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Friday, 29 July 2016

How to Block Opera VPN From Leaking Your IP Address

Posted by Rahul Gupta
I won't be wrong if I say that Opera browser provides a much faster surfing experience when compared to other web browsers. Android client of Opera i.e. Opera Mini is lightweight, easy to use & no doubt faster than other mobile versions of top most browsers. Recently, Opera Mini got updated with lots of features, and the users loved most of them.

The feature that I loved the most was VPN or Virtual Private Network. Yes, now you don't need to buy a VPN client to stay anonymous on the web. Till now, we all were using either some free VPN services or paid clients but after the addition of VPN with Opera Mini, everyone can have secure & reliable browsing experience without spending a single penny.

If you're not aware of VPN, then let me explain it first.

What is VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a way to add privacy and security to your online browsing. It can also be used to unblock websites restricted at any place. Earlier, some social media sites including Facebook and YouTube were blocked in Pakistan then at the time VPN was the only option left for the people to access these websites. 

Whenever you try to access Spotify from other countries, expect the United States then an error message will appear which will not allow you to open it. To resolve this error message, you can use VPN. It will hide your original IP address and set a virtual one to stay anonymous, and access blocked websites. 

That's what Opera Mini VPN does; it will mask you original public IP and allows you to surf securely. Now you don't need to download and install any third party client.

However, people have claimed that Opera Mini leaks their IP address and location sometime. It just means that your original location and IP address is not hidden from the websites you are browsing. But don't worry, here's a solution to fix IP leak in Opera Mini browser. 

How to Fix IP Leak in Opera Mini

It's not any hack or vulnerability. There is an extension named WebRTC Leak Prevent, it allows us to resolve IP leak issue.
  • Install this extension in your browser.
  • Go to Menu>>Extensions>>More Extensions. You can use shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + E alternatively. 
  • There you can see all the installed extensions.
  • Search for WebRTC Leak Prevent and click on Options button.
  • Here you will find a drop-down list next to IP handling policy.
  • Now expand the drop-down menu and select Disable non-proxied UDP (force proxy).
  • Tap Apply Settings button.
  • Now check the box that says "Prevent WebRTC from using routes other than the default route" & "Prevent WebRTC from using non-proxied UDP."
Block IP leak in opera mini
  • That's it. Now VPN won't leak your IP address information to other sourcers over the Internet.
You will come across this issue in not only Opera's VPN rather most of the VPN clients somehow send your personal data to online websites. So it's always required to do some manual setting to overcome this error. Otherwise, your data won't encrypt and can be stolen by the hackers.
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Thursday, 28 July 2016

7 Websites to Pronounce Difficult Names Correctly

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Although most of the conversations these days take place through emails and over the internet, there are plenty of instances where you have to interact with people from various countries, communities, and societies. Even if you manage to converse in a common language, you might have trouble catching up someone’s name. 
Websites to pronounce names correctly
Foreign names may be difficult to pronounce, and it might be rude to ask a person how to pronounce their name correctly especially when you are talking with higher officials. So here are 7 Websites to Help You Pronounce Names Correctly.

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1. Hear Names

Hear Names

In this website, you can search a particular name, surname or a combination of the two. Even part of a name can be searched, and the sites come up with the best matches. The database is robust with a lot of names and surnames from across various countries have been listed alphabetically. Also, there are names of famous personalities belonging to each country. An audio clip tells you the exact pronunciation.

2. Pronounce Names

pronounce names
The website shows a list of popular surnames with their pronunciations by the side. You can also search a particular surname or look for more. The audio pronunciation of the word can be seen if you click on a particular word. The website will take you to a YouTube video that teaches you on how to pronounce a particular word. You can also suggest pronunciations to names.

3. Inogolo

Inogolo is probably the best website which has a huge collection of names, places and things that are new to you. You can search for a particular word and the audio pronunciation along with the phonetic pronunciation appears. The phonetic pronunciation is easy to read as it is devoid of special characters or symbols that are used in phonetics. 

Also, you can search by indexes and explore upon a huge array of words relating to names, places, arts, automobiles, famous personalities and much more.

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4. The Name Engine

The Name Engine
This particular website has a search field for you to find a specific name. There are categories of famous surnames, names of renowned personalities and also names of many of the sports teams such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB teams. A lot of names of famous artists, musicians, celebrities and commonly mispronounced names can be found in The Name Engine.

5. Pronounce It Right

Pronounce It Right
Pronounce It Right has a lot of names from various categories spanning from Arts to Philosophy. You can search for a particular name, and the advanced search engine lets you search a name by characters, surname or nationality. An app of the same functionality can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

6. Pronounce VOA News

Pronounce VOA News
This website is the pronunciation section of the famous American news portal Voice of America. The website has a massive list of names which have been sorted and indexed alphabetically. Different names, their pronunciations and the regions where they are used are mentioned in the website. The audio, as well as the phonetic representation of famous names, can be seen on the site.

7. Forvo

Forvo is a pronunciation dictionary which has over 3 million pronounced words by native speakers in 325 languages such as English, French, Chinese, German, Arabic, etc. It has the pronunciations of common words, names and pronunciations of various languages in different dialects. 

An app of Forvo is also available on the iOS and Android platforms. This is one of the best websites to learn new words from foreign languages as it has a translate option also.


Although the websites dedicated to finding correct pronunciation of names are a few, there are certain apps that you can download on your phone to learn different names. These apps are either baby name apps or simple pronunciation apps which also happen to have pronunciations of names and places as well.

These websites will be of great help if you are dealing with people comprising of various origins and ethnicity. Even if you are new to a country, do not hesitate to start a conversation fearing something would go wrong. Get help from the links mentioned here and speak like a native. If you are a student or a traveler, then I am sure this will be of great help to you. 

Now here is a tip, if you don’t find a particular name on the website, then just search it on the YouTube, and the chances are that you will locate the pronunciation there.
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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Top 8 Apps to Help You Find Your Next Job

Posted by Rahul Gupta
The time for millennials to find a job has come. Millennials have been looking for employment for a while now, and statistics say that most people change their jobs 10 to 15 times during their career, and four times by their 32nd birthday. That means that from the time you start that first job at Pizza Hut to when you get your first real job, technology will make multiple steps forward. In that already happened in your case, here are eight mobile apps that will help you catch up, and land that big job you’ve been chasing for months, if not years!
Apps to help you find job

# Research Apps

1. Indeed (Android | iOS)

Next time you think about looking for a job, take your phone and download this app. Indeed has helped thousands of people to land their current jobs. All you need to do is type in your dream job in the search box and let the app guide you through the job application process. Indeed is indeed one of the greatest jobs searching apps.

2. Monster (Android | iOS)

Monster cares about your job search and your privacy as well. This app requires a bit more work because you have to make you own login, but from there it is all uphill with Monster. You can save previous job searches, keep track of and sort the jobs you already applied to, and synchronize multiple accounts from your phone/tablet. It is available on both Android and iOS versions.

# Stay in Contact
Staying in touch with your future employers and managers can be of utmost importance when you are on the hunt. Thus, make sure you try these apps to keep in touch with your future colleagues.

3. Gmail (Android | iOS)

If you ever wondered if there’s a better and more functional email app than Gmail, you can put your questions to rest. There isn’t. Gmail helps you organize your emails into categories which can be of immense help when applying for jobs and receive dozens of automated answers from email bots. That way you can weed out the useless emails and focus on the ones that require your attention and could lead to you landing a major gig!

4. Skype (Android | iOS)

Skype is an excellent way to stay in contact with your friends from college, but more than that it can help you land some unparalleled jobs overseas. In recent years Skype made some serious steps forward in improving the quality of their calls when there are more than just two people. 

Also, you can pay just a few dollars and make hours and hours of calls through Skype and call both cell phones and landlines. If you need to talk to some employers, and you don’t have the chance to do it in person, feel free to ask them for a Skype call. With both video and audio calls available Skype is surely one of the best apps to stay in contact with your employees overseas.

# Time Management Apps
Staying on top of your obligations and managing your days right is not a question of whether you should do, but how to do so and by what means. Here are two apps that will help you stay on top of your duties.

5. Fantastical 2 (iOS)

Fantastical 2
Fantastical 2 is a stand out the app for several reasons: it is comfortable to use, its User Interface is very friendly and fun, its organizational features are by far ahead of its competitors, and it is also compatible with Google Cloud and iCloud! You can quickly go through this app without too much clicking and move around. If the default theme doesn’t fit your needs, you can always switch to some other theme offered for free. However, the downside is that having this app on your iPhone will cost you at least 5 USD.

6. Sunrise Calendar (Android | iOS)

Sunrise Calender

If you don’t want to pay 5 dollars for a calendar app, you can always opt out and go for the free to use Sunrise Calendar. However, since Microsoft has bought the team that made this app, its fan base started getting smaller and smaller. Why? Well, Microsoft has integrated most of Sunrise’s features to MS Outlook. The iOS version of this app will most likely never be updated again, but if you like it so much, I suggest trying MS Outlook.

# Productivity Apps
Emailing employers are, as we have already seen, a major part of searching for a new job. That is why you should have these two apps at hand when browsing through your inbox:

7. Save as PDF (iOS)

Save as PDF
PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the core file formats in the job searching game. Once you start emailing people and putting yourself out there, you will be faced with lots of files in attachments and multitude of different formats. This app will help you save over 20 different formats as a PDF and decide what to do next with it! As soon as you download it on your device, you can manipulate the file in some different ways.

8. PDF to Word (iOS)

PDF to Word
PDF to Word is a great app you find yourself in need of a quick conversion while you’re on the go. This app is pretty straightforward and efficient at what it does. Once you convert your file, you can open it in the app of your choice. The layout, charts, tables, images and text will remain the same as in the original file. One more great thing about this app is that it converts both original and scanned PDFs. 

So, with PDF to Word, you will have a reliable app that can turn your resume in a matter of seconds if you need to fix something, or perhaps search through the file to remove unnecessary parts.
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Guide On How To Use Online Newsletter Templates

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Different types of online newsletter themes are simple and easy to use and shape your company memo so that it may stand out unique and responsive in the mailbox of the readers. We would like to start with a proper definition and go further of how to make use of these tools to customize an elegant design of newsletter.
Online Newsletter Templates

What is Newsletter Template?

Online templates for the newsletter can help to compose your email message in a professional format. When readers view these emails, they will read the news without opening any attachment. It is easy to insert the links to your site or other sources you want to look at by your readers. For a better look, there is no need to any HTML coding.

These online templates are available through service providers of emails. By using the services of email providers, you can design and shape the template based on your personal or business requirements.

Using Newsletter Templates

Step #1
The first step is to select a reliable email service provider to use online newsletter templates. You can easily find them via Google. It will display you hundreds of results. However, keep in touch with one service provider only. You can also get a consultation from your friend or a relative if they have experience of using any good email service provider. A service provider company for email support will help you in setting up a good template.
Step #2
Once you select the service provider, he or she may offer you different options of styles and layout to choose. They range from events or invitation to simple templates and many other categories such as association, fitness, and real estate. Each category contains different templates and chooses the one accordingly. You should spend time and choose different styles and categories to find the templates at which you can have closed look.

Remember that all these newsletter templates are flexible in nature. You can change colors, insert logos or images and add boxes for extra functionality. When you are searching for a template, think of the pictures and the colors. 

Step #3

Choose the template and customize it accordingly.You can select the template by clicking on it. You can customize and modify the template. Email service provider you choose can also help you in the task of template customization. Each section contains the option of editing bar to revise and enter the text. 

You can easily change the fonts, make its italic, and insert numbers and bullets. Next option is the change background color by using the bar menu for editing. If the color of the template is green or red, you can try yellow or blue color for a good look.

Step #4
You can also add images and new text boxes in the template. While using other buttons, you may easily upload different pictures such as your photographs or logo or signature and insert into the newsletter template.

Step #5
Once you have final look of your template, you should save it. You can send it to your next month newsletter issue with the latest news.
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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Free PowerPoint Templates Download: FPPT Review

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Consider a situation where you are giving a PowerPoint Presentation on which you have worked all night just to make a good impression on your colleagues and your boss, but suddenly it all goes to waste because of that annoying and ugly and lifeless Presentation Design that made it all look dull and tiresome.

Well, bad PowerPoint always happens to the good people. They are the victims as much as the poor sods listening to it. So, how can you improve your PowerPoint presentations and make them more beautiful and stylish? A good starting point is to reuse pre-existing designs and download a nice PowerPoint template. If it is for free, then better.

Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT) is a website that offers thousands of free presentation templates and PowerPoint background designs that can be used and downloaded from their gallery. They provide templates for business presentations, college, school and much more. So, this is the review of this ultimate website and why it is recommended for every person who is suffering due to bad and dull PowerPoint presentations and interested to fight death by PowerPoint.


To move ahead in your profession or industry, you’ll need a set of excellent presentation skills. After all, presentations are the only things through which you communicate with your clients, business, employees and other necessary people, and the essence of an excellent presentation is the PowerPoint presentation design.

While many people try to develop on their own or use the inbuilt templates, many just want to get quick access to pre-made templates. To help you improve your PowerPoint skills, FPPT provides most rated and recommended templates with stunning designs and easily customizability. You can check more on the official website.

Free ppt powerpoint templates
Being a Blogger myself, I am always in the dire need of designing a Kick-Ass Presentation Template that can impress my clients, and this website satisfies all my needs for a perfect Presentation. Since PowerPoint is the largest software or platform for making Presentations and Slide Shows, solely focuses on providing the finest templates for PowerPoint (for free) and saves a lot of time and designing work.

About FPPT

The only online platform where you can download attractive and design-oriented PowerPoint Templates for free. At FPPT, you can also learn how to use PowerPoint and find great tutorials to help you preparing your presentations. Moreover, you can get informed on some of the best organizational chart templates for PowerPoint and tools for presenters. Browse designs from a wide number of categories like business, marketing, education, travel, college, food, invitation, finance, technology and much more. Moreover, you can search and download templates by tags, colors, animations, graphics and much more.
Templates for presentation
Free Downloadable PowerPoint Templates along with premium designs and graphics, that’s what FPPT offers. Whether you require making an excellent presentation with advanced graphs and complex data charts or if you just want to add cat pictures and showcase it to your children, they have dozens of template categories that you can rely on.


The website is an online resource for templates and often comes handy for all the business employees, marketing professionals, college students, speakers, different organizations and independent individuals. Being a free website, you are eligible to download any template from the website and can easily customize it according to your needs.

Support & Compatibility

FPPT exclusively supports Microsoft PowerPoint® and thus all the templates are compatible across the latest versions of Microsoft Office. Most templates are built for PowerPoint 2010 & 2013, but you can also open them in newer versions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.
Featured Powerpoint Templates
Apart from Microsoft PowerPoint, the website also offers templates compatible with LibreOffice and Keynote. You can try with Google Slides as well, but for Google Slides users there is another free resource I would recommend to get free templates: Free Google Slides Templates.

Dynamic & Animated PPT Presentations

FPPT hosts a large number of Free Animated PowerPoint Templates apart from static online templates. The one thing that makes animated templates stand apart from the static ones is that they tend to attract more audience than regular templates during a presentation. So, if you’re familiar with all the features and the brilliant functionalities that come with it, then it is always preferred to opt them. 

Also, FPPT provides reviews and analytical templates from other Third-Party Websites that also include built-in video animations and trust me; there is nothing better than a video presentation as static ones ultimately become quite tiresome and eventually you would lose most of your audience. 

Talking about the recommendations and the most suitable templates, this website has categorized thousands of templates into several categories that make it more unique to choose from.


FPPT is ideal fo:

Businesses: - The strongest companies aim for global growth. Use this template for reports, commercial assignments, market entry, or attain milestones in any part of the world. 

Educational Purposes (College Students): - Showcase your talent and impress your classmates and teachers with presentations garnished by FPPT. 

Organizations: - Create awareness for your motto, purposes and enlighten people with your organization’s full potential using remarkable templates and designer animations.


  • Wide Range of designs, templates, and PPT resources. 
  • Tailored & Categorized for Specific Needs. 
  • Premium Designs & Beautiful Graphics. 
  • Free to Download along with Royalty free sources. 
  • Third Party Templates & Reviews also Available.


  • The downside is that not all the templates are fully customizable. For serious presenters and business people, there are other professional PowerPoint templates resources out there to check out. 
  • Most of the templates include a watermark. Even if you can remove the watermark by hiding the FPPT logo by yourself, check the terms of use to make sure it is a permitted practice. 
  • Lack of support. Even if the templates are provided for free, the site does not offer support for the content.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, browsing all these templates is a fun task to get introduced to more kinds of templates and since they are all free, so might end up downloading dozens of design for your same project. To avoid this confusion, it is better to search the templates through tag clouds and all the respective categories.

All in All, is the best resource to download free PowerPoint templates with great designs and beautiful transitions. You can use these templates for your business presentations, educational purposes, organization portfolios or even invitation cards. There are endless possibilities to use and customize these templates according to your needs.

I hope this review has assessed you enough to stop using those boring templates and moving to the premium designed templates. Do share your thoughts on this website and let us know for any further suggestion regarding the review. Also, if you’re using any of the templates, then please share this article too. Cheers!
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Audials Moviebox: Online Video Streaming Recorder Review

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Love Movies? I am sure you do, and the love for movies only has brought you to this web page.

Today on our website we are going to introduce a software which can change the lives of all the movie lovers, and if we say it, we mean it.

The software which is in the limelight today is Audials Moviebox, which is worth more than a movie downloader.

Audials Moviebox
Audials Moviebox is software available for Windows OS, which enables the users to download, record and save any video streaming online quickly with the matter of clicks.

Audials Moviebox enables its users to record movies, television shows and live streamings from any source which is live on the internet. It saves the videos in high definition quality without any failure which is a major issue with downloading of movies.

My favorite thing about Audials record streaming is that it downloads television show’s seasons episode by episode that to seamlessly without any single error.

It comes with a variety of features; it also comes with a video converter codec which converts video file formats, videos, and DVD, etc.

Why I Loved It?

The best part about Audials Moviebox is that you don’t need to pay again and again for watching one movie more than once. One can easily record netflix films at the first go, also as we know Netflix, Amazon, and some other popular online video collections encrypt their streaming and most of the softwares available in the market fail to download such streams, but with Audials Moviebox the scenario is completely different.

Audials Moviebox has the functionality to record any video stream in its original size and quality. It also records the protected videos and movies from any source and saves them as a legitimate private copy.

With Audials Moviebox you literally have just to sit back and relax and let it do wonders, You will surely believe this statement after knowing the next feature which is auto tagging for films and editor for manual changes, Recorded movies and videos are named automatically and tags are given for the video title, movie art, genre, year, cast, director, producer, company of production and origin country.

You can also change this information later as per your requirement and liking.

Features which help Audials Moviebox reach the top

  • Record videos and save the recording in the local storage. 
  • Convert your video into your desired format and enjoy on the go.
  • It also has the functionality to copy-protected and unprotected dvds.
  • Home for media - Enjoy music, movies, and entertainment everywhere.


So here we come to an end. I hope you liked it. I'm damn sure if you're a entertainment lover then you just can't wait to grab this product.
You can purchase this awesome tool for just $24.90. Original price of Audials Moviebox is $49.90 but they are offering handsome discount for some days so don't wait as the offer won't last forever.
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Monday, 25 July 2016

Simplest Way to Install Unverified Add-ons in Firefox

Posted by Rahul Gupta
No doubt that a person concerned about the security would always choose Mozilla Firefox over Google Chrome. This is only because of the high-end security and encryption provided by the Mozilla to their users. However, Firefox is not recommended when you're having low-speed Internet connection due to its high data usage. At that time one can go for Google Chrome for fast and reliable surfing. 

Similar to Google Chrome and other known browsers there are thousands of Add-ons available for Mozilla Firefox too. You can find them in Menu>Add-ons quickly. There are some websites which provide extensions for Firefox browser, but their add-ons are not listed in the store of Firefox browser. Such type of extensions is called unsigned. 

Earlier, people could easily install any add-ons whether it's signed or unsigned but after the update 43, it got disabled by the company. From version 43, one could no longer install them. You will get a security warning saying "Firefox has prevented this site from installing an unverified add-on" whenever you try to install them in your browser. 
Firefox has prevented this site from installing an unverified add-on
The only purpose behind the blocking of unproven add-ons is the security of their users. It can happen that the add-on you are trying to install contains malicious Viruses or Trojans. And no doubt that will wreck your system. 

Still, if you are willing to install an extension not listed in the Firefox gallery then here's a trick which will let you install any unsigned add-ones. You just need to bypass this security notification, and you're done.

Note: - Use this method only in the case if you're confirmed about the safety of the extension.

How to Install Unverified Add-ons in Firefox 

Simply follow these simple to implement steps:
  • Enter about: config in your address bar and hit enter.
  • You might come across a security warning saying This might void your warranty!
  • Ignore it, just tap I'll be careful, I promise!
  • On the next page, you can notice all the settings to customize Firefox.
  • Now enter xpinstall.signatures.required (enter the exact text as it's case sensitive) in the search bar. It will automatically search for the particular setting.
Firefox Setting
  • Notice the Value tab; it should be True by default. 
  • Double click on the setting to set it False. That's it.
  • Now you can get Install button for unverified add-ons too.
Restrictions are applied just to ensure your safety. Don't ever try to install an add-on if you're not sure about its security. It can harm your system or crash it forever. For any query don't forget to comment below.
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