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Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Only Guide You Need to Install Google Play On Kindle Fire

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Have you owned an Amazon Kindle Fire for reading various books and getting bored with such restrictions? want something interesting in your Kindle Fire? want to transform your Kindle into a regular Android tablet? If yes, and this interesting thing nothing but Google Playstore. Now think, if you can use Google Play on your Kindle Fire to access lots of stuff not only books but also Google Apps including Books, Music, Google Docs and much more.

Because Google Play store is the one-stop destination for all Android users, it provides thousands of apps in the single place so this is the major reason why people love Android so they can use Play store. So it is now possible to access the catalog of thousands of apps via Google Play on Amazon Kindle Fire all thanks to XDA Developer Forum

You're missing some daily-life usage apps like YouTube, Drive, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and other. Yeah I know that you only need Google Play Store to get all these apps, but the game is to install the Google Play on the Kindle Fire, that's the main thing you need to do on your device and its hardy take 5-6 minutes to get all this stuff done and after this you'll be able to install any Android app :)

Why you should install Google Play Services on Kindle Fire

You should use Google Play app in Kindle because it gives you access to the catalog of various Android applications as we told above, without Google Play you can access only a few books from the Amazon but after installing Playstore you can access any book moreover read them and even you can download Scribd books world's popular catalog of any kind book, it's also called The Netflix of Books, Scribd will offer you the various books documenrary to comic and motivational to fictional, so if you're not using Scribd give it a try you'll love it.

You can take more benefits of your Kindle Fire and make it a more usable device in your devices list. So today we're gonna show you how to install Google Play and Play Services on Amazon Kindle Fire or Fire HD 8 just follow this easy guide and you'll get Playstore on your Kindle.

Advantages of Installing Playstore on Kindle

Yes you'll get some advantages if you install Google Play it's like transforming your Kindle Fire in to and Regular Android tablet then you'll be able to play games and handle your social profile, you can watch Youtube, you can download the Google Chrome which would be the great alternative of the Stock Silk browser. If you're getting tired of using the default launcher of Kindle then you can download a new one and set up the new appearance. You can replace your stock File manager with another like Google File manager (highly recommended). You'll get all these advantages without rooting your Kindle device so there shall be no loss.

Install Google Play Store on Amazon Kindle Fire

It's just like flashing Gapps in a rooted Android device when you installing custom ROM. So you just need to follow these simple steps to install Google apps on Kindle Fire.

Step #1: Open your Kindle Fire, go to Settings and then tap on Security, now enable an option to install apps from Unknow sources (same as any Android device to install apps from external source.)

Step #2: Now open your browser and download the these 4 APK files (GAPPS) and save these APKs in your Kindle Fire.
Once you download all these above apk files now its time to install Playstore on Kindle Fire :D

Step #3: Now Open the file manager or Docs app from the app drawer

Step #5: Then go to LOCAL STORAGE

Step #4: Go to your Download folder

Step #5: Now you've downloaded the required files to install the all apk file in the following order
  1. Google_Account_Manager.apk
  2. Google_Services_Framework.apk
  3. Google_Play_Services.apk
  4. Google_Play_Store.apk

Step #6: After installing these 4 apk files now reboot your Kindle Fire.

Now there you should see the Google Play app, open it and start using just Sign in with your existing Google account or create a new one.

Now you can enjoy the thousands of free and paid apps in your Amazon Kindle Fire :D

Summing it up

So this is the super easy guide with simple steps to install Google Play store in the Amazon Kindle Fire. You can also follow this guide on Kindle Fire HD too the apk files are compatible with another version. If you want to uninstall the Play store or want revert back just uninstall the all 4 apk files and reboot your Kindle Fire. it will be removed. 

So If you having any trouble installing Playstore in Amazon Kindle then feel free to ask in comments and don't forget to share this guide on social media with others and stay tuned, more interesting guides are on the way.
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4 Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture for Your Work

Posted by Rahul Gupta
A lot of us who work on the internet as freelancers or full time professionals will understand the need for a good set of table and chair because we need to keep seating down for extended periods, whilst getting work done. But for most people, it isn't a primary thought as any run off the mill desk and chair also gets the job done. While it is true for a majority of the part time freelancers out there, the more seasoned professionals who spend most of their time on the internet would like to argue otherwise. 
Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture
In general, quality components that are specially made for certain tasks not only boost productivity but gets things done in a smaller amount of time as well. And that is true of work furniture too. A decent set of table and chair will not only make your long work hours substantially less stressful but due to their special construction, look good as well. 

So what exactly are the downsides of using conventional run off the mill furniture?

Well not a lot exactly and the issues that I’m about to mention won’t affect a majority of the people who only sit in the desk for a few hours. As a matter of fact using any furniture that gets the job done is more than okay as it can save you a lot of money because most furniture upgrades tend to be expensive. However the upstarts that are thinking of becoming full time online professionals, these don’t apply to you and in the long run, the benefits will substantially outweigh the costs. With that said, here are a few downsides of using unconventional furniture for your office: 

1. Back Strain

Believe it or not, once you get in this line of business the first thing that will strike you is lower back pain. It is one of the leading medical disorders in the U.S right after diabetes. Lower back pain is not only annoying but it can severely cripple your production hours because it would mean taking breaks a frequent affair. Lower back pain is generally caused if you tend to sit down for very long hours on non-ergonomic chairs without proper back support. 

The reason being that your entire weight is concentrated on a single point and since the weight isn't distributed evenly, the direct force from your upper body will stress out your lower back and in turn it will eventually lead to back aches, spinal injury, neck strain and so on. 

2. Hand Fatigue

Freelancing generally requires you to type huge amounts of content for longer periods. This can be incredibly stressful if you don’t have a chair and desk that allows you to position your hands in a comfortable position. Adding to that, most conventional furniture have fixed elbow rests that cannot be adjusted to your needs. This can cause severe wrist and elbow fatigue over extended time as a comfortable elbow and wrist position is critical for longer hours of typing on the keyboard.  

3. Neck fatigue

We all know that feeling sometimes when our necks simply want us to lay them down on a pillow and relax. Well this is exactly what will happen you haven’t got proper neck support with your chair. Neck fatigue is not only stressful but in the long run can lead to severe issues like spondylitis. 

4. Lack of Motivation

This maybe a bit controversial, but in the grand scheme of things, your attention to work is as good as the environment that you are in. And unlike the other issues mentioned here, this is apparent right from the day that you set shop. Yes the amount of that it has varies vastly from person to person and some maybe more resilient than others but in general, a decent looking work place will encourage you to push harder and yield more work over time. 

Tips and tricks to getting started on the perfect work place setup
It can take some imagination and some curating to start working on an ideal setup for your work place. Even then there is a chance that you might accidentally buy the wrong type of furniture and be bitterly dissatisfied with your product, especially if you are a beginner. 

The key here is to start out small and then gradually progress as you gather funds rather than blowing the entire lot on something that looks good on paper but has less than optimal use for you in your day to day tasks. So here a few pointers on how you should proceed if you are a newbie. 

1. Returns
I’m going to start with this because there is very big chance that you might accidentally get it wrong in your first attempt. See if the dealer or the online retailer accepts returns for the product, should you find it less than optimal for your needs. Usually top of the line retailers like Urban Ladder allow you to return your product if you find it unsuitable for your needs. 

2. Functionality over Form
For your first attempt, you should look at options that lets you get organised and familiar with your work place. At all costs avoid something that looks good in the brochure, only to find out later that it isn’t suited for your daily needs. Although more experienced users can take a shot at it. 

3. Simple is better
The majority of the people today are aiming at office setups that are very minimalistic and simple looking but offer a high degree of convenience. Gone are the days when heaps and lumps of wood were used to make furniture that weighed a thousand tonnes and were used as a status symbol for the royal and noble. 

Today, simple and restrained setups are used in almost every home and studies show that it makes you much more productive. Also these restrained setups are more efficient for their roles, uses much less resources to manufacture and are usually cheaper to buy than those made with abysmal amounts of exotic wood and ivory. 

4. Customisation with accessories
No-matter what furniture you use, the setup is almost always incomplete without a few additional decorative accessories. Choosing something that matches your overall décor is the key to nailing this point. Say you have a simple and elegant setup for your office. Introducing something like a clothes rack in that space will immediately make it look vulgar and disorganised and mistakes like this are precisely what you should avoid. 

A minimalist setup should contain minimalist accessories like contemporary art on the walls, restrained lighting in the entire room, desk accessories that supplement the setup on the desk, perhaps a simple book rack and so on. There are lots of inspiration that you can draw on platforms like Pinterest and Google image search. You just need to be graceful in your overall approach.


Setting up the perfect room can be a very time consuming and expensive process. Most people that start out usually lack the capital to turn their rooms around initially and it is noting to be ashamed about as we all have to start somewhere. Starting with just the bare basics like investing in a good chair and desk is a huge step up from what you started with initially. 

Just the act of getting comfortable with your work place initially should be considered as a great achievement because it makes the road down a much smoother surface to tread on. Like everything, Rome wasn’t built on a day and went through an awful lot before it became the beautiful historic landmark that we know of now. So start small and don’t let anything discourage you from your goals. 
After all, a decent setup speaks volumes for how far you’ve come in life.  
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Saturday, 20 January 2018

How to Install APK Files for Kindle Fire HDX

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Today’s tip comes from Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment which is a tech blog featuring reviews, giveaways and articles around the latest gadgets, video games and general tech trends.  This tip is for those of you who own Kindle Fire devices which are budget friendly Amazon tablets that run the Amazon Fire OS which is a modified version of Android.  

Amazon by default only lets you install apps and games from the Amazon App Store, but there is a way to install Google Play apps on your Kindle Fire and all you have to do is follow these tips below.

The first step is to enable it so that Kindle Fire devices can install 3rd party software. Go to your Kindle Fire settings.
Make sure you allow 3rd party applications so that you can install APK files directly from other sources.

Install a File Explorer, so you have a way to install that APK file

  • Download and install ES File Explorer which is free on the Amazon App store; this will let your browser your Kindle Fire folders and files.

Find your APK App/Game on Google Play

  • Search Google Play for the app or game you want.
  • Click on it and copy the entire URL of the app or game on Google Play.

 Example, if you want to play Hammerman on the Kindle Fire just get the URL from Google Play:

Go to Evozi APK Downloader

  • Then click on the Generate Download Link.

Download Now

NOTE:  Some apps/games will prevent download and give you an APK error, but most will work.

If successful you should see the package above, click on the green “Click here to download” link and download the APK file directly to your Kindle Fire device. If you downloaded it on your PC, you would have to transfer it to your Kindle Fire device via USB to install it.

Once it is on your Kindle Fire Device, use ES File Explorer to install the APK file.

Now your Google Play app or game should work on your Kindle Fire without issues, though some games do not work if they use Play Center and Micro Transactions.  

Most will work however and you should experiment with what you can.  The Google Play Facebook app is far better than the native Facebook app on the Kindle Fire for example.
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Friday, 19 January 2018

7 Proven Tips to Secure Your Online Identity

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Social media handles have given rise to a lot of cybercrime. Everyone out there thinking that they are safe, is surely not safe. In one way or the other, they are very likely to be prone to some kind of Cyberattack.
Secure your online identity
Well, this brings us to our purpose which is hiding our online identity. This can be done for our personal as well professional reasons. It totally depends on your choice.

Here are the different ways through which we can easily protect your identity.

Method 1: Hide Your IP Address

Hiding an IP address is not a tough job to do. There are different ways with the help of which one can easily hide their IP address.
Not everyone knows the real way to hide their IP. That is why it is said, better late than never. You need to be conscious and for the same, you need to learn to hide your IP.

The best way to hide your IP is by using a VPN Service. All you have to do is sign up using these services and then look for going online.

The world is going to see a completely different IP address. This IP address would be the one that you have borrowed from the service that you are just using. That is not all. There are lots of advantages if you use a personal VPN service. New light some of the facilities coming along with this is high bandwidth, very secure connection, the authority to choose your location, access to the blocked websites, and many more.

Method 2: Check your privacy

It is important to keep your profile private. Hence, make sure that the posts you put online have a better privacy option.

This will bring you a more secure profile. Social Media profile makes changes in these settings it is always better option to check out on your own to see if the settings are working properly.

Method 3: Use Multiple Passwords

Passwords are often the game changer. Nowadays, we have plenty of accounts like everywhere. No wonder that we are lazy bones and we like to keep our password same for all places. But, this is a very bad idea.

If your account gets hacked once, all your passwords will be out in the open. It will become very difficult to gain access to your data once it is hacked.

Method 4: Look out for the ‘phishing’ emails

Spam emails are becoming a reason for torture these days. Now you open your email; you will find your spam email box almost full.

The idea here is to never ever reply to these spam emails by offering your account password for account details. Just ignore these messages. Banks hold a reputation and they are never going to ask you for your information in this manner.

If you are still in doubt, you can directly call your bank and clear your misconceptions. This will help you in getting close to the actual culprit.

Method 5: Have an eye on the – https://

Before you proceed to enter any kind of payment details in any of the websites, make sure to check that there is a ’s’ in the http.
Most of us don't know the importance of this letter. This small letter stands for secure. In case you don't find it, just don't use it either.

Method 6: Check your bank statements

In your busy schedule, you often tend to forget a lot of things. One thing to constantly keep an eye on is your bank statement.
When it comes to the savvy people, they make sure to check there each and every receipt with their account statements and their account history.

Well, this is not that important. All you have to do is, have an Eagle eye out to check on the transactions that you have never approved or heard of.

Method 7: Privacy of your phone is equally important

Apart from keeping your social life private there and other things that you need to take care of.

We often forget to check our privacy that is on our phones. Don't always unnecessarily keep your GPS location on. This often leads to a lot of problems. Keeping the personal details private is one another way to secure and protect your identity from others.
Well, there you go with your list of Identity hiding. 

This is important and is definitely necessary at some point in time.
However, we are human beings at the end of the day and doing mistakes is one of our sole purposes. All we can try for is to keep us and our close ones protected.
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How to Take 360-degree Photos on Android and iPhone

Posted by Rahul Gupta
As a Facebook user, you might have heard or perhaps come across 360° photos while scrolling down the news feed or viewing a friend's time line. This is because Facebook is a big promoter of the concept. To remember vividly, Google released an Android version of its photo sphere app in 2011 and they later extended the support to iOS in 2014. 
Take 360-degree Photos
The main purpose of "photo sphere" is to allow users take 360-degree photos which will later be stitched together to form a seamless panorama. Mostly, photo sphere can be found in Google's own stock Android camera app as it's one of the useful features that's scarcely found in other camera apps. If perhaps you don't know or haven't heard of 360-degree photos, read on as we explain things to you.

What's 360 Degree Photo?

Basically, when you release the shutter of your camera app, you are actually taking a snapshot of a scene or environment. I refer to this process as taking a normal "flat photos". 360 photo (in a layman's terms) is a photo that allows you to view and capture "more" than just a snapshot of a scene. 

Let's assume for instance that you want to take a 360 photo with your Android or iOS, what you're basically doing is to take a photo of an entire scene in such a way that all views are covered. During this process, your camera app will guide you on which position to move. Once this is done, all the pictures you took will be stitched together to form a single panorama.

To take 360° Photos, you'll need an App

To take 360 photos on Android or iOS, you'll need an app. We have already listed the best 360 degree camera apps that you can use, but if your device's camera supports photo sphere, surround shoot or panorama, then you can use it. To suggest further, you can even capture 360 degree photos directly from Facebook mobile app. Simply look for the "360 photo" icon in your status field, just within a news feed (that's if your device is supported). Fortunately, my Motorola G XT1032 brings support for 360 Degree Photos and it's termed Panorama. So let's capture a stunning 369 degree photo with it.

Find a Place that inspires you

Next up, simply choose a place or moment that inspires you. It might be in your room, shop rites and even at your surroundings. 
From here, open your camera app and turn on Panorama. Now position yourself at the center of the scene and tap the shutter button.

Take 360 Photos

From here, move your device slowly and steadily from left to right. Once the whole surroundings is captured, the frame will be stitched together automatically to form a single but awesome 360 degree panorama. 
You can view the 360 picture you have just taken with Google Photos or your own stock camera app.

Wrapping Up

That's it, you have just captured a full 360 degree photo with your device’s camera app. You can go further to immerse all your friends in the experience by sharing it to your Facebook timeline. There is no hassles involved, seamless panorama can be taken within a single tap with the above steps.
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