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Friday, 28 October 2016

10 Best Kitchen Design Software (Both Free & Paid)

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Kitchen, a very crucial part of your house, is one of the first places which creates an everlasting impression in one’s mind. As the saying goes, judge a person by their shoes and a house by its kitchen.

The history of the kitchen is one with constant up gradation, with the bringing up of new technologies and advancements as per the industries. Back in the past, before the 1900s, the kitchen was not at all a safe place, they were prone to fire, ventilation was not given much importance and most of all, due to all the technological limitations it was a “hell hole” of the house, the least desirable part of the house.

It is safe to say that the kitchen has undergone several changes and upgrades in the coming decades. With the introduction of Ergonomics in the early 1900s, kitchen has been given significant importance and ever since been on the surge of gaining luxury and comfort for human usage. The transformation of the kitchen from a steaming hot pot to a cool hangout place for the family is indeed an eventful journey.

People, nowadays are having a strong concern regarding the design of their house kitchens and the aura that it emits. It is natural for people to design their kitchen according to their needs. Thankfully with the upbringing of the technology and the standard availability of computers in households, computer softwares can be easily used to design the exterior as well as the interior of the kitchen.

Best Kitchen Design Software
Why use a kitchen designing software? Well, you could design the interior as per your needs and directly give it to your builder. For designing your kitchen, a simple blueprint is required, well now you can make it yourself as per your requirements.

Here’s a list of top 10 computer software for kitchen designing for Windows.

10. Prodboard Online Kitchen Planner

Prodboard Online Kitchen Planner is free open for all online software. It has a 3D interface with simple mouse controls and smooth drag and drops option for many templates.

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The user can create designs as per their wish and can even place orders directly through the website without any third party intervention. Suitable for people with time limits and simpler designs.

9. Roomstyler

It’s a free online tool to create a 3D map of a house. It comes with a pre-added kitchen module and many other pre-made products like furniture, lights, and even utensils. Roomstyler has a simple design, user-friendly, even computer newbies can use this. 

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Drag and drop walls, furniture, and lights, select wall paint, create a 3d render and you are ready to go. 

8. Home Hardware Kitchen Design Software

This is again an online based software, so you don’t have to download anything. It comes with several predefined templates including bathroom and kitchen. The user can use their design or start working with some of the pre-designed kitchens and edit them as per their needs. 

7. Home Plan Pro

It is a paid software but you can also get a 30-day trial. However the trial version lacks the feature of printing, saving, exporting and virtual tours, which makes the trail pretty much useless.

The pro version has several designing features ranging from custom cabinet design to adding a variety of pre-made appliances and fixtures. You can also add countertops to your kitchen. It comes with several inbuilt materials surfaces like granite, tile, laminate or a solid surface.

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One of the major advantages of this software would be its built-in catalog, which makes designing several times easier. Its website also provides free tutorials of the usage of the software, and many sample buildings for own customization.

6. Total 3D™ Home Design Deluxe

It is a software that needs to be separately installed on Windows. You can design a whole house with this, and it comes with many templates like the kitchen. One of its principal features is its rendering capabilities and the vast majority of inbuilt floor plans. It is compatible with Win 10,8,7 and XP

5. Punch Interior Design Suite

It is again a paid software with a free trial option available. It also has the opportunity to predefined templates including one with a kitchen.

One of the major features is that it has light controlling option in rendering. The pre-defined libraries are sufficient for a normal kitchen makeover. The user can add various appliances, cabinets, sinks, faucets, and several other types of furniture.

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This program has many video tutorials and has a phone as well as email customer support. Further, yet, the website offers a range of products with different usage as per the needs of the client.

4. HGTV Kitchen Design Software

HGTV is a suitable option for Kitchen design. You can select paint, stain and fabrics options from leading national brands, choose from granite, marble, slate, ceramic tile, and much more options for Countertops.

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It comes with 200+ different styles of cabinets and has a powerfully loaded library of appliances and flooring material including slate, hardwood, and ceramic.

3. TurboFloorPlan 3D Deluxe

Turbo Floor Plan Home and Landscape Deluxe is a whole package; the software is made with user-friendliness in mind. One of its striking features is that it requires little to no experience for its efficient usage. The interface is a simple drag and drops one with quick and efficient rendering to deliver the result the user wants.
Turbo Floor Plan Home and Landscape Deluxe allows users to create lifelike kitchen designs that can be used both for construction as well as display.

2. ProKitchen Software

ProKitchen Software is a paid software, but the price is well worth it. It is one of the most powerful kitchen designing software out there. Having over 300+ manufacturers and appliance catalogs, visualizing the exact products in your kitchen becomes a factor of a critical advantage.

1. Chief Architect Home Designer Suite

It is a paid software with the powerful capabilities of designing a whole house. It comes with several templates including the kitchen.

Real life rendering, floor mapping, lighting control you name it, this software has got all. Built to design a house, it comes with the extensive customization for designing a kitchen as per as the user’s needs.

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With the sole focus of designing the interior, it has one of the most flooded library ever seen.

If you are a home enthusiast or a professional who is looking for software for designing and can spend some more cash, then nothing beats Chief Architect Home Designer Suite.
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Thursday, 27 October 2016

10 Best Online HTML To JSON Converters

Posted by Rahul Gupta
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a data format just like HTML. Douglas Crock ford invented JSON. He is famous for his JavaScript coding. It is a lightweight data-interchange format. JSON is language dependent that means it uses JavaScript syntax but the format is text only just like HTML.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the standard markup language for creating web based applications and pages. World Wide Web Consortium developed it simply called as W3C. The elements present in the HTML code are the building elements for HTML pages. Web browsers do not display the HTML code but just reads the code and displays the content what the user needs to be on the page. 

HTML to JSON Converter
On comparison of JSON and HTML, JSON is faster and uses few resources than HTML. JSON and HTML provide unique strengths, but the performance and utilization of code were advanced in JSON while compared to HTML. JavaScript is used in HTML for interaction with the web page developed by using HTML code. So, to convert HTML code to JSON code a lot of converters exist they are:

1. Online Free Code Format

By using this free online converter one can easily convert their code from HTML to JSON. The user has to paste or write the relevant code which has to be converted. This website not only gives conversion options but also gives Cryptography, Code Converter, Games, Syntax Highlighter, Code Compare/merger, QR Code and so on tools for the user.

2. Beautify Tools

This online based site also converts the code of the user from HTML to JSON. This site allows the user to upload a particular file which is used to convert and the user can also download the converted JSON file. The beautify tool in this online site allows the user to manage the output file in a way that he can give a name to it and also can check coding errors in the archive he had uploaded. 

3. Beautify Converter

The usage of this converter is very easy as it allows loading of URL and browsing of the particular file to be converted. It also gives editorial and wraps options. The downloading option will also appear nearer to the converted file by which user can download.

4. Code Beautify

The tool which allows the user to upload a file from online and also can save it directly in online networks is that one and only “Code Beautify” converter. This is the converter tool which gives sharing option along with the saving option to the user. The user can directly share the converted file to any doc’s storage files. It also allows the user to validate and edit the code files. 

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5. Free Formatter

This online tool allows the user to convert the HTML file into JSON file format. It also gives web formatting option for the user to format the text by online mode. The main feature of this website is that it allows the user to name the file he had converted and also the text format of the converted file. This tool also allows the user to format the file into various other languages also by just one-time uploading.

6. JSON Formatter

It allows the user not only paste and URL option for uploading of user files but also a browsing option by which the user can upload a file which is previously prepared by the user. This tool also provides optional properties such as removal of HTML tags from JSON files, considering of NULL value and change break tag to JSON tag, etc.

7. Code # Amaze

This online toolkit allows the user to convert the code from one format to another format easily. This is a user-friendly tool where the options will be very less and easy for the user to convert. This is a cool converter tool just as the way user want to convert it converts the file and allows the user to download it. As this tool looks very spacious but all the options in it are useful for a user to convert the files easily and comfortably.

8. Cool Utils File Converters

This is an online based web converter which converts HTML file of the user to JSON file quickly. It also gives easy converting options for the user. In this, just at the time of conversion user can select the format into which the file has to be formatted and also the file which he is going to upload.

9. Online-Gadget Your Tools HUB

This online tool converts HTML code to JSON code. It also allows the user to convert any part of the HTML file to JSON code. In this, the HTML code is treated as regular JSON expressions and converted accordingly. If sequences of similar elements occur, they will be represented as arrays in the resulting JSON. In this it also allows the user to use a variety of tools by which user can easily convert his required file into a perfect format he wishes to.

10. Universal Text Document Converter

This tool allows the user to select the type of file which he is going to upload to convert into a JSON format. This tool also gives the information to the user about the possible ways of transfers. This tool also provides message digest algorithms, Encoder/Decoder, Ciphers, etc.
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How to Download YouTube Videos with One Click

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Yes! You read it right. After successfully distributing KeepVid Music to download free music, and mp3 songs, this leading online service is back with its new premium desktop software for everyone to download videos from online websites and streaming services like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
KeepVid Pro Review
Well, everyone knows the struggle of lurking on all those lame sites, and adware softwares just to download a video from YouTube until they discover KeepVid. The website has been famous for years not because it provides free download but its reliable also. And now with its Pro Desktop version, I’m sure that it has packed so many remarkable features for all the users. So, let’s start the review of this amazing software, KeepVid Pro.

Why Use KeepVid Pro?

How many of you are aware of the original website version of KeepVid? For all those who don’t know, the allows you to download videos in MP3, MP4 format, different HD device resolutions, and much more from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, etc.

However, KeepVid Pro is something more than just a desktop version of this downloader site. With the Pro version, you can directly download the video from across different streaming services and that too without any hassles, choices to choose different resolutions, and file format. But to use all these amazing features, you’ll need to have the KeepVid Pro software on your Laptop/PC. So, let’s get started with all the installation and setup processes.

Getting Started

Though KeepVid Pro is entirely a premium version which can be purchased from its official websites, the company offers a trial version of this desktop too. You can download the free trial directly from the website link here. However, the trial is limited to few features only, and you eventually need to license the software for uninterrupted services from KeepVid Pro.
KeepVid Pro Dashboard
Moving on the requirements, this software is very compatible, and only requires minimum system configurations and runs seamlessly on most of the laptops and systems. The software is available for Windows 7,8,10 and the latest Mac OS powered devices.

The Review

The installation process only took few minutes. After few clicks and ticks, the software was ready to rock and roll. KeepVid has kept the interface similar to a standard downloading platform and therefore, any first-time user would instantly feel comfortable with all the features and option in the software. 
Support Over 10000 Websites
KeepVid Pro has a pretty sleek and modern interface with the primary focus on downloading the videos in very few steps. You can either record or download videos from different websites. One of the best perks of using the KeepVid Pro is that the software supports a huge number of over 10,000 websites from where you can download different type of videos. On the other hand, most of the tools and the KeepVid website are only restricted to around 28 sites mainly YouTube, DailyMotion, etc. 
Downloading Video with KeepVid Pro
Talking about the functionalities and the ease of use, this software has pretty much all the necessary tools that you need to download videos across various streaming services. I tested out the performance of the tool in a very subtle manner. Just paste the video source URL, and the software would automatically start downloading the video. You can save the video in the standard MP4 format with different resolutions like 480p, 720p HD, and Full HD. You can also save the videos in MP3 formats, most probably for podcast videos.
Change Video Quality


  • Directly Save Videos in MP3 Format. Apart from MP3, you can also export the audio in different formats like MP3, M4A, AC3, WMA, WAV. 
  • Record Videos from websites that do not support downloading options. Save from Lynda, MTV, Facebook, Instagram, and hundreds of other video streaming sites. 
Record video with KeepVid
  • Download Subtitles with the Pro Version. 
  • One of the best YouTube video downloaders that allow you to save videos in over 150 supported formats like MP4, AVI, MPG, MKV, and MOV. 
  • Turbo Mode for batch video is downloading and saving options. You can also convert the saved files later after saving it on your local storage.  
  • Reliable & Friendly Aftersales support with proper documentations for Pro Users.

Plans & Pricing of KeepVid Pro

So how much does this software costs? For the KeepVid Pro version, you only need to pay $19 for the one year license. Moreover, the lifetime license is available for $29. Both the licenses are limited to 1 PC only

The most recommended family license that supports up to 5 devices is priced for $72.5 and has free updates and licensing with lifetime validity. 

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Final Words

I hope you found this review helpful and the only reason that this is the top video downloading software is its reliability and trustworthy user-base. KeepVid Pro is a valuable tool that allows you download videos from different websites automatically and without any ads. Do share your thoughts on the software below and please try out the free version to get the glimpse of all the remarkable features that this tool offers.
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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

2 Way to Convert Excel To VCF (vCard)

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Excel is a spreadsheet program which lets you organize your data and store them. For example, you can store your financial information or a list of students names or anything similar. You can also add any variety of charts like pie charts, column charts, etc. and graphs like a bar chart, etc. to add or organize your data in Excel file.
Best Excel to VCF Converters
VCard or Virtual Business Card is a type of file format that is used primarily to send contact information to phone no etc. These VCF file formats can be attached easily to e-mails. VCFs are supported by a large variety of platforms. If you're looking for genuine & working excel to vcf converter then go through below mentioned two ways which will help you to easily convert your document.

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1. Excel To vCard

  • First of all, download, install and run Excel to VCard software on your system. 
  • Then click on the "Browse" option from the welcome screen and add the excel file to the software. It will show a preview of the File and after viewing the preview, click "Next." 
  • Map all the custom field attributes and hit "Next" button.
  • In the next step just choose your desired Export options, and then click on "Convert." 
  • Finally, all your Excel contacts get converted to vCard file formats and saved in your notified location.

2. Excel To VCF Converter

Developed by The Web Vendor, this app comes for free in Google Play store.
  • In the sample file of the app, there is a list of valid columns. Make sure that your Excel file contains them only. 
  • Now, upload the excel file and select the first and last row and column in your excel sheet. 
  • Then mention which type of data you want to feed in which column. 
  • Click on "Create VCF file", it will be created and stored in the required folder.
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These are the two methods to convert excel file information to a card file. Cards are definitely on trend as they can be electronically transferred. Rather than the old business card formats, people especially, business persons are hugely shifting their focus to these type of electronic business cards that can carry information like Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address, etc.
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KeepVid Music Review: The Ultimate Tool to Download Music & Videos

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Tired of searching your favorite music songs and videos on different websites just to download them? Or irritated with browsing all those adware streaming services that charge you to listen to music uninterrupted? Then, no more worries. Today, I am here with a very straightforward and useful tool that allows you to download different videos, music songs directly from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and much more.

Who doesn’t remember KeepVid? The one website that allows you to download YouTube Videos, and Music for free. Well, now they are back with their software KeepVid Music that offers tons of useful options to save, stream, etc. for Online Videos, Music Songs.

KeepVid Music in depth Review
KeepVid has already been famous for providing the same services online, but they’ve crafted a more useful software with new features as well. So, let’s start the review of this remarkable tool and why it is recommended for everyone.

Why KeepVid Music?

To be frank, KeepVid supports the largest number of streaming services and websites than other famous tools like ClipConverter and YT Downloader. With KeepVid Music, you can download music, mp3 songs, music Videos, and much more directly from the software within few minutes.
KeepVid Music Dashboard
KeepVid supports YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Vevo, MTV, Vimeo, DailyMotion and few other streaming services.

Getting Started

Though KeepVid allows the users to download music, and videos through its online website, it has now designed the desktop versions to enjoy the fantastic services directly from your Laptop/PC. Moreover, the online site is restricted to only 28 sites whereas the KeepVid Pro and Music support over 10,000 websites.
KeepVid Support 10k Sites
It is a premium version of the KeepVid and therefore the company charges a little amount for you to enjoy the uninterrupted services directly from your devices. Moreover, the company offers a trial version of the software for users to test out its amazing features. You can download KeepVid Music free from its official website. 

The software supports devices with Windows XP, Vista,7,8,10, Mac OS and requires very minimal configurations to run seamlessly.
Apart from desktop devices, KeepVid allows you to connect your iPhones, Android Smartphones and sync the Music files quickly. It supports the latest iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, iTunes 12, iOS 9.

Review of KeepVid Music

After downloading the trial version, the installation process then only takes few minutes to setup the software on your device. When you open KeepVid Music for the first time, you’ll notice a very familiar but modern interface. The home screen greets you with all the services offered by the tool and other necessary features; options are a location on the top.
KeepVid Music Review
I tested out its capabilities by simply downloading a Music Video from YouTube. Apart from downloading the music video, I used KeepVid Music to download few songs from SoundCloud as well.
For the convenience, KeepVid Music allows you to open websites in the in-app browser and then you can press the download button to link the video with the tool. This premium tool allows you to download videos in different device HD resolutions. 

The downloading process was very simple and only took few seconds to download the video in MP4 format. You can also save the Music Video in MP3 format only. It all depends on you.
Downloading Videos
Apart from downloading music videos from various streaming sites, KeepVid hosts around 300,000 songs and more than 100 self-curated playlists for its users. You can also record and save Playlists from online websites.
Connect mobile via USB
So, let’s dig deeper into all the downloading services that it provides briefly in the features section below.


  • Manage Local Library and Use as Full Stack Music Player 
  • Transfer Files across iOS devices, Windows and Android Smartphones 
KeepVid Toolbox
  • Connect with iTunes to sync your Music Files with KeepVid Library 
  • Burn CD/DVD with downloaded music files for further usage 
  • Create, Manage, and Rebuild iTunes Library, and much more 
  • Remarkable After Sales Support for all the Customers 
  • Free Lifetime Updates

Plans & Pricing of KeepVid Music

Did you like this software and all the incredible features offered by KeepVid Music? Unfortunately, you cannot access all the premium options in the free trial, but you can purchase the license for your trial. 

So, how much does the KeepVid Music costs? Well, the one year license is available for only $39.95 and is reserved for 1PC only. The Lifetime license is available for $59.95. There are other plans as well, and you can get all the information about the pricing from here.

Final Verdict

So, this way my review of the KeepVid Music software for all the people who are tired of using different websites online, just to download music songs and videos. It is a premium software, but the company recommends its users to try out the trial version.
Do share your thoughts on this tool in the comment section below. I already know about the happy feedbacks that you guys would give as the software is very useful. Cheers!
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