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Monday, 26 June 2017

Benefits of Using TemplateMonster's Bootstrap Website Templates

Posted by Rahul Gupta
When we hear something about the computer, most of us relate it to the standard desktop variation. However, in today’s tech-oriented culture, almost any device can fall into this category. Even our phones have rapidly morphed into powerful mini-computers, capable of astonishing feats.

However, any innovation will reduce to a fun gimmick, if they lack the infrastructure that can support it. It's been only 2-3 years, and ever since, mobile-responsiveness was relatively rare to masses as well as the designers, as many sites chose to neglect those who prefer mobile devices. 

However, the landscape has evolved drastically. Lately, the Industry and developers have made significant efforts to incorporate mobile users, while the devices themselves have seen an effective increase in screen size and resolution.
Bootstrap Website Templates
So, for those seeking to develop personal or business sites, Bootstrap HTML5 website templates are always a blessing regarding the designing. They strive to enhance any web page or application while making every feature mobile-responsive. 

Moreover, as a business owner, this has drastically improved your quality of life. Gone are the days when you used to spend hours on a desk chair. You can now easily administer your site, write and blog new posts, or even sell products while traveling. 

As long as you own a good Bootstrap website template and a smartphone or tablet, you won’t miss out on anything. Ever since dozens of different developers and web designing agencies are trying to dominate with varied styles and experimentations in the Bootstrap Templates. Templatemonster's Bootstrap website templates are no different. They offer a beautiful and chic taste to the very professional and creative to the HTML templates based on Bootstrap platform. 

Register for Classes
With a good reputation, Templatemonster is successfully deploying various modern HTML and CMS based templates on an E-Commerce basis for over a decade. The templates are designed by some of the best web designers and authors. 

Covering WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, PrestaShop, Woo Commerce, and many other leading CMS, this website certainly offers much more than just great templates. They also feature premium WordPress Plugins, PrestaShop Modules, other CMS extensions, creative type kit, Fonts and other attractive UI elements, but we're not here to discuss any of that.

As far as the Bootstrap Themes go, Templatemonster Bootstrap website templates never fail to impress. The layouts are compelling and responsive, competent of adapting to the various screens of tablets and smartphones. 

With more than 1000 different professional and creative templates, the website offers both one-page and multi-page formats, and it allows the user to preview each format that best suits his niche. The categories vary from standard agency style business templates to the very creative photography, portfolio, entertainment, sports, and whatever you can think about. 

You can use these Bootstrap templates for apps, restaurant, blogs, wedding, parallax, fashion portfolio, magazine, corporate or business websites, etc. Upon the installation, users can benefit from on-purchase features, and with so many options, you can design a site that matches your vision.

Construction Website Template
The templates don't lack with the technology in any sense. They feature HTML 5 videos and a Parallax Scrolling options. Most of the Templatemonster's Bootstrap website templates offer different menu style variations and header types within them.

Apart from the Theme Templates, the authors also provide a set of beautiful stock images that you can use in your website’s design as well. If you’re suffering from any technical issue or want to discuss the Bootstrap template or any other digital product bought from Templatemonster, the authors usually offer 24*7 reliable customer support for all the purchased customers. 

Apart from the standard licenses, you can also add additional premium services like Drag & Drop CMS builder by Moto CMS, WordPress conversion services, Stock images, and even yearly hosting services along with your premium template. So, you wouldn't have to wander around the web for all the necessary add-ons.  Regarding visual customization, it is possible to alter your website’s colour scheme, given that there are a various colour customization options available.

Templatemonster Club
Talking about the Pricing, most of the Bootstrap Templates available on the Templatemonster website are priced variedly according to the features, colour designs, and usually available for $59, $69, $75, and $89. 

You can pay using all the standard payment options like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and much more. Additionally, the Drag & Drop Builder by Moto CMS Builder is available for a discounted price of $219 for a limited period. Be sure to grab it.

All in All, if you’re looking for good reliable HTML based designs for your website or upcoming brand page, Templatemonster's Bootstrap website templates are the simple solutions that I would recommend. Static or Dynamic, you can opt for both using the Drag & Builder, and they are all very affordable. 

Do share your thoughts and let us know if you’re up for them or not. You can have a detailed look at all the theme templates across multiple device ranges in the live preview options as well. Cheers!
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Thursday, 22 June 2017

How To Do Research Paper In one Night

Posted by Rahul Gupta
You had a long week, and you didn't have the time to finish your research paper for tomorrow. You need to present your paper in the morning, and you have all night of writing and research ahead of you. How do you pull an all-nighter that will have some value and keep your sanity on the way? 
how to do research paper in one night
The best way is to have a plan of action. Determine each step of your way, and you will have a preset course of action that will make your job possible. The point of this content is to show you what you need to do to create a research paper in one night.

Step by step through all night of writing and research

To be able to finish your work on time and save the day, you need to have a plan that will lead you through the process. We could say that the easiest way to finish the job would be to get online and search for help on writing service WriteMyPaper.Today which is easy. Instead, here are the steps you should make to finish the job in one night.

Step 1 - Create a suitable environment

First of all, you have to create a perfect atmosphere, as you are going to stay up all night. This means you need fresh air, so try and keep the air flowing. You will also need some coffee (read a lot of it) as writing a research paper all night might make you sleepy. Also, make sure that nobody is there to break your focus and supply yourself with some snacks. Now you are ready!

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Step 2 - Analyse your topic

To do a proper research paper, you need to understand your subject entirely. Think about your title and try to break it into smaller portions that will later become subheadings. Try and make each subheading a piece of argument that you are trying to prove. Once you analyse your title, you can start your research.

Step 3 - Research

Research paper writing can take a lot of time, depending on how deep you need to research to get all required information. It's best to use some research tools, like Wikipedia for example. Search accordingly to your title and try not to stray too much. Note all sources of information and keep track of bibliography. You need to provide these to back up your arguments.

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Step 4 - Create a draft

This is an important part of your process. In case you decided not to contact paper writing help online you need to have an idea what you want your paper to look like. Your paper should consist of three major sections:


Main section with proper subheadings


Main sections and its subheadings should be the core of your research so try to cover as much ground as possible. Think about your investigation and title analysis; use them to create subheadings. Where possible use bullet points to avoid creating needless subheadings.

Step 5 - Time management

Since you're working on a very tight schedule, you need to manage your time to the best of your abilities. Think about your draft and decide how much time you will be able to spend on specific parts of your research paper. It's imperative that you don't get lost in one part of your writing and then realise that you have spent too much time. Try and set up milestones as you write, for each milestone give yourself a certain amount of time to complete. You can even create a competition out of it.

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Step 6 - Writing

Keep track of your time table and use all your information to create content according to your final draft. Make sure that you reach all milestones on time, don't waste too much time on one topic.

Step 7 - Proofreading

It's essential that your work is free of any grammar or spelling mistakes. It is why you need to proofread your job. It's best if you use an online tool, like Grammarly or any other proofreading tool you can find.

Delivering a proper research paper overnight is possible only with hard discipline and a lot of effort. It's hard to stay focused while you're sleepy so try to spend as little energy as you can. These steps are not a magic formula to finishing a paper; they are here only to guide you. All the work is up to you and your will to finish the work on time. So trust in yourself and work hard, the results will be visible.

Let us know how you deal with late night research papers; we would love to read your.
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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Ivacy VPN Review: Is It The Best VPN Out There?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Ivacy was founded back in 2007 and is currently one of a handful of leading VPNs in the global market. Over the years, Ivacy has not only established itself as a trusted brand but has also become the number one choice of many pocket-conscious citizens who care about their internet privacy and security.

So why do internet users prefer Ivacy? Well, Ivacy boasts all the features of an industry-leading VPN but at roughly half the price.

With all the fuss around this VPN, we thought we’d find out just how good Ivacy is. So here’s our full review of Ivacy VPN.

Pricing Package

Pricing is a crucial factor in any review and this one area where Ivacy scores well. Ivacy offers three subscriptions plans. First up is the monthly plan which is available for $9.95 per month. Then there is the 6-month package that you can avail for $44.95.

Lastly, you can opt for the 1-year subscription plan which costs $49. However, since Ivacy gives you two full years of unlimited service with the 1-year plan, you can enjoy 24 months of safe and anonymous browsing, surfing, streaming and downloading for just $4.08 per month. 

We carried out an industry-wide analysis to see just how reasonable the price of Ivacy's 1-year plan is and we concluded that it is in-arguably the cheapest premium VPN service out there. So if you’ve already made up your mind to buy Ivacy VPN you can check out their pricing plans:

Ivacy VPN Plans & Pricing

Servers & Performance

Ivacy has more than 250 servers that are strategically anchored in over 100+ locations across more than 50 countries. This means that you can choose from countless IP addresses that facilitate optimized connection with faster data transfer and minimal packet loss.

Ivacy also mentions on its website that its servers are specially tuned to promote sharing of the major P2P files. Rigorous testing of servers from different locations proved that Ivacy is indeed ideal for P2P file sharing. These are regional Ivacy server that we tested for P2P file sharing:

Ivacy's servers are located in every continent, so it is particularly easy to access region-locked content or Geo-restricted websites like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, ITV, HBO, Hulu and YouTube. We even tried Ivacy on some other less popular streaming sites like iFlix, and it works like a charm.

Ivacy outperformed benchmarks set by previous VPNs that we have tested and certainly exceeded our expectations. The tests prove that Ivacy offers fast streaming with very few instances of HD video buffering on popular streaming sites like Netflix or even YouTube. So judging strictly on performance, Ivacy surpassed our benchmarks with flying colours.

Speed Tests

Our tests mainly checked browsing- and streaming-speed after connecting to different Ivacy servers around the world. We also kept an eye open for possible DNS or IP leakages. Using, we got the following speeds without the Ivacy connection.
Speed Test 1

Then we connected to Ivacy’s US Fastest Server with the default encryption protocol and got the following results:
Speed Test 2

We saw a slight slump in upload- and download speed after connecting to UK and US servers. However, we still got impressive streaming and downloading speeds with no interruptions. In fact, we even tried streaming HD content on YouTube and Netflix, and the results were equally impressive.

Customer Support

The client's support of Ivacy has also received an update along with the app. The website offers round-the-clock customer support in many different forms:

Ticketing System

If you look at the top of Ivacy’s homepage, you will see the Contact Us link. On clicking it, a window pops up asking for your name, email, subject and message. Response time is fast, and answers to queries are relevant.


We then contacted customer support of Ivacy through email to forward a query on whether we can activate the same account on multiple devices. Ivacy’s customer support was just as impressive.

Skype Call

The fastest way to get answers to your queries is through Skype calls. We submitted a general question on how to change the preset encryption protocol. The customer support executive guided us well.

Security Protocols & UI

The most obvious hallmarks of the recent update of the Ivacy app is its revamped UI which is now much easier to use and more user-friendly. You can now connect to any desired location around the world at the click of a button. 

If you want to change server location or security protocols, all you have to do is go to the settings tab.

Ivacy secures and anonymizes its users with a range of advanced edge tunneling protocols like SSTP, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and AES-256 bit encryption. Ivacy is also an ad-free app, so we didn’t see any ads pop-up while we were using it.


Ivacy is compatible with a broad range of devices and operating systems. The VPN has dedicated apps for Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Additionally, you can also configure Ivacy on Kodi, Linux, Roku, Xbox PS4, and Smart TVs.

Ivacy app for Android

The dedicated apps for Android and iOS are snappy, intuitive and user-friendly. Connecting takes absolutely no time while changing server location, settings, etc. is quick and effortless. Accessing the encryption protocols menu is even faster, and you can select the type and level of encryption you require for your online activity.
Ivacy app for iOS

Ivacy App for Android
 Alternatively, you can also select the purpose for connecting to Ivacy so that it auto-selects the best server location and encryption protocols for you.

Ivacy App for iOS

Ivacy App for iOS

Ivacy app for Mac

Ivacy for Mac is snappy intuitive and user-friendly, giving you state-of-the-art features, lightning-fast connectivity and reliable protection against a horde of online threats. It also helps you unblock and access region-locked content anywhere in the world. Ivacy is one of the best Mac VPN that we have tried!
Ivacy App for Mac

Ivacy app for Windows

Ivacy App for Windows

Ivacy For Kodi

Ivacy even has a dedicated add-on for Kodi which is incredibly user-friendly and is loaded with the same range of features as the app. Ivacy for Kodi makes streaming restricted content on Kodi an absolute breeze, and you don’t have to worry about geo-restrictions at all.

Connectivity is fast with impressive streaming speed. In fact, we tried streaming a few channels in HD and apart from a few instances, the streaming is quick and hiccup-free with minimal buffering. Ivacy may be one of the best Kodi VPN among all the brands that we have tried.

Final Verdict

Talking strictly about features, Ivacy is perhaps the most underrated VPN out there. After all, it offers more features than any other VPN on the block, that too at roughly half the price. The service is fantastic and we thoroughly impressed with how this brand offers the best value for money. All these make Ivacy one of the best VPN brands in the world.
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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

4 Ways to Reset Windows 7 Password With Ease

Posted by Rahul Gupta
If you have forgotten the password of your Windows 7 and wanted to learn how to reset your computer password, then you have to the right destination. This article lists three solutions to help reset your Windows 7 admin or login password without re-installing system.

As usual, we have come for a rescue to get you out of this situation. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate you how to reset your Windows 7 password without losing any data from your computer and without re-installing the operating system.

Method 1: Reset Windows 7 Password using other Administrator Account

If your system has more than one administrator accounts, then you can use one of those accounts to change the password of your main username account. In Windows 7, it is possible to modify accounts credentials using other administrator accounts provided it has all admin privileges. Use the following steps to reset the password of your main user account.
  • Log in to your computer using a different administrator account. 
  • Right-click on “My Computer” and select “Manage” to initiate the Computer Management Window. 
  • From the left sidebar, click on “Local Users and Groups” > “Users”. 
  • From the right sidebar, right-click on the primary username and click on “Set Password”. 
Set Password
  • Input a new password and save the changes. 
  • Restart your computer and log in to your main account using the new password.
Congratulations! You have successfully modified the password of your own Windows 7 computer.

Method 2. Reset Windows 7 Password using Windows Password Recovery

As we know, when you forgot Windows 7 login password, it doesn’t mean you will lose your data, there are many free and paid Windows password reset tools which can help bypass windows login or admin passwords, such as ntpassword, ophcrack and some other password reset tool. 

For this method to work, we will be using an external software called iSeePasword Windows Password Recovery Pro. It can reset all users accounts on any Windows operating system without system re installation. It works for Windows 7/8/10/XP and Windows server. You can apply the following steps to reset your Windows 7 password. Or read this official guide on how to reset Windows 7 login password.
  • Before the step, you need to prepare a USB drive and a working computer for burning reset disk. Now, download & install the program on your another working computer.Then insert your USB to PC and run the program, click burn USB. 
Prepare USB Drive
  • Insert the USB password reset disk on your locked computer and boot from USB drive in the BIOS. Then the computer will load the program. It will detect all account in your computer and display. Select the user you want to reset and click Reset Password button.
Select User
 You can download the Windows Password recovery pro from iSeepassword official site.  It’s easy to use and safe. Most people choose it as the first solution to reset their Windows password.

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Method 3. Reset Windows 7 Password using Super Administrator Account

SAC or Super Administrator Account is a special type of account provided in Windows 7 operating system that has the power of all administrator privileges. It is specially designed for changing the password of your other administrator account in case you forgot them.
  • Turn on your computer and wait until the login screen is loaded. 
  • Press Shift key 5 times to activate the Super Administrator account and use that to log in. 
Super Administartor Account
  • Modify the password of your main user account. 
  • Restart your computer and use the new password to sign in to your computer.
Now, this method will only work if you have setup a different SAC account before getting locked out or else this part is useless for you.

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Method 4: Reset Windows 7 Password with Command Prompt.

This method requires a working Guest Account too. But this time we will be using the command prompt to change the password of your current Administrator account.

Please Note: - This part requires write permission on System 32 to work. Or else you can move to the next method to reset your Windows 7 Login Password.


  • Open “My Computer” and go to C:/windows/system32. 
  • Now, right click on “cmd.exe” and select “Create Shortcut”. 
  • Copy the shortcut file and paste it on the desktop. 
  • Rename “cmd.exe” to “sethc.exe”. 
  • Now copy this file and it on the system32 folder. When you are prompted with “Replace file” option, just click “yes”. 
  • Now just log out from your Guest Account and come to the Windows login screen. 
  • Press “Shift” key for 5 times so that the Windows can show you the Sticky key option with administrator rights with command prompt option. 
  • Type “net-user- administrator as 1234” where “1234” is the modified password which you will use to login from your Administrator account. 
  • If you have applied the above steps successfully, then you will be able to see “Completed Successfully” dialogue message. 
  • Now login to your Administrator account with the new password and enjoy.
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Monday, 19 June 2017

3 Best Free VPNs to Protect Your Online Privacy

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Online privacy used to be of great importance, but it just doesn’t exist anymore as almost every one of your online activities is being monitored. The government usually gets the short end of the stick in this argument and is blamed for spying on people, but they aren’t alone.

Your ISP keeps track of each and everything you do on the web. Ad agencies see what you are searching for and show you advertisements in accordance. The social networking platforms log all of your activities as well. The bottom line is, staying anonymous is almost impossible these days. A lot of people have started to live with this fact and have stopped caring about their privacy.

VPNs to Protect Online Privacy
However, there are still a ton of individuals who crave privacy, and for those users, there is only one solution, and it’s called VPNs. They not only keep your online activities private, but they also do it for free. There are an enormous number of VPNs out there, but the best free tools that will hide you from the prying eyes have been outlined below.

1. FalcoVPN

The reason FalcoVPN is at the top of our list is that it offers almost all the features that a paid app does, but for free. Just download it on your device, enable it and you will be switched to a different server entirely, hiding your IP address in the process. Once your IP is hidden, there is no way for any entity to log your activity.

Your internet service provider would still know that you are using their services as packets are continuously being sent, but they will not see any action. An IP is easy enough to track, but once a server is switched and your activity is done through an entirely new IP that’s located on the other end of the world, it becomes near-impossible to track. 

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This is where FalcoVPN shines the brightest. It comes with multiple server locations and to stay hidden; you can make use of them all. Constantly switching them around would be in your best interest as it will be an impossible to pinpoint your activities.

Another great thing about FalcoVPN is that it doesn’t log your activities, so you are allowed to go about your business without worrying about anyone invading your privacy. These days when privacy has become a joke, VPNs are the silver lining, and if you are amongst those people who want to stay hidden while surfing the web, then you should consider seeking help from FalcoVPN.

2. Total VPN

Total VPN is another brilliant free tool that will help you stay safe from the prying eyes. Like FalcoVPN, it comes with different server locations that can be chosen at will. All of these servers have different IPs that change every day. So, if you visit one of the servers today, the IP you get will only last for 24 hours. Once you get connected to it the next day, the IP would be changed completely.

This makes your activity hard to track for all entities. Ad agencies will try to take a look, but because no activity is being shown from your end, they won’t be able to collect any data whatsoever. It’s the same with other entities that try to keep tabs on regular users just because of their needs. 

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If you are not comfortable using FalcoVPN or feel that it lacks in some areas, then Total VPN is an excellent alternate. It offers almost the same features but has a slightly better user interface. Regarding functionality, however, they are the same.

3. Browsec

Browsec is downright brilliant. Unlike most VPNs, this can be integrated into the internet browsers as well. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. You can download it for all of these browsers as an extension and use it at will.

All you have to do is enable Browsec through the extension bar on the browser, and your actions from there on out will take place on a different server, away from the prying eyes. Apart from the browsers, it is available on iOS devices, but sadly, no Android version is available at the moment. 

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If you are an Android user, then you can try out the options above as they are pretty good in their right. If you are a computer/laptop user who wants to make use of a lightweight VPN that you can toggle on and off whenever you want, then Browsec is your best bet.
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