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Sunday, 26 February 2017

How Much Money Does Youtuber Make Per Subscriber?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
YouTube stardom is a new phenomenon in many countries including India. It’s like a trend started to quit your jobs to become famous on YouTube. The emergence of many famous YouTube channels including All India Bakchod (AIB) and The Viral Fever (TVF) adds up to people’s excitement and hope of becoming famous.
Money YouTuber Make Per Subscriber
Many people take their time off to create and upload videos to earn money. People upload videos to increase their subscriber, in the hope of getting famous and making more money. But before taking that decision, you must want to know how much you can actually earn on YouTube for every subscriber you get.

Do you need a lot of subscribers to make a lot of money on YouTube?

The short answer to this question is no. The first and most important thing to know is that you don't get money based on how many subscribers you have rather by a number of views you get. 
Having many subscribers is definitely a good thing but not really useful if you are there to make some money. And thus this leaves subscribers as nothing more than simply people who follow your channel to receive notifications when you post a new video on your channel.

Why do you have to pay a subscription fee for some channels then?

Subscribers are not asked to pay any subscription fee for following most of the channels. However, paid subscriptions are something that YouTube has implemented as well. 
Here, users are asked to pay a subscription fee to subscribe a channel. The channel profits from money paid by the user for a subscription. This service is yet available in only some of the countries.

How can you make your channel a paid channel?

You can charge subscription fee only if your channel is a paid channel for which you have to meet certain requirements. There is an eligibility criterion given by YouTube to enable paid content. To be eligible to create paid content, you must fulfill following conditions:
  • You meet the criteria for YouTube partnership. It is possible only if paid subscription service is available in your country. Also, the content you upload should be of high quality and appropriate for all audiences. It also involves agreeing to YouTube’s terms and conditions and copyright materials. 
  • Your mobile number should verify your account. You must provide and verify your mobile number. Once this is done, you can add videos of more than 15 minutes. 
  • Your YouTube account should be linked to an approved AdSense account. To earn money on YouTube, you need to connect the two accounts. If you don’t have an AdSense account, then you must first sign up for it through your Google account. You can link your Adsense account to more than one YouTube account. 
  • Your channel must already have at least 1000 active subscribers.
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Is there any way to get more subscribers?

There are a few tips to increase your subscribers that you may like:
  1. Produce highly engaging content: - Make your video entertaining and valuable. Always remember that quality is more important than quantity. 
  2. Increase your uploading frequency: - The main reason why anyone will subscribe your channel is that they love your work and would love to see more of it. So you need to be active to get their attention.  
  3. Optimize your Title of the video: - Optimising your content is crucial nowadays. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process to optimize your content for web searches. 
  4. Let people find you: - Make use of the option provided by YouTube to link to your official web page.
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Hence, subscribers give you no profit, but in long term perspective, they will help you grow to make money as they are your loyal fans.
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10 Best Firewall Apps for Android [Review]

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Firewall, the word was originally meant to refer to a wall that confined a fire or potential fire in a building. Later uses refer to similar structures that served the same purpose.

In computing, a firewall is a network security that monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing traffic based on predetermined security rules. It establishes a barrier between a trusted internal network and an outside network that may or may not be trusted.

Mobile security has become an increasingly important component of mobile computing. There is immense concern over the security of personal and business information stored on smartphones. There are good practices that must be observed from design to use, through the development of operating systems, software layers and downloadable apps.

Best Firewall Apps
Let’s have a look at ten apps that you can install on your phone that will provide it security and keep your phone protected:

1. NoRoot Firewall

Some apps require you to root your phone. This one is not one of them. NoRoot creates a mock VPN for you and you alone, then connects your device to it.

Now you can monitor all the traffic coming in through the app and protect your data along the way. You will be alerted every time something wants to connect to your phone, and it's up to you whether you want to allow access. Filters enable you to block certain addresses and ports on the web. And if you want to see who’s trying to connect, NoRoot also has an access log that displays the connection attempts, the IPs and time and status of the apps. This way you're protected all the time.

2. NetGuard

It is a simple but useful app to block internet access to your device. You don’t even need access to block off malicious websites from your phone. One can individually configure addresses and applications for access on the Android device.

Some of NetGuard’s features are that it allows you to block when roaming quickly, you can prevent system applications from accessing the Internet so that they won't receive any updates. Another cool feature is that it allows you to record your network usage per application to see which one is eating up all your mobile data! 

3. AFWall+ (Android FireWall +)

It is your one stop app for rooted Android devices. It has a very pleasant interface and works well on almost any device. It is a front end application and comes with the powerful iptables Linux firewall. 

Since it requires root access, this app with providing you with more options than those that do not need root rights. Using AFW+, you can hide lock screen notifications. It is a lot faster and more reliable than most other firewall apps. A solid benefit for rooted devices.

4. NoRoot Data Firewall

NoRoot Data Firewall allows you to monitor traffic on non-rooted devices. One of its unique features is that it allows you to capture packets. You can protect your app from unauthorized access by enabling ‘password protect’ in the app. Your device can be stopped from accessing the internet at night by allowing ‘’Night Mode’!

Some of the other features of NoRoot Data Firewall are that it records and analyzes data usage for each app. You can set up temporary permission for certain time limits, add domain filters and IP filters and set the DNS server address.

5. DroidWall

DroidWall is one of the most popular firewall applications available. Its interface reminds you of the old school Gingerbread interfaces, but the app is still solid.

DroidWall allows you to manually define iptables rules but other than that it is a simple firewall app. It requires root access so naturally, it comes with a host of advanced features. Only use this if you know what you're doing.

6. Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall

Mobiwol will not only reduce your data usage but also save your battery life in addition to securing your privacy. You can take direct control of the apps installed on your device and allow or block app connectivity.

You can get alerts when a new app tries to access the internet, and the connection logs component is useful for telling you every device you’ve been connected to.

7. LostNet NoRoot Firewall

Using LostNet NoRoot, you can stop all communication that you do not essentially require. You could block access to those countries that you do not trust. LostNet captures and analyses packets sent to and from your device. The app also removes traffic to individual ad networks. 

Another neat feature is that it allows you to create different profiles with blocking and acceptance rules for each one, like when children use your device.

8. Root Firewall

Root Firewall is an excellent choice when it comes to preventing data over billing and saving battery life. It blocks Internet access for your apps and protects your privacy.

You can custom select to block Internet access for each app through 3G or Wi-Fi. It works great when you don’t have an unlimited data plan!

9. LightningWall

This app is your firewall for installed apps. Only those apps that have permission to access the internet are shows. You can easily configure the incoming and outgoing connections independently. The same rules are applied to all networks.

Lightning Wall does not require iptables; there is no start up required and no data leaks. The rules are always active, and you do not need to set them again on connection change.

10. Firewall Gold

This one requires rooting access to your device. Like all firewalls, Firewall Gold watches all your connections, in and out of your network. It lets you create profiles not just for your phone but all of your devices. 

The rules are easy to configure. You can define or export them, and you can import some rules as well.

Firewall Gold allows you both roaming and tethering, a cool feature using which you can create custom scripts for a particular IP address.
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Saturday, 25 February 2017

PayClick Ad Network Review & Features [Earning Proof Inside]

Posted by Rahul Gupta

Is AdSense Dead?

No! But from considering the situation of most of the budding bloggers and website publishers, establishing a well-off earning source using Google AdSense can be a tough task. That’s why advertising networks are prevailing for everyone who wishes to generate revenue from his niche blog, website or publishing platform.


Have you worked hard to make your site more content worthy and engaging but couldn’t find a way to generate the required profit and revenue from it? 

And if you’re tired of placing ads those irrelevant ads that distract your readers and is decreasing your targeted audience, then it might be the time to move on from AdSense and stop using all those self-proclaimed “Best Advertising Networks” that eventually reduces your site’s traffic.
However, there’s another reason behind the struggle of all the newbies to generate profits, but they are yet not aware of the fact. Being in the affiliate and marketing networking for a time now, the one that I’ve realized is that the native ad format for all the websites is much more reliable, efficient and profitable methodology for both publishers and the advertisers.

PayClick is one of the proven global advertising networks that works in a similar way to increase the revenue for all the publisher’s web sites that by introducing the advertising placements of widget ads in the native format. 

It simply means that your visitors would be able to views these ads on the pages of your site without making any difference in the content and the ads. It’s as the ads are smartly camouflaged in between the website’s native environment.

Fortunately, this review of PayClick enlightens you on why choosing PayClick is beneficial and is it the most recommended network for you or not. So, let’s get started.

Why PayClick over all the other Advertising Platforms?

PayClick is here just because of its overwhelming influence and impressions exposure worldwide. That’s why I’ll recommend you to start your blogging journey with PayClick. However, to generate some profits, the first thing is to drive traffic and a readership to your website with the content and social media. 

With over 120,000 advertisers teamed up with this network, its network is expanded across 107 nations globally. With the recent discovery of the seven planets by NASA, I’m assuming PayClick would also expand its services to these planets as well. Just Kidding.
Widget Settings
It promises to deliver 100% appealing and content driven advertisements along with high payouts and impressions.
The pricing plans also act as a catalyst for luring both the publishers and the advertisers together. PayClick, in fact, offers CPM and the CPC based pricing models which I’ll discuss thoroughly in the review later.

Getting Started – Registering Yourself with the Network

PayClick Registration
You can easily join the PayClick Ads Network directly through the site’s homepage. Being a blogger myself, I registered as a Publisher looking to increase his/her revenue without placing irrelevant ads on the site’s blog page.

PayClick's offering to all the Publishers

  • Native ads depending upon the audience's interests and website content.
  • Highest CPM and CPC based Revenues.
  • Over 50+ ad unit settings and options like background color to a type of product/content recommendations.
  • Works seamlessly along with AdSense or any other Network.
  • Redeem your payments on a weekly basis and advance options.
  • Super responsive widgets for every device from a desktop, to mobile and tablet.
  • Exclusive offerings for premium partners and smaller websites.
  • Various payment methods including PayPal, Web money, Pioneer, and Wire.
  • Fast and easy widget installation, suitable for learners and newbies.
  • Reliable support is available for 24*7 by super friendly guys in your local language.
Adding a Site

A Publisher’s Perspective – The Review

PayClick boasts a global coverage, and with successful deployment since 2010, it’s getting better regarding tracking, revenues, and support. The partnership with more than 120,000 advertisers is still trustworthy for its members.

As we all know that the higher CTR is, the higher your income would be. However, most of the networks aren’t able to satisfy the whim of the publishers with the CTR rate. PayClick uses the advanced technology of native ads placements, that has ultimately made it possible to provide a 5% CTR against the average of 2.3%. 

PayClick Statistics
Publishers are also entitled to join the network even with blogs that have average traffic and a growing audience. The setup process is minimal, and within 10-15 minutes, you’ll be able to configure the ads on your site seamlessly with the content.

The website offers you an interactive dashboard which allows you to keep an eye all the running campaigns on your websites. You are entitled to access full reports on the ad clicks, impressions, income rates for CPC and the effectiveness of the native ad placement.

Guaranteed Payments

PayClick promises to follow a flexible ideation of providing revenues to the publishers. The website allows the members to avail the payments on a weekly basis, that too with numerous payment methods available. Just fulfill the payment threshold of $20, and you can redeem the generated profit whenever you want. 

Want to increase your impressions? Here’s a secret trick that I’ve been using for a few years now. Configure your website/blog with the Heatmap tool and track where your readers visit the page more often. Now, place the widgets on the similar areas, above the folds, etc. Placing the native ads in the sidebar isn’t as much as effective as you think. 

The real scenario of the CPC and the CPM rates on PayClick’s Network ranges from $0.3-$5. It’s something that you cannot determine yourself. The rate varies with the amount of traffic your website gains, impressions, and your current location. The highest CPC rates are often generated by the site hosted in the Europe, and Asia.

Choose Ad Type
Fully responsive ads by the devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops would help you produce impressions from every possible user who visits your site. The design of the ads can be easily customized with more than 50 settings and changes. 

You can also contact the Support Manager for manual recommendations and other changes. Reliable support is the key to keep long lasting customers, and PayClick hasn’t disappointed me in any possible manner.

Final Words

So, this was my take on the native ad network, which is aimed to increase your revenue. You can get more information about advertisement placements, CPC or CPM plans, and an exclusive partnership with the VIP membership for the publishers. 

So, would I recommend this network to other bloggers? Hell Yes! It's a good place to start your revenue journey, and with flexible eligibilities, you can easily grow your website. 

Do share your thoughts on this network and let me know if you’ve started generating profit from your site or not.
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10 Best Android Pedometer Apps to Count Steps & Calories

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Your average pedometer is a device that counts the number of steps you take by detecting motion in your arms and legs. Traditionally, pedometers required manual calibration for representation of data in the desired unit – miles or kilometers.

Thankfully technology isn’t far behind, and now we have apps and automated electronic devices to do the math! Your pedometer is your best friend when it comes to motivating you to shed off those extra pounds. Android integrated the step counter with its 4.4 version (KitKat). It uses the phone's Geo-sensor to count the steps take and converts the data into the distance traveled.

Pedometer Apps for Android
A good app will not only count your steps but also motivate you to do more to achieve your daily walking goals. They can be a useful and perfect companion to improve your fitness in a more convenient way. 

Let's have a look at some of the best pedometer apps to count your steps to a cleaner tomorrow:

1. Walk with Map My Walk

Also known as ‘Map My Walk’, this is one of the best pedometer apps on Android.  It counts your steps and monitors your movement. This app provides the perfect companion for your running experience. It tracks and records your progress on Map.

An interesting feature is that it uploads data on its official website where you can view your activities in detail. Set your running goals and it will plan out your daily routine for you. Apart from this, it has GPS tracking, workout monitoring, and calorie counting and keeps track of what you eat. Give it a try to find a whole new workout buddy!

2. Accupedo Pedometer

This accurate pedometer app will monitor your daily walking, running or other fitness activities. It keeps track of everything from your step count to your calories and routes on the map. Accupedo includes a 3D motion recognition algorithm that counts your steps by recognizing your walking patterns. 

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It has a power saving mode so that you can use it all day. It stores your daily fitness activities in a history log and provides an easy way to read data. No matter where you keep your phone, this app finds a way to work accurately.

3. Fitbit

It is another popular free fitness app for Android that works as an efficient pedometer. Fitbit can be used while running, walking, hiking and keeps logs of your daily activities, providing a better way to manage your fitness in a smart way.

Set whatever goals you want – daily, weekly or monthly - and keep track of its progress!

This app can also track your heart rate and the calories you burn every day. You can sync it with some Fitbit compatible devices and be on your way to fitness.

4. Runtastic Pedometer

Runtastic Pedometer is an excellent pedometer app that provides all the essential features along with speed calculation and integration to all the popular social media websites.

You can now share your walking routine with your friends for motivation and competition! This app will challenge you to walk 10,000 steps every day, which will only force you to take the stairs rather than choosing the elevator to reach your daily goals.

5. Endomodo Sports Tracker PRO

Endomodo will track your steps, your heart beat and your workout duration in one application. The best part? It provides you audio feedback and encouragement in real time. You can share your training details and motivate others too. It’s like Twitter, but for jogging! 

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There’s also an array of other activities that you can choose from – walking, running, cycling to Pilates, yoga and martial arts.

6. Zombies, Run!

Ever abandoned your workout schedules because you got bored of your routine? Well here’s the app that will prevent that from happening again!

Can you imagine running away from a zombie apocalypse to safety while mapping your path?  This app submerges you in its audiovisual thrill and forces you to run with all the adrenaline that your body has to offer.

Think of the monstrous sounds of zombies appearing whenever you slow down. It’s a fun way to make sure you run. And run fast!

7. Moves

It is yet another free pedometer app for Android that tracks your every step. It records any walking, running, cycling and other physical activity. Easy to us and with a clean user interface, Moves keeps track of your distance traveled on a map with the number of steps taken, the time taken to travel that distance and the calories you burnt during the activity.

Once turned on, it stays ON, and you don’t need to keep checking it. It consumes some battery though, but that’s what you will have to pay for the utilities it offers.

8. Noom Walk

Noom Walk is your effective step counter as it actively counts your steps all day long. It integrates with the Noom Personal Coach dashboard where the data you submit is stored automatically. Unlike any other app that keeps running in the background, Noom Walk claims to be power efficient. 

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You can choose whatever fitness program you like. It comes divided into three stages – Learning, Practicing and Mastery. Give Noom Walk a try. You won’t regret it.

9. Runkeeper

It is one of the most efficient running apps for Android. Aimed at helping you improve your fitness it tracks your running, walking, cycling and any other fitness activity using the phone’s GPS. It even calculates the pace of your running, the distance you traveled and the calories you're burning during that time. Runkeeper integrates with your music app to provide better music experience while running.

You can set your goals, track your progress and share your achievements on any social platform. Now that’s a pretty handy bargain.

10. Nike+ Running

Nike, of course, is your number one sports brand. The app is for the serious runner. The Nike+ Running app shows you a detailed breakdown of every run and even uploads it to 

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You can enable live audio cheers if you choose to broadcast the start of your run to friends on Facebook and even show off your route with the map sharing experience. If you have fixed fitness goals, this is the app for you.
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10 Best Free Android Apps to Help You Learn Guitar

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Apps will be a great help if you want to learn guitar. When I learned guitar, I don’t know about all these apps, but now everything is available on your phone. Technology makes everything so convenient and easier. But, in this crowd of so many apps, ones wants to use best apps.
Guitar Learning Apps for Android
Do not get confused with all the apps because not all the apps is worth of investment of your time, Have some patience and enhance your guitar skills. So, check this list of top 10 Best Guitar apps For Android.

1. Real Guitar

If you are new to music and not yet sure about the guitar, this app is for you. Real Guitar is a guitar simulator app. It can simulate both electric and acoustic guitar.This app gives you the feel and sound of playing the guitar from your phone so, If you are in the mood to buy a guitar just to check your interest in it, don't waste your money. Use it and realize it.
  • The real guitar comes with 16 track loops that you can play.
  • It also gives you the recording feature.
  • Expert to mp3 function.
  • Two modes – solo and chords.
  • With Electric, Acoustic and clean electric guitar sound.
It means we can play the song and then record them and listen to them in mp3. So, are you ready to have fun?

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2. Perfect Ear

If you need to develop that crucial skill that every Musician should have that are rhythm and tone, then this app is for you. The perfect ear is not only for guitarist it can be used by any musician who plays any instrument.
  • Provide teachers for note singing.
  • Sort out the problem of distinguishing different tones.
  • Perfect Ear comes with dozens of chords, rhythm training exercise, scale, and chord to make you understand music.
  • Provide Theory articles to increase knowledge.
  • Melodic dictation exercises.
This application is so excellent that you might get addicted. So don’t wait anymore, go and download Perfect Ear just right now.

3. Metronomerous

Most metronome guitar apps on the play store are too basic, they can be used only until you’re a beginner and when you put just a step ahead of beginner level their job is done because they have some limits, at that time you will want to start using Metro numerous, best at its work.
  • It comes in 3 languages English, German, Russian.
  • Subdivisions in 8ths, 16ths, Triplets, Quintuplets and even Septuplets.
  • A different setting can be saved in the beat list.
  • Provide in-app help function.
  • Now set a different volume for each subdivision by using a metronome.
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4. Yousician Learn to Play Guitar

Learn to play guitar whenever you want and wherever you want. This app records your game and provides instant feedback on timing and accuracy. This app is designed by an expert musician who makes it so unique for beginners to professionals.

Video tutorials guide you step by step. Fun and addictive gameplay can make learning easy. This app also offers numbers of the song to play along with. So grab your guitar and start playing it now. You will get amazed that how much your guitar playing skills improved.

  • It listens to you play the guitar.
  • Provides you feedback on your performance.
  • It provides awesome songs and tutorials from a basic level which suits you.
  • Through gameplay and challenges, it makes learning fun.

Who Can Use?

  • Not only Guitarists even Pianists, Bass & Ukulele players.
  • The best Teacher for Complete Beginners.
  • Help for Advanced & professional musicians.

5. Smart Chords Scales

If you are done with chord formations, then proceed to the next step by improving your playing with the use of scales. All chords have their scales and learning these scales will increase the much more natural sound level of playing. Smart Chords Scales shows and play different scales like Major, Chromatic, Dorian. Fretboard can be explored up to the last fret or can be reduced to just three frets. A mere fingertip can play the notes.

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6. GuitarTuna

In the market, there are numbers of guitar tuning app, but no one can beat GuitarTuna. It working is very simple first you pluck the guitar string and the app listens with your device’s microphone, and the screen displays the note. So these features make it simple for beginners and advanced levels there are 1000 of alternating tuning.
  • Background noise cancellation technology can make it work even in the noisy area.
  • Developed by the world’s leading audio engineers and designed by a professional guitarist.
  • Make your skills better by chords, riffs, tabs.
  • Can give the app appearance of your guitar instrument by choosing different headstock visuals.

Award-winning Audio Technology

  • GuitarTuna and Yousician built on same technology.
  • Gives Professional accuracy for advanced players.
  • For super fast tuning, it provides Auto mode tuner.
So you don’t need to find another application if you pick another instrument.

7. Guitar Chords and Tabs

This app is look alike of Ultimate Guitar Tab but the good thing about this app it is a free version, and the sad thing is with ads, Though ads can be removed easily if you buy the pro version of the app. This app is similar to an ultimate guitar but not with all features because it lacks tuning, video playback, and auto scroll. It contains vast song library with the easy search option.
  • Offline access mode so, you can access to your favorite tabs.
  • Chord diagrams for guitar with multiple variations and left-handed mode.
  • Gives tool for chord transposing.
  • History option for browsed songs.
  • You can share this app.

8. SmartChord

If I need to suggest all in one app for guitarists, SmartChord is the app you are looking for. It helps you to learn different chords, but with time it becomes something more interesting. The smart code provides you everything that you need to generate a good music.
  • Reverse chord finder.
  • It also provides function of Transposer.
  • Ear training is also it’s one of the features.
  • Metronome.
  • It can be Arpeggios.
  • Turner.

9. Learn Guitar Chords

If you want to learn different chords, this app is for you. This app can act as a teacher in a matter of teaching chords. It is one the best app for beginners as well as intermediates, and it provides you with the reverse option so that you can play back to find that you are playing right or not. Any of the two Guitar electric and acoustic can opt.                 
  • Learn chords while having fun.
  • It can be used for both Acoustic and Electric guitar sound.
  • Best for beginners and intermediate.
  • Many numbers of chords.
  • Free, Simple and Very easy to use.

10. JamBox Light Chords & Scales

JamBox Light is a chord and app for the guitarist. It’s at number 10. This app plays current chords in modern variation. This app is used for both right and left-handed guitarist.             
  • Provides you 22 chords and 13 scales.
  • Display notes on the screen.
  • Only for guitar.
  • Standard tuning is only available.
  • The left-handed guitar is also available.
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