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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

3 Things You Need to Remember Before Starting a Blog

Posted by Rahul Gupta
To many of us, blogging is the great escape from life's everyday hassles and annoyances. I have personally found it to be an excellent medium to share my knowledge and passion for mobile technology. The thing I like about blogging is that it gives everyone a chance to push out their opinion on something in this world, without possessing a whole lot of publisher quality hardware. All you need is a decent internet connection and anything with a keyboard.
Things to Remember Before Starting a blog
So, in this article, I am going to share 3 things that you need to keep in mind while you're going to make a blog, with my personal experiences added in there for taste. Let's get straight to it.

#1 Select a Niche

Before starting out a blog, you need to be clear on what your blog should be based off. Everyone has an interest or passion in something, even you. You need to find out what you would like to do the most and spend most of your energy in. For me, it's consumer Technology. Anything that you can buy in the market and involves a lot of choices, I am I make it my responsibility to find out everything there is to it and give people the best option to buy. That's my passion. It has been that way for about 6 years now.

I'm sure you have one such aspect about you as well. Maybe it's clear to you as of now; maybe it isn't. It's ok. You can take your time and decide what you would like to be known for on the internet. No idea is dumb, remember that.

Once you have been set on a single niche or even a couple of things that you would like to write a blog about, it's time for the next phase. If still can't figure out what you should stick to, don't sweat. Just start off with your favorite hobby and see how you like it. You can always change your niche, slowly, as time goes on.

#2 Making a place for yourself online

Once you have set yourself on a particular path, you will later vehicle, meaning a platform to write on. You can choose among any of the services out there that provide blogging tools for you, as a beginner. I have experimented with the number of these options comma and I found Google Blogger platform to be the simplest one among them.

Typically, you will be prompted to try out WordPress, because they have the most number of professional tools available to you as a blogger. I have tried WordPress myself and for some reason, I did not like it very much. Maybe because I was a mobile-only blogger at the time and there were not many templates available for their mobile editor. So I switch to another service known as Weebly.
Currently, I am using Google Blogger and I highly encourage you to try out the same thing. Sure, just as many people say, it does not have a lot of features for professional looking blogs. But combined with the right template and coupled with the right widgets, it can do pretty well.

Right now, I am only a part-time job. So blogger platform does just fine for me. If I decide to take more hands-on end full-time approach to my blog, why would go for the "professional" services offered by WordPress?

#3. Getting started

Once you have selected a platform for yourself, think of a good name for your blog. It can be anything wired at the beginning, its OK. Just make sure that it's kind of catchy and relevant to your Niche. Make sure that it's easy to remember so people can look up your blog after you have told them about it. This makes word of mouth marketing is slightly easier.

After you have begun writing about something, stick to it for a while. Try to post regularly and keep your posts qualitative than quantitative. Don't focus on writing long posts with more words. The content is important. If you have made your point in it, conclude it then in there.

All it takes is a little patience and a dash of determination in it. I'm sure you'll do great in this field. All the best with!
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Why are People Looking for Ways to Delete Clash of Clans?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
I don't think there will be any guy who doesn't know about Clash of Clans, but in case if we have any hypothetical case over here, Clash of Clans (COC) is one of those addictive strategy games whose primary objective is to collect the maximum number of trophies.
Delete Clash of Clans
How do you earn trophies? - Attack someone else's village, or protect your own against other's attacks. You first build your community and then train your troops to make them ready for an attack.

With each win, you also gain gold, elixir and dark elixir (types of currency used in the game).
With more number of trophies, you raise your level to fight tougher opponents, improve your village defense, upgrade your town hall, etc. You could also pay for the gems and other resources.

Why Play the COC Game?

Well, everyone around you plays it. Good enough reason to spend hours waging your attacks on unknown online strangers, collects gold, trophies, etc., raise your level. It improves your strategic skills.
Above all, you are sure to build your image among your friends with more number of trophies than them.

Why Stop It?

Well, so for answering this question, let us check what happens once we stop playing the game.
No further upgrades, there won't be any virtual gold, no elixir or dark elixir, no fun of beating strangers in wars. The trophies which you won by winning those wars will be looted. 

Your village on which you spend hours to make it stable will be looted, you would be surely be kicked out of the clan, Clash of Clans will surely lose a fantastic player, and the most critical part, you can't brag about your trophies to your friends. Also, you can't make Supercell richer by your contribution.

So, if the things as mentioned earlier matter a lot to you then don't quit. Please, clash on.
If those things don’t matter to you a bit, you want to utilize your time efficiently, then just uninstall it now itself, because if you are that guy who doesn’t care about it linked to your account even though you uninstall it, then you are not going to play the game anymore. Let us have a look at how we will be affected by the game!

Why Do People Want To Get Rid Of Clash of Clans Game?

Social Life: -Well, the only place you get social will be with the strangers you have in your clan. COC players prefer to be alone so that they can concentrate more on the game.

Sleep: - The sleeping time of COC gamers are often affected by the notifications as it will be followed by another attack.

Study/Work: - If you are a student, take a look at your scores before and after you got started with COC. If you work, the same request again. Check the number of times you had postponed your assignments before and after you started playing the game. You will find the answer here on whether to continue with the game or to uninstall it.

Spend Your Time on YouTube videos

You can spend your leisure time in many ways, play with friends (outdoors), talk to your close ones, try out something new (drawing, singing), read books and many more. But a COC addict will spend his leisure time watching YouTube videos learning new strategies. Check their history; it will be most of these videos.

Well, there are some smart ones would want to try it out for a while, then stop it. They would go for the option of a fake Google account which they plan to delete once they are done playing the game. In most of the cases, this will be one of those unexecuted plans.

Why people find it tough to delete the COC account?

Well, Clash of Clans is a game that is linked to your Google account, so it is evident that you cannot delete it permanently. Any account that is made on the Supercell game cannot be deleted, the reason being that it is registered on their server. The other reason is the mindset of the gamers who think about the hours and days they spent to reach the current position in the game.

Only a few of them will think twice of the hours that will be further put in if they continue. Gamers promise themselves to limit the number of hours. This strategy works for a few days, and then they go back to the eat-COC-sleep schedule again.

3 Ways to delete Clash of Clans

Option 1 
  • Select the Play Games service on your phone.
  • Go to settings.
  • You will find an option "Delete Play Games Profile." Select it.
After you are done with the above steps, your game profile score will come back to 1. I don't think it will matter much that now you have decided to stop playing.

Option 2

Request Supercell for a ban or to deactivate your account. They won't be able to delete permanently, but with a permanent ban, you won't be able to play the game again.

Option 3

Delete the account associated with the game. Well, this is not always preferable. Other options will be to go for the unethical measures like using hacks continuously that themselves will give you a ban, use of offensive usernames, etc. If you want the detailed instructions, check this guide on how to Delete Clash of Clans Game Permanently and stay away from it.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have got to know about the disadvantages of the game and the ways to get rid of it, you can use your leisure time wisely and get away from your phone for some time. Clash on with the real world, not in your clan.
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Monday, 19 March 2018

10 Things You Need to Know About SEO {2018 Updated}

Posted by Rahul Gupta
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process by which you generate traffic to your website through your appearance in the search results of a search engine like Google or Bing. The search engine develops primary search results by choosing the content that it considers most relevant to the user depending on the keywords of the search. The search engine uses an algorithm for this process. You do not need to pay for this. Google changes its algorithm from time to time to ensure users get fresh and quality content.
Things to Know About SEO
You may be developing content for your website but you have not yet made progress in getting search engines to notice your content. You should learn how you could get SEO for your site. You can even go further and collaborate with a website marketing company like Platinum Web Marketing's Las Vegas SEO company to get professional help in SEO for your website.

Here are ten things you need to know about SEO

Content is King

You need to focus on delivering quality content for your website. Search engines’ algorithms notice quality content and you will be able to generate traffic with this.

Earn links

You should endeavor to earn links from endorsements instead of paying for links. Google is promoting quality links instead of easy links.

Use social media

You should be active on multiple social media platforms to get likes for your website. Google looks out for likes and retweets and any other forms of activity to develop your SEO.

Use Google+

Experts say that when you share your content on Google+, you are likely to get SEO. Google indexes anything shared on Google+ and it will notice your content.

Do not duplicate content

You should ensure that you do not repeat the same content on multiple pages of your website. Come up with unique content. If you duplicate content, Google may ban you from their SEO.

Post content regularly

Your website should have fresh content at least every week so that search engines will direct to you users who are looking for current information.

Use popular keywords

There are popular keywords that people use to search for content and you should identify the keywords used in your field to make it easier for search engines to notice your content.

Loading speed

Ensure that your website runs at a great speed. If not get your website developer to ensure it does. Your content should load quickly to ensure you get SEO and retain users.

Structure your content

You should develop structured data for your website because if a search engine cannot follow your content, it will not share your content with its users.

Stay ahead of the curve

Search engines will always develop different algorithms for their SEO parameters and you need to stay strong using the main pillars of SEO; content, links and social media.

In conclusion, you should be up to speed with the current SEO specifications used by search engines to ensure that you maintain traffic on your website. Collaborate with professionals to enable you to get everything right.
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Saturday, 17 March 2018

USB Network Gate Review: Share USB over Ethernet for Windows

Posted by Rahul Gupta
USB Network Gate is used for the connection of more than one USB devices. This is done by connecting it to the computer network using the Internet, LAN, or WAN. It almost feels like the device is connected to our machine.
USB Network Gate
Honestly, your location doesn’t matter and you can have yourself located in any part of the world. The different devices that can be used for the purpose can include Modem, Scanner, Dongle, and Printer. Apart from these, one can also use anything else that is connected to their computer or PC for the time being.

Why USB?

Sharing becomes one of the sole purposes when you have your PC. Transfer of files and data is often required. By sharing USB all over the network as well as multiple computers, it becomes easy for people all over the world to have access to your computer and can use it.

With this facility, it becomes simple to have access to your hardware devices. These include a printer, scanner, Dongle, and any other USB device that your PC supports. Accessing them becomes easy anywhere and at any time.

USB Network Gate also brings along a high desirable capacity with the help of which, sharing becomes flexible. All that is needed for one to do is, connect your USB device to your PC or MAC, and further connect it to a Linux device. That is all, and you are completely good to go.

Features to fall for

Some of the useful features are mentioned below:

Sharing is easy

It might so happen that there is a need to share more than one USB device on various computers. USB Network Gate does the needful and brings in the solution. Printing, Scanning, and Fixing, to any other PC, becomes easy and flexible. Also, add a password to get access to the users.

Plug in

Do you want to connect your USB device to your virtual machine? Well, all that you need to do is install the network gate on some random OS, i.e., virtual machine. After this, you can easily have access to your peripherals even if your desktop is far away. The compatible devices include Microsoft Hyper -V, VMWare, Citrix, and so on.

Get Access

With the Remote desktop connection, troubles are likely to bother you. One of the most common issues that pop up while using a remote connection is accessing the other USB local devices becomes a problem. In a remote session, working with any other USB device becomes easy with USB Network Gate. Apart from that, one can also set their machines automatically to find out and connect to the other USB devices.

Access to Wi-Fi

The network configuration doesn’t require any changes from your side. Without that, the sharing process can be easily done. They can be directly accessed from anywhere, i.e., laptops or any other device. If the devices like your printer, scanner, etc. are connected to your computer, then you are good to go. All the users in the network can work without any trouble.

Some more Add-ons

You might love these extra add-ons exclusively available in it.

Nothing stays Limited

The connector of USB over Ethernet provides one with all the facility. It brings along high desired capacity for one to share their USB devices all over the network. This can either be on Windows or Linux. Looking for more? Well, it also allows creating a connection between server and client. It can either be Mac-Linux, Linux-Windows, or Mac-Windows.

Optimizes Traffic

The USB over Ethernet brings with it a convenient option with the help of which it becomes easy to compress the traffic. All the things like transfer of data and bandwidth, high transfer speed can be done easily. This turns out to be convenient when there is data that are available in an uncompressed way.

Keeps Data Safe

One of the most important and valuable thing to all of us is Data and Information. It often becomes a problem when it is mishandled or when it drives out to some unusual hands. This can bring in serious trouble. With the USB software for sharing, it is guaranteed that the data is safe. It ensures that the data doesn’t reach out to any other third party. What is yours, remains yours and that too, totally safe. This USB software comes embedded with the high and secured connection. That is not all as there are hidden options that provide traffic encryption too. In addition to that, one can also keep it password protected to control the access from other users.

Swap Support

There is no need for you to restart your PC if you wish to share some different device or USB over the Ethernet. All that one has to do is unplug their device from the shared USB and get it plugged into some other device. The remote client will have its new target directly on its screen.


Well, this brings us to a conclusion and also to mention the fact that how much efficient USB network gate is. Apart from the bunch of advantages, it is going to bring for you; it will also make sure to serve you with the best. So, make sure to have your hands on this sturdy gate once in a while.
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How to Start Earning Bitcoin With Ease in 2018

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Bitcoins! They have become the thing gossiping about in 2017 / 2018. Everyone wants to know and have a piece of the precious online cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. Even though there are several other cryptocurrencies out there, Bitcoin has been the most Limelight and for a perfect reason. It has one of the most valuable local currency conversion rates as well as the numerous options available to earn and convert it.
Start Earning With Bitcoin
There are certain limitations to Bitcoin as well, for instance, there is only 10-metre number of these things that can be mined or and out of the Global ledger of the blockchain. People may not know that and think that it's an unlimited stream of online money. But it still, that doesn't make it any less valuable. By the way, there are still a couple of median Bitcoins left to mine for the rest of the world. So in this article, we will focus on some of the natural and fast ways to earn Bitcoins by doing some chores and errands online.

I am now going to contradict my above statement by saying that there is no way to make a substantial amount of Bitcoins online. Don't click on this article just yet. And never said that you could not earn Bitcoins at all online, I just said that it's not very easy and you are not going to become a millionaire overnight. Just like anything else that is worth having in this world, Bitcoins come at a price of your hard work. So if you're still here and I am not clicked off this site, let's get started.

Small earnings

There are plenty of things that you can do which are relatively easy and pay slightly less than desired. Let's go over some of the most well-known earning sites. I have listed the ones that are known to give you at least something in exchange for you are our earlier. There might be hundreds of jobs out there on the internet, but not all of them will be legit. One of the legit website on which I started working recently is CoinDirect due to their fast processing speed & better support than other popular websites available in the market. Bitcoin has become the advertisement simulator the ones posted by dating websites for finding singles in your area. You know that it's fake and you have never clicked on it, right? I'm going to assume you said yes.

Keep in mind that if anything seems fishy or untrustworthy to you on the Internet don't click on it. He has a tape which I learned from experience. If something seems too good to be a true online comma, it probably is too good to be true. No one will give you free cash for doing copy paste jobs online. Now you know where my bitter, sadistic nature comes from. Anyway, let's start on with this list.

Paid to click websites

There are a couple of websites online which will pay you a couple of box for watching or clicking on advertisements posted by various ad campaigns. It might also involve visiting specific sites and staying on the page for a couple of seconds until the timer runs out. When you will have to do a couple of his every Saturday or minimum amount of days per hour. You will usually be paid on an hourly basis which can debit at the end of the day. One of the most popular paid to click or PTC websites out there is called ads4BTC.

It's pretty simple. They show your ads, you will call them and stay on them for the designated time interval and you get paid a measly amount of BTC. Yes, I said the measly amount. For the 20 seconds of ads that you will be watching in the site for about 24 hours a day, you will make approximately $10. That is, of course, worth in BTC, which will be equivalent to 0.0216 BTC.

So if you have excellent min meditation skills and have incredible patience, and I'm not in a hurry for earning a lot of cash, you can consider this option. Here is a link to the website if you want to check it out for yourself:

Work a micro job where you get paid in Bitcoins

There are plenty of websites which require you to complete small jobs and get paid in Bitcoins. 1 popular search website where you can work on pretty much any job you have a skill set on and get paid in Bitcoins in exchange and its name is coinworker.

CoinWorker is pretty simple. The website says mine with your mind, which is very cool in my opinion. Coin worker allows you to earn Bitcoins essentially by using only your web browser and your skills. Is tough to follow a couple of simple steps to get registered on coinworker and start earning. Your first app registers with your Bitcoin wallet address over at coinworker. Then, start completing short analytical tasks by which you can receive according to the level of the completion of the task. All these tasks do not require any additional download and can be done on your browser itself.

Then, when's your account hits 200 points, these points can be converted into Bitcoins R Us decent. These BTC will be paid directly to your Bitcoin address and will appear in your wallet after 24 hours after which they have been paid. The payment initiation process might take a while to show up as updated.

The tasks haven’t you can be anything starting from web development, logo designing as well as coding. You can do other simple tasks such as data entry and content feeling as well. It's mainly Fiverr, where you sell yourself but not for money, but Bitcoins instead. This website has been tried and tested and even though the payment can be a variable often, it is an idiot. Here is a link to the site if you want to check it out yourself and learn more.
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