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Sunday, 28 August 2016

14 Most Popular Youtube Tips & Tricks One Must Try

Posted by Rahul Gupta
YouTube, the first thing that strikes our mind when we think of videos. Though there are other official video sites, it is rated as the top most. As it has created a belief in us, that assures the availability of every video that humankind ever needs. It has one of the biggest libraries in the world and is a great place to find any video, which made it one of the most popular sites.
Youtube Tips & Tricks
But, besides allowing us to view, share, upload videos, it has some flabbergasting hidden features that make it the unique video giant that it is today. So here I am with some of the cool tips and tricks that most of us aren’t aware of, to help us have fun on YouTube.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Firstly, moving on with the keyboard, YouTube facilitates several shortcuts that help you navigate through the video as easy as pie. Here are the keys followed by their functionality.

J: - This rewinds the video for ten seconds
K: - Stop\resume the video
L: - To fast forward the video by ten seconds
M: - Mute the audio of video
Shit +N: - Skips to the next video
Shift +P: - Recedes to the previous video

<->: - Rewind/Fast-forward the video by five seconds
Up/Down Arrow Keys: - Controls the volume

2. Skip Particular Time

If you want to skip to a particular time in the video you are watching, type this in the address bar beside your video link without any spaces ‘#t=1m50s’. 

For Example This starts the video from 1 minute 50 seconds.

3. For Keyboard Nerds

If you feel bone-idle to work with a mouse, I bet this feature is just for you.

Type ‘’ in the address bar. This takes you to the other side of the video giant, where you can make your keyboard act as a navigator. So, you can surf through the videos using the arrows, search using the ‘s’ key, etc. If you go into standard mode, you can use the keys mentioned above (j,k,l etc.) to navigate through the video.

4. Downloading A Video

Download!! The absence of this feature frustrates many people and forces them to download certain software (like YTD) to download videos that aren’t available offline. So to save all this crap, I suggest you do this thing.

If you feel to download a video you are watching, go to address bar and type ‘ss’ or ‘kiss’ before YouTube. 

For example '' or ''. It takes you to their respective websites where you can download the video you are watching.

5. Audio From Video

Another common problem that most of us encounter is, downloading an audio (music) file from a website. Well, the search ends here. As we are familiar with the fact that YouTube has one of the biggest libraries, search for your music file in YouTube. 

Once you have got the video, copy the video URL and go to ‘’ paste the video link in it, select download and wait for the file to download. Don't worry, only the mp3 format gets downloaded and not the video. There you go, you got your music file. 

6. Loop

We, sometimes, feel the urge to watch a video again and again. At that time, it would be difficult to seek it again to start or reload the page. Now, the trend has changed. YouTube has developed an innovative feature called loop, which repeats the video on loop indefinitely. All you have to do is right click on the video you are watching and check on the option ‘loop.'

7. Skip buffering

You have a slow connection. As a result, the video gets frequently paused, the first word that comes out of our mouth is “oh shit! It’s buffering again”. This often happens when the video is in high resolution. Changing resolution during that point would consume more time. To save that, I insinuate to do this (if the resolution isn’t important to you). 

Go to address bar type ‘‘ now check ‘I have a slow connection, never play high-quality videos’ and it’s done.

8. Harlem Shake

Every one of us must have heard of Harlem Shake, aren’t we? Not only us, but even YouTube is also familiar with it. Type 'do the Harlem shake' in the YouTube search bar and watch it dancing according to music being played automatically in the background.

9. Trick Your Friends

If you want to make your friend a nincompoop, type ‘use the force Luke’ in the YouTube’s search box. This shifts the screen side to side following the movements of your mouse. But just don’t do it for too long as it makes you feel dizzy.

10. Video to GIF

We all must be acquainted with the gif images that we post on Facebook while chatting. Know what? You can create on too.  While watching a video, type ‘gif’ in front of ‘YouTube’ in an address bar. For example and it will lead you to a web page where you can create gif images from the video you are watching.

11. Floating Video

While you are busy with your work on a website, but, you also want to watch a video desperately, fear not chrome’s to the rescue. All you need to do is to install an extension. The procedure is as follows.

In Google Chrome, go to settings>extension>more extensions Search for floating YouTube player. You’ll get both app and extension. Install the extension followed by the app. An icon will appear as extension beside the address bar. Now go to YouTube, browse for your video. While watching it click on the extension icon. This creates floating video.

Hold ‘+’ on the keyboard and use the mouse to drag the floating video to your required position. Now continue with your work while watching the video.

12. Get/Identify The Background Music

While looking at an individual video, if you come across some melodious snippet of music and, we know nothing about it. Don’t get despondent, here’s the alternative. Copy the video link. Go to ‘’ paste the link and allow it to identify the background music track of YouTube videos.

13. Doge Meme

Black and red, oh yeah blue sometimes are the only colors that strike our minds when we think of YouTube. But, not after this. To make it look colorful, type ‘doge meme’ in the YouTube’s search bar. Now watch the fun.

14. Test Tube

If you are a person of inquisitiveness and always curious to know more about YouTube, here’s the source for you people. At the bottom of the YouTube page, you will find a link written as ‘try something new'. Click on it, OR, go to the address bar type ‘’. It takes you to their developer page where you can get access to entire information, and you can also get to know in advance what kind of features are going to be implemented.

Final Notes

So, there are the top tips and tricks to help you extract most out of YouTube and have fun with it. Hope you enjoyed the article.
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[6 Solutions] How To Fix Error 20 On iPhone or iPad

Posted by Rahul Gupta
While exploring your iPhone or iPad and playing with it, many times you come across the errors that will blow up your mind while finding its solution. At last, you end up stumbling upon an unusual solution which won’t work.

Error 20 is one of them which occur while restoring files to your iPad from iTunes. This error shows that your device is not connecting to Apple server.

Fix Error 20 on iPhone or iPad
It indicates that backup has been interrupted or corrupted or is not compatible with your iPad/ Apple device.

Here few solutions are given which can help you to get rid of this error. You just need to put an effort to read the following steps, and you can get free from such issues.

Solution #1

There are some primary steps to be followed given below to fix this issue.
  • Firstly, launch iTunes, and then make the connection to your iPhone with PC. Make the connection properly to ensure that your device is properly connected. If the phone is not plugged in correctly, there are chances of an error being generated. 
  • On opening iTunes, you can easily see the list of available backups in iTunes. Now check for your device option in the navigation bar of iTunes, right-click on it and choose “restore from backup” option. It's just to ensure that the device we are looking for is listed. This step is not for restoring, but it ensures that your backup is available. 
  • Now, press sleep/wake button and home button together and hold it for at least 10 seconds, until you see your screen going black. 
  • Continue pressing (holding) home button but release the power button. 
  • Now keep holding the home button until this message pop-ups "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes" pops up in iTunes. 
  • After that click on Restore button to restore the core OS. As you have already downloaded iOS on your PC, it will automatically restore the last version you had. 
  • Now after this, right click on the device from the navigation bar of iTunes and choose “Restore from backup” option and now choose your backup that you want to restore. 
  • Now this will restore your backup without this error. 
  • While this process is going on, your device may reboot many times, but there is nothing to worry, it’s normal.

Solution #2 The Third Party Blocking

  • Programs like anti-virus software can be proved as a hindrance to your restoring process and prevents it from taking place. It thwarts the connection between your computer and Apple server. 
  • So check your third party programs and ensure that it is not blocking your iTunes connected to the Apple server in any way.

Solution #3 Checking Your USB Port

  • There might be some problem due to the USB port which you are using. Faulty USB can also lead to an error 20. 
  • I insist you check your USB port and see if it is defective.
  • If it is faulty, simply unplug your USB cable from the current port and connect it to the fine proper differ port.

Solution #4 Check Your USB Cable

  • Now even after changing a port, there is still an error persisting, I would suggest you check your USB cable this time and not a port. Faulty USB cable is also one of the reasons for error 20. 
  • Ensure that the USB cable that you are using is damage free and of proper shape. 
  • Make sure that the pins of USB are appropriate and have not bent or broken. Otherwise, serial communication will not take place properly.  
  • If you find it faulty or unsuitable, replace it.

Solution #5 Check Backup Files for Fault

  • Now even after doing all these you are still facing the error then the backup files that you are trying to restore could have any problem or could be damaged. 
  • Some content might be missing, or your device may face any software issues. Even these can be the reasons for error 20. 
  • If this is the case, just enable the transfer system log to the computer, select option iBackupbot & launch it.
  • Now select iBackupbot>>View>>Options. 
  • Select a folder to store system log files on “system log folder” option which may already be existing on your PC. 
  • Now, you connect your iPhone/iPad till your device appears on iBackupBot. 
  • Then, go to Tools and select “System Log” under your device name which will generate a new log file and transfer system log.

Solution #6 Contact Apple Support

Still, if you are not able to resolve the error then contact Apple support or visit the nearby store.

These are the solutions to remove error 20 in iPad/iPhone which will help you to solve problems related to it. Different problems have a different solution and for each of the possible issues and consequences, its corresponding solutions are presented.
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Friday, 26 August 2016

[3 Methods] How to Solve Rats WebGL Hit A Snag Error

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Ever Wondered Why you get a Sudden message in the status bar on Google Chrome saying “Rats! WebGL hit a snag”?
What’s this all about?...Pheww..

Rats Webgl Hit A Snag Error
This Error Message is due to WebGL. So first let us get to know about WebGL.

What is WebGL?

Web Graphics Library also known as the “WebGL” is a Javascript API which Renders interactive 3D computer graphics and Graphics(2D) on any web browser that is Compatible without needing any plug-ins or add-ons.

The Computer’s GPU or also known as Graphics Processing Unit helps the execution of the Javascript which has all the webGL program Codes.

The Group popularly known as the “Khronos Group designs and maintains WebGL, and it is a non-profit group, situated in Beaverton, Oregon (USA).

Usage of WebGL

WebGL acts as a thin sheet of cloth around OpenGL which is a used for drawing 2D graphics (Low-Level Library). It helps in pushing data to the GPU, and execution of the specialized code on the GPU itself.

WebGL is the easy and best way to bring 3D graphics and also 2D everywhere. Once written, it can run Everywhere.

WebGL apart from used in 3D wed design and gaming, it also has amazed scientists for research and scientific works.A book named “Cellular Automata” have used this technology to simulate Debris flow.

Did you know? NASA, Yes “NASA” developed an interactive web application called experience curiosity to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the famous Curiosity rover landing on Mars.

How to Fix Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag

Sometimes when using WebGL we have an error about site crashing and telling us that WebGL is not supported. You will come across an error message saying “Rats! WebGL hit a snag” while surfing on Chrome browser.

Even if we try to Reload the web page or try to go to another one, the message reappears. In fact, we get an error message every time browser try to access WebGL.

Note: - This error message does not indicate continuous errors but appears whenever someone is trying to make constant attempts to use WebGL.

Fix #1 Disabling Hardware Accelerated Graphics in Chrome

We can fix this problem by disabling hardware accelerated graphics from the settings in google chrome. Follow the steps mentioned below.
  1. Navigate to chrome://settings>>show advanced settings. 
  2. There you can see an option “use hardware acceleration when available”. 
  3. Uncheck it and Restart your browser to make the changes live.

Fix #2

  • Go to chrome://flags. Search for the option "Disable WebGL.
  • Enable this option and restart your browser.
It is very unlikely that your problem still Persist But if  you encounter this error then there is another way to tackle it.

Fix #3

  • Navigate to Chrome://GPU. 
  • Here under the Problems detected heading, Check for any unusual red warnings, as I have shown in the picture below.
Chrome GPU
By this, you can figure out what the problem is, and what exactly is making that error message pop. But as I said earlier Fix 1 & 2 would work for you like a Charm.
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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wifi Analyzer: Protect & Monitor Your Network Connection

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There are thousands of network and Wi-Fi apps in the store that makes us go gaga before using them, but as soon as we get our hands on them, they quickly succeed to disappoint us.  
WiFi Analyzer - Home Wifi Alert
But the one I’ve discovered recently would be the best network analyzer and monitoring software, and apart from being a powerful app, it does exactly what it means to. The app’s name is Home Wifi Alert -WiFi Analyser and it is a pretty simple but smart app with dozens of network related tools for home connection and much more. So without any further talking, let’s start the review of this exceptionally remarkable application. 


As the name suggests, Wifi Analyzer lets you monitor and analyze your home, personal or any other network for various security reasons and enhancements. It packs dozens of essential system tools which keeps you informed with of your Wi-Fi connection, the number of devices connected, and what’s connected to it, and every detail for the network speeds, connection strength, and much more. Whether you want to enhance your connection or speed up your network speed with all the premium features, WiFi analyzer is always here for you. So, let’s dip into all the amazing features that it offers for the users.

Getting Started

Before you crave to monitor and evaluate your network details, you’ll need to download the WiFi Analyzer app from the Play Store. The app is free and support devices with Android 4.0.3 and up. 

With over half million downloads, this app is pretty great and offers various features that you can rely on. After the installation, the app greets you with a homepage containing all the necessary features that you the app provides. 

Netowork Scanning
The first thing you need is to scan for all the networks, and the app automatically displays the relevant information related to the network. Also, the app has inbuilt IP tools, augmented flow graphs and strengths of the networks according to the application. The scanning process only takes few seconds, and you’re all ready to rock. You can also monitor all the latest activities in your network, and how many devices are connected to it.


Frankly speaking, the app offers more than you can expect from a free version. The AP (Articulation Points) graph is very useful when you need to scan and verify the speed of your network connection. The app is compatible to test out the speed for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks. 
The interface is very plain and looks more of an informative open source application. It is crafted in such a way that it could be used by anyone, from a simple user to a network administrator. The menu has other options which contain about and help sections for the users. Integrated Speed Test allows you to check the network speed. So, you don’t need to install other apps such as OOKLA Speed test. You can also view the Mac Address, IP Addresses and the number of devices connected to the network.
Speed test Result
Moreover, if you’re concerned with enhancing the speed of your system, then the app allows you to view the surrounding networks and the channels.  The app will also display surrounding networks and the channels that they’re sending out signals on. So, you can easily choose the best channel on which your network could work on. It is fairly an excellent way of increasing the speed.

Best Feature

The thing I liked the most about the app is the block feature. It often comes in handy when you need to stop a device from using your network to access the internet. You can quickly detect the device which is using your network. It is mainly for the networks which have weak passwords. Otherwise, you can also change your network key.

Pro Version

The tool is free to use but contains ads as a source of revenue, and everyone knows how irritating these ads are on your smartphones, popping at weird times. Nonetheless, you can purchase the pro version of Wifi Analyzer for a price of $0.99.


  • Dozens of Network Tools like AP Scan and Graph. 
  • Simple UI & Fast Access to Features. 
  • Block Devices from the app.
  • Integrated Speed Test.


  • Sometimes during the scanning process, the app tends to crash on my Tablet, but I presume that’s the device problem. So, please let me know if you’re having such trouble or not.


Wifi Analyzer – Home Wifi Alert is a beastly version of typical network scanner and analyzer. You can use all the offered features to increase the speed of your connection. So, if you have a home network connection, then this is a good app to gain the full control over your network. Cheers!
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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Top 14 Resources to Check DNS Propagation of Your Website

Posted by Rahul Gupta
DNS or the Domain Name Server is the system that converts alphabetical addresses on the internet to numerical IP addresses. With the help of DNS, long URL addresses are changed into digits which are easier and faster to manipulate in the world of computers

Whenever you are changing the web hosting from one host to another, you have to change old domain DNS records necessarily as the old values will be obsolete. When you change your domain’s DNS from parent domain registrar to another hosting, your new records will be in effect after a certain time. This is called DNS propagation where the change in DNS records upon a change in the host is updated. The DNS propagation is dependent on your ISP and many other factors.

Websites to Check DNS Propagation
Before updating the contents of your website, you must verify if DNS propagation has been implemented or not on your domain. Although it might appear like a cumbersome task, it is pretty easy with some free tools that help you check DNS propagation. Here are 14 Websites to check DNS spread of your website.

1. View DNS

View DNS shows the IP address from the places it collects data. You can check the DNS spread of up to 19 servers. You just have to enter the domain name and wait for the results. It shows much useful information such as the IP history checking, domain whois, traceroute, abuse contact lookup DNS report, Site up or down, ASN lookup, IP location finder, reverse DNS lookup, MAC address lookup, Ping testing, and much more. 

Different versions such as Developer, Professional, Business, Enterprise, are available at a paid price where you can enter more queries, and they will be answered.

2. Whats My DNS

This is yet another DNS propagation checking tool with which you can fetch records around the world using the 21 servers that function globally.  It has a very intuitive interface where the results are shown in the locations marked on the world map so that you can easily comprehend the data. You can search in the search bar given on the website, and the results start appearing once you hit the search button.

3. Ceipam DNS Lookup

Ceipam is a free DNS checker tool that comes from Camscape. You can check the DNS propagation with up to 17 servers with record names A, MX, NS, SPF, and TXT. You have to enter the hostname and record type. You can also choose the Nameservers to be queried. DNS Lookup checks DNS records associated with many name servers such as Google, OpenDNS, RDS, Vodafone, UPC, NTT, Hostnet and others.

4. DNS Checker

DNS Checker checks record from over 24 location servers. You can check names with A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, PTR and TXT records. DNS Checker shows the results marked on a world map with red and green color codes to show if DNS propagation was successful at a particular place or not.

5. DNS Sniffer

DNS Sniffer is easy to use web site that is an excellent DNS propagation checker tool. You can check domain DNS records and much other useful information like NS, A, AAAA and WWW records. Added to this, there are other utilities like MX Lookup, Email test, Blacklist Lookup, IP location finder, Whois, Heartbleed, Ping test and much more. DNS Sniffer app is also available on Google Play.

6. Nexcess

Nexcess shows the DNS Propagation results including the OP addresses of the servers from which it has received the information. You can check DNS Propagation of up to 22 servers worldwide.  It also shows other information like A, AAAA, MX, TXT and SOA records of any checked website.

7. Site24x7

Site24x7 is a DNS propagation checker tools with a lot of other added utilities. You can test the availability of a particular site globally. It assists you in checking details regarding the accessibility of your site for visitors and customers from around the globe. You can resolve IP address of your domain, monitor SSL connection and perform numerous other functionalities with this site.

8. App Synthetic Monitor

App Synthetic Monitor is a tool with which you can check DNS propagation of your site by using the information from up to 90 different stations worldwide. It shows the IP address of the users. With App Synthetic Monitor, you can find Ping, domain name server analysis and traceroute of a website. The domain name server analyzer is useful in finding CNAME and A records of any domain. It also shows the response time of your website globally.

9. IntoDNS

IntoDNS is a great tool to check your site configuration and DNS propagation. Also, it is useful to monitor the health of your site and gives suggestions on improving the health with references to protocols’ official documentation. You can obtain the Parent reports, NS, SOA, MX and WWW records with this tool.

10. DNS Propagation Checker

This is a very simple tool with a primitive interface to query a list of internet servers and check whether they return the information regarding the hostname you are looking for. You can use it to when the changes made on the DNS have been updated using this tool by entering the IP address. DNS Propagation Checker is a completely free and open source initiative. 

11. Propagated Yet

This website is a simple tool for the very necessary task of checking DNS propagation of websites. It attends to your query using a simple yes or no answer. You can also change the settings in such a way that it informs you by an email whenever your domain pointed to a particular IP address or not. All you have to do is enter the domain and IP address and wait.

12. DNS Unlimited

DNS Unlimited is a straightforward and powerful tool with great features with which you can check DNS zones look up of your website across the globe with the number of servers. You can use it to find A, AAAA, MX, and CNAME records for your and any site you want to know. The results of checked website from Public Recursive and Authoritative Servers with IP address are shown.

13. DNS Check

This site is a fundamental one where you can find the necessary information about domains. You can monitor DNS zones of sites on multiple name servers around the world. It checks DNS records with four different servers globally from various places and also shows IP address of servers.


MMX TOOLBOX is a great tool with a lot of additional features required for a DNS propagation tool. The website has 31 featured tools to check information of sites. It lets you diagnose SMTP mail server, Site health, DNS lookup, Reverse lookup, A, CNAME, AAAA, MX records and comes with many other features. You can also avail the PRO version services. 

Final Notes

The DNS propagation checker tools will come handy if you recently configured domain from one host to another. Whenever a network has been modified, you must confirm DNS propagation without which whatever you post with the new domain will be invalid and not appearing on the website. So even if you just want to check records of any site, make the best use of the DNS propagation tools mentioned above.
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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Top 10 Online Forums & Discussion Portals for Bloggers

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Let’s admit it guys, being a blogger; internet marketer is not an easy job. On one hand, you have to manage all the posting stuff, SEO, marketing, as well as social media; And at the same time, you are still lurking here and there for proper keyword guides and valuable resources. 

Trust me, most of the amateurs and beginners struggle hard to share their blogging related issues, queries, and appropriate guidance. They often seek help from pro-bloggers and other community members. Well, there are solutions to everything, and fortunately, community forums are always here for people like us.

Online Forums & Discussion Portals
To help all the fellow bloggers, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 community forums for bloggers, SEO, internet marketing, and much more. They mostly benefit at both individual and society level. You’ll be them useful and can even discover more knowledge and promotional stuff too. So without any further talking, let’s start the list with the best and most renounced forums.

1. Warrior Forum

This Forum is one of the most known and popular forum amongst professional Internet marketers. It’s been successfully growing since 1997 and hosts more than 200,000 thousand active members and over 1 million posts and queries.

What one of the most surprising events occurred to me is when I logged on to the website, approximately 2,000 members were active at the exact moment. Even the response time on the site is fast enough with so many experts to help you with. 

Internet Marketing tricks, tips, and sufficiently descriptive threads on multiple topics to help you out. The membership is free, and you can start right now.

2. Digital Point Forum

Second, on the list, Digital Point Forum is the most reliable forum I’ve been using since past three weeks. It is the largest forum world with topics on each and every discussion. It’s like the heaven of information for all the tech savvy people or anyone who’s relying on the internet for their bread & butter.

The categories include Search Engines, Marketing threads, Businesses and much more. Moreover, there are various subcategories and topics to discuss on. A fully fledged forum with communities of pro-bloggers, internet marketers, SEO experts, programmers, website designers, developers, content writers, legal, enterprises and much more. 

Search engine threads for Google, Yahoo and other directories, affiliate marketing, PPC advertising, and other forums with subcategories HTML, Graphics, and Multimedia, Content Management, Programming, Site, and Server Administration, and Databases & Website Design too.

3. IndiBlogger

Who doesn’t know IndiBlogger? It is one of the most famous Indian blogging community and forum with over thousands of active users in the community and quality content article on the blog.

Another interesting thing about the IndiBlogger is that it contains discussions related to blogging only. Ask your queries, questions and share your information on Blog Promotion, Content Writing, Blog Designing, Tech Issues, Collaborations, Tutorials and other blogging experiences. It also hosts blogger events and meetups across various states. So, you could easily differentiate amongst the best ones quickly. 

4. ShoutMeLoud Forum

Well, who isn’t aware of all the success bloggers have gained, thanks to Shoutmeloud and Harsh Aggarwal. He’s been ruling the Indian blogging community from the earliest as I remember and has helped over thousands of bloggers around the world. The forum is but obvious dedicated to all the bloggers and internet marketers.

Most of the bloggers are known for the quality and guidance of articles on the blog, and the community forum is better for sure. The Alexa ranking of the website is 469 in India only. So, you can quickly judge the amount of traffic and users on the ShoutMeLoud Forum. Since most of the fellow bloggers are Indian, so you can easily interact with the users too. You can find the relevant piece of information and tutorials quickly in the threads and discussions. You can easily sign-up on the forum for free, and it benefits for blog promotions, marketing and much more.

5. SEO Chat Forum

As you can easily guess with the name, SEO chat forum most renounced forum for search engine optimization and other relevant topics specially curated for different niche bloggers.

With over 500,000 posts, threads, and tons of sub-divisions, SEO chat is a great online resource for marketers and learners. Google Optimization, Yahoo Crawling, Social Media Marketing, Niche Blogging, and much more.  It's free and you can also sign up for

your social media accounts or blog as well.  

6. MOZ Community Forum

Moz also hosts a community forum for all the daily readers blogging enthusiasts and much more. So you can understand how high-quality article is being circulated among the readers. It has more than 10K plus daily users and with quick response time and high traffic driving source.

Though it is a great forum, it works on a premium point basis. What you require is to earn at least 500 points to participate in the community discussions and threads, and you can also make these points from the Blog and YouMoz.  With the international rank of 1025, it is the most famous and trusted blogging resource for all the beginners and even the pros.

7. SitePoint Forum

SitePoint is quite a versatile forum with all the topics like HTML, CSS, Designing, Blogging and much more covered with simple and easy language for all the users

It also offers a premium membership with all the bonus features restricted to elite users only. 

8. 24*7 Forum

From Search Engine Optimization to the basics of Blog Setup, 24*7 Forum hosts the largest discussions and knowledge base for all the bloggers and marketers. It is a leading forum for topics related to Web Hosting, Domain Setup, WordPress Troubleshooting, and much more.

The forum is growing rapidly with many users posting and asking questions on a daily basis. Within few months only, the forum hosts various discussions related to blogging, affiliate marketing and reviews of different resources like Plugins, Online Tools and much more. You can sign up and register for free and start taking full benefit of all the information shared there.

9. Bloggeries Forum

Bloggeries is quite a famous and renounced forum for all the WordPress and BlogSpot Bloggers. The forum is known for its quick response time as the daily user stats are pretty good. A very helpful community if you’re new to the blogosphere, and you can get tons of relevant topics to get all the vital information.

10. Affilorama Forum

Last but not the least, Affilorama also hosts an affiliate marketing forum for all its readers and users. Learn more about SEO and information related to Yoast, Squirrly, Google and all the other necessary topics. A fully-fledged PPC discussion thread and much more. It has many remarkable secret tips and tricks related to PPC Marketing, Advertising and much more.

It packs expert users and marketing enthusiasts from all around the world. So, you can always find it reliable for valuable resources and a vast well of knowledge. 

So, this was it. You can visit every forum to choose which would suit you best. Just remember to ask anything without any hesitation.
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How to Create a Personal Website or an Online Store

Posted by Rahul Gupta
What are the simplest ways to create a website today? To answer the question, have a look at the review of two website builders used to create promo websites and online shops today.

Many Internet users need websites today. Some people use them to sell products, services and look for the potential clients, while others use sites to find these offers, useful information, and other purposes. Demand breeds supply. 

This is true when it concerns website building as well. In our case, this rule works in both directions, and its essence is quite understandable: the amount of people using the Internet these days keeps growing, which results in the increased demand for the advanced technologies and knowledge that can help avail the required result in the shortest time possible. This concerns both the sellers and the customers.

It is not surprising that demand for convenient website building tools keeps growing as well – just like the amount of offers provided by the developers of these platforms. There are, probably, no people, who have not heard anything about website builders today. 

There are many of these platforms – just have a look at some of them here. What is their essence? The role of a website builder is to let a newbie create a functional website in a couple of days.

Build Website
What website builder will work best for your project? Well, you can test all the available platforms to find that out. It’s not a problem nowadays. However, is there a simpler and a more efficient option suitable for all types of websites? Such options exist: these are uKit and uCoz.

What makes these two platforms unique? That’s very simple: uKit is an ideal website builder to create a small business website, while uCoz is a universal tool for all types of sites, including online shops, portals, blogs, forums and what not. What’s more, these two services are the best in their niche, so let us review each of them in detail.

uKit Website Builder

The website builder comes with a convenient and user-friendly visual editor that lets a newbie create a structure of the future site in less than half an hour. Simple tips will guide you through the whole process of setting up a site – from the beginning till the end. 
uKit Website Builder
uKit websites consist of blocks, the content, positioning and general look of which can be customized concerning your needs in the framework of the provided user options, which are versatile and multiple. Each block or widget is used to complete a particular task, be it a news informer (or a blog), a slider, a gallery, a contact form, a social media button block, a call back order form, a price list, online support, timer (for landing pages), headlines, articles and more. These are some of the elements you can make use of to create a modern and easy-to-browse website.
uKit positions itself as a friendly solution for business platforms. It offers a generous selection of appealing templates on different business topics. There is also a convenient preview option and an opportunity to select a template by the color scheme, category, popularity and other parameters. Each template is filled with industry-specific content. You can customize it concerning your needs and – voila! The website is almost ready!

Promotion of uKit websites is also quite convenient. There are fields to be filled with meta tags (SEO) as well as a unique tool, which lets a newbie understand whether the site is ready for further promotion or not.

If the site lacks something, you will be notified about that using special charts and recommendations. It goes without saying that you can set up Google Analytic to be aware of the detailed statistics of the website promotion process.

uKit comprises such features as simplicity, convenience, and beautiful functionality. It is a lovely choice for everyone, who needs a quality business website, promo website, portfolio or a landing page. High competitiveness of the platform is revealed through its price, which constitutes $48 per year. This does not include discounts and promo codes, which are quite widespread here.

Having purchased a plan, you will be able to set up the 2nd level domain of your own. Testing of the system is conducted for seven days and is then followed by the standard functioning of your website, which will have the uKit ad link in its footer, though. This means that you will be able to use the service free of charge, but it will come with some restrictions.

uKit is a perfect website builder for those, who don’t have any coding skills, web design experience, and other unique web building knowledge. 

What you get -  is an excellent and easy-to-use platform, which presents the web building process in the understandable and straightforward way.

uCoz Website Builder

This platform looks a bit more complicated for the newbies, but it offers more options to create professional websites. It comes with a modular structure, which means that separate setting blocks are used to adjust functional sections and site implementation features. These modules can be easily enabled/disabled, thus forming the dashboard you will need to complete your task. This is very convenient.   
Some module samples include a blog, a news section, an online shop, videos, games, a forum, advertising panel, etc. Each module comes with specific settings. Let’s say; you need a blog. To enable the module, you just need to add it and make it a home page.
uCoz web design settings are quite extensive as well. A rich choice of default templates is provided right from the start. You can edit them using coding options, upload your templates or design new ones in the special section.

What’s more, there is an incorporated template shop, where you can purchase the theme you need for your website at the affordable cost ($10-15). By the way, you can get the template as a bonus, having bought any plan, starting with the “Optimal” ($48 per year). Apart from that, you will also get the 2nd level domain as well as Google AdSense points. Frankly speaking, uCoz bonuses are treasured.  

One of the major uCoz features is an opportunity to use the platform for free. There is hardly a website builder that lets Free Plan users attach their domains. Although the ad banner will still be located in the corner of your site, in this case, other limitations will be absent: the only modules you won’t be able to use are those of an online shop and advanced SEO.

By the way, you can also use uCoz for free without any limitations if you have a non-commerce website (the one of a hospital, kindergarten, school, local administration, etc.). Just notify the technical support service about the type of your site to get the full version of the website builder activated for free.

Another benefit of the site builder is an opportunity for visually impaired users to create a website version in one click only. According to the new laws, such platforms are obliged to have unique site versions for this category of people. The implementation of this option is still technically complicated. As of today, uCoz offers only the enable/disable feature.

The most advanced application of such a powerful website builder as uCoz is the creation of online stores and portals. The options are unlimited here. For example, you will avail specific opportunities like synchronization of the website with 1C Business Management, Yandex.Market, CSV product upload/unload and even YML. 

uCoz comes with a luxurious complex of integrated tools for effective website promotion. Statistics section, budgets for contextual advertising, purchasing links, SEO, promo campaigns, etc. You can manage these tasks in no time within the system.

uCoz is a nice choice for the development of the major professional websites. It is moderately complicated. You can also create promo websites and landing pages here, of course, but if you need a small internet site, then it makes sense to use uKit. You will get the essence of the platform much quicker to complete the task on time. uCoz requires more attention and patience.

Final Verdict

We have reviewed two systems, the functionality and usability of which are enough to cater to the needs of two large groups of users: newbies without any experience, who need small websites to promote their services and businesses, and those, who are going to create large online shops, blogs, and portals. The first category of users will be satisfied with uKit. 

The second group, however, will get the most out of their businesses, considering each detail in the process of creation of their portals and online shops with uCoz.
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