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Saturday, 27 November 2021

Which Kredittkort (Credit Card) is Right for You?

Posted by Madhu Gupta

These days, almost everyone has a credit card because of the discounts and bonuses they enjoy by using it. It is also quite easy to get one, but do you really know whether the card you currently own is good for you? A kredittkort (credit card in Norway) can save you a lot of money when shopping or making other transactions.

Credit card

So, whether you are a foreigner or a citizen of Norway, there are key factors you should consider before settling down for a credit card. You can click here to learn about life in Norway.

Types of Kredittkort

The types of kredittkort available in Norway and other parts of the world are:

Standard Cards

These are plain cards and do not offer rewards or frills. You can easily understand how it works. So if you choose a standard card, you won’t experience any complicated procedures. However, choosing it also means that you aren’t interested in getting rewards.

Additionally, you can enjoy a revolving credit, but it has a specific limit. This implies that when you buy things, you will use up the credit, then additional credit will be added to your account after making payment. By month-end, if you have any outstanding balance, you will be charged for it. Every bank has a minimum amount of money you must pay before payment is due to avoid penalties for late payment.

Reward Cards

These cards work just like their name imply; they simply offer rewards when you purchase items. There are three types – travel, cashback, and points. Cashback rewards are quite flexible, and you can use the points to redeem cash, products, or services. If you travel frequently, you can use the travel rewards to earn travel perks like hotel accommodation and free flight.

Balance Transfer Cards

Although you can transfer your balance with other cards, balance transfer cards offer lower introductory rates on such transfers. If your existing card attracts high interest and you would like to save some money, you can opt for this special card. Depending on the financial institution, the interest rate for balance transfer differs. You can find one that charges 0%, but there are certain requirements for such rates. However, you need to have a good credit score if you want to qualify.

Student Cards

These are specifically for students in colleges who obviously do not have a credit history. They have perks such as rewards and low-interest balance transfers. However, you must be a bona fide student at a university to get approval for student cards.

Limited Purpose Options

You can only use them at certain locations and for certain purposes. Examples are gas and store credits. You can use these options like the usual credit card that has finance charges and minimum payments.

Change Cards

These cards don’t have specific spending limits, but you must make complete payment for the credit by month-end. As a result, you won’t experience minimum payments or finance charges. However, late payments will lead to extra charges, card cancellation, or charge restrictions depending on the agreement on the card application form.

Prepaid Cards

Before you can use these cards, you must fund them. When you make purchases, credit is withdrawn from your card balance and your spending limit will not renew except you add more funds. When using this option, do not expect minimum payments or financial charges.

Additionally, you need to understand that these cards are not like normal credit cards; you can’t use them to rebuild credit scores. They work like debit cards but are not linked to any checking accounts. You can get one to help you live within a budget.

Secured Cards

These are great for people with no credit history as well as those with very poor credit status. The cardholders are required to place security deposits on the cards. The amount you deposit will determine your spending limit. But in the case of major defaults such as mortgage payment, your limit may be more. You need to note that this card also requires monthly payments.

Business Credit

As the name implies, it is specially made for business purposes. Here, business owners can keep business transactions separate from personal transactions. Change and standard cards also have business options, which is something you should consider if you are doing business in Norway.

Although this card is for your business, the bank still checks your personal credit status when reviewing your application. This is because someone must be responsible for the balance on the card. You can carry out a kredittkort test to find out which cards you can try out before settling for one.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kredittkort

Now that you know the types of kredittkort that work in Norway, let’s discuss some factors you should consider before choosing one.


If you prefer paying your complete balance by the end of every month, then you need the change card. It will also be good if you already have a high credit status to make you eligible for the card. Additionally, if you use your card to transfer balances, then you should get one that charges low interest on such transactions. Also, if you want to carry over your balance to a new month, ensure you find one with low interest.


As earlier mentioned, you can earn rewards when you make purchases with your card. There are different rewards, so ensure you understand how they work and the type of purchases that will qualify you for them.

Grace Period

This refers to the period you are expected to complete your payment before finance charges are added. Grace periods are stated in days and count from the date of billing. A longer grace period is good because you have ample time to complete your payment without incurring extra costs for using funds. Also, if there is still a balance on your card, there may be no grace period for new purchases.

Annual Percentage Rates (APRs)

APRs refers to the percentage that applies to balances carried beyond a grace period. When APRs are high, they attract high finance charges on revolving balances, which means you will pay more when using your credit card. There are different APRs for cash advances, purchases, and balance transfers. Ensure you find out the rates for each before settling for a type of kredittkort.

Credit Limit

Your limit influences how much money you can spend. If you are a beginner to credit, you need to start with a low limit until you cultivate responsible spending habits. Although some financial cases allow your limit to be high, you should be careful of cards that offer no limit. Sometimes, they can max out your cards and reflect the same way in your credit status, which can affect your score negatively.


You need to know the fees you will pay as well as the circumstances that call for the payment of those fees. The common fees are late fees, above-the-limit penalties, and annual fees. Other actions like requesting extra statement copies, paying balance from your phone when it is due, or bounced checks may attract additional fees.

Calculation of Finance Charges

The way the financial institution calculates finance charges impacts the amount you will pay. Some institutions calculate charges using your current balance, others combine the previous month’s balance and the current one. They have the exclusive right to include or exclude new purchases when doing the calculation. If you want to avoid these charges, ensure you complete your payments by the end of each month.


Getting a credit card is a great decision, but you don’t have to stop there. You need to use your card correctly to get value for your funds. Also, if you want to have a good credit history, do not over-use the available credit and pay your bills in full each month. And if all you want are rewards, do not make any purchases without your card.

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Friday, 12 November 2021

How to Turn Your Passion for Performance Into a Profitable Career

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Whether you are a singer, dancer, actor, comedian, musician, or another kind of performance artist, the chances are that you dream of turning your passion for your craft into a profitable career. Despite being a challenging feat, there are solid steps you can take to set the foundation to make this happen. Here are the first steps you can take towards making a career out of your performance artistry. 

Passion for Performance

Have a Great Headshot

We might live in the age of perfectly-edited selfies, but professionalism requires more creative expertise than that. No matter your performance medium, you want to invest in a headshot from a professional photographer that captures the essence of your character and the clearest perspective on your looks as possible. Be sure to consult with them about what kinds of clothing and makeup are most suitable, and have both digital and print copies on hand for auditions. And make sure when you show up that your hair is the same color and cut as it is in the photo!

Fine-Tune Your Resume

Maybe you’re just starting out as an actor and have very little on your resume other than extra work, or you’re a seasoned dancer with twenty years of stage performances behind you. No matter what you’re doing or where you are in your career, you want a resume that most accurately reflects your performance history. If you’re a new actor, but who you’ve trained with, accurate body states including weight and height, and any relevant skills you have. If you’re a seasoned dancer, list only your most recent and most famous or well-attended performances. 

Have a Profile on Talent for Hire Websites

In this new digital age, it is essential that you have an online presence, especially as younger generations are moving into positions of leverage in the entertainment business. Websites like Backstage, Actors Access, Casting Networks, and Special Guest have a great track record. Most indie productions and even some big entertainment networks have booked talent online, so make sure you are visible to them in as many places as possible. 

Keep Educating Yourself

The healthiest attitude to have as a performer is to accept that you are a lifelong learner. Continue to take classes in your craft, no matter how many years you have been at it. Studying with and learning from new people is a great gift and investment of time that will reap the rewards into the far future. 

Attend the Opening of an Envelope

You should be attending as many shows in your entertainment medium as humanly possible for multiple reasons. This will accelerate your ability to network, keep you informed on the skill level and overall landscape of the competition, and allow you the opportunity to show that you aren’t just in this for yourself. You’re willing to help out other performers in the scene. While there are tales galore of divas and conceited performing artists, the reality is that no one wants to work with a selfish performer. Be someone who shows up, says hello, and congratulates others. Not just because it will get you farther, but it will make everyone be able to breathe.  

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Sunday, 24 October 2021

How to Manage All Social Media In One Place

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Did you know that you can manage multiple social accounts in one place? If your thoughts have recently been resonating with this question, then you have come to the right place.

Let's say a person logs daily into their various networks to create, update, follow-up, and complete similar activities relevant to social media management. On the one hand, they find it challenging to jump between different platforms and perform repetitive tasks. And on the other hand, this person does not want to miss out on any step.


Sounds familiar? If you answered yes, read the practical steps below to make your working hours a lot less hectic and a lot more smooth and enjoyable!


Develop a Strategy

90% of businesses do not go through with their strategies successfully. Why? Because they fail to implement it.

Keeping everyone on the same page can be challenging when you have many social media accounts to manage. Your social media strategy should include processes, policies, and a business style guide so that each team member knows what to do. Even though the objectives of each of your social media accounts may vary, drafting a defined plan can help keep everyone in sync with your business's mission.


One way is to develop a three-tiered strategy structure:

  1. Headquarters: This level would cover all corporate planning covering your social media accounts.
  2. Divisions (X, Y): Your business scope and policies will be discussed and decided relevant to all your social media accounts.
  3. Departments (A, B, C, D): This level would include distributing marketing, conducting analysis, identifying alternatives, and more concerning the collective performance analysis of your social media accounts.
  4. Make an Editorial Calendar Using an editorial calendar helps you plan the most basic yet most vital aspect of your content marketing, from what, why, when, where, to who; an editorial calendar will help you organize according to a timeline. You can manage your editorial calendar to engage with your users or visitors strategically via your content. An editorial calendar resembles a regular calendar with a business-like appearance. Its appearance will reflect the business requirements of your brand. Using an editorial calendar will help you generate and plan content regularly and efficiently, irrespective of the size of your organization or the frequency of your content efforts.  


Activity Monitoring and Involvement


If you aim to provide content that aligns with the latest trends or requires you to provide services that users are actively searching for, one key point to keep in mind is not to overlap with your competitors. This is possible by keeping track of mentions your brand has had on all your social media accounts.

You can understand the importance of this step through an example. Suppose a user wanting to purchase your product asks a related question in the public chat. However, since you have not been monitoring the mentions, you don't answer the user because you are unaware of the comment. After a year, you finally decide to go through the posts and engagement, you reply to the user. Now, imagine how disappointing this would be to your users. Moreover, it will portray your brand as lazy, unconcerned, and inactive.

The same goes for keywords. To stay on top of the Google search results, it is essential to keep track of the proper keywords to include in your posts on your social media accounts. These practices will help your brand build trust with your users, increase base followers, and increase sales.


Strategy Analysis


Conduct a performance analysis on each of your social media accounts. Bring these results together and notice which ones have been responding well to your strategy.

Check which accounts are contributing the least and if you require them. Also, note the ones which have been lagging, and as a solution, craft new ways to bring it forward.

You will get a grasp of these if you look at the data collectively. Only by putting your strategy into action and analyzing the results will you be able to fine-tune your social media strategy. 


For instance, craft a set of questions based on your business needs:

  • How many people have viewed your posts on each of the social media accounts?
  • How many of them have liked and commented on your posts?
  • What are the audience growth metrics? 

The Bottom Line


Your business may require multiple social media accounts for different reasons. However, before setting them up, it is critical to understand what role they would be playing. Avoid doing so just because a competitor did it because their reasons and business objectives are not identical to yours. Moreover, every business has limited resources, and you should make the most of yours to get the most out of social media.

So, for the best returns and effective management, select those who will contribute efficiently to your brand's vision and mission. It's vital to use the proper software solutions to assist you in managing everything once you've created a social media plan and set up accounts across different social networks. This will help in coordinating the activities of everyone on your social media team and allow them to connect and collaborate.

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Saturday, 18 September 2021

Top 8 Countries to Outsource Your Business in 2021

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Business outsourcing involves contracting a firm out of your professional environment to handle activities carried out internally. You can outsource customer support, IT support, product design, SEO, or software development, among others.

 This has several benefits to the firm, as explained below:
· It reduces the operating costs as companies hire fewer employees and use fewer resources;
· Allow the company to focus on the core business as other activities are carried out elsewhere
· Enables the company to hire bigger talent at a cheaper cost;
· Shares business risk with other firms.

Here are eight countries where you can find a quality outsource service, what each country is good at, and how to go about it.

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India has become a leading outsourcing destination thanks to its recent IT-boom. It now boasts of over 14 cities where you can outsource business services within the IT sector, including software development, cloud storage, call centre, and accounting.

The advantage with India is the low cost for outsourcing different services with the same level of professionalism as costly locations. To succeed in India, you need to check the quality before the price.


Malaysia has also rejuvenated its outsourcing companies to offer highly specialized knowledge for different multinationals around the world. You can look for business outsourcing companies in electronic manufacturing, semi-conductors, and support for East Asia markets.

Source: Pexels

Besides, you can also get accent-neutral customer help contractors for your English markets. While the prices are higher than in India, go for a specialized outsourcing company for specific needs to get value for money.


China boasts of a high population, which is a big market for just any good. However, it has a unique culture and ways of doing business.

 Besides, it has become the undisputed leader in low-cost manufacturing. Outsource in the country if you are looking to enter the Chinese markets or have your products produced at a low cost. One advantage with China is that you can get a service at different price levels for specific markets.


Taiwan is the gateway to Asian markets. It also has expertise in semi-conductors, functional programming, cloud storage, and database management. It is the perfect location for specialized expertise and a soft landing into the Chinese market. Outsourcing business processes in Taiwan is a little expensive than in China.

However, its expertise in the above areas justifies the cost. To ensure success in Taiwan, you should go for specific services with a company with a track record in their industry.

The Philippines

The Philippines has had business outsourcing services for over 100 years. However, the IT BPO services started in 1997. The Philippines has expertise in various areas such as call centre, product design, programming, SEO, digital marketing, and various IT services.  Besides, most Filipinos boast a good command of English and several other languages.

 It is the perfect destination for all-around IT outsourcing. Business outsourcing prices vary, but you should get a good deal with a bit of research. Bundle up services to get a cheaper offer.


Ukraine is a post-Soviet state that has risen to be a leader in business process outsourcing. You can outsource anything IT, from software programming, web design, app development, call centre contracting, research and development, product design, and automation. Businesses can hire complete services such as IT or accounting and even use one of the companies to outsource services that they do not offer.

It is also a soft gateway to the East European states and Russia. Select companies that combine value with quality services.


Brazil is famous for its IT support services and call centres. It has favourable laws that allow teams to work as primary agents for companies overseas. It is also a gateway to central and Latin America. You can outsource services if you need a deeper understanding of these markets. Depending on the services, you can check on specialization and cost when selecting a business outsourcing company.

For customer help, go for call centres with bilingual or neutral accents.


Vietnam is a recent entrant into the world of business process outsourcing. It has hosted big apparel companies like Adidas and Nike. You can hire professional customer support, artificial intelligence, and software development.

It is a good destination for product design projects, customer service, web designs, and automation for your production.Pick a company that offers a mix of quality service and reasonable cost.


The cost of business process outsourcing varies widely on the service and the company you are hiring. Top outsourcing opportunities come at a higher cost than general services. However, you can still find good quality service at a reasonable price. Check the companies in any of the countries listed above and compare their services with others. Good luck with your business outsourcing.

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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

6 Best Ways To Immigrate To Canada in 2021

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Whether you are a student or someone who wants to get a job in Canada. This article will help you in choosing the right path to your dream country.
immigrate to canada

We came up with a list to help you with a list of options made Green Path Immigration & Paralegal Services

Are You Thinking Of Moving To Canada?

Let's get started! 

Express Entry

If you want to move into Canada quickly as possible, Express Entry is the right option for you. Here is a detailed list of programs you can qualify for:

• Federal Skilled Worker Program 

This program requires you to have certain standards about your job experiences, educational background, and various personal details about you. You will also need to be capable of speaking English or French. 

federal skilled worker program

An immigrant also needs to have funds to support himself moving to a new country. Containing the said requirements, you will now move on to the next step, which is completing an Express Entry profile. It will be less stressful as long as you have a clean criminal background and no existing illness. If you happen to have problems with the said difficulties, this may result in failing to move to Canada.

• Federal Skilled Trades Program

This program qualifies for proficient laborers who wish to move into Canada. You will need to be approved on a skilled trade. Being able to speak, write, and read English is also a must. Since you are applying for a professional trade program, your job description is important. 

federal skilled trades program

You must have two years of job involvement; free-willed works and internships are not acknowledged. You must be experiencing attains to the requirements, and if not, your application will be declined.

• Canadian Experience Class

This program is intended for individuals with a professional working experience in Canada. This program has emerged for short-term laborers and overseas graduates containing good job experience. 

canadian experience class

This was arranged for those who had job experience in Canada and wishes to be long-term residents. If you want to apply to this class, you must have at least a year of permanent job experience in the country. You must also attain the required language levels of English or French.

Provincial Nominees

Do you dream of a specific region or province that you want to live in? The Provincial Nominee Program is perfect for you, as this program focuses on individuals who wish to live in a specific place in a country. 

provincial nominees

You must remember that you need to have the expertise and good background to qualify for the program. Having such skills won't make them think that you are a burden to their place. Every province has its own goal in picking who they want to enter their area. Some prioritize students, and others prioritize professionals.

Family Sponsorship

Already have family members in Canada who is a permanent resident? Family sponsorship is the answer to make your Canadian dream come true. A long-time Canadian residing in the country can sponsor his family member who is at least 18 years old. 

family sponsorship

It is required to pass a background check and each family members over age 18 must submit police certificates from the country where they have lived most of their life, in addition to any country where they resided for more than 6 months.

Start-Up Visa

If you are an immigrant and planning to expand your own business in Canada, a Start-up Visa Program is the right choice for you. Your business must meet the qualifications needed to enter Canada with a working permit. 

start-up visa

You must also have enough funds to support yourself in a foreign country. Secured investors are also vital to your application as they will support your work permit. Lastly, in entering a foreign country, you must speak their English or Spanish language fluently. Benefits of moving into Canada are: -

  • Tired of your current living status? Feeling exhausted and wants to experience a new? Canada provides what you wish for. Out of 200 countries, Canada ranked as the 9th country in providing the quality of life you want to experience. You deserve a better living experience. What are you waiting for? Move to your dream country now.
  • One of the benefit of living in Canada is you get to experience expert medical services. Canada and its healthcare system provide quality medication at reasonable fees. You can get various free medical benefits, especially if you are already a resident of Canada. In that case, illnesses or other medications shouldn’t worry you in moving to another country.
  • Does your current country experiences chaos? Are you fed up with the endless noises? In Canada, they aim to give their people the security they want to feel. This country is perfect for you if you want a peaceful, clean, and serene environment. You do not need to worry about anything that might harm you while residing in Canada.
  • Canada offers overflowing opportunities as its economy keeps on increasing. It shouldn’t be a hindrance, especially if you want to get a job or do business in this country. Canada aims to help its people in terms of having a great quality of life. A stable economy is what every country wants. To achieve its current state, Canada has exerted every effort to maintain its current successful economy.
  • Dreaming of studying in Canada? Or do you wish to get your kids to explore this country? You are making the best decision in your life. Provided with its stable economic growth, Canada aims to give its people the quality of education they deserve. Your child can enter many lists of schools and universities, and you do not have to worry about schooling when moving to Canada.

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