designs.
  • The designers who are working on your logo do not get to see one another’s designs. This triggers unique & creative content while avoiding blatant copies and similar designs.
  • Your design is solely a copyright product of your own.
  • You shall receive all the design files, PDF, jpg and png. 

3. Packaging Design $499-$1034

In this service package, DesignBro provides you label, box, bag, sleeve, or any other form of packaging designs and also includes a logo as per requirement. 
Packaging Design
The designs are patterned such that they shall, sure enough, attract your target consumers along with impressive packaging. You can request for the design files in any of your preferred formats such as, pdf, jpg or png.

Pros of DesignBro

It’s the best and the most comprehensive approach for your designs. The designs you receive shall be backed up with strategic reasons for why you should opt for a particular design.

All the decisions created by DesignBro professionals are based on extensive research on the product. The designers are the best known for their designing skills and so you can expect the best.
You receive better value for money and time in comparison to freelance designers where you might not be impressed with what you receive.

Cons of DesignBro

Most of the cases, it’s expensive and time-consuming. You need to pay dollars and waits for months for designing updates. The designers take a considerable amount of time. So, it's your choice to decide if it’s worth it for you.


With its working process, DesignBro serves as an essential vector for everyone who wishes to access design services comfortably and cheaply. DesignBro is the company that views designs as a competitive advantage and use it as a strategic element in expanding the business. 

This is why it is undoubtedly one of the best design services online. I personally recommend DesignBro as one of the best services to use for your brand.
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5 Benefits to Using an iOS Friendly Crypto Miner

Posted by Rahul Gupta
One of the best ways to make money in crypto trading is through mining. It gives you a consistent income, without having to speculate on prices. 
iOS Friendly Crypto Miner
However, when people think of crypto mining, the first thing that comes to mind is expensive mining equipment, such as those sold by Bitmain. What many don’t know is that mining can be done using an iPhone. All you need is a good iOS miner and you are good to go. 

Benefits to Using an iOS Friendly Crypto Miner

To make things more transparent for you, here are 5 benefits to using an iOS friendly crypto miner.

1. It puts you in control of the mining activity

A good iOS miner puts you in full control of the whole process. That’s because it allows you to switch on and off from mining, whenever you need to. This will enable you to make money at your convenience, without having to overwork your phone. One of the best iOS miners with this functionality is path. A simple google search for best crypto miner iOS will lead you to Path as the best iOS miner out there for miners seeking control.

2. It is cost-effective

Anyone who understands crypto mining knows that it doesn’t come cheap. Mining equipment is expensive, and also comes with the extra expense of power costs. All these are costs that you get to avoid with an iOS miner. That’s because to use it, you just need to install the miner on your iPhone and you are good to go.

3. You can have it run automatically

This is probably the most significant benefit to using an IOS miner. That’s because by setting it to operate automatically, you get to earn your coins without doing anything. It’s the perfect way to earn a passive income. That’s because you do nothing at all, and it’s almost free, other than the cost of charging your phone. When you combine this with the fact that you can switch it off at your convenience, you get the idea of why an IOS miner makes perfect sense.

4. It helps you keep track of your earnings

Most iOS miners have a currency converter embedded in them. This means that you can always keep tabs on how much you are earning at any given time. This may look like a simple and inconsequential feature, but it is essential when you want to keep tabs on the amount of money you are making from your mining activities.  Mining is a business and if you can’t clearly define how much you are making, it’s a recipe for losses.

5. It works in the background

When mining with your phone, the last thing you want is for the miner to stop you from going about your daily business. An iOS miner is advantageous in the sense that it can be set to run in the background. This means that you get to make money, while at the same time going about your business including keeping in touch with friends and family.
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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Is a Master's Degree Necessary to Get a Good Job?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
With a lot of competition in the employment market, you need to make sure that you have what it takes to land an excellent post. But is going for a master's degree worth your time and effort?
Is master Degree Necessary for Job
A master’s degree is a postgraduate study that you should pursue after finishing your college studies. It is not something that you should take lightly as it involves a lot of assignments, tasks, and projects. A lot of people are looking for postgraduate studies to keep up with the rest of the competitors who are trying to get a good job just like you.

More Studying

In the past few years, the job market search has shown that most students will be embarking on a postgraduate studies journey if they want to have a good chance in the job market. There are a lot of jobs and industries that don’t view postgraduate studies as necessities. Nevertheless, ambitious students would consider more advanced education that would make them eligible for better job opportunities.

How to Get your Master’s Degree?

Thinking about earning a postgraduate degree involves securing the financial resources and the time needed to finish your course. You should do the proper research and you might even land a scholarship which is a great option if you are tight on cash.

Writing your letter of application and scholarship essay is your chance of selling yourself. Find the best essay writing service from Australia that can help you land the opportunity you’ve always wanted. After you’ve got your scholarship, you will have to maintain the balance in your life. Finding the time to focus on your academic tasks and assignments can be a bit challenging if you already have a job.

It is a good idea to think of universities and colleges that offer good masters degrees with a little bit of flexibility. This will help you get your degree without having to go through a mental breakdown.

Is the master’s Degree Really Worth it?

A postgraduate degree will help you increase your earnings over time but is not a necessity to land a good job in every profession. There are specific jobs that require a master's degree, like managerial jobs. But other technical jobs will be more concerned with your hands-on experience. However, a lot of college graduates state that it is hard to get noticed in the competitive employment market with nothing but a college degree. With no experience, you will have to offer something to the employer to make them notice you.

It is safe to say that a postgraduate degree is becoming an unspoken requirement in a lot of industries, especially with a lot of competition. Master’s degree holders will have a better chance at landing great jobs and will have more significant chances of getting promoted. Employers will always appreciate someone who has a great interest in the field or the industry to the extent that they are considering going that extra mile to pursue more studies. If you are considering one of the jobs that require no experience, then an employer will look at you favorably when you have something else to offer.

Theoretically speaking, you will have to pay for 5 years to pay off the cost of a 4-year degree. A master’s degree could cost as little as $30,000. It could jump up to $120,000, depending on the university where you are planning to study and the nature of the program itself.

Is the Master’s Degree a Necessity for Me?

There are specific industries that view a master’s degree is a must, while others don’t. If you are seeking a career in the healthcare industry, holding a master’s degree becomes a necessity. It is also essential for people who work in computer science and who are working on inventing new technologies as it can help them advance.

On the other hand, web developers, marketers and engineers don’t have to hold a degree to get promoted. These industries are more concerned with hands-on experience than academic knowledge.

Steve Jobs, a man who changed the world we live in by founding Apple and introducing the IOS never had his master’s. And he is not the only one. Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle was never a degree holder either, yet he managed to hold the position of a CEO and is currently worth billions of dollars. To decide whether a master’s is a necessity or not, will solely depend on the industry where you work and your career goals.

Time to Do it Right

You have to understand that a master’s alone is not going to get you your dream job, but it can help you advance until you get there. If it means that you’ll have to quit your job and get back to school, you’ll have to think about the needed financial resources that you can use to pay for your education. Most of the time, you can get a scholarship if you do the required research.

A degree’s necessity differs depending on your field and the job that you seek. A lot of occupational and managerial jobs view postgraduate degrees as necessities. They can help you advance because they show that you have what it takes to get promoted. A master’s degree could be your only ticket to work in another country where you are competing with international degree holders.

A degree can help you if you wish to change your career or want to make more money. It is safe to view it as a long time investment that is going to pay off over an extended period. Make sure that you pick an accredited program with a reputable university for your postgraduate degree; otherwise, it will be a total waste of time. Now that you’ve had it all figured out, it is time to commit. Remember that there is always a chance to start working on your degree anytime you want, so you’d better do it when you are absolutely ready.
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