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Friday, 21 July 2017

Perform an SEO Audit of Your Website With Serpstat

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Serpstat is a leading provider of search analytics data tools with its HQ based in Europe and has also provided some new tools apart from its core offering which has now made it a full-fledged solution for SEO and PPC purposes. 

It is best suited for Marketers, Bloggers, Content Creators, and anyone who's catering in the digital marketing arena. After receiving a significant VC funding and building a team of top SEO Experts and Analytics, Serpstat is now the perfect Growth Hacking Tool of 2017.

About Serpstat

Popularly known for its deep keyword research and competitor analysis tools, Serpstat has been dominating the market for quite a while now and is not stopping anytime soon as new databases and features regularly added to the tool.

The journey of evolving from a Keyboard Research tool into an all-in-one SEO Serpstat is noteworthy. It significantly eliminated the need for Content Marketers to purchase a separate tool for their SEO operations.

As of July 2017, Serpstat offers these primary tools:
  • Advertising Analysis 
  • Rank Tracking 
  • Backlink Analysis 
  • Search Analysis  
  • Keyword Research 
  • Site Audit 
  • API 
  • Market Intelligence 
  • Competitor Research, and much more.
How convenient and practical these tools are being is up to the marketers to decide, however, Serpstat has already proven that you wouldn't require any secondary platform once you're associated with this, and now the services are offered across the whole globe. With dozens of databases already available and more in the making, Serpstat is a great alternative to public market leaders and analysis experts.

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Why Serpstat?

If you’re proposing what makes Serpstat better than other tools that we’re already used to, there are quite a few things. In fact, I, myself migrated from my old tool keyword planner to Serpstat (mainly because of the available of Site Audit), as it offers a lot of unique features:
  • Superb Interface
The moment you register on the tool, and after using it for few minutes, the experience becomes exciting. Such is the ease of use of Serpstat. Thanks to its well-designed user interface and a friendly UX.  I could easily find things that I wanted in less than one click. Also, the dedicated dashboard that you get after logging in gives you a command to view all the major analysis done!
Superb Interface
  • Multi -View for Projects & Websites
I love the fact that you can manage and work on multiple projects in Serpstat and the analysis tool can get all the details in one quick look.
  • Global Search Engines
I’m pretty sure that all the major SEO tools (including the Google Analytics) to have the feature of checking the rankings of your website on multiple international search engines, but Serpstat goes ahead by listing out several engines and highlighting the rankings. These little details help you out during the research and analysis.
  • Keyword Research & Tracker
Tracking organic keywords becomes pretty easy on SERPstat as it was primarily known as a keyword tool. It is not much different from other tools, but the data of "Keywords goes Up, Keywords went down" it pretty insightful. Moreover, the tool also shows up keyword positions in different countries, volume, cost and much more.
Keyword Research Tracker
There are special blocks that appear on the side of keywords to help you identify then in Goods, Knowledge graph, etc.
  • Site Audit
One particular feature that made me migrate to this tool is Serpstat Site Audit functionality. The in-depth analysis of your project websites that you can perform. The tool smartly scans for up to 5000 pages per analysis and finds any possible optimization errors, SDO Score, and much more.
Site Audit
You get detailed reports for dynamic analysis of SDO scores, crawl errors, and the errors that you need to fix on priority basis. You can also schedule another or export the whole report as per your requirement.

Considering the auditing capabilities, I extensively used SERPstat to audit itself. The report is generated after a 5-10 minute deep analysis of the website’s SEO, keywords, and other ranking basis. There’s a Loading Speed sub-category in the Site Audit which exactly functions like the Google Page Speed tool. You’ll the insights on what to improve for your website to make it more faster on a Desktop as well as a Mobile. Detailed reports are generated with suggestions to overcome the following errors and to increase the keyword rankings accordingly.

  • Remarkable Competition Research
Of course, there are many other great research tools like Ahrefs, etc. that I like but Serpstat makes itself extraordinary with position tracking tools and SEO metrics. For the best competition and comparison analytics, there's a feature called "Domain Vs. Domain" to satisfy your whim. The keywords you enter and the domains which you want to compare, SERPstat quickly finds the common keywords, opportunities, etc. This feature can help you to be aware of your competitors and to excel one step ahead. 
Competition Research
The comparison is done using a simple Venn Diagram representation which easily distinguishes between the domination and the online presence of a website. For ex. I compared CT with a fairly popular Publishing Site Android Authority, and it did turn out to be quite comparable as I expected. SERPstat shows the total of Keywords of the website and the amount of common ones as well.

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  • Top Ranking Pages for your Site
Another admirable little feature I used is “Top pages” where you’ll be able to find the most popular and ranked organic pages from any website. Just enter the domain name, and you’ll get the top pages based on keywords they rank for and social media counts as well.

You can also find the related keywords feature which is pretty great as most Premium tools don't offer it. SERPstat has included a relevant keyword search tool in its arsenal, where entering the main keyword can help you identify all the related keywords which you can use in another campaign.


SEO experts love having the information they need whenever they require it. Using Serpstat, you not only get the rank analysis only one domain the keyword tracking but the research of top 100 keyword results. You also get the historical data of a particular keyword on per region or location basis.

Likewise, I've already mentioned in-depth Site Audit feature of Serpstat that takes the all-in-one SEO tool to a whole new level. It implements a smart algorithm that allows the system to discover the market shares of all the domains among the most searched and ranked keyword groups. A smooth but detailed insight for any expert to identify the pitfalls of the trends and the keywords.
Regarding the plans and pricing of the tool, you can get more information via the snapshot mentioned here.

Now, this doesn’t reflect any features that you’re getting with the specific plan. For that purpose, you need to head to the Pricing Section of SERPstat.

Quick Pros

  • Keyword Research 
  • Search Analytics 
  • Advertising Analysis 
  • Content Marketing Ideation 
  • Competitor Research 
  • Rank Tracking 
  • Market Intelligence 
  • On-Page Site Audit 
  • Reports and Infographics 
  • API 
  • Premium Support 
  • User Friendly Interface


  • Most of the Exclusive useful features are limited to Premium Plans Only.

Final Words

So, this was all about SERPstat and I hope that you did find this detailed review to determine whether SERPstat is the perfect suite for your marketing and research purpose. I am going to let you decide but do share your thoughts on the matter and let me know if you’re premium plans or not in the comment section below.
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Sunday, 16 July 2017

10 Best Tools to Check SSD Health and Monitor Performance

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There has been a recent shift in the market from the hard disk drives to the solid state drives. They are a better high-end alternative and very fast in comparison to the hard disk drives, offering excellent performance. The cost of SSD is great though when seen in contrast with its counterparts.
Check SSD Health & Monitor Performance
SSDs are performance boosters to your system, and you must do all you can to keep them in good health and prevent any malware from infecting them. Certain tools can help keep our SSDs safe and prevent crashing, while also enhancing performance and endurance.

Some of them are listed below:

1. CrystalDiskMark

It is one of the best tools available to check the SSD on your system. Various parameters are taken into consideration while measuring the performance of your SSD.

CrystalDiskMark calculates your primary read and writes speed. It could be either sequential or random and the numbers obtained to provide a benchmark for what is optimal for your system.

Speeds are calculated using MB per second and tell you about all the disk operations. CDM comes free and lets you have a benchmark for a variety of different hardware like memory cards hard drives and RAM disks. There is a broad range of sizes available for your CDM to run the check.

You are allowed to choose the number of passes you want to accommodate between checks. You are also given the freedom to choose the data in a binary form or if you want you can arbitrarily feed the data. 

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The input may affect the output on hardware compression, and installer and portable versions can be obtained. CDM is available with Microsoft Windows OS only.

2. AS SSD Benchmark

Another top ranked tool to check the status of your disk, AS SSD Benchmark is good at measuring the speed of your disk. The speed is one of the critical parameters, and you need to take care of what it requires at all times.

You can perform Random read and write tests to analyse the performance or even allows you to take subsequent tests if you want. Both tests can be carried out without using the cache.

AS SSD Benchmark runs tests to find out times required to access the SSD. The driver's behaviours can also be checked with additional tests. You don’t even have to install the software on your machine to run it. It will run without being installed.

The software will tell you the number of SSDs on your machine without asking you to feed the data in manually in for the same.
You can select the SSD that you want to test. There are three types of SSD that you can perform. One is to determine the time consumed to read and write a file. If you want to determine the access time, then that is also possible. 

You can save your SSD software to an external USB to run the software whenever you require it. It will tell you about the complexities on the drive and help you better the performance. It is free of cost and portable as well.

3. CrystalDiskInfo

It is a free software that is used to check the health of your SSD. It tells you the status on the monitoring, reporting and analysis performance of your SSD.

This is a quick tool and can say things like the current temperature and status of your system health – performance and optimisation. The screen will read out a variety of stuff about which data is up to date, and you can quickly work out which things are working in your favour and which aren’t. You can determine if things are going the way you want them to.

You can set alerts to notify you when there is something wrong with your system. You can receive audio alerts or eve have them send you a mail. Refreshing data at regular intervals is also possible.

You can figure out the performance values quickly by looking at the interface and find the health status and temperature. The interface also shows you the monitoring, reporting and real-time analysis of your system. 

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However, the interface is not the most user-friendly, and you need to be of a technical background to correctly operate this software.
CrystalDiskInfo comes in two versions, one that can be installed and another which is portable.

4. SSD Life

This software can be used to determine the longevity of your SSD. It has a great option to create a backup of all your data and save it before it crashes or dies. SSD Life runs tests to give you real-time data and can inform you of the serious problems that may be present on your drive. It comes in an installed version and a portable version.

The software gives information about the data written on the drive, and you can find out the read information on the drive easily too. Data is always fetched for the entire lifetime of the drive and helps determine the capacity along with the amount of used and unused data.

This gives the performance of the drive alone with how it is running. You will know the extent of wear and tear in the drive, and under similar working conditions, it gives a report of how to gauge the future performance and longevity.

SSD Life is compatible with most drives in the market, and you can use it tom make corrective or preventive actions to make your drive even better.

5. Samsung Magician

This is versatile software built to control the performance of the SSD on your machine and keep a regular tab on it. Using Samsung Magician, you can maintain the information of your system along with your SSD.

You will receive information from your user system, and the software allows you certain functions to manage the performance using optimisation. In come cases the optimisation is automatic, and you can also benchmark to get the best performance. If there are any updates, the user will most likely be updated from time to time.

Certain add-ons will help you understand your SSD in greater details. SecureErase gives you the power to wipe your data in less than sixty seconds. You can have your software tell you the performance for other devices that may be connected to the system apart from the SSD. 

Samsung Magician had a great user interface and looked quite good while at the same time being very easy to use. With this software, you can control the settings and check the performance according to the needs. There are settings to manage your power consumption as well, and you can revert to your old settings using the System Restore option.

You can even personalise your profile if the standard pattern doesn’t suit your requirements.

6. Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox

This is a software toolbox that is very easy to operate and is regularly updated so that you are always on the top of things when it comes to managing your SSDs health. The user has the provision of garbage collection, and there is an automatic trigger that is scheduled at regular intervals.

The performance of your SSD can be boosted using the Trim function. Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox allows you to customise your settings to ones that are set to your preference for the needs that you require. Usually, this includes a greater performance with low power consumption.

Sometimes you may also be given the feature to increase the longevity of your SSD, and all these factors are kept in mind while designing the customization settings of your software.

This software takes care of your SSD’s performance, time consumption and response time along with how much your SSD has worn out. You can undertake read and write tests to determine the access speeds and speed of different operations. All this can be resolved in no time at all. 

7. SSD Ready

Used exclusively with Windows, SSD Ready is sued for the optimisation of your SSD drives. It will tell the user about the performance and writes that have been made to the drive along with the usage behaviour. Using these statistics, you can gauge the average lifespan of an SSD.

SSD Ready will get you data about the drives while boosting your performance using optimisation. In general, you can use this function to better the quality of health of your SSD that you're currently using.

SSD Ready comes in two versions – the paid one and the free one.
Using the free version you can find out the performance and longevity of your drives. The paid one has the advanced features of helping you optimise things for enhancement of your SSD.

If you want to evaluate something you can choose from any of the partitions and also have the choice to select multiple partitions. It will fetch you the data in real time regarding the number and types of reads and writes to your disk. It will also tabulate the amount of data that is currently on your disk.

You can either wait out the complete process for checking the lifespan optimisation other information as well as do so in the middle of a test.

Your decisions on how to act on the results are based accordingly. If the time remaining for your SSD to wear out is short, you can look into buying options for next time. Otherwise, you can always back up your data and quit worrying.

8. SSD Tweaker

Another software for Microsoft Windows Operating System, the SSD Tweaker is bundled with features to help you optimise the SSD that you're currently using. It has a user interface that is very easy to use and simple to get along with.

You can optimise and get the performance analysis for your drive with just a few clicks. There is an option for System Restore that comes with this software so that in the case of adverse scenarios you can always shift to the previous best settings and revert any data losses.

SSD Tweaker comes loaded with features that can help optimise your SSD. You can choose the Hibernation mode for better power consumption and even optimise Trim by changing individual settings.

You can check the Auto Tweak function to begin the tweaking with just one click from the user. It saves the headache of manually doing everything and saves you from going into the technical aspect, especially if you don’t like running a lot of commands.

You can choose from the paid version, which is for people who want a lot of advanced options and more controls with Trim optimisations. The free version comes with basic features like System Restore and managing the cache files.

9. Tweak SSD

Tweak SSD comes in two versions – the paid one that ha an abundance of extra features and the basic version which is free. Both are downloadable from the website.

Tweak SSD allows you to tweak your system statuses and tweak them in an understandable manner so that you can see the optimisation more clearly. It has a meter to show you clearly what is happening – green indicates the best form, the orange shows normal health and red reflects that your SSD is in a bad state and may require necessary action at the earliest.

You will also get advice about which setting would be applied best for performance that you desire and also based on the status of your SSD. The settings are a click away, and you can configure them any way you want.

10. SSD Fresh

This is a novel easily installed software that has a particular arrangement of all the disks that can be found on your system. You can quickly optimise and analyse performance using the clear cut directly to understand interface.

You are given the option to index the searches and drives using the Indexing option, and it also lets you defragment your disabled drives. You can select the self-monitoring feature so that you don’t have to be the software the entire time and it keeps optimising on its own.

One of its features is that it avoids unnecessary writing access and any other feature that might make the interface cumbersome.
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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Appdodo: A Single & Safest Platform for All Your Mobile Needs

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Is there anyone who is not using cell phones? The answer will be ‘No’ because cell phones have become the primary need for a man. The applications in the mobile phones help you in all aspects.

We know that above 80% of people are using Android mobiles. Attention for those Android users, don’t waste your time in searching for the safest apps on the Internet because safety is the biggest problem for them as they can easily share or download their favourite apps for free from any websites.

If you are lucky, you can get your app without any issues, but if you were unaware about the hacking websites or threat sites then downloading apps from such sites may crash your mobile.

If you want to avoid such problem then simply visit Appdodo, a single platform to download all the apps and games without any interruption of viruses in your mobile phones. The review about the app given by the users is 100% accurate since the tests it. It is one of best sites to download all your applications at free of cost.

You may think why we should use this site specifically. The answer is it keeps on updating the new hot apps regularly. And it's one of the best sites in the market which has all kind of apps at a single place.

Features of Appdodo

1. Convenient

Even the new mobile users can easily download apps from this site. It is effortless to use, and you just need the Internet connection to access to this site. You don't need to sign in or no reason to face any other difficulties.

2. Speed

The download speed is high in this You can search nearly thousands of apps in no time. It has better surfing speed.
Right to Choose: It gives you the right to choose the apps which are given in separate categories.

3. Huge Inventory

You can download any games and multimedia apps from this website.

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Categories Available on Appdodo

If you are searching for any particular app, then you can get that app on this website. On visiting Appdodo for your favourite apps, you can get the collection of a similar app in that category. Other websites may have only limited types. Appdodo gives you numerous types, so you no need to search for any sites for each app. The categories available in Appdodo are:
  • Games 
  • Browsing: Get all top browser which works at high speed. 
  • Tools: Get tools from Mp3 cutter to clean master and Pdf reader, Share it, Vodafone connect, etc. 
  • Entertainment: Apps for TV shows movies, music, etc. 
  • Photography: Make collages and decorates your selfie using apps in this category.
  • Music and Video: Get YouTube, Colors TV, Tubemate, Shazam and some other famous video and music apps.
  • Communication: Get top most communication apps like Skype, line, we chat, Viber, LinkedIn and so on. 
  • Shopping: Get popular shopping apps like Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues, OLX, Paytm in a single press. 
  • Productivity: To read and write word, excel and some other useful apps visit
  • Security: Lock your phone and gallery using some useful apps which you can collect from 
  • Education: Learn languages, technical skills, Mathtricks, etc. from this category. 
  • Personalization 
  • News and Magazine: Get BuzzFeed to IndiaTv Live in Appdodo.

Search Your Favourite Games

Are you searching for the best websites to download the top featured game on the Internet? Just stop your research and visit this Appdodo where you can get all the top rated games on a single website. The new games will regularly update on this site. Thus you don't need to search for the new trending games in a browser. It gives you a choice to select the games from following categories.
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • Board
  • Card
  • Casual
  • Puzzle
  • Racing
  • Role Playing
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • Strategy
If you are confused on selecting the game then simply read the qualified review of the users and then proceed to the downloading option. 

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Updated Trending and Featured App updates all the trending and most popular apps according to the usage by the users. The site will continuously update featured app and mostly recognised app in this categories. So if you are searching for the most used app then just visit the website where you no need to search for your favourite app.

Simple, Quick and Easy to Use

Anyone can visit this site and can download any apps without any discrepancies. The site is easy to use, and you know need to confuse where to search for the app. Trending apps will be available on the main page itself.

If you are searching for any specific apps then just type the name in the search box, in no time your loved application will appear, and you can easily install it in your mobile.

New Apps Category

In this category, you may find all the new apps which are launched recently. So you no need to search for the best and new apps on the websites. You may read the review and the description given by the site for your better guidance.

Advantage of

Though it has several advantages like easy to use, a collection of various apps in one place, most people search whether the app satisfies their need. This confusion can come to an end by reading the reviews of the customers. Quality reviews will automatically increase the usage of the particular brand among the people.

In such way, only quality and accurate reviews are being posted on the So you no need to worry about any cheap tricks or viruses while downloading apps from the Appdodo.
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Friday, 14 July 2017

How to Transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
2017 has witnessed the release of several Android flagships: Samsung Galaxy S8, Mi 6, HTC U11… and with few dozen other choices available, while iPhone 8 is not coming out until fall, some Apple users may change their iPhones to one of the Android smartphones. But, when using a new Android smartphone, you want to continue the same data in your old iPhone to migrate with you, for example, your WhatsApp Chats.

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is as crucial these days as our contacts and calls are. If we don’t automatically save the WhatsApp media apart from the chats, it's no good use then. This is due to the internal memory of the phone storage, and the importance is even more because of all the media files.

dr.fone Toolkit
And for this, you need to migrate your WhatsApp message across your smartphones without any hassles. Now you can do this by several complicated and straightforward ways. Fortunately, we've introduced the most efficient and time-saving method to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android Phone using a remarkable Software. So, let's get started.

The Ultimate Method to transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android

Switching from an Apple to an Android is never an easy task. It can get hard to successfully migrate all your data from one device to another in just the right way. 

In fact, the most sensitive thing is to properly manage to get your WhatsApp chats and messages across the devices. Well, you can do this using the services of a specially designed tool that can help.
The dr.fone - iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore is the ultimate transfer your WhatsApp chats from an iPhone to Android. One of the many reasons why I mentioned dr. fone is the best because of the process if migrating your data and everything to do with how easy to use the program is.

Since time is money, why not save yourself a few extra with this tool. dr.fone is the answer if you want a method that is comfortable, handy and convenient. Most importantly, all of your messages will be transferred without any data loss. To start with the process, you first need to backup your WhatsApp data with dr.fone, and then you can do the transfer.

Whatsapp Transfer, Backup & Restore
Starting off, you need to download the dr.fone toolkit - iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup and Restore quickly from the official Wondershare website. Despite the fact that it is a premium tool with so many reliable features, the developers still offer a free trial version for the tool.

Download and install the setup on your PC, dr. fone toolkit is exclusively available for Windows and Mac powered devices and supports the latest Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.12 with and requires minimal configurations to run effortlessly.

Moreover, the software for recovering WhatsApp data files supports all the iPhones from iPhone 4 to the 7 Plus, so you wouldn't have to worry, no matter which iPhone you're migrating from.

Launch the dr. fone toolkit and select "More Tools" from the menu options and navigate to Transfer WhatsApp messages.

Now, connect both the devices, your iPhone and the Android Device where you want to transfer your WhatsApp chats.

After detecting the phones, you need to click "Transfer" to start the process. Do mention that all the existing messages in your Android device would be lost, so be sure to backup them as well. A pop window would appear prompting you, and all will be required is to confirm this.

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Now all you have to do is wait for the transfer process to complete. You will see the confirmation window, notifying that the process is complete.

Plans and Pricing

Not only you can transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android but from iPhone to iPad, iPod Touch as well.
dr.fone Plans & Pricing
So how much do Wondershare charges to use these remarkable features of dr. fone toolkit. Well, to successfully transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android, you can have the kit at $19.95 with a yearly license and $29.95 for a lifetime license. 

Moreover, the whole iOS suite is available for a discounted price of $139.95, which offers much more than migrating your social media chats. Apart from the software license, the company provides free software updates and after sales support for the toolkit.

The Backup Method - Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android Phone Using Phone Backup

Well, in case you’re not into recovering chats using a software or through a website, then a method to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android Smartphone is pretty simple and works without any hassle. All you need is a good internet, your old iPhone, and the Android smartphone to which you’re migrating.
  1. The first thing you need is to backup your current WhatsApp Account for all the messages on your old iPhone device. Since the most common problem of WhatsApp is data loss, you have to do it first. 
  2. Now, go to your iPhone's “Settings” in WhatsApp and then touch “Chats Backup” from the list, you can now view the latest backup was done or any manual backup the WhatsApp messages by clicking "BACKUP" now. 
  3. You can either uninstall WhatsApp on your iPhone or only reset it because of the multiple location conflicts. 
  4. Finally, Install WhatsApp on your new Android Smartphone and register your original phone number at the using the standard OTP method.
A window would pop out to inform you that “message backup found” and you need to Click “Restore”, and all the WhatsApp chats on iPhone would be transferred to Android device. Note - Keep in mind that these chats are backed up on your cloud storage, so you need to have a good connection while backing up media files.

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Final Words

I hope you’d find these methods useful for transferring your WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android. Do share your thoughts and let me know if you’ve liked dr. fone toolkit or not. The company recommends all the customers first to try the free 30-days trial for a change and then license it. Cheers!
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Thursday, 13 July 2017

How SEO Can Help Potential Customers Find Your Business

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Search engine optimisation has helped many online businesses prosper for years now, and the number of entrepreneurs benefitting from it is on a constant rise. SEO strategies have also been dynamic as it copes with modern demands and modifications on search engine mechanisms. This is why firms providing SEO services in Leicester are still on demand. Local businesses who were able to hire competent SEO service providers have reaped massive benefits and were able to grow their business considerably.
SEO Can Help Potential Customers
Among the many benefits of effective SEO strategy is enabling businesses to be discovered by potential customers. Here are the top ways on how customers can find businesses through SEO.

1. Google My Business Listing

Having your business listed in Google my business is a very crucial step for SEO. This will give you an official presence in Google Search and Maps, which is why many considered this as the most important part of any SEO strategy. With the already enormous and increasing use of Google Search and Maps, you will easily be found by your customers.

2. Local Citations and Directories

Yelp, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Indeed, Yahoo Local and many other citation and directory sites allow you to gain increase your online presence, expand reach, and get higher chances of being discovered. More citations and more directory presence also earn you higher chances of ranking and search engine.

3. Social Media Promotion

Used in conjunction with SEO, social media promotion has tremendously contributed to the success of many businesses regarding online marketing. With the astounding number of social media users in various platforms, people can discover more businesses, especially in the local scene. Social media promotion directed towards landing sites is also an effective driver of organic traffic that many online businesses are striving for.

4. Use of Relevant Keywords

Some businesses tend to underestimate the importance of keyword use, not realising it is the blood that keeps SEO strategies alive. Keywords allow you to be “searchable”. These are terms that potential customers use when they come looking for you through search engines. If you fail to use the right keywords, no matter how great your brand may be, chances of getting discovered by customers are very slim. Use keywords that are relevant, local, and trendy. Local long tail keywords are often best for narrowed searches.

5. High-Value Optimized Content

Content is king. This has always been the rule in online marketing. A good online marketing strategist understands that by developing interesting and valuable content, a business can reap considerable benefits in the long term. Optimized content—that is strategically created with the SEO components is proven to help increase search engine ranking, which means higher discoverability.

By having a trusted SEO service provider, you can implement these strategies and more efficiently. It will help you build an online presence that secures your chances of getting found by your potential customers and even expand your reach to other areas outside your locality.
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