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Saturday, 30 June 2018

How to Set up Private Wordpress Hosting for Less than $10/month

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Everyone is tired of shared hosting because of downtimes and very less control over our server. When we host our website on shared hosting, Actually, We are sharing our server with tens of other shared hosting users.

It means, we only get the small amount of resource of the server. For example, If shared hosting company has 1 server with 16GB of RAM, they will simply host 16 websites on the server and you will get 1GB of RAM too and shared computing power.

Serveravatar Review
It also means that if any of those websites is doing something fishy, your website will be affected too. For instance, If someone is sending spam Emails and the IP address of the server gets blacklisted on Gmail or Yahoo, The Emails sent by your website will be listed in the Spam folder too, because you are sharing the same IP address.

Average shared WordPress hosting will cost you around $5 to $15 per month. I have good news for you! Now You can set up your private WordPress hosting for less than $10/month. Considering you are getting constant traffic, this setup will handle thousands and thousands of visitors on a daily basis without affecting the speed of the website at all.

In this article, we will setup a Wordpress website on a cloud server or VPS with SSL certificate that will never actually expire, in less than $10/month. To be more specific, I am going to use a cloud server from vultr with 1GB RAM and it will cost me $5/month. If you are getting more than 5,000 page views a day, a cloud server with 1GB RAM is recommended. You can get it for $5/month.

To manage this web server, We are going to use ServerAvatar. It is a management panel for Cloud Servers. Using ServerAvatar, we will be able to configure our server and install Wordpress websites with ease (We won’t even touch command line at all). The reason we are going to use ServerAvatar is that we can speed up the configuration process (It takes hours to set up a server otherwise) by a huge factor (3 minutes to configure and 5 minutes to set up our website).

So, Here are the steps to setup your private WordPress hosting for less than $10/month.

  • Create a cloud server (Using Digitalocean, Vultr, Linode, etc.)
  • Connect a server with ServerAvatar
  • Install a Wordpress website with SSL Certificate

Believe me; this process will not take an hour! You can also set up multiple websites on your own server in seconds. Also, you can monitor activities on your server (We’ll see it later).

So, Without wasting any more time, Let’s get started with the process.

Create a cloud server

Many companies provide instant cloud servers. Some of them are Digitalocean, Vultr and Linode. You can create an account in any of these websites and get your cloud server ready in minutes. I have created an account in Vultr and I am going to create a cloud server in vultr. Here is how the process looks like.

When you first create an account in any of these websites, you will have to top-up your account so that you can get started! Just top-up your account with $5 because it’s the minimum value to top-up for the first time.

Once done, Click on the Servers section given in the sidebar and then click on the + button given on the right side of the screen just like the following image.
You will be redirected to a page with multiple options. Don’t panic, Here is how you are going to deal with those options.

  • Server Location: If you want a 512MB server for $2.5, select Miami. Otherwise, select the best location based on your traffic. If you are getting more traffic from the USA, selecting the USA based data center is best for performance. Similarly, if you are getting more traffic from Australia, Select a data center that is based in Australia.
  • Server Type: Select Ubuntu with version 16.04 x64.
  • Server-Size: You can select the plan you want. ServerAvatar supports servers with any size. For this example, I am going to select $5 plan with 1GB memory.
  • Additional Features: Here, you can select Automatic backups if you want. Otherwise, everything is optional here.
  • Startup script: It’s completely your choice. I am not going to upload any startup script because I don’t need it. Startup scripts are rarely used for custom configurations.
  • SSH keys: If you want to add your SSH key, you can! If you don’t know what SSH key does, skip this option too.
  • Server Hostname and label: It’s the name of your server. You can enter anything you want. In this case, I will simply enter test-server.

If you are using the server provided by other companies like Digitalocean or Linode, Server creation process will be almost same. The only difference will be termed.

Now, Click on the Deploy button and your server will be ready in 2-3 minutes! Once it’s ready, you will see Status as Running just like the following image.
Status as Running

Connect Server with ServerAvatar

Now, It’s time to create an account in ServerAvatar to manage this server. Click here to create an account in ServerAvatar. 

For our readers, there's a special discount of 10%. Simply use coupon code CTRICKS10 during checkout to avail 10% discount on ServerAvatar.
To create an account, you just have to enter your Email address and password. You will receive Email verification link to verify your Email address.

Once your account is ready, top-up your account with some amount to get started. Minimum amount to top up is $1 and if you want to pay on a monthly basis, Top-up your account with $4.

After that, click on the Add drop-down given in the top-right corner of the dashboard and select Server just like the following image.
Select Server
You will see a form containing three fields for Server Name, IP address and root password. This information is provided by Server provider. In case if you are using Digitalocean, you will get this information in the Email just like this.
In case if you are using Vultr or Linode, you can find information on your control panel or dashboard. I am using Vultr for this guide and I can find information by clicking on the Server name on Instances section.

Just fill up the information and click on the Add server button. You will get a notification once your server is configured and ready to use just like the following image (You can also see the progress on Dashboard).
Server is Ready
Click on the notification and you will be redirected to a server panel! Server panel will show basic information about your servers like Memory usage, Disk usage and Server load. Also, these values are monitored and presented in a beautiful graph so that you can know what’s going on at any given time. Server panel looks like the following image.
Server Panel
Initially, you won’t see anything in Server monitor because your server is brand new. ServerAvatar will monitor the health of your server every 15 minutes. So, you will start getting to see usage graph in Server Monitor.

The first thing you should do on your server is to turn on the firewall. It is very easy. Just click on the switch given in the Firewall card on the server panel and firewall will be enabled on your server.

Install a Wordpress website with SSL Certificate

Now it’s time to create a website on our server! Considering we are doing all these on Cloud server, We are very fast! It is very easy to create a Wordpress website using ServerAvatar. First, make sure your domain is pointing to the right server. You have to update nameservers and put host as your server’s IP address in the domain’s main A record.

Now, Click on the Add button from the top-right corner of the panel and select Application. You will be asked to select the server. Currently, We just have one server, so we will select a server and click on create an application. You will see a form with some fields that look like the following image.
First of all, Enter the application name which is used to identify the application on a server and enter the domain/subdomain you want to host on the server. Make sure that the domain or subdomain you are adding is pointing your server.

In Application type, Select Wordpress. Once you select WordPress, you will see three more fields are revealed in which we will enter Wordpress information like the title of the blog, admin username and admin password. Fill the information and your form should look like the following image.
Select Type
Once you’ve entered the necessary information, click on the Create application button and ServerAvatar will create an application for you in less than 15 seconds.

Once the application is ready, you will be redirected to the application dashboard that will contain information like FTP credentials, Graphs containing the history of the application’s response time and load time. Application health is checked every 5 minutes if you are using ServerAvatar. You will be notified within 5 minutes if something goes wrong on your application.

Now, We want to install SSL Certificate in our application. ServerAvatar provides one-click SSL certificate configuration. To install an SSL Certificate, Click on the SSL Certificate section given in the sidebar of an application dashboard just like the following image.
SSL Certificate
In the SSL Certificate page, you will be able to manage the SSL Certificate of your Application. If you don’t have SSL Certificate installed, you will see an option to install it. If it is already installed, you will get an option to enable HTTP to https redirection, Update SSL Certificate (Only if you have installed custom SSL certificate) and Uninstall SSL Certificate.

If you haven’t installed SSL Certificate yet, you will see something like this:
Install SSL Certificate
To issue and install SSL Certificate automatically, Select the Automatic option from the drop-down and click on Install SSL Certificate. If you want to install custom SSL Certificate, select Custom from the drop down and enter the certificate information. Once the SSL Certificate is installed, You will see options like this.
Custom SSL
If you are installing SSL certificate for the first time on the server, it will take about 2 minutes to configure the server to issue and configure SSL Certificate. Otherwise, it will take less than 30 seconds to issue and configure SSL Certificate on your application.

So, this is how you can create private Wordpress hosting capable of managing multiple websites on a single web server and monitoring them. And we have spent less than $10 till now ($9 including taxes to be more specific).


The benefit of this setup is, you can create a highly scalable application. For instance, if you are on shared hosting and your traffic raises like crazy, you won’t be able to handle that much load and your applications might face downtime but it’s not the case with this setup.

It will take seconds to upgrade a server with higher memory and computing power. ServerAvatar will configure it accordingly and you will have an upgraded server ready to handle more and more traffic in minutes. You can even divide your WordPress application into two servers using ServerAvatar.

If you already have a website on shared hosting and want to migrate it to use Cloud server with ServerAvatar, you can contact ServerAvatar’s support team at and they will migrate your site for you to this setup without downtime. If you have questions, you can comment them down in the comment section and we will respond back as soon as possible.
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Friday, 15 June 2018

Maui Meta 3G Tool v9.1724.25.00 Latest Version Free Download

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Maui Meta 3G Repair Tool was already released a long time back by the officials. The full installer file is available and can be downloaded by anyone who wishes to use it. Maui Meta 3G Tool is a great and useful tool for the Android devices that function on MTK. The convenient devices include Smart phones and Tablets. With the help of this tool, you can use flash IMEI that will use Android devices based on MTK. The tool comes handy for taking care of issues related to your mobile phone which includes blocking of sim card operator.
Maui Meta 3G
Maui Meta 3G Tool is more like a portable application that doesn’t require any installation on your PC. You don’t need to install it for launching the app. So, if you have different computers with different versions of Operating System, you can use the Windows PC for the same purpose as well. All the different version of windows like Windows 8, Windows 10, and even Windows 7 are compatible for supporting.

What is Maui Meta 3G Tool?

The tool serves the purpose right if you are looking for blocking some number or instead of a sim card. With the help of this fantastic tool, you can quickly flash your IMEI card and it will not need any effort from you at all. For the ones facing issues related to IMEI, you can go for resolving the problems on your phone. The tool serves the purpose for solving issues related to IMEI. So, you don’t have to bother paying for anything.

Requirements for Maui Mega 3G Tool

It is essential to know the beforehand requirements that you need to install Maui Mega 3G Tool.

How to use Maui Mega 3G Tool

The steps to follow while using the tool are coming right up.

  • First of all, start with downloading the mega tool and then go for unzipping it or use some other software for extracting.
  • Now, you will need to run the tool as an Administrator.
  • Wait for as long as the dashboard appears in front of you.
  • Look for connection type and select the device according to your preference.
  • Go for Reconnect button that is available on the top.
  • Next step needs you to shut off your phone and then you can further hit it with the USB Cable.
  • Look for the change in color, as soon as it turns yellow; it is clear that the phone is now detected.
  • You will see the ‘Get Target Version’ that will need you to fill in the details related to your phone number.
  • Return to the dashboard.
  • Look for the drop-down menu and go for IMEI Download option available in the list.
  • You will see the IMEI Download box coming right up on the screen. Now click on the option – NVRAM Database File.
  • For the next steps, you will need to put in the IMEI digits to proceed further. After you successfully finish it, click on download option to download Flash.
  • After the successful completion of IMEI numbers of your device, you can see the message saying IMEI download for flash.
  • Finally, you are done!


Well, that was all about Maui Meta 3G Tool with the help of which you can easily block any IMEI number easily. The tool comes in handy and the super convenient fact being, you don’t have to go through the trouble of downloading any sort of file and stuff. Just run the file and you are good to go. 

The Maui Mega 3G Tool does the needful for you and helps in sorting out all your problems related to IMEI number blocking. Hope you have it installed by now, haven’t you?
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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Big Data: How It Is Used to Improve Customer Experience & Financial Results

Posted by Rahul Gupta
It is the dream of every business management to reduce costs while maximizing sales. Thanks to technology, we have numerous useful tools to achieve these goals. Due to significant integration of systems that aid in proper business operation, most enterprises and organizations now deal with vast data that they need to analyze and interpret to make decisions.
Big Data
According to an experienced data science expert, they need to take advantage of the big data to make accurate and fact-based decisions to increase chances of better customer experience and financial results. Some businesses have already applied this, and here are some examples.


It's a online store that sells a wide variety of items across the world. Since its inception, it has been using big data analysis to increase its relationship with customers. They get data when clients are placing orders, and during the shopping process.

This way, they will get the preferences of clients, their shopping trends and other characteristics that will aid them in best meeting customer desires. They now use the Echo Look to increase the accuracy of data collection. The management says that this leads to more sales, which they now double every few years.


The healthcare industry is undoubtedly a perfect example of a sector that is embracing big data effectively. MedAware is an excellent example of a company that relies on a data-driven solution. Before they provide prescriptions, their systems have algorithms that scan through medical records of the patients to identify specific trends. The reduction of prescription errors has given them an excellent reputation over time.

It is normal to see their facilities flooded with customers who only trust them for treatment. Other medical facilities rely on them to eliminate errors in their establishments. If you run a healthcare clinic, you can improve your finances using their approach.


The hotel industry is all about treating clients in the most hospitable way. We have all come across people who complain bitterly if they had a bad experience in a hotel. But, how do hotels manage to know your preferences and special offers no matter which unit of the chain you visit? They have embraced the use of big data management to store and retrieve data about their clients.

When a regular customer books, they only have to say a name. This is what Duetto assists hotels and other hospitality institutions in achieving. They also analyze data for hotels to get an idea of when the prices will go down or up. They use previous data to make projections.  


Every business strives to maintain customers and improve their sales. It is the only way it can grow and prosper. However, retaining customers can be an uphill task for most of them. Big data analytics from AnyRoad analyzes ROI and customer trends using specialized software. When any business uses AnyRoad’s approach, they can quickly create follow-up emails and campaigns to show their customers that they do care about customer needs.

With such initiatives from these reliable solutions, most businesses have managed to succeed in keeping customers happy and increasing profits. Apart from that, the costs also go down drastically.
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7 Gadgets from the Past that Changed the World

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Time goes by so slowly… Well, judging from technological progress, it is not quite so. Merely, it is entirely different: less than a century ago the humanity praised inventors of the first TV set, the video camera, portable player, and the cell phone. 
Gadgets from the Past that Changed the World
These are the greatest inventions of all times, but somehow it seems that it was centuries and centuries back. We get used to them - that is how technology has changed the world. In gadget time, we became dependent on our little helpers, which simplify our regular duties to a great extent. 

List of Gadgets that Changed the World

Personal computer

In 1981, no one heard of a monster named Apple. When we talk about the first revolution in a computer world, we need to acknowledge Macintosh. It is due to the appearance of IBM system named “5150” which memory was no more than 256 Kb that we enjoy computer boom. At that time, the computer could not boast of a powerful processor: Intel 8088 could hardly impress modern users, but such PC cost 3,000 US dollars.  It was not portable with 25 pounds of weight. Pupils and businessman learned VisiCalc and DOS operating systems. In less than forty years, in gadget time, we can enjoy fully packed PCs, notebooks, and tablets - examples of gadgets increase. Their price come up to 7,000 US dollars and we cannot imagine our life without such helpers.

TV set

It was in distant 1946 that people got an opportunity to watch TV. The price for the early invention varied from 300 to 3,500 US dollars (if we convert that currency rate into today’s dollars), and such gadget was a sign of prosperity. Its weight was about 100 pounds. TV set of that period was a somewhat cumbersome box with a black-and-white screen. It was a kind of wonderment, which became more and more popular inspiring the inventors to improve it. Model T became classics post-war TV set which went into mass production. In 1954, a new RCA design blew up the world because it was already a color set that inaugurated a new era in the development of television. That was the time of Alfred Hitchcock. 

The period when TV set became the central object in every house was named golden age of television. In just sixty years, we witness a different picture: 65-inch gigantic screens have become a silent decoration for most of us do not switch them on more often than once a week. In a gadget world, they turned into “slightly unnecessary” objects.  

Desk telephone

In 1949, the world congratulated the inventor of rotary dial telephone Western Electric 500. Its design seemed ideal. In just 15 years, the vast audience was given an opportunity to get acquainted with its renewed version with buttons instead of the dial. Telephone became an obligatory object in every house. Those who followed trends with passion installed a phone in every room. In 1951, the transcontinental call took place, and one of the greatest inventions of all times opened the borders for communication between people from any corners of the world. These days, most of us do not rely on electric phones that often. Nevertheless, those who still use landlines buy models with a great variety of features (from Wi-Fi to video conferences).


The early invention which was offered on the market as the first model of a microwave was capable of heating food faster than traditional ovens appeared in 1947. Its weight was more than hundred pounds, and it was 5 feet high. In 1967, it improved and more compact version, which cost about 500 US dollars, became increasingly popular. Due to the quick pace of life, we enjoy this technology to the fullest. Modern models are not that huge, and there is some place for this appliance in every kitchen. Like the overloaded students, who look for assistance with essay writing at UK Essay service, women need kitchen helpers to speed up cooking.  

Cell phone

The first cell phones resembled huge bricks. Thanks to it, they were hardly mobile. The crucial moment in this story was the appearance of Motorola’s StarTac when mobile phone became a sign of status. It was in 1996. With flip form, it was rather compact and easy to use. Its major drawback was short battery life: in just 90 minutes of communication, the user had to recharge it. That’s why most people took one more battery for replacement. Long after the appearance of this model, its design inspired producers of cell phones. Its offspring, Motorola Razr, for instance, is handier in every aspect. Today, the number of people who use phone exceeds those who use a toothbrush, and we feel out of sorts every time we leave our phone behind. It’s indicative of how technology has changed the world.

Video Camera

To make a video using 35-mm format, enormously pricey film stock and bulky equipment was not available for a layman – it remained the prerogative of representatives from the film industry. For almost forty years, people admired moving pictures and treated them as a miracle. In 1932, the first 8-mm cameras were offered to the broad public. People started shooting everything. Today we can enjoy convenient compact cameras which enable high-definition video, but for most of us, it is not enough. In gadget time, manufacturers furnish our phones with multiple functions, like filming. 

Portable cassette player

The gadget named “portable cassette player” in combination with royalty-free cassette format made a revolution in how people listen to music. It was in 1979, and nobody cared about the lowered quality of the sound. What indeed impressed about this gadget was that it allowed listening to music in any place that was not possible with vinyl records. Later on, there were CD players. Now we use phones, MP3 players, and iPods to enjoy our favorite music anywhere. Most of us can hardly imagine their life without some portable player, especially those “travellers” who spend a lot of time on their way to work or educational institution and back home. Multiple examples of gadgets allow to abstract from people surrounding us. 

Whether we like it or not, technologies have changed us once and forever - we get used to the way of life that we lead. Every day the distance between us and people who greeted the greatest inventions of all times mentioned in this article is getting more significant. We can’t change that, but we can value these conveniences.
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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Best Cloud Storage Services Compared: Dropbox vs. OneDrive

Posted by Rahul Gupta
In every given industry, competition is always an aspect that can’t be controlled. With this as the case, an emphasis will be placed on the cloud storage services industry. When it comes to cloud storage, the companies that have taken the day are Dropbox and OneDrive. Nevertheless, both companies might have a positive reputation, but the users will always stick to the provider that offers them the most suitable terms of service and all that. 
Dropbox Vs. OneDrive
In this article, the differences between these two services will be revealed. However, if you need more information, you can find everything there is to know in a review of Dropbox and OneDrive made by According to them, Dropbox shines when it comes to security, but if we are talking about the pricing, OneDrive takes the day. Now, let’s see what these services are capable of. 

A Comparison regarding Pricing 


When you choose Dropbox as your preferred cloud provider, you receive 2GB free cloud storage. Far from that, you can earn more free space by referring to other individuals. As for the packages offered by Dropbox, there is a package known as Dropbox Pro whereby you are issued 1TB storage that can be billed either annually or monthly. 

Far from that, the referral space can only reach a maximum capacity of 32GB. As for the 1TB storage capacity, you will be charged $12.50, for business users and the capacity can be extended to unlimited storage capacity for business entities who purchase more than five licenses. 


As for OneDrive, you will always be offered 5GB free cloud storage. The other plans provided by OneDrive include a 50GB plan that goes for $1.99 per month. However, the storage capacity for this price seems suitable since not every user needs large storage capacity such as 1TB. 

The other package offered by OneDrive includes the 1TB package which is also accompanied by benefits like access to various Office 365 apps. The 1TB package costs $9.99 on a monthly basis. Moreover, as for OneDrive, their business plan does not have the maximum user limitation. Nevertheless, if more than five users come together, they are allotted an unlimited storage capacity for OneDrive. 

Synchronizing Capabilities 


While using Dropbox, you can sync your data from any of your devices. You only need to install the Dropbox application and sign in to your user account. The Dropbox platform is compatible with; Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Far from the various platforms that support the Dropbox application, Dropbox has gone a step further, and they have also built mobile apps for the following platforms; Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, and iOS (iPad, iPhone). 

Far from compatibility, the synchronization process is quite fast regarding upload and download speeds. The incredible speeds are a result of the incremental sync feature incorporated by Dropbox. Additionally, when uploading files to the Dropbox platform through your browser, there is a 20GB limit. Nevertheless, while uploading documents from your desktop or mobile app, there is no limit whatsoever. 


OneDrive is compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, and Blackberry. To compare the two cloud storage services, OneDrive lacks the incremental sync that is incorporated by its counterpart Dropbox. The upload and download speeds are quite remarkable. As for OneDrive, uploading large files might be quite robust since the cloud storage service does not support sync speed throttling. File uploads are also limited to 10GB. 

Content Control and Sharing 


The Dropbox platform allows sharing through the web interface. You highlight the objects you want to share and click the share button afterward. When sharing content through the Dropbox platform, a link is always provided, and the link allows access to the shared content. You can share the link through various platforms, and people can access the shared content through the provided link. The sharing option is limited to Dropbox Pro users. 

After sharing content, you can monitor the shared content. There is a “sharing” tab where you can monitor the content you have shared and the content that has been shared with you. There is also a “links” tab that enables you to manage the links that are tied to the shared content. There is also a third page called “events” that enables you to audit general activity about your account such as people who can access the shared content. In case any file is mistakenly deleted, Dropbox enables you to recover the deleted content. 


The web interface of OneDrive is quite attractive. When sharing content on OneDrive, you also receive a link that can be used to access the shared content. Permissions can be attached to the link. The permissions are such as allowing the users access to editing the shared content and enabling view-only access on the other hand. After being issued a link, you can share it manually, through email or even using various social media platforms such as Facebook. Through the various platforms, people can access the link thereby the ability to view the shared content. 
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