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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Clean Junk & Remove Unwanted Trash With MacCleanse 5

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Being a Windows user, it’s hard to admit that Mac is, in fact, one of the best operating systems available in the market nowadays, but it is the truth.

However, the one reason I still prefer Windows over MacBook or iMac is the high requirements for its regular maintenance. And this is only required because the device gets slow and inefficient if not taken care properly.

So, whenever you’re changing the hard disks, formatting them or ultimately increasing the RAM size would help you to overcome the speed and performance that you’ve lost, you can only install a Mac cleaner software on your device.

Since it is considered to be the best way to help you out with all the speed troubleshooting queries; the market is already filled with so many cleaning software for Mac OS that you can choose from.

MacCleanse 5 Review
Recently, we’ve come across a tool that is now the best-recommended cleaning software you would ever need. So, without any more blabbering, let’s get started with the review of Koingo's MacCleanse Space Cleaner Software.


Serving happy customers with more than 5 version updates, MacCleanse is considered as the most satisfying cleaning software as reviewed on different websites all over the web. It is a premium tool and serves some very beneficial and handy features to all the Mac users who are tired of using their slow devices. It is affordable too and doesn’t put much pressure on your pocket.

Getting Started

Though it is wholly a premium software with features like removing the cache and log files, the developing company also offers a trial version of the MacCleanse software that can be used to get a glimpse of this tool is accomplished of.

You can download the trial version directly from the official website of MacCleanse for Mac OS powered devices. It works seamlessly with minimal configurations and the latest version 5 requires Mac OS X 10.9 or later to run.

Plans & Pricing

So, how much does this software costs? Well, the single user license is priced at $29.95 annually. Also, the renewal cost is decreased to $12 with the subscription. MacCleanse also offers free updates and upgrades for a six-month period after the purchase.
MacCleanse Pricing
Moreover, if you’re a student, then you can avail the software at a very discounted price of $14 and renew it for $7. The household or the family license is priced at $74 that serves up to 10 unique activation per year, and the renewal price is reduced to $20. You can get more information about the plans and pricing on the official website of MacCleanse.

MacCleanse 5 Review

Since everyone is aware of the fact that Windows already comes with clean-up tools that are inbuilt into the OS. Also, with the easy availability of clean-up software, you can easily maintain your devices, but same doesn’t happen with Mac OS. You need some external programs to do the job done.

Fortunately, I tried out several different applications and disk cleaning programs, both free and paid and at the end, I successfully landed on MacCleanse 5. It comprises a dedicated set of features that are beneficial to clean up some space from your device.

MacCleanse Cleanup
MacCleanse 5 does a good job because of the smart algorithm that powers a range of clean-up tasks. The two-pane view gives you quite an intuitive interface to work with. A list on the left displays the configure bits that you can use to clean up your device. Considering all the maintenance tasks, log and cache clean-up processes and the app slimming feature removes the unwanted temp files from your programs that are generated automatically.
Uninstall Apps
With the integrated support of Mac OS and the advanced filtering of the MacCleanse software, you can quickly eliminate and remove the unnecessary log files that are created in specific programs. It certainly increases your device’s capabilities, and efficiency as a clean Mac is a faster Mac.
File Eraser
You can also automate the MacCleanse software to configure the scanning process for your machine for all the junk files stored there. The program deletes all the fragments of the data and secures the erasing process. The simplified menu bar on the top makes it more feasible for the user to carry out various cleaning procedures.

Things I liked about MacCleanse

  • MacCleanse is a value for money as it offers an array of features with an affordable price tag of $29.95.

Things I wasn’t so sure about

  • With a little more investment, you can get some of the best cleaning software for Mac devices.
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Final Words

So, this was my take on the handful MacCleanse Space Cleaner software for Mac OS. Do share your thoughts and comments on the tool and let me know if you’re going to speed up your device with this cleaner. Be sure to go for the trial version first. Cheers!
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[How To] Import/Export OVA Files in VirtualBox

Posted by Rahul Gupta
People who do Virtualization will surely be used to these two words. VirtualBox and VMWare. And if we compare VirtualBox and VMWare we will find VMWare more user-friendly and powerful. Here in this article, we are going to illustrate the steps to Import and export OVA files in VirtualBox.

VirtualBox is a cross-platform virtualization application. It makes our computer capable of running multiple operating systems inside multiple virtual machines at the same time. To be clear considered you have a Mac. With the help of VirtualBox, you can run Windows OS, Linux OS or any OS in you Mac alongside all your existing applications. The number of virtual machines that we can have in our computer directly depends upon the disk space and memory of the computer.

VirtualBox is simply and very effective. They can be run on any device from the small embedded systems to desktop class computers and even in cloud environments. 

While creating a new virtual machine in VirtualBox, the default file format is .VDI. There are predefined options to use the VMDK or VHD format, but there is not an option to import or export the VM of OVA format files.

import export ova files in virtual box
And an important information is that OVF – Open Virtualization Format I one of the methods to standardize virtual appliance for importing and exporting them in various virtualization software.

Ova format is nothing but a single file distribution of the OVF stored in the TAR format. In this guide, we are going to see how to Import/Export OVA files in VirtualBox.

Importing OVA file to VirtualBox

Simply follow the step by step mentioned guide below when you are ready with your OVA file which you are going to upload in VirtualBox.
  • Open the menu bar & navigate to File>>Import Appliance.
  • Click the “Open Appliance” button and select your OVA file which you want to import.
  • After selecting the file click the “Next” button.
  • A new window will appear, and it would show the configuration of the current virtual appliance. We can then scroll through the full configuration list. And if we wish to make any change we can double click any item. Double clicking it will either check or uncheck the box. At the end click “Import”.
  • Virtualbox will then take care of importing the selected virtual machine file into our library. Usually, the importing time takes less than a minute and to be exact the importing time wholly depends upon the OVA file size.
  • Once the importing process is over, we could be able to see the new VM on our list. 
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Exporting VDI to OVA file

A similar kind of procedure is to be followed to export OVA file.

Note: - While exporting from VirtualBox make sure to choose OVF Version 2 and not Version 1 as the Version 1 will generate errors since it is not compatible.

Now we need export a VDI file which is the default format for Virtualbox to an OVA file so that it can be used to re-import in another virtual machine.

  • Navigate to the menu bar and head towards File>>Export Appliance.
  • Now it will ask us to select the disk image that we want to export. It might be the whatever OS we are using say Ubuntu, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.; It’s also possible to select multiple options at a single time.
  • Next, we have to choose the path and filename where the OVA file needs to be exported. We could notice that Virtualbox, automatically affix a .ova extension to the end of the file.
Note: - It is possible to change that file extension as a .ovf extension if we need the file in that format. Doing this creates multiple files in different extensions instead of a single file.
  • Appliance Settings page is the next screen that will appear. Here we can review and edit the appliance configuration. It can be left default instead of changing anything. It works perfectly in the default settings. 
  • Click the “Export” button. Firstly the Virtualbox will convert our image to vmdk format (the default in VMWare) then packaging it in OVA format will occur. That is once the export is completed we will have three files: .vmdk, .mf, and .ovf. The .vmdk which are the binary file and the .ovf is the descriptor file for the virtual machine. Then later it will be changed in .ova file.
Note: - The OVF standard is very complex, which makes its support in VirtualBox as an ongoing process. Honestly, there is no guarantee that the VirtualBox will support all appliances created by other virtualization software. There are few limitations that every user must go through for better understanding about the VirtualBox.
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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

10 Best Screenwriting Apps & Programs for iPad

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Have you ever tried to write a play using a plain word format document writer? If yes, you’ll know exactly how tiring and cumbersome it is. If not, take it from someone with experience.

It is not a piece of cake. It’s messy. You end up with a lot of unstructured scenes. Sometimes, you can’t even begin to make sense of what is happening in your play anymore.

And it leaves you very disappointed because you put in all that hard work and built everything up in your head for perfection but what you're left with is broken dreams.

However, there is a small silver lining behind the experience. Now thanks to our other writer friends, who have been through similar problems and taken matters into their hands to come up with a solution for us to take our script writing to a whole new level of professionalism.
Screenwriting Apps
I've compiled a list of ten of the best software for available for use on the iPad so that you can work on your project with every comfort and ease possible:

1. Final Draft Writer

From the creators of the highest selling and most widely used app in the world, here writers are given the power to easily share their personalized and completely adapted files from their laptops to their iPads and iPhones with just a click. So basically, you can work anywhere you want, and anytime you want.

Final Draft Writer allows you to edit your current scripts or start new projects with easy navigation. It has access to features like ScriptNotes™ and SmartType™ among others so you can email them and do a ton of other things easily.

Want to know the best part? Every time the application is opened, your script is formatted according to industry standards, so half your work is already done. It's a must have for all screenwriters.

2. Scriptly

Do you want a straightforward script writing an app with no extra jazzle? This is the app for you. It's easy to learn. It has a beautiful chic interface. And it uses keystrokes that are familiar to the average Apple user.

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Double tap the screen to switch between elements. Plus you can import from other writing apps too. So if your friend wants to share their work with you, you know how to do it!

The necessary programs are free – which is great. And if you want a wider range of flexibility, you can always upgrade for a few bucks, right? I mean, it’s only fair.

3. Celtx

It has always been a go-to application for desktop users. And with the launch of its complimenting app, the screenwriting software scene has been taken by storm. Celtx is affordable; it's powerful, it’s handy. It is everything you can ask for when you're writing your screenplay.

There are several formats available for your choosing, and you can import and export between your desktop and you iPad with ease. You can even share your updates with the rest of your team, so they get your latest drafts from time to time. The best part? Automatic syncing and online storage of your scripts with round the clock backup. What more can you ask for?

4. Storyist

If you want a rich text editor for correct formatting and inline comments, footers, headers, stylish sheets you have found your pick, my friends. It is just the app to cater to all your whims and fancies when you get your creative streak going. 

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It allows you to outline your story with index cards, customize your plot, character and setting sheets. The app will even display your index cards out for you while you write, so you don’t lose, the track of your end goal.

Edit your fonts, colors, images; go as crazy as you want with making it look attractive. Colour code your index cards for easy reference. And the best part? It organizes everything so perfectly; you will never be muddled with your sections again!

5. Notably

It is your all round tool used by writers of all kinds. It has a “Notebooks” feature – which is insanely cool and lets you bundle everything needed for your project together so you can reach for it anytime you want. Organise your notes, and it saves it automatically to the Dropbox, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything ever again.

One attractive feature available is that you can activate the passcode to keep your work private. It has a beautiful layout – a sure-fire way to ignite the creativity in you – and includes fonts for every versatile scene you can imagine.

6. Fade In

Fade In offers you a clean interface for easy manipulation of text and formatting without any extra tidbits, creating a pleasant work experience. You can quickly switch between scenes, characters and dialogues, update on different devices and import to your desktop easily.

Use the Dropbox to save your work and forget about losing anything ever again. The basic version is free although it limits you to working on just one screenplay at a time. For added benefits, you can upgrade to the paid version anytime.
Fade In is extremely familiar with multi-utility features. You will not be disappointed. 

7. Scripts Pro

One of the first screenwriting apps, this is your go-to app for serious script writing. Use it to write anywhere, anytime and on the go. It has this brown leather interface that makes you feel like you're writing at your desk at home, or in an old Hollywood studio.

Today Scripts Pro is easily one of the best available screenwriting apps on the market. It syncs to Dropbox, iCloud and Airprint. Now, what more can you ask for regarding storage?

And it comes with all the unique features of index cards and colour formats and highlighting to make things easier for you. Exactly what more do you need me to say to give this one a try?

8. Penultimate

Do you want a personal touch to your scriptwriting? Go for Penultimate which combines handwriting and sketching, taking things to a whole new level to give you an excellent writing experience. It’s like using pen and paper to put your ideas across, only better. Choose from different writing styles and import images to make your work more artistic.

The customised stylus is the actual precision-point so that you never go wrong with your job. It makes the digital writing experience a joy – like writing with your favourite pen. Plus, it makes it easy to find any part of your work – just pinch and go!

And the best part? You get this all for free. If you want some premium features but the basic version will surely not disappoint you.

9. Evernote

Your modern workplace to sync all your devices. With Evernote, you can work anywhere, and its gets automatically updated everywhere. Write notes, articles, discuss your ideas – it's all possible with this one handy app.

Evernote is uncluttered. It allows you to write without any distractions and without getting messy when you are overflowing with ideas that are flooding across the screen. Attach the files relevant to your current project and keep tabs on them using the check mark feature.

Still feel like you need to get more done? No worries. With the premium version, you're all covered to do things that are relevant to your screenwriting experience. You can work offline, enjoy more storage space and add a passcode for privacy to your documents. Get things done with Evernote. You couldn’t ask for a handier tool.

10. Screenplay

Did you want a screenwriting tool custom made for the iPad? Well, here it is. Screenplay provides you with the perfect way for screenwriting on the go. It has a whole plethora of features for you to choose from so that nothing hinders your productivity.

Use that Dropbox feature to save your work, import from other file formats and duplicate any scene you like. Create color-coded index cards, change the font, add different backgrounds and change the viewing mode to make things simpler according to your convenience. Manage your scenes, reorder them in a hassle free manner and edit like you have never before with the double tapping feature.
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10 Best Free & Paid Fax Software

Posted by Rahul Gupta
With the birth of email and other virtual storage platforms, sending a fax is almost obsolete now. People don’t see a need of sending fax anymore. However, many people’s work process still involves sending and receiving a fax. Especially when it comes to legal documents, fax remains an integral part of preserving office records.

With such software, you can fax from your computer and don't need a traditional fax machine. Hence, no hardware expenses and no large fax machine. With faxing software, you eliminate the need for a phone line, fax machine, the paper, and the ink required to print faxes. Of course, there are few limitations that this software possesses.

Best Fax Software
Let us have a look on some of a fax software that gives you an option of sending and receiving fax without spending any money.

1. eFax

eFax is a digital faxing platform that enables you to send and receive faxes from anywhere. It is one step beyond other software by allowing you to receive faxes by email. You can choose to view or sign the fax online without having to print and scan the document. eFax is a cloud-based secure solution. 

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The only drawback is random eFax number assigned to you which you need to inform your recipient. The eFax plan is 150 incoming and 150 outgoing faxes. After the limit, you are charged as per every page. The features of eFax are noticeably good with the easy and convenient interface.

2. RingCentral Fax

RingCentral is an online fax service that lets you send and receive faxes via the Internet through its service portal. One can send and receive faxes by email, computer or smartphone. The feature that makes it unique is the ability to block any number that sends you spam faxes.

Other best thing is the free mobile app that makes faxing easier. The application does not require maintenance and is always up to date. Also, you can fax using any application including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and online storage services.

3. Nextiva Fax

Nextiva Fax is another faxing software to send faxes. With Nextiva, you can access copies of your sent faxes from your email or online portal. People who plan on sending many faxes, Nextiva Fax, is the best as it offers 500 free faxes per month making it ideal. The cost after exceeding the limit is very low as compared to other software. Nextiva automatically converts received faxes into PDF format.

4. Sfax

Sfax is secure and private online faxing software to send, receive, annotate and digitally sign documents without having to worry about printing and scanning the document. Sfax stores all documents on cloud-based servers. A free mobile application is available for Android and iOS.

The bad side? Sfax limits sending and receiving faxes by offering 100 free pages per month. But it charges only for successfully delivered fax pages.

5. Free Fax Button

Free Fax Button provides standard features that each service offers. The unique part is that this software is completely free. It offers free online faxing to 50 countries. However, this free fax service is limited to two free faxes per day. The other best part is that there is no registration required to send or receive a text.

6. MetroFax

MetroFax is a good faxing service with standard security features. MetroFax encrypts all of your documents using SSL or TSL encryption. However, if recipient’s mail server cannot accept encrypted transmissions, the files will revert to basic SMTP format. It offers you 500 shared pages per month. Also, a mobile application is available with easy user interface.

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7.  MyFax

MyFax has a dedicated faxing service which has a full feature set. It offers you unlimited storage, international faxing, and Microsoft Outlook integration. MyFax also offers various account management capabilities including password protection, auto-resend, toll-free fax numbers and different ways to access support.

No matter what is your location, with MyFax you can acquire a local fax number. MyFax allows users to send 100 free faxes per month and receive 200 for free.

Catch?  With MyFax, you can send faxes to 50 recipients at once.

8. TrustFax

It provides online mail to fax transmissions with features like digital signature, a fax number, email faxing, fax storage and fax logging. TrustFax has a clean interface which helps you to navigate online portal quickly and with ease.

The basic plan of TrustFax offers you 300 faxes per month. But it is free only for one month. After one month, you have to pay a minimal amount to send faxes. It does not provide various plans, but it does provide 24/7 customer service.

9. Popfax

Popfax is a fax to email service which makes it much easier to send and receive a fax.  Unlike Free FaX Button which had two faxes limit per day, Popfax has no limit. There is no software installation required. Also, a mobile app is available with straightforward and clean user interface. The mail merging feature of this service allows you to send a fax to multiple people at once and also you can add personal information of each recipient.

10. FaxZero

FaxZero lets you send two free faxes per day supporting multiple formats like images, office files, pdf, text files, etc. Advertising supports the service on the website and on the cover pages of free faxes you send. It is easy and updates you the status of your fax via email.

So this was all about some of the best fax software out there. If you're an Android user then you can install fax apps on your Android smartphone too.
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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

10 Best Music Production Software for Linux

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Music is that art form that connects souls in a way no other can. Its medium is sound and silence, redefining space and time. The creation, performance, significance and definition vary vastly according to culture and social context. Today we have a boom in electronic music because of the advent of affordable music technology.

Music software is the computer software used for musical compositions and digital recording, the creation of electronic music and other applications. Music software has been around for almost half a century since its birth in the 1960s.

It has had a significant impact on education involving music and creative expression. Mostly, music software is an outlet for people who do not bond with traditional musical instruments. New innovative ways are being thought of every day to compose and perform music using technologies that have never been seen before.

Music Production Software for Linux
While Mac and Windows users have an abundance of features when it comes to rough mixing and baselining, Linux offers free open source applications that could be just as good. Here are the best of the mix:

1. Linux Multimedia Studio

It is one of the most feature packed and creative application the on the list. It is highly up to date and provides a free and powerful suite for both Linux and Window OS.

It has features that are primarily seen only in paid or licensed software. The LMMS gives you tools for the job of composing, adding beats, providing bassline editors, a piano roll for melodies, effects and a complete studio with standards. LMMS came compatible with MIDI keyboards and built-in sound synthesizers in a superb package that is free of charge.

2. Audacity

Audacity is free, open source cross-platform Linux-based software that will work on Windows and Mac as well. (Isn’t that a grand bargain?)

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It has a live recording feature that incorporates a microphone, a mixer or other media. You can import and export different file formats for editing. Allows basic copy, paste, delete and cut operations on audio files.

There is a broad range of keyboard shortcuts at your disposal along with a multitude of sound effects and extensible plug-ins.

3. Mixxx

Here is a music producing software that will help you become a professional DJ, available on the cross-platform. You can use it on Mac, Linux and Windows.

Mixxx allows you to test your audio after you complete your production by mixing in other audio files while listening to it. 

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You get it in the studio and can go sound producing with it. Some of its features include an advanced four deck controls, built-in sound effects, quad sampler effects and a DJ hardware support.

4. Rosegarden

It is a music composing and editing application that is available exclusively on Linux and intended for music composers.

Rosegarden is a suite similar to LMMS but is aimed mainly at producing. Rosegarden can be used at home or in small scale recording environments.

Those who understand music notations can have a lot of fun with this while making music using a score. It also supports basic digital audio.
Rosegarden has some intuitive MIDI management with about a 100 devices that are supported. There is also a capable audio editor and sequencer with multi-language support.

5. Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK)

This is not essentially a music creation tool but facilitates the creation of music through the use of other software. The purpose of this software is more like a big virtual mixer that allows you to extract the audio of your choice and reroute it to other applications.

6. Muse

It is a feature-packed offering. More than a MIDI and audio sequencer, Muse combines recording and editing abilities into one package. Muse keeps things simple and has a multitrack virtual studio that is available only for Linux. 

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There’s a full MIDI import/ export support, editing with piano editing and drum roll, external synth plugins and integration with other programs. A must have for avid producers.

7. Qtractor

It is an audio multitrack sequencer & offers primary interface as AUDIO/MIDI and designed specifically for personal home studios. It runs on Linux as a target operating system with some unique features.

It supports different audio formats, has a built-in mixer and monitors controls. There are a loop recorder and MIDI clip editor. Qtractor provides non-destructive and non-linear editing.

8. Ardour

Available on Linux and Mac, Ardour allows you to record, mix, edit and master audio and MIDI projects. It can be used by anyone related to the music production field – editors, composers, etc.

Ardour provides a flexible recording and multichannel tracks. You can import and export audio files to different formats, and the software provides automation!

9. Cecilia

Cecilia is an audio signal processing software. It allows the user to explore music composition and sounds and is primarily intended for sound designers. It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows too.

Cecilia allows you to create your custom GUI using a simple syntax. It has some built-in modules that allow the user to add their sound effects and synthesis.

10. Traverso DAW

Cross platform multitrack recording suite that is known for its unique interface that is tricky to master. Traverso DAW has support for CD mastering and non-linear processing. It covers plenty of tasks that are usually reserved for premium music production software. It is fully customizable to suit your music creation needs, designed for scalability and can be used by live musicians with the help of a netbook.
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