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Friday, 13 October 2017

Tips to Enjoy a Successful Custom Software Development Service

Posted by Rahul Gupta
It goes without saying that your business custom software can go a long way to make or break your brand image. But developing the perfect software can be a daunting job. It can be demanding for you, as well as your service provider. However, a few clever tricks up your sleeve can cut short on the potential hassles. 
Enjoy Custom Software Develoment Service

Be Clear About Your Project Objectives

First of all, convince yourself that your custom software development at devmynd provider is going to partner you in the venture. Hence, to help him understand better, it is essential that you furnish the business objectives crisp clear. Make it clear whether you wish to create a fresh service, or design a new product, or merely maintain and manage the current system. Understanding the objective, the project manager can chalk out the right way to accomplish your goal.

Continuous Process Improvement

Software development is a dynamic process. It is essential to keep a track on process improvement to keep pace with the rapid change in business needs. This also prevents the workflow of your organization well attuned. However, this needs a steady co-operation between the cross-functional and self-organizing teams.

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Hence, once you choose a ‘partner,' give him the flexibility to do what they think would be best for process improvement. However, this might mean loosening up a bit of your control over the project. Listen to what your vendor says. But of course, you have every right to share your insights.

Measure before Making the Cut

You can design and theorize your project in any way that you fancy. But it is more than essential to test and refine your solution beforehand. The ‘testing’ should not be without users’ feedback. This will help you understand what might work, and what might fail, thus giving your understandings and misunderstandings a shape. 

It also makes sense that you keep a disaster recovery plan handy. This is an integral part of any business continuity plan. Also, keep a recovery checklist to ensure that a concerted plan is duly implemented.

Some Realistic Advice

You need to make some practical considerations before choosing a custom software development vendor. Take your time beforehand and think deeply about the actual people getting affected by the project. Consider whose voice is going to be the most significant while influencing its dimension. 

Before you start documenting your project, resort to pictures. Ideally, put a rough sketch to let your service provider know how you want the user interface to look like. When it comes to preparing a report, use a spreadsheet to show how you would like the report to be made. You can also take help of word processor. Determining ‘deadlines’ for finishing a project is a common practice. 

While determining the timeline, create practical milestones. Ensure that you keep on reviewing every aspect of the project until it is complete. In case you find that any of your expectations is not duly met, then make sure that you discuss the matter fast. The vendors will happily design a solution to ‘fix’ your worries
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Website Designing Can Help You to Start Your Own Business

Posted by Rahul Gupta
You have a passion for creating things, and you love to design pages for websites. This is an excellent way to set up your future profession as this will give you skills that can elevate your lifestyle and working ability. Learning web designing can be a remarkable way to remain engaged in the most happening world – the website designing. 
Website Designing
You can start to learn the basics from today, and you can also study different websites and its designs. The regular checking of web designs will prepare your tastes, and you will gain marketable skills for future.

Online courses and designing

So get on with the learning of website designing, you do not have to spend hours in a classroom. You can start any course online that teaches different phases of web designing. There are various technologies about which you can learn from these online courses.

There are resources like books and blogs which will also help you to determine the skill that will help you to enlist yourself for a website design company at comradeweb. These courses and the materials are available online with much lesser fees than any college fee structure.

Web designing in schools

There are web designing schools too, and you can learn the basic methods that are needed for designing web pages. There are technical classes here – so that you can get the feel of the designing world. These schools take a more significant fee than the online courses, but they will also help you to learn the details by showing you actually how to design pages and where to input what type of designing. 

You understand the designing structure better and must also design some web pages to bring about that effect on your work. You will even know about navigation and crisp and efficient structure of the web pages.

Promote business or get a job

You often may think about the reasons why you should opt for learning the web page designing through a proper course. This is because it gives you the insight into a trade. You learn something that will help you to brighten your prospect. Websites are pages which are going to increase in the virtual world. 

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The business owners of different trade will need them to promote their own business and to connect with their customers. You can start designing the web pages and then get experience in doing it as the best in the market. You can get a well-paid and respectable job, or you can start a business of your own with the skills that you acquire.

Use the skills and be happy

You will also not need a lot of things to learn and use this knowledge in actual life. The requirements are minimal, and you may already have these things with you for a different purpose. You will need a fast internet and a laptop to start learning. Soon you will have the skills required to work with website Design Company or to begin working as your boss. 

You can work as a freelancer or land a dream project in the best web designing organization. The life often tests you, and you will pass with flying colors when you have such skills at your fingertips.
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Users Feel Comfortable With Apps & Give a Stable Market for App Developers

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Mobile has taken up a lot of space in the life of the modern man. If you check, you will find the apps in the mobiles are more popular. These apps help you in doing various work without running around for such activities. You can keep a tab on your calories, take notes and keep records of any gathering or any other performance that you like. 
Users Feel Comfirtable With Apps
These apps can help you to prepare tea or to buy groceries. There are millions of such apps around the market, and you can just get the right one as per your choice.

Why more apps in use?

There are more and more people coming into the periphery of the Smartphones and internet. They are getting to use these apps, and then they start choosing the favorite apps to install and use on their mobile phones. There is an estimate that 67 percent of the owners of such Smart telephones regularly access the internet and download a lot of things that they use. 

The most common things that they download are the apps that they prefer. There is continuous rise in the sales of Smartphones, and hence the usage of an app from android app Development Company at velvetech is in a rising graph with fast speed.

Benefits of using apps

The phone apps are working wonders for you as they can let you know about the local news or the international scenario. You may also find the exchange rates, movies in different theaters or the interactions in social media. If you are developing any apps, you will find that these users often provide feedback of the success of the apps made by your company. 

The content of any page can be shared with such apps, or often the apps can reduce the cost of maintaining business. These apps also help in creating revenue for your company and increase in profit margins.

Even beneficial over websites

Often these apps become more popular than the websites or different software from such sites. The apps take smaller space and are quick to download. They will find space in the mobiles and often will work without internet connectivity. Thus you can continue using these apps even when the internet is not there. 

The app has a limited purpose as they help in keeping the cost within a manageable realm. The apps can also help your clients differently and hence they are more dependable.

Business benefits

The business from your android app development company can grow by leaps and bounds due to such benefits. The apps help to keep your data secure, and this security helps many other businesses too. 

The apps that help in business also work smoothly with the current software of your phones. The apps are mostly user-friendly and hence can be used by all. You can use these apps to reach to more and more customers. They can start accessing your apps from anywhere. 

You can remain available for your customers always, and that enhances the relationship between the developer and the user. These apps also help in storing data – like preferences, history for searching and ordering, addresses and more. Using these data you can reach out to your customers in future for more business.
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Apps to Keep You Productive in 2017

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Keeping productive in the office and at home can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a lot on your plate. The constant distractions and interruptions to your day take away from production and end up leaving you behind in your work. There is a solution to your productivity problems, download an app to assist you in managing your day efficiently. Here are the top productivity apps available in the last quarter of 2017.
Apps to Keep You Productive

Make a Good Start

Do you struggle to get started in the morning? Checking email accounts, answering messages, checking the news and patrolling social media accounts takes away from your most productive period of the day. Get off to a good start and download Newton. Newton will save you a lot of time in your email tasks. Pull all of your accounts together into one platform that allows you to view them all.

Next, drop into Trello, the collaboration tool that keeps you in touch with your remote team anywhere in the world. Trello has a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-navigate dashboard that lets you coordinate the efforts of your team members effortlessly. Commit to your daily activities by using Todoist to log all of your essential tasks that need completing.

Track World Time

After you have set up your communications and activities for the day, it’s time to contact your team and get the ball rolling. However, being that you manage a remote international group, you may find it challenging to reach them all at the right time of day. Time Tracker allows you to view the time zones of your team members and arrange your communications for them at the right time of their day so that you don’t interrupt their downtime and reach them at the most efficient point of the day.

Focus on Your Tasks

Stay focused on your work with FocusList. The Pomodoro technique uses time management to improve productivity. Research has shown that we perform at our peak for 25-minute sessions and then require a short break to rest our mind before committing to the next twenty-five-minute session. FocusList allows you to harness the power of this principle and couple it with a to-do-list. Stay on track with your projects and ensure that you are using your time efficiently with FocusList.

The Pomodoro technique is excellent for these apps as you can make a timer to boost your productivity with the help of FocusList.

Mobile Document Management

Do you frequently handle and use PDF documents? Then you will love Soda PDF, the world’s first fully functional online PDF solution. Soda gives you the power of a complete PDF solution, without taking up all of the memory of your mobile device. Open PDF’s wherever you are, alter them, or use soda's txt to pdf converter to create your documents on the move.

Stay Productive on Your Commute

The commute home does not have to be a waste of time, provided that you have the right apps. Turn your daily ride home into a learning experience and convert your car or train ride into a classroom where you can advance your knowledge. Overcast lets you access your favorite podcasts, and Blinkist will summarize non-fiction books for you in fifteen minutes or less.
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Wix Review: Is It the Ideal Website Builder?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Well, it is a great honor and a privilege to be a part of a flourishing country where technology changes within a blink of your eye. Who, ever thought that making websites would be so easy in today’s world? All the trouble and problems of building a website will evaporate in seconds? Nobody did. But, there is always someone who has an ear on our prayers and this time it is Wix, which came to our rescue to pull us out of the predicament of building a website.
Wix Review
The primary question here is the above-mentioned caption. Here are the questions that are likely to pop up in one’s head when they want to build their website with

Therefore to get the answers to your “Why’s” and “How’s,” scroll down and quench your thirst.

Let’s start with what is Wix?

One of the most popular free website builder on the internet today is Wix. All that is required of you is a little dragging, an edgy dropping, and Boom! You are done. This is how easy wix is.
Wix came into being in the year 2006 and then made its way through the beta phase in the following year. The count might be very hard to believe but wix shares its service with 37 million websites all over the world.  

Wix Website Builder
There is nothing more satisfying in the world than getting what you have actually wanted; Wix comes with plenty of themes, templates, and a number of plugins to customize your website as you have always wanted to.

Magic that Wix can do

First things first, wix is very compatible and user-friendly with its users. It has its advantages ranging from beginners to experienced users. 
Wix Magic
There is no issue while you build your website with wix because of its wide branch of themes, templates and features. Here are a few general yet wonderful benefits of using wix.
  • Choice of choosing premium plans for creating your website completely free. 
  • Several tools that offer incorporation and helps in adjoin your website with your social world. 
  • More than hundreds of templates to make your pick. 
  • There is no need of any technical skill while using the advanced tools for creating your website. 
  • Wix is of great service to mobile phones also.

Wix: Available to whom?

The list of users who can use wix is infinite and the features and several out of the world features it comes with is just a perfect add-on. There is no need to be conspicuous and it is ideal for every user. Let’s know who can easily extract the benefits out of wix.
  • Beginners: Everybody wants their first website to be extraordinary and the most elegant. Are you also up for creating your first website and wish it comes out just great? Well, wix has got it covered for you.
  • Bloggers: The most important thing while writing a blog is to think whether or not people will like it. Managing your social profile to run a blogging platform just doesn’t get any easier. 
  • Marketers: An e-commerce platform must be presentable and robust to top it all. The problem gets fixed ultimately at the end.
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Templates & Designs in Abundance

The list of templates and designs that wix has in store is not only unique but probably the ones you would fall in love with. Either it is a business design your eyes are gauging for or a restaurant you want up to be quickly famous, all of these are just overcome with the master of templates and designs.

With the help of the premium plans, you can pick a free plan for your site and also serve your presentation in the most impressive and professional looking manner. Here are the few tags:

  • Template Selection: The outbound parallel ranges of templates are just beautiful and pleasing to the eye. You can choose from the ocean of templates that are present in HTML5. 
Template Selection
  • Customization: The free website builder has a hang of this super customizable template. There are numerous colour options to choose from including a lot of add-ons. Another useful thing about using these templates are that they also give the facility of building a template from scratch, it helps when you are a professional and want things according to you. 
  • Multiple Media: Being an artist, designer needs not only skills but also nurturing them as well and wix helps with the same and acquiring all the multimedia like different photos, video options etc.]
How about making your pick from the free template builder?

Why should you choose Wix?

Doesn’t the graph answer it all? No problem if you are not satisfied yet. There are a lot of reasons that answer the “Why” to the question. How about knowing about them yourself?

1. Easy to Use

The one major unique selling point a website must have is that it must be very simple to use, even if you are completely new to creating websites. All you have to do is just make your selection from the themes and templates and follow all the instructions that are included within. The wix editor is very intuitive and with its drop and down magic, things get a little on the easier side.

2. Cost

Nobody wants to pay for just creating a website of their own and wix is the ultimate master to grant all your wishes. The basic wix builder is completely free to use. You can have a running professional website in a second. The only thing to consider here is getting you a domain and the best way to do that is getting a premium plan which is less than $5. Not too much, is it?
Here are all the details that will help you pick your plan.
Wix Pricing

3. Full Support

They lend their helping hand in plenty of ways. Here is a little guideline.
  • Tutorials for videos
  • Email Support
  • SEO optimization 
  • Forum 
  • Help with the support centrePhone Support

What more could you want?

To wrap it up, wix is worth speaking for and you are never getting tired if you start preaching its gallons of features. Start with a free plan and upgrade later when you become a fan of the awesomeness.
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