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Friday, 2 December 2016

Google Maps Widget Plugin: Create Directional Maps for WordPress Website

Posted by Rahul Gupta
In the past 2-3 years, WordPress has evolved from just a blogging platform to a multipurpose CMS which is now capable of creating full-fledged websites apart from simple blogs. Enhancing with so many features, WP also allows you to add various media, texts, embedded images, and Maps to the website. 

So, if you’re looking to add Google Maps location on your WP hosted site, then you can simply use different plugins to add Google Maps in the widget area. There are plentiful free and premium plugins that can do the job, but we’re here to assist you with best.

GoogleMapsWidget Review
Today, we have a freemium plugin Google Maps Widget which as the name suggests can help you to add customized Google maps to your site seamlessly. The plugin has been downloaded over 1 million times so that you can rely on its worth. Here’s an introductory video which will you help you understand how this works.


Before we discuss more this Google Maps plugin, you can also use an embedded code that Google Maps offer for all the users. You can simply copy the code and paste in your Website’s code, but this method is only recommended for amateurs and pros as improper customization can cause several errors on your site. That’s why Widget plugins are most recommended for all the WP hosted sites. 

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GoogleMaps Widget is a free plugin which can help you to add maps and specific addresses at different locations like Header, Footer, and Sidebars using Widget Customizations. You can start by downloading the free version of the plugin from the WordPress Repository on your Website.

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Moreover, the company also offers a 7-days Pro Trial Version for all the users to experience all the extensive features provided by the plugin. You can get started with the trial from GoogleMaps Widget’ official website.

How to Use GMWidgets?

Before you can make your website better by adding maps, you’ll need to setup the Widget for your WP hosted site. The plugin requires an API key from Google Maps. There’s a dedicated tutorial for all the users to create Google map API key for GM Widgets. 

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After the successful integration of Google Maps with your Website, you can then add the widgets on multiple pages and locations with full customizations.
Talking about the customizations, this plugin offers more than required editing options for all the maps. You can change various map elements as described below:

Widget Customization Options

  • Change Map Size & Height
  • Select Maps Type like terrain, hybrid, road, & satellite
  • Adjust the Zoom Level
  • Dedicated Pin Customizations like Pin Type, Color, Size, Label
  • Create your Pin Icon from Images
  • Maps Image Format
  • Choose from different languages using Translator
  • Add Text above and below the Map

Trial & Pro Version

You might be wondering that why would you opt for the premium version if you’re already getting so many features with the Free Version. Well, the Pro version has so many rich exclusive features like Map Color Scheming that allows you to choose from over 11 fresh presets. Moreover, over 1500 pin designs that you can add in your map widget.
GoogleMaps Widget Plans & Pricing
Add lightbox links, custom URLs, and add interactive Maps instead of images in the Contact and About Section of your website. The Pro version starts at $15 for one site annually. You can get more information about the plugin pricings in the image below. 

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It was my review on the GoogleMaps Widget Pro & Free Version. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below and let me know if you’ve used this plugin on your website as well.
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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

10 Things You Can Do to Stay Focused at Work

Posted by Rahul Gupta
You make some daily goals. You decide to stay focused at work. And, you start working with this mindset.

A few minutes later, you find yourself immersed into the distractions. At the end of the day, you will have nothing but piled up tasks.

Things You can do to stay focused at work
I know you are fed up of searching for ways to stay focused. You have spent hours roaming around the web. Still, the word “focus” didn’t enter your dictionary.

Don’t worry! Here are ten tips to help you stay focused at work.

Things You Can Do to Stay Focused at Work

The following tips helped me to stay focused. I hope you will find them useful as well.

#1. Put On Your Headphones

Am I asking you to listen to music? No, I am not!

I find music diverts me from work. Then, why I recommend you wear your headphones while working.

Well, you don’t get disturbed by others if you put on your headphones. In case you are working in an office surrounded by others, people will not come to you for casual chit-chats during the work sessions.

They will think you are listening to music. But you only know it is your trade secret to lifting your productivity.

#2. Disconnect the Internet Connection

Unless the web isn’t mandatory for work, you must turn it off. If you keep it on, you will end up in YouTube videos and social media sites.

What if you want internet connection? Let’s say you want to write a report with the information from the web. The best thing to do is researching online and making the information available offline. You can press Ctrl+ P to save a PDF version of a web page.

#3. What Hinders Your Focus?

You have to recognize the exact problem that hinders you from achieving focus. Lack of sleep? Social media addiction? Fatigue?
Once you recognize the correct problem, your mind becomes clear with practical solutions. If you are suffering from lack of sleep, I am sure that you stay awake late at night. Just go to bed early.

For eliminating social media addiction, you need to be determined. You must promise to yourself that you are not going to access social media during work hours. If still, you're not able to focus then you can give your workplace the power of positivity & motivation with Worduct posters.

#4. List Down Your Tasks

The old-school method of making to-do lists with pen and paper works the best for me. I don’t know why! I cannot find a single app that can replace pen and paper until date.

So, I recommend you do the same. Just spend 5 to 10 minutes before you go to bed each day, specifically to schedule tasks for the next day. I am sure that you are going to do a lot than the previous day.

You can do this routine just after waking up as well.

#5. Apply 20-20-20 Rule

Have you heard 20-20-20 rule?

I think you spend a lot of time on staring at your computer screen, don’t you? As the time goes, you will start losing focus.

To regain your focus, you can look at a distant object. That’s what 20-20-20 rule implies.

Observe at an object 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of work.

You are slowly getting productive, aren’t you?

#6. Priority Matters

I used to do it.

Every day I make schedules. I used to add every pending task despite its priority. And, I ended up regretting the jobs I didn’t do rather appreciating myself for those I did.

To avoid this situation, you have to make a list of tasks that need to be done and arrange them in the order of priority. You can make a separate list including the jobs with higher priority (means, you have to do it on the same day).

#7. Be Invisible

No, you don’t have to be a magician here. That’s not what I mean.
You have to be virtually invisible. Leave no option for people to reach out to you when you are at work. Turn your phone’s silent mode on, update instant messaging apps like WhatsApp statuses indicating you are busy. I recommend you disconnect the internet connection on your phone if possible.

#8. Let’s Break It

You are not a superman, neither are you an iron man. That means you can’t work perennially.

To increase productivity and to stay focused, you have to take short breaks. Mark the word, SHORT. Don’t take long hours for breaks that stop you from working.

Pomodoro technique turns out to be effective in my case. Every working session lasts 25 minutes in this technique. After one session, you can take a break of 5 minutes. 

Once those minutes expire, you have to get back to work. And, after a few such sessions, you can take a long break of 15 minutes.

#9. Set a Deadline For Yourself

Even if you don’t get any deadlines from others, you must set some for yourself. It would be helpful if you specify the deadline or time limit for every task on your to-do list.

Make sure you stick to them. You can create a penalty system to ensure the obedience (skipping a movie, cut down social media usage, etc.).

#10. Never Skip Your Breakfast

Do you know? Breakfast is the most significant meal of your entire day. Our body gets nutrients only from breakfast after 7-8 hours. If you skip it, the body has to wait longer, and that will make you tired.

Is fatigue your issue? Chances are you keep on skipping your breakfast.

Wrapping Up

You have ten tips to stay focused at work now. What do you think?
Are you going to live the same unproductive life with no focus again? Or did you decide to give these actionable tips a try?
I hope you belong to the second category, and I truly appreciate your conscious efforts.

Let me make it clear! YOU, only YOU are responsible for everything in your life. So, make it count.
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10 Kickass Tips to Become a Successful Young Leader

Posted by Rahul Gupta
The average age of successful modern businesspeople becomes lower every year! It is a common fact that young generation is gorgeous on accelerates and exceptional leaders. These people have unique skills and abilities to deal with tough tasks, they are surprisingly mature and are not afraid of difficult challenges in life. Concerning words above comes the question, what skills must acquire a person in her young life to become a successful businessman?
How to Become a Successful Young Leader
It is a consistent pattern that if a person has learned good leadership skills, he will succeed in his doings. However, the very notion of the leader is a bit vague. It is always interpreted differently by people. Psychologists define a  leader as an individual who uses a recognized authority, which has an impact on the group and plays a dominating role in it. And the group itself lays on their leader the responsibility for taking decisions in the critical and complicated situations.

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Of course, some innate qualities must be present in a person who tends to be a leader, but these are unlikely to be some supernatural powers or off-scale IQ. Even a Spider-Man being a leader with superpowers had to keep to the following rule, “With great power comes great responsibility.” 

We already know that perfect leader is hard-working and has innate intuition, insight, commitment and developed communication skills. If you think that you lack some of these skills, don`t give up, there are many ways to acquire them!  

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A true leader creates himself by his actions. It is not enough only to admit that you are a leader and wait for success. A real leader must show exceptional results and tend to be flawless. So, look at the following tips and build a path to the self-improvement!

10 Tips For the Future Leaders

1. Create a Visit Card

There is a reason why this tip is in the first place. Because before you start the way to your success business life you must “certify” yourself. Writing your visit cars is a crucial step, so don`t hesitate to use the help from the quality essay writing service, such as Samedaypapers. It does not matter what position you occupy; you must always have a pocket self-presentation of yourself with you. Distribute them among your family, friends, co-worker, acquaintances and give them to every new person you meet. A person with his visit card looks robust and calls trust.

2. Enrich Your Personality

Trying to make a strong character of yourself, it is significant to stay who you are. Firstly, you work on your image, and then this picture works on you. If you have any treats of character that you won`t accept in a leader, try to get rid of them and become the person which you would like to follow and admire. Nothing except you can make changes, and Andy Warhol supports this idea, “They always say time changes things, but you have to change them yourself.”

3. Analyze Yourself

An objective self-analysis with the elucidation of your pros and cons is necessary for the further development. You can make a list of your strengths and weaknesses and be aware of them. Then, gradually, attempt to eradicate the worst qualities that some of your friends or relatives have noted in you.

4. Improve Intelligence

The education does not end at the desk. Many people gained more knowledge by their own than people with Bachelor`s degree. You have many options to sustain your erudition. The first and the most important is to read as much as possible. It refers to both fiction and nonfiction. You get experience from books and also it is an excellent tool for getting along with people. If you want to gain the respect of a very influential person, the best way is to share impressions about the book you both find interesting. It is more pleasurable to do business with educated and broad-minded people.

5. Succeed in Networking

Every contact in your phone or every friend on the Facebook can be useful for you. When you meet new people always show interest during the conversation and exchange with them, visit cards. Human resources are the most precious among all existing because people create wonders. The more you interact with society, the most valuable people you will engage in your business. One person never does bear in mind words of Steve Jobs, “ Great things in business. A team of individuals does them.”

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6. Be a Good Orator    

Learn public speaking. Nothing could be more important than the ability to clearly and effectively express your opinion, infecting the audience with your words! Orator skills are necessary for negotiations. How to persuade people with your arguments? Look at the videos of outstanding public speakers and check out offers from TEDtalks.

7. Nurture Self-Confidence

 It does not interfere with the focus on your achievements and completed tasks. Do not be afraid of difficulties. Occlusion should not cause panic and discouragement. Obstacles should trigger an active search for a solution. Believe, each attempt to overcome the challenges makes you feel self-confidence and self-esteem increase. Feeling confidence, you begin to radiate it. Your environs will feel that and will follow you.

8. The Glass is Half Full

Perceive life with optimism. Remember an example of the invention of the light bulb by Edison: he carried out more than 2,000 experiments, experienced a bunch of ridicule, but faith in the correctness of his purpose and perseverance had made the thing work out. Try to find always a positive side of every situation that happens.

9. Stay Calm always

Always following your purpose, be calm and do not fuss. What kind of a leader does not know how to keep calm in a crisis and loses sobriety of thought? Do not let your spirits be low under any circumstances, anger only hampers the reputation of the recognized leader.

10. Value the Time

It goes without saying that good leader and businessman must be a master in time management. He must teach people that surround him to appreciate his time and the same with others. Plan your day, keep an organizer to fix important meetings. Put priorities to avoid casual affairs to swallow your precious time.

It is not a complete list of tips for the future leader. But start from the small things and the result of your constant improvement and work will not make you waiting too long!!
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Your.MD Review: Multi-Platform Checkup Chatbot App

Posted by Rahul Gupta
From AI Assistants to Chatbots, we’ve traveled a long way towards tech intelligence and this chatbot app that I’m reviewing today is on a whole different level but first, let me ask you a question?

Would you ask an AI bot for medical assistance instead of a doctor? Hell No! That was my first answer, and I guess it would be same for every other person until I came across this application/chatbot. The Your.MD is an artificial intelligence based chatbot that is capable of medical diagnosis across different application platforms.

Just enter the symptoms that you or any of your dear ones is falling, and you can get instant articles, remedies, diagnostics, suggestions and consultation related information within seconds. It is the one stop for Health-related queries, so without any further query, let’s start the review of Your.MD Chatbot.

Your.MD Review


For all those who aren’t aware of what a chatbot is, just consider that you’re texting with a program/application who replies you by machine learning and AI. Your.MD bot is just like the Google’s Allo and proposes free, reliable and personalized health related info to the use. It also offers various medical and health articles from all over the web and also detects the issue or the medical condition by smart symptom checking algorithms. 
Your.MD Chat
This smart AI bot is now distributed across multiple application platforms. So, you can download this app for the modern mobile OS like Android & iOS, and even more, the developers have smartly integrated the bot into Kick, Slack, Telegram and even on Facebook MESSENGER! Yep, you can use Your.Md bots directly through messenger and asks your every health-related query free. 

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After downloading the application, all you need is to enter your basic details like Age, Gender, and other relevant information that the chatbot requires to compile the suggestions. I did a quick review when the need occurred to me to use this diagnostic application.
Your.MD Features
You can simply ask basic queries like “I have a swollen thumb” or any other relevant question that describes the symptom correctly, etc. and the bot automatically asks few more related questions to display the best-suggested answers to your queries. It’s pretty exciting to test the chatbot since we always wonder if AI could guess the right or at least something similar. 

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Fortunately, Your.MD didn’t let me down with all those irrelevant questions that usual AI chatbots flood to its user. This health bot was pretty straight forward and only enquiring relevant information. In short, it is like a smart Health Encyclopedia. 
Your.MD Features 2
Frankly speaking, the bot works a little slow with the diagnostic process, but we cannot blame as all the major AI chatbots are in the learning stage. They become smarter as you respond to them faster. Moreover, if the speed could’ve increased by a bit, then it would be a blessing.

However, CrunchyTricks rates it 8/10 stars for all the amazing features that it offers. It is a significant example towards the growing technology of machine learning and its implementations in the medical field. Soon, doctors would be able to save a lot of precious time by diagnosing the patients and their health condition through these intelligent chatbots with connected sensors.

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Features of Your.MD

  • While texting with the bot, I never felt that I’m communicating with a computerized bot, but felt like a super friendly as the queries and further suggestions were relatable.
  • The algorithm and the database of this chatbot are smart and updated daily. All the physical conditions, diseases, and health problems that we could think of.
  • If the chatbot detects the symptoms to be very serious, then it immediately recommends you to visit an individual or a physician, if it isn’t able to answer the questions.
  • All the supplied answers consisted of external articles and information which was correct, and easily understandable.
  • The interface is very minimal, simple and to the point.
Your.MD OneStop Health

Another outstanding offering from the developers is the “OneStop Health.” The company aims to provide doctors and all other medical assistances online. So, if you can’t get to a doctor or need blood in emergency situations, any prescriptions or simply want to make an appointment, you can use YourMD for all the purposes.

All in All, Your.MD is a simple but remarkable application or a Chatbot as we say. You can use this AI-based app on your Android or iOS devices by downloading it from the respective stores free. Moreover, you can also use the Chatbot from the Messenger App. Just search YourMD in the chatbots section and start asking all your health-related issues.

Do share your thoughts and views for this useful application. Comment if you’ve tried the Chatbot to diagnose your health condition. Cheers!!!
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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

WordPress Security Ninja Plugin Review: 40+ Security Tests With 1-Click

Posted by Rahul Gupta
“Hackers fundamentally trust no one, including each other,” an eminent quote from Mr. Robot.

For almost every newbie while paving their way towards the blogging journey commits the mistake of not taking the proper advancements towards the security of their website. WordPress has always been everyone’s favorite CMS for a stepping blogging platform. One because it’s free and other because it has so many awesome themes and plugins to customize your blog. 

In fact, most of the well-renowned blogs and publishers use WordPress, but the established network and popularity of the CMS has made it more prone to vulnerabilities and security breaches.
Security Ninja WP Plugin
That’s why this post is drafted to protect your blogs from all that malicious hacking and unauthorized content comprises, and the things can be simply avoided just by installing a premium security plugin on your website/blog. So without any further talks, let’s start the review of Security Ninja Plugin.

Why Security Ninja WordPress Plugin?

Just like an antivirus for your systems, this premium plugin has been saving thousands of websites from malicious codes and hackers for over three years now. Since it is a premium plugin, it offers too much of worthy features that you can rely on. It is regularly updated along with its directories as new viruses and vulnerabilities are introduced daily. 

Moreover, using outdated plugins and tools also compromise the security of the website/blog. You can get more information on why outdated WP plugins are harmful here. 
Analyze Website
In the latest, the plugin developers have also released the lite free version for its users to try out the rich features of the tool. Just like any other tool you can add the plugin from the WP Repository and “Activate” it to start the monitoring and protection.


The minute you activate the plugin, it starts detecting any serious vulnerability or security threats in the database, themes, plugins, and directory files. Within a few minutes, the plugin performs over 40 different security tests, and later on, it displays all the issues and errors that are needed to be fixed with the correct method. It also provides you with the details to repair any possible vulnerability with external links.
Analyzing Website
One good thing about this plugin is that it doesn’t manipulate the WordPress directory files and keeps track of all the broken or deleted fixes on the website. So, you can rely on the plugin’s security to protect you from all the threats and malware on the site.

One premium feature of the plugin is the multiple remote access feature for all the various sites that is protected by WP Security Ninja. You can control all the different functionalities on all your blogs from one dedicated Dashboard. Moving on, let’s view all the amazing features offered by the website.

Features of Security Ninja

  • Over 40+ Security Testing with Brute-Force Attack 
  • Deep Scan for Vulnerabilities for bugs and holes
  • Protection from Script-Kiddies, and Adware
  • Reliable Support and Checkup
  • Quick Fixes for Code Snippets
  • Add Extra Protection with Premium Addons

Final Words

All in All, WP Security Ninja is the prime tool to protect your WordPress websites and blogs from various threats, vulnerabilities, and security breaches. It is the most recommended plugin on CodeCanyon regarding reliable protection. 

You can purchase the plugin from the official website or upgrade the free version directly. All the pricings with necessary features are mentioned here. 
Security Ninja Plans & Pricing
Do share your thought on the tool.
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