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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

EPrivo Review: Free Private Email Address Service

Posted by Madhu Gupta
EPRIVO is a privacy service which aims at providing privacy and security in emails and online communication. It meets such security requirements by having full control over the access of the emails and the distribution of that access and data to various points so that no single place holds the complete data. 

It also works with your existing email address and does not store emails. It uses a user's carriers and associated cloud storage to make sure even encrypted content is never available from a single carrier or provider.  
While it provides a very high degree of security in emails, you can use it for free for three months. After this, an affordable active subscription is involved in the usage of this software, which comes with a lot of security and privacy features. It is understandable as privacy services must rely on revenue vs. advertisement income. 

Nevertheless, EPRIVO offers free private email for veterans, as well as regular users who send at least 10 emails to non EPRIVO recipients during the trial period.   

In summary, one key benefit of EPRIVO is that it separates the role of security provider from the role of hosting email, which we think is very important. Another is that it does not require a new email account. A further is its ability to control access to your emails everywhere even after they are sent.

In this article, we provide a full review of the EPRIVO Private Email Service.

Why Should You Use EPRIVO?

When there are multiple security providers online, this is an obvious question: why the users should be using EPRIVO Private Email or switch to it? The answer lies in the foundation of EPRIVO itself. Had those services been that effective, there wouldn't have been a need. 

EPRIVO was founded by an accomplished team with background from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and MIT, led by Professor and serial entrepreneur C Andras Moritz. It offers higher security including with physical security, adds unique and exceptional controls to each sent email, and is also the only service that works with your current email address. 

That is, EPRIVO is not a new private email account provider, but rather it is a security service that privatizes your existing email addresses. It is the only service that can do that. Also, EPRIVO works on all platforms, integrates with 3-rd party email clients, and enables sending confidential emails even to non-EPRIVO users that can read it through the EPRIVO Private Email Viewer on the web.  
EPRIVO also provides unique sender privacy control and confidentiality for any existing emails, from any account, as well as future emails. EPRIVO's technology is patented with multiple issued patents. Since it is steps ahead of simple encrypted email services, you have numerous reasons you may consider to switch to EPRIVO. 

How Does EPRIVO Provide Private or Encrypted Emails?

The different methods used by EPRIVO to provide a secure email service have been listed in this section. These methods and techniques are as follows:

Total Control to the User

Cool. When using EPRIVO, the users have the ultimate control over their data, and no one else. The users have two-way authentication to have a secured area and then, most importantly, the appropriate privacy controls which protect your data and, in a way, maintain ownership even in recipients' devices. 

These controls are added at the time you compose emails or by operating on sent emails. For example, you can make your emails vanish in no time by recalling them, even after you have posted those emails. You can expire them. You can control viewing. You can manage even that subject line and FROM address disappears after a specific time. You can also do that with all email metadata.

Shattered Storage of User Data

When you use any email service, your email content, as well as your other data, is stored with the email service provider and they have access to it. That is often where the data breach takes place. All encrypted email services beyond EPRIVO store your data.  However, when you use EPRIVO, the data is never saved with EPRIVO; EPRIVO is not a hosting email service. 

It is instead saved on your email carrier(s) clouds and that too in an encrypted and shattered form. The content of the email is protected using algorithms so that your complete data is never entirely at the same place, even if it is in encrypted form (EPRIVO physical separation).

Features of EPRIVO Private Email Service

The different elements of EPRIVO make it one of the best private email security service providers you can use and the best if you want to use your existing email address with no new email account needed.

Here are the different features of EPRIVO Private Email Software:

1. Physical as well as Digital Security

The EPRIVO private email services are highly conscious about the security of the emails, and hence they allow you to retain one email address and store the data in an encrypted form over different providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc. 
This way, none of your data is exclusive with a single organization, even in an encrypted format. It also means that authentication relies on multiple OATH access tokens or passwords, making it hard to access your emails even with a compromised password. This is a pioneering feature if EPRIVO.

2. Privatization of Emails

When using EPRIVO, you can use it privatize the emails at your will. You can send a private email which can destroy itself once read after it has been received at the other end. 
You can control the emails sent by you on the devices of the recipients as well, which makes you the ultimate commander of your data. You can look at EPRIVO as privatized email service vs. private email account service.

3. No Security Losses

While using EPRIVO, you can always control who gets access to your emails. For example, the two-factor authentication feature confirms your identity twice before even you can read your emails. Also, users can send emails based on time expiration. 
This means that the person at the other end is prevented from reaching out to the email beyond a specific time; the email will expire automatically after a fixed time. Also, you can control if your email would be forwarded or not by sending a no forwarding email whenever required. 

You can control viewing, including enabling single view emails. You can even manage metadata. For example, you can set that the metadata disappears after email first opened.  

4. Wide Range of Usage

The usage of EPRIVO services is diverse as you can send emails using iPhone or iPad or even Mac OS and Windows. Windows version is projected for early July 2019.  Also, you can send private or public email based on the degree of the security required. EPRIVO tells you how sensitive a public email is and you can privatize it. 

Also, you have control in cloud storage as well, e.g., erasing emails. Further, you can send emails to non EPRIVO users who will receive a web-code to access email with the EPRIVO web viewer.

These were some of the best features which you can get using the EPRIVO private email account software. However, with further developments, this is expected to increase multiple times. EPRIVO published blogs about these features for interested readers.

Platforms Supported by EPRIVO

The EPRIVO Private Email Software is easily accessible to a large number of users across various platforms. The different platforms on which you can use the EPRIVO email privacy services are given below:
  • Mac OS
  • All versions of iPads, iPhones
  • All Android devices
  • Microsoft Windows Computers
As per the latest information provided by EPRIVO, it will soon be available for Windows Phones and Linux. Until then, these users may be able to use the EPRIVO Private Email viewer on the web that is launched in June 2019. 

Different Plans of EPRIVO

As mentioned earlier in this article, the EPRIVO services are not free of cost to use, and the users have to pay for the services they use (unless veterans or meeting other conditions as mentioned). 

This is required because security is a costly affair, and you cannot expect the company to bear all your expenses and provide quality assurance at the same time. Nevertheless, EPRIVO plans seem to be the most affordable, costing from less than a dollar a month. 

The following plans are available at present:

Individual Plan

This plan is valid for a single user and has a lot of significant features unlocked by default. The following are the benefits for Individual plan holders:
  • One-time view
  • No-forwarding
  • Privatized sender
  • Time-based expiration
  • Privatize non-EPRIVO emails 
  • Privatized subject
  • Recall/expire anytime

Family Plan

This plan is valid for up to 5 users, as is the case for a family and has a lot of significant features unlocked by default. The following are the benefits for Family plan holders:
  • One-time view
  • No-forwarding
  • Privatized sender
  • Time-based expiration
  • Privatize non-EPRIVO emails 
  • Privatized subject
  • Recall/expire anytime

Celebrity Gold

This plan comes with additional features apart from those in the individual plan. This can be seen as an extension of own plan as it has only one user support. The other features supported are:
  • Privatized metadata
  • Prepaid invitations – The Invitees will receive 1-year free subscription.
  • Dedicated phone support

Celebrity Platinum

This plan comes with additional features apart from those in the family plan. This can be seen as an extension of the family plan as it has up to 10 users' support. The additional features supported are:

  • Privatized metadata
  • Prepaid invitations – Any Invitees will receive 1-year free subscription.
  • Dedicated phone support


This was a comprehensive review of EPRIVO private email service using which you can secure your email communications whether you're an individual or a family or even a celebrity. EPRIVO's features are highly innovative, and we are confident you will enjoy using their services. EPRIVO positions itself at the front-end of privacy and security innovations for the consumer.
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Tuneskit iOS System Recovery for Windows Review: Easily Repair iOS Issues

Posted by Madhu Gupta
So many technological devices surround we all, and these devices may also face some technical issues timely. However, we are capable of resolving some of the simple problems, but every time our knowledge is not sufficient to save our devices and everyone knows that these issues can't be ignored as they can harm our expensive systems. 

Here in this article, we shall talk about the iOS system problems and the hacks to resolve it. So readers, if you are an iOS user and want a bonafide and most importantly permanent solution for your problem then it's a must read for you all because I will give a detailed review of exclusive Tuneskit iOS System Recovery for Windows.

What is Tuneskit iOS System Recovery?

Tuneskit is derived from a kit of iTunes is a world-renowned software development company whose ultimate aim is to provide its users with best iTunes DRM removal solutions. Up till now, Tuneskit has successfully developed multiple DRM removal tools with advanced features including iOS system recovery, which can be used for personal use and is an excellent iOS repair tool for Mac and Windows. 

Now you can quickly fix all iOS system problems of iPad, iTouch, iPhone using this all in one recovery software with no data loss.

Capabilities of Tuneskit iOS System Recovery

If you are facing any common technical issue then with this iOS recovery tool, you can instantly fix it without visiting the Apple store or seeking help from Apple specialist. No need to bother for any bone of contention such as White Apple Logo, Recovery Mode, DFU Mode, Headphone Mode or annoying screen problems like Black screen, Boot Loop screen, Frozen screen, white screen, Blue screen, Locked screen and many more. 

This tool enables its users to easily protect their iOS devices from all types of failures, including Restore and iOS Update Failure. Apart from all these repairing options, it is also capable of downgrading your iOS to the previous version with ease. It is quite handy and helpful for all Mac and Windows people those who don't have time to visit service centers for every dolly issue. 

Prominent features of Tuneskit iOS System Recovery: It offers some domineering features which make it preferable among international users. 

1. Safe and Clean

Feel protected while using this well- tested tool because it knows how to secure your recovered data and also to repair devices without any loss in data. It ought to provide its customers 100% security by not transferring user's personal information beyond what is strictly necessary to complete their job. 

Thus, millions of users from more than 200 countries are happily using this tool to repair their systems without any hassles and still, it is massively growing to reach a large number of folks all over the earth with an increasing trend of 500+users and 1000+ downloads per day. For better online purchasing experience and to secure the transaction, they use FastSpring.

2. 24/7/365 Customer Support

Tuneskit working team is always ready to assist you in providing prompt solutions for your queries. Whether it is a business partnership, product problem, software upgrade or even a simple general inquiry feel free to ask anytime at anyplace as their customer care is devoted to helping you and you can continue with your work without any hindrance. 

3. Easy To Use

Besides, its fantastic performance it is quite easy to fix your device to reasonable condition with Tuneskit iOS recovery tool. No need to go through any complicated steps like other software which are present in the market. A simple man with no tech knowledge can also operate it without any bugs. 

Although it's straightforward to use, still if you stuck at any problem you may always seek help from step by step guides and tutorials that are available on its official website and for this, you only have to visit their official web page.

4. Refund Policy

Before using any such people think what if it didn't support my computer? Then I must tell you that after usage of 60 days if it doesn't satisfy, then you are eligible to request for a full refund if you are facing any technical issue which can't be resolved.

How to operate Tuneskit iOS System Recovery-  you have to walk through simple steps to make your work done but before this latest version of iTunes needs to be downloaded on your windows machine and should be strictly closed while you are on working mode.

Step #1 Firstly, download Tuneskit iOS system recovery software on your computer and then connect it to the iOS device via USB cable.
Step #2 Now, after clicking on the start button, you have to select between standard mode and advanced mode. Later, you need to answer a few questions about the device model and then click on 'Next,' and you will be directed to the next screen.

Note: It is recommended to choose Standard mode as it repairs your device without any loss in data. Select Advanced mode only if you can afford to lose your data and when the standard model doesn't work. Advanced mode is for some serious bugs like iPhone locked and iPhone disabled, but it erases the iOS data. 
Step #3 Download the firmware package matched to your device by clicking on the Download button.
Step #4 After the firmware is downloaded you are all set to repair your device, and for this, you have to click on the 'Repair' button, and then the program will automatically start to fix the problem.

Pricing details of Tuneskit iOS System Recovery

It is one of the most affordable tools suitable for all and which comes up with three licenses choose according to your needs.
Full-featured paid version for Windows

  1. Single License for $39.95
  2. Family License for $49.95
  3. Multi-user License for $69.95


So, this was the comprehensive review of Tuneskit iOS system recovery software in which we have tried to cover all the points. Its mind-boggling features make it worth its price. Try this ultimate tool for all iOS management, once to handle and protect your devices on your own.
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Monday, 24 June 2019

Top 7 Solar Power Banks of 2019

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Would you believe if we say that charging your gadgets is now possible just by using solar energy? To your surprise, yes, it is possible. This is not any imaginary thought, but it has become a reality with the use of solar power banks.

Without a doubt, such solar power bank in India is the coming future as they not only cut down your electricity bill, but they also are much needed to keep the environment clean and greener.

7 Best Solar Power Banks {Latest 2019}

Here we have listed down some of the best solar power banks that can be relied upon for your consideration.

1. FEELLE Solar Power Bank

This is one of the best solar power banks that you can use. It combines 4 high-performing solar panels to offer the best solar charging facility to the users. Moreover, it also has an incredible battery life which can be used to charge a device 12+ times without any hassles.
To save the user's time, this solar power bank can be fully charged just within 30-hours under the sun. It is the high-class performance of this solar power bank that set it apart from the other available power banks.

It is made using plastic and synthetic leather, which makes it a durable and long-lasting product. It also comes with LED flashlight, which is also charged with the help of solar panels. It is the product which combines efficiency with performance in the best possible manner.


  1. High-performing
  2. Durable
  3. Long-lasting charging for devices
  4. Energy-efficient
  5. Gets easily charged

2. ADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank

With just 3 solar panels, this solar power bank is the other best solar power banks available in the market. It can get fully charged under the sun within the time of 30-hours and in return can cost an average device for 10 times. This is an excellent performance offered by a solar power bank to the users.
It has been designed to be a waterproof model which prevents any possible damage from the external conditions. Along with this, it is designed with high-quality plastic and leather which enhances the durability of this power bank.

It also consists of an LED light which can be operated in 3 modes for the convenience of the users. It combines the best of design and high-class charging capability to stand distinguished than the other options.

  1. Waterproof design
  2. 3 solar panels
  3. Quick charging under sunlight
  4. 10-times charging of devices

3. Hiluckey Portable Solar Charger

Next on the list is this fantastic solar power bank which has been designed by keeping perfection in mind. It is an entirely waterproof model which offers effective performance to the users under all weather conditions.
It requires 35-50 hours under the sun for getting ultimately charged to be used. After the complete charging, it can be used to charge various devices for 8+ times. The only thing that bothers in this model is that its wall charging is slow.

However, the excellent point about this solar power bank is that it is compatible with most of the devices. It also contains an LED light which can be operated in 3 different modes. This device offers the perfect combination of looks and efficient performance, which is an extraordinary offering to the users.

  1. Waterproof 
  2. High compatibility
  3. Contains an LED light
  4. Quick device charging
  5. High durability

4. RavPower Solar Charger

Though this solar power bank is quite simple in its looks, it is highly durable and reliable in terms of its performance and efficiency. It is one quality product on which you can rely for long time usage without facing any hassles.
This device needs 85-hours to get wholly charged under the sun and thus in return offers 7-times of device charging. It assures the users that it can easily and quickly charge the devices without any hassles.

The quality of the material of this solar power bank is durable and reliable. It offers its users with a firm yet gentle grip which allows them to get a soft hold of this solar power bank. To complete its benefits, it is also waterproof and dustproof.

  1. Quickly charge the devices
  2. Durable and reliable
  3. Offers strong yet gentle grip
  4. High-quality material

5. OUTXE Rugged Solar Charger

To begin with, this product is very durable and secure, and this is the preferred choice of the users who are looking for a solar power bank for the long term use. Further, it is designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, which enhances its performance in all types of situations and conditions.
It needs to be placed under the sun for 70-hours to get ultimately charged. Later, it can be used for charging the devices for 4+ times without any interruptions. It also comes with a flashlight for enhancing the convenience of the users' access.

The outer body of this power bank is made using rubber and plastic. Thanks to the available ridges, it offers a smooth grip to the users. It is designed to have fortified edges, which reduces the risk of damage in case of falling.

  1. Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
  2. Highly durability
  3. Quick charging
  4. Offers smooth grip

6. BEARTWO Portable Solar Charger

If you are looking for a light solar charger, then this can be your preferred choice. To attract several users, it is designed to be durable so that it can last for the maximum amount of time.
The users are given an additional carabiner with this solar bank so that they can get ease in hanging this device. 
Along with this, it offers a swift wall charging to the users. You will also be impressed with its ability to charge the average device for 4-5 times without any hassles.

Thanks to the available flashlight available in this device, it can offer the needed convenience to the users to operate it under dim light situations. It is designed with high-quality material and is also made waterproof in its design. Its robust design makes it fit to withstand all the accidents without any fear.

  1. Waterproof design
  2. High-quality material
  3. Fast wall charging
  4. Comes with additional carabiner
  5. Can withstand various accidents

7. Anker Dual USB Solar Phone Charger

This solar power bank is the best choice for charging your smartphones quickly and conveniently. You can entirely rely on the durability of this power bank as it is designed to last for long.
The distinguishing feature of this device is that it comes with a versatile mat which contours according to the position of the sun. 
This helps this solar power bank to get wholly charged fast. Along with this, it can also offer quick device charging without any difficulties.

It offers 2 USB ports to the users so that they can use this device with any of the devices of their choice. Coming from a known brand, it is also compatible with most of the devices and thus reduces the complications for the users.

The users are also given a warranty of 18-months with this device against the possible problems that they might face.

  1. Waterproof design
  2. Offers 2 USB ports
  3. High compatibility
  4. Self-adjustment according to the sun's position


These are some of the most efficient power banks in India which are designed to offer maximum efficiency to the users. Though you can choose any of the mentioned options, we would like to recommend buying FEELLE Solar Power Bank. 

This solar power bank gets quickly charged under the sun and can also be efficiently used for charging the devices several times.

If you need any information about the solar power bank, then please comment below. We will offer you with the best information available so that you can make the most suitable decision of buying the best solar power bank.
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Friday, 21 June 2019

6 Link Building Tactics That Work in 2019

Posted by Madhu Gupta
There is no denying that anyone who has a website wants to be ranked. Because the rank of your website is indicative of how Google’s algorithm reads your website in comparison to others, there is no room for error when it comes to your site design, SEO strategy, and use of links. 
Google has made it publicly known that the most critical factor when it comes to evaluating your website is the use of appropriate links. So, how does one go about building links on their website without making them appear spammy, out of place, or crawl inappropriately? This article will provide everything you need to know about building effective link tactics that work! 

Understand and Follow Google’s Link Rules

Not every link is created equal, which is why it is so essential to understand how Google evaluates links. One of the biggest no-no’s to having links on your site is the excessive amounts of reciprocal links that fail to provide any value. Such links come across as spammy and can get you penalized. 

There are many nuances to Google Link Rules, which is why it is critical to becoming aware of how your website stacks up in comparison to using white hat techniques versus black hat techniques. There are resources online that can help you identify how your website can be improved to achieve a better rank.

Guest Posting

One of the best ways to generate traffic to your website is to guest post on another site or offer a reciprocal link to another blog that is in your niche. Guest posting is favorite because it provides you with an opportunity to reach a diverse population for a modest investment of time and patience. 

So, what exactly is guest posting? Guest posting is more than just writing an article and sending it off to another website owner to post. The content must be useful, relevant, and well written or your efforts will be ineffective. One of the most important things to remember when guest posting is to avoid the overuse of keywords. 

Now that you understand why guest posting is essential, you may wonder how you can go about creating useful, relevant, and helpful content for guest posting opportunities. What do you do if writing guest posts are not your area of expertise, but you have a goal of doing whatever it takes to achieve a high Google ranking status? The creation of guest posting material is not for everyone, which is why Love To Link is a great resource. 

Fix Dead Backlinks

Building a website with helpful links is not for the faint of heart. It takes diligence, time, and attention to detail to maintain your website. One of the biggest mistakes that website owners make is that they do not go through old posts and update dead backlinks. 

Use resources such as Wikigrabber or an LJR tool to help you identify dead backlinks. Be sure to redirect the dead backlinks to another relevant page, otherwise, it will go to an error page which can deter a visitor from sticking around to view your content.

Avoid Black Hat Techniques

It can be tempting to want to use black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing or using private link networks, but doing so is considered unethical in the industry. Not to mention that by using black hat techniques, you can easily find yourself slapped with a penalty  While it takes much more effort, white hat techniques, such as creating great content is the best way to get ahead.

Be Open to Learning from Others

One of the best ways to have success in your SEO strategy is to have an open mind, build relationships, and learn from others. The SEO industry is collaborative, and many want to help one another succeed. It is in your best interest to be cordial, professional, and build relationships with your online peers to create an excellent online reputation. Doing so will help you earn backlinks without having to ask for them.  

Make Use of Link Building Tools

There is no better way to create links than to do it! However, before you set off to create links that will help your website rank, it is essential to conduct a link audit. Link audits became imperative when Google Penguin updates were rolled out. A link audit will provide you with helpful information as to which links to keep and which to discard right away. 

The reason that this is a critical tactic to your success is that Google Penguin is constantly checking links on websites in real time. Avoid being penalized and use link building tools to help you rid your site of wrong links today!
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Indian Rupee Evolution Forecast Against Pound

Posted by Madhu Gupta
On the part of direct foreign investment, India for the 1st time surpassed China, though this did not raise concerns over the longer-term outlook of the Indian economy.

The better than expected UK trade data however restored trust to the pound.
As confidence in the sterling was continually lost, the pound also tended to lose its earlier gains against the rupee. This was as a result of the rapid drop in the results of the United Kingdom’s manufacturing and industrial production. The pound furthermore lost its appeal due to continued cautionary actions of property trading fund companies.

The most popular United Kingdom Pound exchange rate is the GBP to EUR rate, while for the Indian Rupee its popular exchange rate is from USD to INR.

After significant decline was crowned over the pound, the rupee has been the relatively stable option to most of its peers today. The rupee has still been uplifted by a recent report of the US regarding its economic prospects; this comes even after the increase in the price of crude oil which is a beneficial commodity day in day out.

In the recent past, the pound was exchanging at 88.75 against Indian Rupee.

From the review of the UK property funds that started a while ago, no hour has passed without a suspension being announced. So serious is the situation that recently, a fund that manages assets had to close the door to investors who wanted to withdraw because the pound was losing ground at an alarming rate. Investors are too jittery to look at the INR to GBP evolution chart.

The battle for the leadership of the conservative party will only make matters worse for pound. A further fall cannot be avoided.

The live currency exchange rates are as shown below:





Central Bank Rates
















The forex rates that were revised on 29th of April 2019; Indian rupee to the pound was stated at 0.011.

The live interbank INR-EUR spot rate is stated at 0.013 today, while the Indian rupee to US dollar exchange rate is stated at 0.014, are the interbank prices that will require a margin from your bank.

Foreign exchange brokers at this moment can save up to 5% 0n international payments as compared to the banks. The importance of following strictly following the foreign exchange movements is that as a trader or person of interest in the interest trade, it could save you a fortune if you sell or purchase the currency at the right time. Selling at the right time will make you rich. A lot of novices rarely keep an eye on the small differences.

The current sentiment levels have indicated a very visible weakening on the near-term economic outlook of the pound, but the bank of England has portrayed a readiness to respond to it.

A month’s result must be broken down with care, and much will rely on how the confidence levels grow.
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