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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

5 Tested Ways To Earn Online With No Website

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Usually, when we think about making money online, we automatically assume that you need an adequately hosted website, regularly updated and monetize as, for example, an online store or downloadable content platform. In general, we think about monetizing the website itself.
Earn Online With No Website
Luckily, there are ways to earn a stable income online for those that don’t have or don’t want to run their website. All of the methods described in this post are working, simplified models of online businesses usually based on just Internet connection + email account and some digging skills. In some instances, you will have to use other websites, but ultimately, none of these methods requires you to have a website on your own. 


If you are good at coordinating work of multiple teams or people and are good with people communication, you may be interested in running an outsourcing business. It’s straightforward. First, you look for a company that wants to outsource some of their work. It may be preparing a batch of copy texts or blog posts. It may be some development stuff or market research. 

Then you find someone who will do this for a meager price, commission him or her to do that job and give a higher but still acceptable price to the company. If both sides accept the offers, all you need to do now is wait and deliver. In the end, your margin is the difference between the price of acquisition and selling price. However, as mentioned before it requires high-level soft skills and a right eye for people.

Social Media Manager

Let’s face it. If a company has no social media profiles, they practically don’t exist. However many companies don’t have a dedicated social media marketer to take care of their accounts. Moreover, some business owners don’t know how important it is to get your social media profiles right and how profitable it can be in the long run. 

In the end, you land with a mess that can bring more harm than profit to the company. If you’re sure of your communicating skills, know every popular social media platform’s characteristic features and know how to promote content at social media it may be a perfect job for you. Some experience with marketing or public relations can be beneficial, but some brands will hire anyone more knowledgable than themselves. 

Freelance Writer

For the last ten years or so, one of the most popular online-based jobs is writing. A significant number of companies are in constant need of quality content and well-written copy as their marketing assets or for their blogs. The good stuff related to this occupation is that you can write anywhere you want. Although it helps a lot, you don’t need constant access to the Internet. This means you can work from home, in co-working space, at your favorite cafe, at your summer house or while traveling on train/bus. 

This is also one of the most popular choices for digital nomads. Just remember, that a freelance writer has to write a lot, sometimes very similar stuff over and over again to be profitable. Moreover, the competition is quite harsh, so you have to be an excellent writer with broad knowledge and research skills to be successful.

Sharing Short Links

If you are actively sharing a lot of fresh news and new tools at different discussion boards, social media platforms and forums you may want to start giving the links to the same content but shortened with one of the link shorteners. The important thing is to pick one that pays well per 1000 clicks, for example, or The rules are straightforward. The link you wanted to share has a shortened and slick URL and still leads to the address you wanted it to lead to. 

However, the ad network that created the short link borrows your traffic for a mere 5 seconds to show some ads to the person clicking on the link. After this brief holdup, your viewer will go straight to his or her destination, and you’ll get money. If you’re interested in short link services be sure check out official blog.

Teach People Online

From language lessons and high-school maths tutoring to webinars for marketing specialists and small business owners - the need for online courses and experiences is more significant than ever before. If you have trouble finding people to teach, check out different e-learning platforms and boards. 

The biggest pro in this type of activity is that you show people what you already know so that the time investment may be lower than in case other mentioned activities. However, at some point and level of service, it would be good to learn a thing or two about educating others. 
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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Top 3 Tips on How to Successfully Market Your Business

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Small businesses need to stay ahead in the competition because of limited time and also tight budgets. However, it will be possible for these companies to market their businesses by sticking to some guidelines out there.
In the following paragraphs, we have thrown light on how to market your business successfully.

1. Provide free samples

It is essential for the business owners to offer a free sample of the services or products provided by them. Although, it is not suggested for any furniture company to hand out a sofa for free to any customer, giving free samples will be a fantastic way to attract potential clients
This aspect could prove to be a difference between the customers placing an order on a costly item and not shopping with the company at all. In the same manner, in case you happen to be a service provider, make it a point to offer a free trial to the customers, so they’re able to understand the beneficial aspects of your services.

2. Effective email marketing

It is also essential to grow and nurture your email list for not only the short-term sales but also for the long-term prosperity of the business. Try to find ways to encourage the customers to sign up to your list - from your site with e-book offers, sharing sales or subscribing to your personal blog. 

From there you will build up a long-term connection with the clients. There are several tools available online which you can get for free that will make this easy! You can visit Brad Russell and get a decent idea on how to maintain an effective digital marketing strategy.

3. Prepare demos of your product

Demos or demonstrations are arguably the most effective way to provide a prospective customer with a genuine sense of the value of your service or product you will provide for him. This will help to make your offer actual and also tangible, and it will likewise add a human touch in the selling environment, for example, the Internet. Every client will love to do business with an actual human being!

You can provide demos in many forms. They will aid in generating innovative ideas for the clients from which they can pick one. The demos can be presented in the form of recorded video, screenshots, free trials, walk-throughs, webinars, not to mention free samples. Use your innovativeness! 

Once the demo is created put it on your website and link to it from a blog article. The following step will be to drive traffic towards it. However, it might not be the first step that a customer will take. Therefore, try to think about the correct spot to place it to show the result of using your service or product successfully.

Apart from all these three above-mentioned useful guidelines for marketing your business, you will find many more online. Experiment with them and try to find out an effective strategy which will help you get the job done. In case you have any idea of your own you might also add them to your list.
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Monday, 21 January 2019

AudFree Audio Capture for Windows Review: Easily Capture Any Music

Posted by Madhu Gupta
In the ever-growing world and large scale globalization era, there is hardly a person who would not be listening to music on an occasional basis. But there are times when you are away from the internet but in the tremendous need of one or the other form of music.

What is AudFree?

So, AudFree comes to your rescue in that case. AudFree is an audio app which helps you to capture music from a variety of sources, including those which do not allow you to extract the music from their copyrighted access stores and platforms. With AudFree as a platform, listening to music offline has become a lot easier as it does not need an internet whenever you want to enjoy music.

Why Should You Use AudFree?

This is an important question which needs to be addressed to because there are a lot of other products in the industry. So, the users need to know why this particular app is better than the others and also why they should strictly choose this one only. So, as an answer to all those types of questions, you should select AudFree because it has a lot of features which are difficult to find in any other app. 

Some app there might be missing one app, or some other might be losing another. But AudFree is one that has combined access to those features which makes your life much more comfortable. So, you should choose AudFree above them all.

Features of AudFree

This is the most critical section where we shall discuss the characteristics of the app under consideration, i.e., AudFree. Now, AudFree Audio Capture comes with a lot of exciting features which have greatly enhanced its performance such as:

Record Audio from Online Radio Stations

Many times we encounter some good and mesmerizing music which we do not know enough details of, but want to listen to them again. But due to less information, it becomes too hard to have a track of such music. Using the AudFree music app, you can easily play a radio station of your choice and instantly record the music if you like it so that you are free to enjoy it in future whenever you need. Since the music is saved offline, you can enjoy it even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Record Audio From Anywhere

With the AudFree Audio Capture app, you can easily record and download the music from any platform. You can download music from Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, etc. for no extra cost at all. Also, you can download the music from other apps such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

So, it is a simple thing now that if you like music from a video or a social media site, then you will certainly have it if you are using the app called AudFree.

Record Music in Any Format

If you are using AudFree Audio Capture as one of the applications, then you can enjoy the privilege of recording the music in any of the formats as you please. The formats supported by AudFree are MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC and many more. Also, while converting the music to various forms as you need. 
AudFree Audio Capture Format
So, you can just let go of all the worries as you can play these types of music across all the devices which support the formats without any issue of copyright violations. It is because AudFree Audio Capture takes care to make the music free from DRM and you do not need any specific device to play the recorded and converted music.

A lot of Tools for Converting Music

When converting the music from any format, you need to look at all the aspects and properties to increase its quality standard. So, AudFree Audio Capture gives you to choose the bitrate, sample rate, format, quality, speed, audio, frequency, etc. This way you can make your music a high-quality one and not just a low quality recorded music which even you would hate to listen to after a week. AudFree takes care of the quality for you.

Excellent Audio Editing Features

With the Aufree audio capture, you can easily split, trim or merge music according to your needs and requirements. You can make it a ringtone or background music by the audio editor tool. Also, you can easily edit the4 ID of the music to allocate a genre, artist, year, etc. to the music so that it is right on quality and acceptance. 
AudFree Audio Capture Features
You can also watch the real-time conversion and output preview before the final output is delivered. Hence, better service is available using the AudFree tool.

User Interface of AudFree

The user interface of AudFree Audio Capture is extremely, and it is straightforward to use the tool. The entire process is based on a click and drag based mechanism, and no hassles are generally faced. 
AudFree Audio Capture
But, for any issue that may arise, there is always a guide on the main screen which also tells the users about the new features so that they can use it easily. The presence of good customer support which is always online is also a great thing about AudFree Audio Capture.

Price of AudFree

AudFree Audio Capture is a free tool, but you do have to pay an initial amount which is necessary. However, there is a free trial pack where you can easily watch out and test the features of the tool before actually paying the money. So, the money is worth funding and is required only after you are satisfied with the services.
AudFree Audio Capture Pricing


This was all about AudFree Audio Capture which is an excellent tool, and we recommend everyone to use it at least once before making any comments about the tool.
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Sunday, 20 January 2019

Crello Review: Free Graphic Design & Photo Editor Software

Posted by Madhu Gupta
If we tell you that Crello is just another photo editing software which also allows you to design graphics, we would be correct, but that would be only half true. The complete fact is that Crello is a free graphic design and photo editing software which helps to carry out such tasks even if you lack the necessary skills in editing and designing. 
It provides you with a lot of templates, per-formatted designs which you can customize as per your needs and requirements. Therefore, Crello is an editing tool which must be used for easiness and quality.

Why Should You Use Crello?

This is a significant question which everyone has in his mind while reading the reviews of the websites. So here is the answer to the above question. Let's assume that you want to hire a graphic designer for your newly set up business, but as you know, graphic designers charge a hefty amount for their services and not everyone can afford them, at least not in the initial days unless he has a considerable investment. 

Therefore, you can use the tools such as Crello which become a graphic designer helper for you and you can take over the semifinals work done by the online tool. This way you can save a lot of money, so you should choose a tool like Crello.

How to Use Crello?

Using Crello, the online photo editing and a graphic designing tool are very easy. You need to create an account on the website using your current email and set up a password for security. After that, you can easily upload your pictures from your devices to format them and also edit them using the various tools offered by Crello. 
Crello Review
Also, you get most of the features for free except for some of the Pro features which can be accessed after paying a small amount. Apart from that, all the users of Crello are entitled to obtain unlimited online storage on the servers of Crello where their images, templates, etc. are safely stored. So, they don't need to keep a backup of their data and cover up an ample space on hard drives.

Features of Crello

No photo editing tool or a graphic design tool would be so much user-friendly if it is not offering a wide range of services and products with ample opportunities for the users to make choices. This is what makes Crello better than most of the other online photo editing and graphic designing tools. Using Crello, you will experience the following features which are excited and helpful for the users:

Crello has a vast collection of photos which can be used at any point in time while you are designing your templates or posters or anything else related to photography. When I say huge, I mean huge. If we estimate the exact amount of photos that Crello offers to choose from, the number will come somewhere around 60 million photos. 
Crello Review
This is a considerable number, and indeed, you won't be needing this much of photos to choose from, or you'll spend your life picking only photos. Just search for the type of the picture you want for your purpose and then you can choose out of the ones that are displayed in the search results. It hardly takes a minute for the search tool to fetch you a lot of photos for you.
If you want to use the tool for graphic design, then it would be a tiring task if you don't have the relevant skills to design it right from scratch. There's when you find yourself in dire need of a tool like Crello. Crello offers you a total of 10000 pre-designed templates which can be either used as they are or you can use them to suit your needs and the requirements. You only need to decide what type of design you want, and Crello will take care of most of the things thereon. Graphic designing was never this easy.

User Interface of Crello

As an online tool, Crello has a highly friendly user interface. Once you open the website, you are greeted with a mesmerizing look of the website which looks cool. The edits and designing process proceeds with a simple click-based activity or a click and drag based technique. 
Additionally, you only need to set an output dimension of the image or template and forget about that. The output will be as per your requirements. Crello also allows you to export and share the output file in a large number of formats and also across a large number of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Who Can Use Crello?

Crello has a wide range of applications so it can be used by people from every field of work, be it a businessman or a student. It is now widely used by a lot of people and is accessible on almost all devices, from desktop to laptop and smartphones. However, due to some reasons, the smartphone users face some issues which are likely to be fixed in the time to come.


This was a thorough review of Crello, the free graphic design and photo editor tool which indeed one of the best tools available in the market. It makes your life a lot easier and saves you tons of time so that you can invest it somewhere else. It is a must try the tool for every photo editor and graphic designer.
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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

How Can Freelancers Benefit From Using Email Signatures?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
What is an email signature and do I need it? These questions will probably sound quite familiar to many people out and especially to freelancers.

While many marketers and entrepreneurs already start realizing the importance of having a good email signature, freelancers still ignore the benefits it can give them. Many believe that such an element of business communication is irrelevant to them. They think that it can’t be any help for growing their freelance business. 
Well, such concerns are understandable. 
Benefits from Using Email Signatures
However, they are wrong. Isn’t any business about taking every opportunity to expand and have more customers? The right answer is yes. Then think of your email signature as of another possibility that can let your potential clients find you and learn what you do. It is your chance to drive attention to you as a professional. With a well-designed signature, you showcase your skills and highlight your professionalism. This is important not only for businesses but for freelancers as well!

What Is Email Signature?

An email signature is a necessary element of every letter you send. Many successful marketers have proven that having a good email signature contributes to the achievement of many big marketing goals. You can easily find some good email signature generator services in the market such as NewOldStamp & many more. 

It promotes your business and products by attracting the attention of potential customers. It also generates more traffic for different social media channels, websites, and blogs you want to share with your audience. This element of your email completes the message you share and helps you create trusting relationships with your recipients.

What to include in your signature:

  • Your name and field of activity;
  • Links to social media accounts, website, blog, portfolio or other resources that can be interesting to your potential customers;
  • Your contact information to help recipients reach you whenever they need it;
  • A call-to-action that prompts people to use your services;
  • Your photo or logo (if you have one) to create a visual presentation of your business.

Why Does Every Freelancer Need To Have An Email Signature?

Being a freelancer, you probably are in the constant search for ways of getting more leads, clients, and exposure. Creating an email signature can help you with all those goals. If you design it right, it will make your emails look more professional, show your skills, increase your social presence, and even drive more clients to you. 
Here is how an email signature can be helpful for you:

Professional identity

For a freelance, building up an individual professional image is not less important than working on the company’s branding. It helps you develop your unique style, which will make you recognized among all the other specialists in your field. 

An email signature is an essential component of your professional identity. If you are wondering why, here are a few main reasons:
  • It helps your audience link your business to an image – if you add a photo or logo to your signature, you will earn the trust of your potential customers faster and easier.
  • It lets more people know about you – how many emails do you send every day? What about every week? We bet there are lots of them. Well, with a signature, each of those emails will let people know about you!
  • Your audience can get to know you closer. It is okay if people know who you are, but it is even better if they know a LOT about you. Add links to your social accounts to establish long-lasting relationships with your recipients and tell them more about yourself.

An easy way to grab customer’s attention

What is the worst part of being a freelancer? We believe that it is trying to stand out in a big crowd of competitors. Without a doubt, it is hard to compete with thousands of great specialists from the same field, especially if they have more experience or offer a lower price for their services. However, this is another way in which an outstanding signature can come in handy for you.

All freelancers use email to send messages and offer to their potential customers. Now imagine how many letters your prospects receive every day. We are confident that the majority of them just get lost in piles of boring and same-liked emails. However, if you have a bright email signature, there is no way that your letter will remain unnoticed! 

Although it is a tiny detail that may not seem too important, it drives attention immediately and leaves a lasting impression. Thus, it makes you stand out, shows your creativity, and gives you more chances that a customer will choose you over other specialists.

Attracting new customers

Tell people about your services and products with the help of emails. Maybe not all of your recipients will be interested in your services, but those who are may turn into your new customers! Also, if you use a few simple tricks, you can increase your chances of success. Here are a few tips to get more clients:

  • Offer them a special price;
  • Tell about the successful projects you’ve done;
  • Show your skills by turning your signature into a piece of art or by providing a link to your portfolio;
  • Add a powerful call-to-action.


If you are a blogger, for example, then probably traffic is the primary source of your income. We bet that you are always searching for a way to get more people to visit your blog. Why shouldn’t you use your email for this purpose? It may surprise you but professionals, who have an email signature with a link to their website, get at least 20% more traffic than the ones that don’t use this opportunity.

You can use your stamp to tell people about a new blog post you’ve added. Also, you can use a call-to-action to ask your audience for likes, views, and shares.

Thus, an email signature gives you a whole bunch of opportunities for the growth and success of your freelance business! Be sure to use them, and you will reach the top!
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