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Friday, 18 October 2019

Comparium Review: One Of The Most Powerful Cross-Browser Testing Tool

Posted by Madhu Gupta
A browser is an essential tool for the internet domain as you have to surf in the internet world with the help of browsers. There are several browsers available in the realm of the internet. But we should have the best only in use. 

So cross-browser testing tools are used to assess the compatibility of your work application with different browsers. It is a fantastic tool for the website developers as they can check the compatibility from both the server domain and the client-side. There are several cross-browser testing tools available in the market to assist you in development. 

What is Comparium?

Among the vast pool of various cross-browsing testing tools, comparium has hoisted its flag on some particular aspects. It is an authorized product of the Electronic Team, which is a well popular and successful company in the realm of science solutions. 
What is Comparium
This business body has an experience of more than 15 years in the field of technology commodities. Comparium has millions of satisfied customers who have been benefitted a lot when used this product in its full fledge. The skillful employee members of this company are its ultimate strength. 

Comparium is compatible with most of the conventional systems, including iOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems. This application is used to attract mass users through a free version of this tool. Thus Comparium has proved to be one of the best cross-browser testing tools.

Latest Version of Comparium

A tool used to be released with several versions, most of the other versions are to be out in the market after incorporating slight advancements in the application. All the standard applications in the market used to hold their position and respect among the utilizers through the provision of required updates at the perfect timing. Comparium has also been updated several times and came out with the essence of brand new versions.

The latest version of Comparium is compatible with all the famous operating systems- iOS, Windows, and Ubuntu. The widely popular browsers like chrome and firefox are available in this initial version.

Features Offered by Comparium

Comparium offers a handful of attractive browser testing features that are proved to be very useful to its consumers. The perks are-

A lot of platforms are supported

A less common platform is not an absolute issue in the case of Comparium as it positively supports different platforms starting from High Sierra to Mackintosh. More or less, all the operating system versions of windows are backed in Comparium.

The different browser versions can be used

Browsers like chrome, safari, and firefox got their updates very rapidly. So it's essential to upgrade our tools also according to the browser upgradations. Comparium is compatible with all the traditional browsers like Chrome 75, Firefox 68, Safari 11 so that you can enjoy the visual compatibility testing perfectly.

Offline website testing

It is an outstanding and useful feature of Comparium. Website developers used to perform a lot of tasks at the same time, so they can't execute online testing every time as it is time-consuming. Comparium also provides so offline website testing facility.

Email of test result

To test your website with Comparium, all you have to do is provide the URL of the website along with your mailing ID. Comparium will get your task done and will mail you the result regarding the website testing. The required screenshots will also be sent to you by email. 

These are the exclusive features provide by Comparium to its consumers. 

Advantages of using Comparium

There are numerous advantages of using Comparium as your cross-browser testing equipment. 
  1. The main benefit of this particular tool is its compatibility with loads of websites and browsers, along with their specific versions.
  2. Comparium is very fast in getting your results ready.
  3. The results produced by Comparium are flawless to a great extent as per user reviews. 


In a nutshell, Comparium is an efficient and strong cross-browser testing tool for website developers. It can be your ultimate support in the development of a stunning website.
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How to Ensure Your Website Is PCI Compliant in 2020?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
PCI compliance is essential to any legitimate online business. When your customers make purchases on your website, they need to know that their information will stay secure
Ensure Your Website Is PCI Compliant
If there is any risk that their payment information could be compromised, you put them at risk, which puts your own business at risk. To protect your business and your customers' information, you need to ensure that your website is PCI compliant in 2020.

What Is PCI Compliance?

PCI, or payment card industry, set goals and requirements that businesses need to follow in order to be compliant. Since 2004, all major credit cards follow the same security standard when it comes to payments online. This standard is made up of 12 total requirements that need to be met in order to be considered compliant.

To ensure that your business is compliant, follow these standards:

1. Build and Maintain a Secure Network

  • Install and maintain a firewall
  • Set custom passwords for all systems and security
2. Protect Cardholder Data
  • Protect stored data
  • Keep data encrypted across open networks
3. Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program
  • Use and update anti-virus software/programs
  • Develop and maintain secure systems and applications
4. Implement Strong Access Control Measures
  • Restrict data on a need-to-know basis
  • Use unique IDs for every user
5. Minimize the amount of interaction with cardholder data
  • Regularly Monitor and Test Networks
  • Track any time that someone access cardholder data
6. Test security systems and applications in place
  • Maintain an Information Security Policy
  • Make sure that the security policy is understood by all personnel

Risk of Non-PCI Compliance

When a website is not compliant with the PCI standards, there are several risks that they take. The first and most obvious risk is the security of the customer's information. People's card numbers, names, addresses, and other personal information may be taken if the system is hacked. 

People will lose money, they'll need to contact their financial institution or card companies and shut their cards off, and they'll need to get new cards. In more serious cases, there could even be a risk of identity theft. 

While everything is being worked out, customers are subject to the inconvenience of not having their cards or access to their lines of credit. They may also have to freeze credit to prevent fraudulent activity.

This can result in lost customers for your business and lost revenue if legal action is taken. Settlements of this kind are well into the million-dollar range.

If legal action is taken against a non-compliant company that experiences a breach, it will also be hit with fines. These fines could be between $5,000 and $10,000 every month until the compliance issue is resolved. They may also be fined between $50-$90 for every cardholder whose information has been compromised.

Aside from the financial damage that a breach would cause your business, the reputation of your business would also be severely damaged. You lose the loyalty of the customers whose data was stolen, but you also disqualify yourself in the eyes of future customers who may only know the name of your business because of the data breach headlines.

PCI compliance can help you avoid all of these negative consequences by adequately protecting the information of your customers.

Web Hosting Company

If you're unfamiliar with the specific regulations and requirements of PCI compliance, there are PCI compliant hosting companies that you can hire to manage this aspect of your website. PCI compliance isn't something that you can fake or cut corners on. You need to know, 100%, that your website is safe and secure for customers.

When you hire a hosting company, there are some things that you should consider. These things will help you decide whether or not the company is trustworthy and deserves your business. The following checklist refers specifically to HIPAA-compliant web hosting, but the questions that they put forward are relevant to PCI compliance as well.

When you're evaluating your options, ask:
  • Is the company itself a PCI complaint?
  • Which platforms can they help with (WordPress, GoDaddy, etc.)?
  • Which security tools will they offer your business?
  • How do they configure their firewalls?
  • Do they include website/information back-up? How is that protected?
  • Will they help with access control?
  • How does server monitoring work?
  • Are anti-virus scans included?
  • And more
Choosing the best PCI compliant hosting service for your business is difficult, especially if you don't know much about web security, to begin with. But, this is the kind of thing that is worth devoting time and research to. If you don't know about proper security and firewalls, do some reading and research so that you know what a quality hosting company should offer.

By hiring an outside company, you can transfer the responsibility of PCI compliance over to trained professionals rather than trying to patch it together yourself. This will help you ensure that your website stays compliant and secure while allowing you to focus on your regular job duties. 

Because hackers are constantly changing their methods, technology is always advancing to find new ways to keep them out. This constant change means that regulations and requirements will continue to change as well.

Getting your website to be PCI compliant is a big job, but maintaining its compliance is an even bigger job. This is another reason that it's in the best interest of your business to hire a PCI compliance hosting company.


PCI compliance is essential for the success of your business and the security of your customers. Ensure that your website will be PCI compliant in 2020 by researching PCI compliance hosting companies, researching PCI compliance regulations, and finding a quality team to manage your website and customer information.

It may seem like you can't afford the cost of achieving compliance, or you don't have the time to donate to it, but without a compliant site, you risk the livelihood of your customers and your business every day. Protect the future of your company by becoming PCI compliant as soon as possible.
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Thursday, 17 October 2019

What Social Media Apps Should Coffee Shops Be Using?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Every coffee shop owner in 2019 should know by now that running the store isn’t just serving customers food and drink, then closing the door and calling it a day. For new business owners, especially, there has to be a lot of work to be done with regards to social media
Social Media Apps Should Coffee Shops
This means getting likes, comments, and shares from the online community, all of course, with the hope that this digital engagement turns into more exposure and new, paying customers.

In addition to a List Local service that helps you get found on map apps, there are many social media apps that can do most of the hard work for small business owners. 

What Social Media Apps Should Coffee Shops Be Using?

However, you’ll still need to know which ones can benefit you and your coffee shop in the long run.


If you’re not uploading pictures to Instagram, are you even a coffee shop? Whether it’s some beautiful interior design, a beautifully-made cappuccino, or perhaps your café is looking remarkably well from outside when lit on a sunny day, coffee shops and Instagram were meant to be. Be sure you get great ideas from these accounts that really take coffee shop photography to a whole new level.

Tip: Ensure you turn your location on when posting an image, as this will help your account be seen when someone is searching for that area. Also, use location-based hashtags and anything that might separate you from other coffee shops, such as #coffeeshopLA #cafedogsarewelcome #breastfeedfriendlycafe, etc.


Even though it’s still great to have your own official website, people always search for information about a café’s location, menu, reviews, opening times, and pictures on Facebook. 

This page should be continuously updated with new content, such as upcoming events, delicious sandwiches of the day, and unique edition coffees, and you can even throw a few photo contests in there, whereby whoever comments the best caption for an image can win a free drink. 

Little things like this entice people to engage with your page and, more importantly, actually visit your café in real life!


This is a pretty cool new app. Bonusly works by managers giving points to employees who work incredibly hard or do something special, like someone working an extra hour or really impressing a customer, for example. These points can then be redeemed to be spent on Amazon, iTunes, Xbox Store, Google Play, iOS Store, and much more. 

A free trial is available, but the monthly payment plans are actually quite affordable. Employees could be a lot more motivated to do a better job if they know there’s something other than just a pat on the back waiting for them.


Running a café means that you probably rarely get a spare second to yourself. This means that your social media campaigns might not be going online at the right time because you’re too busy to post a picture to Instagram. 

Hootsuite lets you manage all your social media platforms from one location, as you can program posts ahead of time and state when they should go online. You can even monitor the performance of posts and what’s trending on social media to stay ahead of the competition.


Sometimes, it’s all about the tunes. The right kind of music can create some cool vibes and entice people into your coffee shop. You can play music from over 16 million songs that are licensed to be played in public, which means you don’t have to worry about any pesky licensing fees. 

The social part of this app comes from the fact that it can be controlled from anywhere, and is even set on a timer according to your business hours. What’s more, customers can see what’s playing when they download the Rockbot app and can also request songs from the vast music library, turning the café into a jukebox of sorts!
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The Ultimate Guide on What SEO Is and How It Works

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Businesses now leverage the advancements in modern technology for their longevity. Business processes are already streamlined with automation through technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence, among others. In addition to this, businesses now embark on a digital footprint, and this is where SEO comes into play.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a technique for businesses to be more visible to their target audience. These businesses gain more visibility if they are within the first page of the results displayed in a search site, thereby increasing more visitors to their site.
SEO Guide
Hence, it can be noted that SEO focuses on rankings and visibility. From a more technical perspective, SEO increases the quantity and quality of traffic driven into a website through organic search results. The quantity of traffic is simply the number of visitors looking through your site, while quality traffic is the relevant and potential visitors of your site that will lead to conversion.

For instance, your site may garner an average of a thousand clicks in a day. This is considered as the quantity of traffic driven into your site. Out of a thousand, a hundred visitors either subscribed to your services or buy your products. 

This hundred visitors are the quality traffic driven to your site that led to a conversion. On the other hand, organic search results simply mean unpaid or free listings based on several factors, such as keyword relevance.

How does SEO work?

SEO incorporates link building as one of its fundamental aspects because of high quality and relevant links in your website aid you to rank higher in the search results page.

In addition to this, SEO leverages on relevant content. With pertinent content that is informative and presented in a visually engaging manner, your site will have a greater chance of being ranked higher in the search results. 

An effective SEO technique usually focuses on on-site content such as blog posts and articles, as well as social media content. Hence, the SEO process includes the use of keywords in titles, URLs, and meta descriptions, among others, because it is believed that the algorithm of search engines usually scans for these keywords from the site content to assess its relevance to the search criteria.

Apart from the keywords in your site content, search engines also consider the frequency of updates done on your site, in an attempt to gauge if fresh content is uploaded time and again. This is accounted for in an effective SEO technique

In the same manner, your site architecture also matters because a website design that can easily be scanned by search engine crawlers usually takes the top spot in the search results.

Overall, with the recent development in technology, SEO processes also need to account for mobile search engines, as well as voice search. Simply put, SEO is continually evolving, which is why putting how it works in a single context is not feasible.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Lead Source

Leads are the potential customers of an online business. In other words, leads are the traffic driven into your website, and these leads can be identified through various SEO techniques. Hence, it can be noted that SEO is a primary lead source, wherein the potential customers are the ones doing the actual research.

Higher Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is defined as the ratio of the quality traffic over the quantity traffic. Your potential customers are more aware of your products and services for the simple reason that you rank higher, among other competitors, in terms of search results. 

This leads to a higher conversion rate, with most of your site visitors end up subscribing to your services or purchasing your products. With a higher conversion rate, it follows suit that your business will have a substantial market share in your target niche.

Business Awareness and Credibility

With a constant appearance at the top of search results, consumers will be familiar with the products and services offered by your business. In addition to this, consumers will have the notion that your business is one of the best in the industry. Being at the bottom of the search results, needless to say, already on the other pages of the search results, may give the impression that your business is relatively new in the industry.

Marketing Strategy

With SEO, the advertising costs can be lowered to a considerable level. A higher rank in terms of relevant search results eliminates the need for you to purchase pay per click advertisements. With a suitable SEO technique, your site will continue to rank on top as long as visitors are continually clicking your website link. 

Apart from paid advertising, cold calls, or direct selling will no longer be a priority since the consumers are the ones searching for your products and services. This can be a long-term marketing strategy because losing a top spot doesn’t happen overnight. Additionally, the SEO technique integrates your overall marketing strategy.

Better User Experience

One of the critical factors improved through SEO is the content of your site and the validity of the links used within. With relevant information, supported by a visually engaging layout, photos, and videos, your customers will have a complete user experience. 
SEO technique
Additionally, the layout of your site must be flexible enough to cater to both web and mobile devices. This is already a factor considered by major search engines in ranking search results. As such, the layout of your site should be encompassed in your SEO technique.


In conclusion, businesses need to be able to adapt to the changes brought about by advancements in technology. This may entail the need to acquire new learning that will be beneficial for the business in the long run. 

This may also require businesses to forego manual means by venturing into automation or keeping a brick and mortar store in parallel with an online shop. It is in these cases where processes such as SEO, are beneficial. 

While several factors impact your SEO rankings, it still holds true that relevant and informative site content is always the key to keeping your target audience engaged.
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What are Backlinks in SEO and Why Are They Important?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Every company or individual who has a website knows the importance of SEO; their website getting the positive traffic it needs can impact their business in so many ways. 
Backlinks in SEO
Ranking higher on the search results means they would get the success they're after, but they can't do that properly without having proper backlinks. Take a look below to learn what they are and why they’re crucial for every web site's success and ranking.

What Are Backlinks?

These are considered the building blocks to better search engine optimization—they are crucial to your website's success when it comes to SEO. Also known as inbound links, incoming links, or external backlinks, they are created and added in different websites and blogs that redirect users to your website, which helps bring in the traffic you would need to have a successful website. 

So it's very beneficial to anyone's high-search-engine-rankings dream.

The Catch 

If you want this to work correctly in your favor, you have to make sure you review and monitor where those backlinks are. If they are not giving you positive results, then you should come up with a different plan after you find bad or broken ones. 

The tech-savvy advisors at Gotch SEO suggest that you do frequent audits to pinpoint these "black hats" of external links; it would help prevent Google from perceiving any of your links as a bad tactic for the search engines, which might ruin your rank. So, remember to check regularly to make sure everything is running correctly.

The Importance of Backlinks

It's like continuous support between your website and other ones; it means people vouch for your website's content, making more people click and visit your platform. And when it's repeated, and more external links are added, the search engines would automatically assume your content is worthwhile for a lot of people. 

That will lead to higher rankings and better exposure for your website—you have to get the traffic somehow, and you have to let people know who you are and what you have to offer. Your overall success depends on it. 

How to Get Better Ones

They have to be coming from sources that are related to what you're offering, and the content has to be relevant. The value of these incoming links is much higher in reputable and high-authority platforms, and these are the ones you have to aim for. 

Any simple mention of you on these high-quality websites can give you the boost you need, and more people will know your website's name and keep clicking to come back if your content is helpful and useful. It will take some time to find and get the good ones, but you should be patient and continuously do the necessary research. 

It's essential always to make sure you’re on the lookout for better ways to increase your ranking on the search results. Knowing how you're doing and what your progress is like, means you could implement the necessary changes to make it better. Doing this and checking your backlinks daily would lead you to better traffic and many more successes.
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