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Friday, 18 August 2017

7 Proven Tips to Play Efficiently

Posted by Rahul Gupta combines the good old snake game with gameplay. It is a snake eat snake world and your goal is to become the biggest snake out there by munching on the remains of other enemy snakes. Sounds fun, right? Well, here are a few tips to help you rule the field:
Play Game Efficiently

1. Make use of the Map

The game provides you with a map in the left down corner where you can see your position as well it tells you where you can go or should not depend on what you wish to do. The middle is where you will find more dots to eat but beware they are usually occupied by large and aggressive snakes. 

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Light gray areas are densely populated but dark areas are less crowded which is good for players with lag. Also, here you can cruise around freely without worry and grow into a larger snake in your own sweet time but there are others who might visit these areas just to hunt those hiding out.

2. Cut off Another Snake

One of the most popular ways to grow into a longer snake is to cut off another snake. This is a very relevant technique for mid-sized snake (over 100 lengths) which can use its tail as an obstacle and also successfully avoid the tails of others. 

You can do this by going head to head with another snake and then make a slight turn away from it before dashing in front of the other snake. This requires right timing as well as anticipation as most likely your opponent is planning the same.

3. Coil around your enemy

This one is dirty move but an advantageous technique to trap a smaller snake and kill it. Once you get bigger, a point comes where you can no longer cut snakes safely and so your best bet is to encircle a smaller snake. This technique requires coordination as well as patience as you wait for the enemy to ram into your body finally and you get to devour all the light balls left behind. This is easy to do once you are large but be careful of the snake you are trapping or any outside snake as they may try boosting in your face.

Coiling can also be done for safety as turning and coiling into your head prevent another snake from killing you. In case you are in an aggressive area, don’t move in a straight line instead turn slightly in a circle and along the way as for move out.

4. Boost as much as you can

One of the coolest hacks is the ability of boosting. You can boost to kill other snakes or to gobble up a mass of particles in a hurry or even escape.

Whenever you see a huge amount of light balls around you, boost to quickly eat as much as you can but be careful of ramming into other snakes. It is difficult to control your snake when in boost mode so if you see a mass of snake approaching the same particles it is better to slow down and move away once you have eaten some yourself.

Using boosting to kill other snakes is tricky as they will see you doing it and boost themselves to escape or kill you. However, you can get a lot more kill by surprize boosting in front of another snake.

When you are a small snake, don’t be afraid to take a risk. Boost and try to kill as many snakes as you can. As you are small, restarting will not cause you to lose much.

Boosting to escape is common and it won’t affect your size much once you are over 1000 size, anyway.

5. Steal from another large snake

In slither, you do not always have to kill another snake and make dinner. It is perfectly acceptable to snack on someone’s else kills. Most of the action happens in the center of the map, as there is more food to have in a crowd of snakes. However, it is not a good idea to rush to the scene as you might have to face the oncoming crowd. Sometimes, it is best to be patient and wait to clean out the after most of them have left.

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6. Lure with food

You might be tempted to gobble up the leftovers of a fresh kill but instead, you can use it as bait to attract more potential food source for you. The sight of light bulbs will bring more snake to the scene and as they are busy eating your winnings, trap them and now you have more food to yourself. This strategy works on smaller prey and requires good speed to encircle the prey effectively.

7. Be aggressive

It is a competitive game and more aggressive snake tend to grow bigger. Even if you are small, you can take on big snake by making them run into your body. So, be fast and catch the snake off-guard by making the first move and don’t hesitate to take chances, for it is not a game for week.

Though there is not set formula to win this game, but employing these tips will effectively improve your gameplay and you are sure to see yourself rise in the leader board. The journey to the Top requires trial and error and good strategy, so see what works best for you and the slither your way to success.
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How to Edit My Paper Online: 5 Best Proofreading Tools

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Writing often appears to be an easy endeavor especially to people who are not involved in it. Contrary to popular belief, writing is a process that takes a person’s time, money, and energy. Before people get to read an article, it undergoes a process that often requires the input of several people. 

Once a writer is done with an article, the next process involves editing, and this is where an article is polished for it to make to printing or publishing. Editing is quite a hard task because it is the final process. During editing, an article is proofread several times and any mistakes are corrected. A majority of readers believe that editing only involves correcting grammatical and punctuation errors. 
Proofreading Tools
However, editing is inclusive of syntax and semantic errors, the uniqueness of an article, the use of accurate and credible citations, etc. Editing is indeed a labor-intensive work and while today there are several online paper editing services which have simplified the process, man’s input is still essential.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular online paper editing service platforms. This platform is easy and takes a short time to learn compared to others. While on the site, one can upload their paper or use the copy and paste feature as made available by the platform. The platform also allows users to correct punctuation, grammatical, syntax errors. 

Aside from these, Grammarly also allows users to check for plagiarism in their articles. Users can, therefore, check whether their articles are similar to articles that were written before theirs.

The swiftness with which Grammarly allows users to check for errors is one of its biggest advantage over the other tools. The platform also has several reviews which also build on its reputation as one of the best platforms for editing papers online.

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It is true that Grammarly has built a name for itself in the online editing business. However, the platform is yet to be upgraded to the level where users can use it to check or correct semantic errors. Semantic errors are quite hard to discover because sentences that are semantically incorrect could be correct grammatically. This means that users will have to know the intended meaning if they are to make any corrections.

2. PolishMyWriting

As stated earlier, online editing platforms keep coming up and this is one that offers writers a lifeline when it comes to normal and simple grammatical errors. Some of the main features of this platform include:
  • Checking spelling: - it is normal to make spelling mistakes but after the deadline helps its users to detect such mistakes and makes the necessary recommendations. 
  • Style checking: - people often fall victim to the use of passive voice, clichés, politically biased language, and redundant words and phrases. After the deadline helps one to uncover such and make the necessary corrections.  
  • It detects the misuse of words: - sometimes people use some words with the intention that they would mean something different. It is indeed easy to misuse words but after the deadline helps people to detect such errors. 
  • Checks grammar: - grammatical errors are common but by using after the deadline helps one to discover and correct such. Examples include confused words, and repeated words. 
  • Explains the errors to the users: - by explaining the errors, after the deadline helps users to avoid making the same mistakes.
This tool is often recommended because it analyzes context, a feature which is not common in the other spell checkers.
One disadvantage, however, is the fact that users cannot check for plagiarism and hence could be accused of copying other people’s work.

3. SpellChecker

SpellChecker has the following features:
  • Checking grammar: - users of this platform are given the opportunity to correct any grammatical errors using this feature. 
  • Spelling checking: - users can also check the spelling of some of the words they have used in their articles and make corrections accordingly.
One of the advantages of SpellChecker as an online paper editing service platform is that the English spell check has more than 100000 entries which mean that users are given the opportunity to find more syntax errors. 

The disadvantage is that it is devoid of a lot of features including style checking, plagiarism checking, and detection of misused words.

4. Ginger

The ginger software is a platform that has also built a name for itself. Some of its common features include:
  • Grammar checker: - users are given the opportunity to correct their mistakes online. 
  • Text to speech: - users can also listen to their articles and get to know whether they are invoking the feelings and emotions they wish to communicate. 
  • Spell checker: - spelling mistakes are common to all writers. However, with the help of Ginger, one can correct such mistakes. 
  • Punctuation checker: - getting the punctuation correct is indeed essential because one’s sentence can have a different meaning if the punctuation is incorrect. Ginger helps writers to make punctuation corrections thus improving the quality of their essay.
One of the advantages of this platform is that it helps one to grow as a writer because upon request, one can be given a trainer who can help them become better.

The main disadvantage is that it does not help users to check for plagiarism thus making it impossible to know whether one has included unoriginal information without citations.

5. GrammarCheck

Some of the features of the GrammarChecker platform include:
  • Copy and paste: - users do not have to type their work again but can copy and paste it on the text-area provided. 
  • Grammar checking: - one can also check and correct the grammatical mistakes in their articles. 
  • Spell checking: - getting spelling mistakes is common but GrammarChecker can help users to make the necessary corrections thus maintaining the intended meaning.
Unfortunately, GrammarChecker does not have any special advantages that make it different from the other online paper editing service platforms.


In conclusion, editing is a task that requires time and one’s mastery of the English language. Writing is indeed a process, and it takes a time to attain perfection if such a level is attainable. It can be a tough task to edit a paper, but writing is even worse. Thus, if you find yourself stuck in a writing process, it’s sometimes better to use paper writing assistance to get the highest mark.
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Thursday, 17 August 2017

5 Ways for Getting the Most Out of Technology

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Technology has touched and advanced in every possible field you can remember. It was a long time when you need to do long assignments on your homework notebook by taking the help of your parents the old books in the library. Now, meeting the needs of most students is a little demanding. Even the teachers demand the work to be submitted and mailed by the students.  

However, even with different learning styles and diverse, varied backgrounds, most teachers still give the students the same exact homework. This and much more was done by Globalisation and Technology to go hand-in-hand. 
Tips for Getting Most Out of Technology
Since technology in the classroom has enabled teachers to be more creative about what the homework will be, students should also engage in Tech to get the most out of their comprehensive learning. When students get the opportunity to choose their homework method or even have some control over it, it usually extends their knowledge. Imagine the possibilities of innovation and creativity can blend into them. So, here are the five Tips for Getting the Most Out of Technology to Help in your Homework.

1. Open Learning Systems and Websites

So, if you're probably into School and reading this post, there are 95% chances that your classroom is equipped with online learning systems like Google Classroom, Edmodo, Moodle, and what many teachers are using these days.

Every single one of these websites allows teachers the ability to post all the homework digitally, so if a student is absent, He/she can access it and digitally return it, no matter wherever he is on this planet. So, if you accidentally missed the class, then you probably wouldn't need to irritate your friend for the homework. 

Moreover, if you're a Teacher, then it also provides an option to assign different homework at various students. These online learning systems allow you to focus on teaching and not the paperwork.

2. Google Read and Write

Google Read and Write is a fantastic extension for the Google Chrome Browser. It offers an array of tools to help students with their homework. Students will gain confidence with reading, writing, and studying by quickly following along a document as it is read to the students. It also enables you even to turn their words into text. 

This site also allows students who are having difficulties with the homework by giving them the ability to create and listen to voice notes, and see the definitions of words explained with particular text or pictures. The ability for students to read along by listening offers a great benefit for students struggling with their homework.

3. Save Time by Hiring Essay Writers

Another remarkable use of the Internet to avail online services for your purposes. Now, these services are pretty useful for College and School Students who often are indulged into essay assignments, reports, and presentations which are often effective to your grades and overall academics.

Consider a situation where you need to submit your Computer Science Project model along with your Creative Essay in the English Class. For such circumstances, you can have your article written by the best writers available online for a little fee. If you're often searching write my paper, Edubirdie is the website you should be looking. 

Place your order on the website, find the best writer in the similar academic field and direct chat with him/her to get it done as per your requirements. Mention all the necessary details and get your essay written online so you can focus on better things. You can get more information regarding the essay service on Edubirdie.

4. Educreations

Educreations is basically a whiteboard that has been shrunken down in size to your device's screen. Now imagine if you can record your voice and give a fantastic tutorial filled with documents, images, maps, and video media that your students can access from anywhere. The app can do that and much more for the students. 

Educreations allows you to narrate the lessons, which frankly, can make an experience so much interactive than if your students were just to watch an old boring video that you assigned them for homework. Moreover, it also functions a good practicing tool for the students. You can download Educreations for your iPads and other iOS power devices.

5. Voki

Voki is a modern, fun, and powerful free learning tool that allows both students and teachers to transform themselves into talking cartoon characters. Now wait, how's this helping for your homework? 

Well, all you have to do to get started is choose an avatar and give it a voice and students can make it say whatever they want to like what 1+3 is? Teachers can also use Voki to create animated presentations, and with the classroom, the tool can handle students’ Voki homework projects and assignments. 

Students also have the ability to download Voki made lessons and assignments, and students can easily work on their assignments from home or wherever they can access the Internet.

Final Words

Now, you've already used the Google Earth for your Geography lessons, but the app is not just limited to history, geography, environmental science; You can also use to tap on the location and learn about the place's history or its association with the student friendly topics. For ex. You can navigate to China to find where the "Kung Fu Panda" learned his skills, and much more. It often makes the student productively interact with technology.

Do share your thoughts and let me know if you’ve used any of these mentioned tips to improve the quality of your education by indulging into the technology more productively. Maybe Internet can be more fun rather than just reading memes and watching Cat videos. Cheers!
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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

admitad Review - How to Make Money With CPA Affiliate Program

Posted by Rahul Gupta
The Internet Industry is flourishing through marketing and blogging efforts. New affiliate programs and CPA offers are launched for publishers introduced daily. 

In fact, one of the primary sources of income for them is through affiliate marketing and networking. Talking about the ad networks, affiliate & CPA networks are the ones setting the trends. One such great CPA affiliate network is admitad which I’ve been using for a while.

admitad is currently among the most profitable affiliate networks that have been serving the publishers and the affiliate community for about seven years now. Let us have a deep insight about this CPA affiliate network and learn how you can benefit it.

Unlike other standard networks, admitad came into the market and took it by the storm with multiple business models for both publishers and the advertisers.

admitad Review

What is admitad CPA Affiliate Network?

admitad offers Cost-Per-Action (CPA) affiliate programs, where advertisers get new reliable sources for sales and user engagements and publishers with new business models to monetize traffic on the site.

admitad connects hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers across Europe. With their headquarters set up in Heilbronn, Germany, this affiliate network has already set up its branches in 7 different offices across the globe and expands to grow further. With partnering the biggest giants like Nike,, Adidas, Citibank and much more, the network is a show stealer for the publishers.

Why You Should Opt admitad Affiliate Network

As of now, admitad has been providing the solutions for the success of more than 550, 000 publishers and 1300 advertisers around the globe. As an advertiser, this leading CPA network marketplace offers you more than 4,000,000 clicks in every 24 hours. 

Authentic publishers and reliable platforms should be the priority for you to work with admitad whose traffic sources are acceptable to you. Regular meetings are also arranged for top marketers and publishers so that customers can cherish the better relationship among the network users. 

For the publishers, the enormous range of affiliate programs allows you to select the most suitable one for your niche. The network is not limited to incomes only, and each model offers its unique rewards which you can claim after becoming a leading publisher. 

Many useful tools like Ad Server, URL, ReTag, SubID, Postback discounts and promo codes are available at every publisher's disposal. As an admitad publisher, you may quickly boost your conversion rate and unlock statistical insights to increase the overall profit for your website/blog. And the advertisers, in their turn, have an opportunity to gain more exposure for their brand.

How admitad Helps Advertisers

With admitad, Advertisers are entitled to have access to additional revenue around the world, gain new customers and pay for authentic results only. This largest CPA network opens up an additional international sales channel to agencies and new potential customers and users. 

Moreover, it offers publishers innovative products and global services using their website's traffic. Whether you're a publisher or an advertiser looking to promote your brand, admitad serves both efficiently. So, let's take a deeper look at what admitad offers for us.

For publishers

  • Earn money by purchases, application or sign-up with affiliate programs and ads published on your website/blog. 
  • Become a leading publisher and make hundreds of dollars by using your assets like high conversion rate and attractive advertiser deals. 
  • admitad offers a dedicated dashboard for analytics. Track active traffic channels, improve conversion rate and boosting revenue. Access to multiple tools like SubID, reTag, etc.  
  • Export the reports into XML and XLS file formats for detailed and thorough research to grow your traffic more by the statistics, as affiliate marketing is strictly driven by statistics.

Publisher Support

admitad always goes out to build relationships with promising, leading publishers. If you can relate to this sentence, then this affiliate network is definitely for you. 

Regular payments: admitad offers regular payments on a weekly basis of your commissions in all major currencies using the standard transaction methods like PayPal, Web Money, Wire transfers, and much more. Most interesting part, admitad minimum payout is just $10.

At present, there are more than 1,300 different affiliate programs to choose. admitad houses an enormous range of CPA affiliate programs means that you can find one perfect for your traffic profile or your niche.

By now, most of you must have caught a glimpse of how really effective is this network. So, if you think that it is the time that you should start monetizing your website/blog with admitad, then here's a pretty great campaign, to begin.

Getting Started with admitad

Whether you’re a brand new advertiser looking for ways to increase your brand’s exposure or an owner or publisher of a popular website/blog, admitad helps both the people in different ways. Since you’re starting up with this remarkable CPA affiliate network, we’ll walk you through the signup process and how to start making the most out affiliate marketing. 

Sign up with admitad is just like taking chocolate from a kid’s hand. Within 30 seconds or so, you’ll be easily able to register yourself on the network, as an Advertiser or a Publisher. Just fill in your personal details like your Name, whom you’re representing, Country, Email Address and credentials for a Publishers Account. After this, the admitad network sends you a confirmation email to verify and guide to the next process.

admitad Signup Process

Moreover, the signing up for an Advertiser is not as similar. You are also required to mention the website to you want to advertise, Contact Details, Industry Category, and whether you’re using other CPA networks or any affiliate program or not. That’s It.

Final Words

So, why are you still waiting? Go ahead and join the admitad network which is the leading CPA affiliate network for publishers as well as advertisers. This was my take on admitad. 

Do share your thoughts and let me know if you're going to sign-up for this network or not in the comment section. The registration process is simple and only requires your basic personal details, publishing platform, and you're all set to rock!
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Friday, 11 August 2017

Things to Look Out for Before Selecting Your Website Hosting

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Choosing a web hosting service is an important decision when it comes to creating a website of your own. It’s a decision that can make or break your investments, so it’s a good idea to make an informed decision, especially if you’re just starting out in the website business. Here are some important factors that you should take into consideration when you’re picking a web hosting service.
Things to Look Out Before Selecting Hosting

How Much Is It?

You might be tempted to go for the cheapest options when you’re just starting out, but consider the fact that you may end up spending more in the long run. That being said, you should opt for a hosting service that has an excellent range of services for the price it is being offered for. Luckily, there are a lot of good deals out there, as long as you know where to find them.

Can You Use It?

Apart from the practical features that mark a host’s usability, you should also consider if it allows you to use without much technical knowledge in website building. You might also want to look for a host that gives you more leeway to customize your site. If that’s the case, search for programs like ISPConfig or cPanel as well as FTP access to help you upload files to use in customization.

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What Other Services Do You Need?

Now, these additional services are not included in what you initially pay for, but some of them are necessary upgrades, so it’s worth paying extra for them. For instance, email services which allow you to have an email address with your domain name.
If you’re planning to allow your customers to do transactions within your website, you must invest in using a host that allows secure browsing through https://.

It'd be nice if you get statistics and insights on how your website is outstanding, all of which are relevant if you’re planning to grow your audience for more profit.

Customer Service

Don’t rely on your skills and the host’s claims of reliability because it is likely you will run into a problem that you can’t solve yourself. When that happens, it’s reassuring to know that your web hosting service offers customer support functions that will help you solve your issues. The accessibility of this customer service is also important to consider, how quickly will you get responses, and so on.

How Reputable Is It?

Lastly, look at the reviews of other customers on the hosting server. You can also look at this list of the top hosting providers in India to get an idea of the most reputable ones. If you see favorable reviews, then that’s a point for the web host server. Also, take a look at the up time statistics of the server: the higher, the better. A server downtime is indicative of a time when your market will not be able to go to your website which can lead to loss of prospective audience.


Now that you know what you should take into consideration when choosing a web hosting server, you can make an educated and informed decision that will help you save up on costs in the long run. You won’t end up spending more on features which you may not end up using because you know the vital ones that should be present in your host’s offerings.
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