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Saturday, 25 March 2017

KeepVid Android Review: Easiest YouTube Video Downloader for Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Trust Me, I’ve been using the KeepVid website even before the developers at the YouTube Office could’ve thought about adding the “Save Offline” feature in the application. It was the simplest and efficient at that time, and the desktop software was quite more exclusive.
KeepVid Android Review
Since the Internet Generation has now shifted to mobile platforms, smartphones and tablets are ruling the world. Fortunately, the KeepVid Android is the latest smartphone adoption of the website with all the premium features. Apart from downloading the videos, KeepVid also allows you to convert YouTube to mp3 format which you can easily save and share on your device.

A little about the App

Since, you’ve been wondering that in the age of video streaming apps like Hotstar, why to go for the KeepVid video downloading the app. Well, YouTube is will always rule the territory with its humongous database and streaming flexibility. However, It still restricts the copyrighted content to save some videos offline.

That’s the place where KeepVid Android Video Downloader kicks in. KeepVid has been in the downloading industry for more than ten years. With the software and the website’s robust and extravagant suite like YouTube video to audio Converter, Online Video Converter, YouTube videos to MP3 songs, and one of the best, the Android Video Downloader! 

So without any doubt, let’s start the review of this remarkable KeepVid App that would let you download unlimited video within seconds.

Getting Started

The simple thing to do is to get the KeepVid Android app for your smartphone or tablet device. It is absolutely free, and you can download KeepVid Android apk directly from the website.

The app is not available on the PlayStore or for other mobile platforms like Windows or iOS. It is exclusively restricted to video downloading niche with an array of in-app features that you’re going to use for the rest of Internet savvy life.

Getting Started with the KeepVid Android

To get started with the app, just open the File Manager app on your device and navigate to the APK file probably in the Download folder if downloaded using Chrome or the default browser. The next thing is to tap on the setup and install the application.

If your device shows Installation Blocked, then simply enable them from the Setting>>Security>>Unknown Sources, and simply enable the option.

Within few seconds, the app would be installed on your device, and you can get started downloading all the latest Music Videos that you’ve been craving for since weeks.

Keepvid Android Dashboard
Once you’ve completed the setup process, then you can download the videos in all the standard video formats. From the standard 480p MP4 videos to the resolution of 720p and 1080p Full HD videos, you are entitled to select from a wide range of options.
Download Options
Apart from the In-app download option, the KeepVid Android app also features the old school Search Style downloading feature where you have to paste the video link, and the app does rest of the work.


  • Download YouTube Videos as MP3: - Suppose you're looking for an Instrumental music or a podcast, then downloading the video won't be necessary. The KeepVid Android app offers a simple solution to download any video page in the standard audio MP3 format, and this feature is located at the bottom corner of the app. 
  • In-Built Browser and Search: - Here comes the strong feature which would save a lot of time for you. Since copying the video link from the YouTube app is a little long, so you search the videos directly from the KeepVid app by using the built-in browser feature.  
Youtube Access
  • Share Anywhere: - One disturbing thing about YouTube's offline save feature is that after every several weeks, it redownloads the content after the app update, and you cannot share the videos with another person as well. That's why downloading the videos from the KeepVid downloader would let to share the files with everyone, and you can transfer it across devices too. 
Share Video
  • Multi-Task: - This free application lets you download the videos in bulk mode. With the KeepVid Android, you can download five videos simultaneously. By default, the download limit is set to 3 videos, but you can change it from the App Settings>>Download Max.  
Max Download Task
  • Download Videos Directly: - One of the best features of the KeepVid YouTube downloader app is to download the video directly through the YouTube App. The developers have smartly integrated the download option into the app.
Just click on the Share button, and you can directly download the video you're currently watching without any efforts.

Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, there are tons of apps available for Android OS to download YouTube videos, but almost 90% of them are being hosted on Russian & Chinese cloud servers with weird ads popping up here and there.

However, KeepVid is different and a reliable website that holds up a stock of useful features to do much more than just downloading videos. The company has been doing this for quite a few years now, and with their software and application deployments, it just got easier.

In simple words, if you want a no-nonsense YouTube video downloader app for your smartphone, then KeepVid Android App is the one. Do share your thoughts on the following services, and let me know if you're facing any issues regarding the same. Cheers!
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Kimia: Increase Your Online Presence With This Leading Advertising Network

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Mostly, people start off with starting their blogs and publishing websites, and eventually generate some good traffic but aren't aware on how to generate revenue from them. The Internet is full of opportunities, and most probably if you're reading this article, then you must've been searching for some relevant queries.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing is an evergreen option to get some extra money if you have enough patience and know your stuff. Advertisement Networks are most trending and recommended examples of revenue sources for any blogger, webmaster or a publisher.

Now, there are tons of ad networks, affiliate programs, etc. available on the web. However, very few of them are considered to be reliable and efficient. One such example is Kimia due to their technology, account management, global outreach and industry exposure with experience. So, without any more discussions, let’s start the review of this incredible network.

A little bit about Kimia

Kimia is a leading mobile ad network serving advertisers and affiliates with a smart platform where everyone can make something out of their assets. They mainly focus on eCPMs performance and networking with mobile and desktop-first priorities. 

Kimia in Arabic relates to the method of turning common metals into gold. In the digital age, the company has been proving its name with turning all the impressions and user engagements into revenues and profit margins. The company team has more than 130 employees across different countries. They’ve been deploying successful solutions for over 10 years with Headquarters in Madrid, Spain and office spaces in Mumbai and Singapore.

From the latest reports of Kimia, the network claims to have more than 6 billion clicks per month and generates over 250k conversion events daily. Since the network is premium and pretty closed, Kimia only partners up with the top advertisers and top affiliates, so you need to a good amount of traffic on your site to get the dice rolling. 

With smart algorithms, modern technology, dedicated account management, and regular optimization, Kimia has beaten most of the ad networks already. Confident with its management and performance outreach, the network operates on CPA and CPS business models. 

Moreover, on CPI/CPL/ CPM basis, the network is fastest growing mobile ad network with targeting customers in multiple entertainment niches, sweeping forex, rewards, neutral, health and beauty as well.

The network seamlessly supports both the Android and iOS operating system and displays real-time Stats just like any standard ad platform. However, the automatic peer-to-peer server call-back and devices retargeting makes it more overwhelming. However, we never believe in the appraisals, so let the numbers talk.

Getting Started

The sign-up process is pretty simple and be it a publisher, affiliate, or an advertiser; you’ll need to register on the Kimia website only. The application form varies with the type of account you want to register. 

For Affiliates, you need to fill in the process with your personal information, E-mail, Skype Username, and your website’s traffic details accurately. The ad network requires a traffic test to approve your account, and the eligibility to qualify requires at least 5000 clicks/per day. So, you can get the idea that this is a premium network and not suitable for newbies. 

After registering on the site, the Kimia team manually contacts you within 1-2 days to get your account started with all the Blog or Website registrations, etc. They send a confirmation email before the verification. So, all you need is to wait for the team to reach you. 

Webmaster Sign Up Process
Since this post is specifically targeted for all the bloggers and publishers, you can navigate to the Webmasters Sign-Up, and it is pretty fast and easy. Just fill in your basic details and the website URL where you want to host advertisements of the Kimia Network. Then you need to copy and paste a verification code on your site. After this is done, you’re all set to earn some good revenue.
Sign-Up with Kimia Ad Network

Ad formats

Kimia supports a vast variety of advertisement formats Interstitials, Mobile pop-up, Slide-in, Notification bar, Notification push-up, Leading app, Display banners, Interstitial, Redirect / Direct link, Sticky banners, Mobile pop-under, In-video, and much more.

Considerable Features:

  • The ad network is not limited to one type of business model. It hosts an array of various monetization models including CPA, CPL, CPI, and CPM. 
  • Kimia offers a very dedicated account management to their partners. There's also a support team that helps and advises you about on setting up the best strategy, how to analyze stats etc. 
  • In revenue and performance senses, this ad network specializes in mobile. However, it also works with desktop and other devices seamless and on all verticals. 
  • Kimia’s advertising model is always stable and generates enough revenue for the publishers and partners, irrespective of the market fluctuations.

Kimia Network for Each kind of its Partner

For Publishers/Webmasters:

  • CPM Working Models.
  • In-house technology and no third party interference for ad management. 
  • Global Coverage and Outreach. 
  • Regular Payments with standard transaction methods like PayPal, etc. 
  • Monetizing Ad formats including Mobile Pop-ups, Traditional Banners, Redirects and Interstitial Ad networks.
  • All the ads and banners are SEO optimized and do not affect the Site’s traffic, SEO in any manner. 
  • A dedicated Dashboard with account management features and a compliance team. 
  • Works seamlessly with other monetization platforms like AdSense, etc.  
  • Real Time Statistics and Data Analysis.

For Advertisers:

Moreover, if you are a promotional advertiser or a developer who is willing to promote your product or service, then Kimia is open to multiple opportunities. 

The network brings you a good amount of quality trackable users and active impressions with worldwide reach. The onboard account manager allows you to set goals for campaigns and helps you to work on them accordingly to get expected results. Registering as a premium advertiser, the Kimia Network supplies you with insight data and a reliable support team to help you with any query, update or advertising campaigns.

Final Thoughts

So, this was my take on the reliable Kimia Ad Network for all the bloggers and publishers looking for a decent revenue and monetization source with satisfactory traffic. So, do share your thoughts if you’ve successfully registered with the network or not in the comment section below. Cheers!
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Friday, 24 March 2017

Quick and Easy Fix for Your Video Incompatibility Issues In 5 Steps

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Videos are great, aren't they? They represent the best way to convey information due to their compact nature. Moreover, the fact that they visually engage the receiver is a very efficient way of getting specific messages across fast and accurately.

The Importance of Choice

Having choices is an important advantage, especially in our technologically enhanced world. Thanks to the huge number of devices and platforms that can record and edit video formats nowadays, we have a huge array of alternatives when it comes to video formats. Unfortunately, we don't always know what is the best choice to make regarding the format of a video or audio file.

Video sharing platforms have made things incredibly easy. They allow anyone to share their creations online for the world to see. It benefits everyone. The user has a means of externalizing creative thoughts and ideas in a personal manner, and in turn, anyone interested can share constructive critical opinions, thus helping the creator grow and enhance his or her skills even further.

Sometimes Issues Might Come to Light

When working with digital files, in general, there is always a possible risk associated with incompatibility between devices. It might make the device or program responsible for reading the file, unable to perform the playback.

For this very reason, a simple, yet efficient tool has been created, the online video converter. One of the best thing about the web is the instant gratification it provides. Applications featured online tend to be extremely popular for this exact reason.

How to Convert a Video to Audio or A Different File Type In 5 Steps

Because there are so many useful Internet converters out there, the following example will be carried out using the most efficient one we've come across so far. It does the job while offering a decent number of features to enhance the experience, without becoming confusing for the user.
  • Open the video in an Internet browser and copy its URL from the address bar.
Copy Video URL
  • Paste the video's in the search box located on
Paste Video URL
  • Select a file format from the accessible options.
Select File Format
  • Click or tap the Convert now function.
Convert Now
  • To download the converted file to your preferred device, all you have to do is press the Download button; once the video has finished converting. Additionally, you can have a look at the video tutorial given below.

Additional Features to Consider

Optionally, you could also use a trimming feature, before performing the 4th step. This extra option provides a way only to download a snippet of the original file you are working with. You just need to choose the start and finish time stamp of the video. This option is found in the Advanced options menu.
Trim Feature

Have Fun Using Your Results

The fact that anyone can easily create movies and that it is becoming easier for any Tom Dick and Harry to have access to the process, makes video filming, converting and sharing an increasingly popular hobby to take up.

See Also: - 

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2. How to Remove Duplicate files from Your PC/Laptop?
3. 5 Step Process to Remove DRM from iTunes M4V Videos

Makeup tutorials, DIYs, travel vlogs, audio books, meditation videos, and music clips are only a few of the options a website like YouTube or Vimeo offers its users. Sharing and expanding views via this excellent creative process is bound to be a most exciting journey for both creator and spectator.
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Monday, 20 March 2017

YouTube Video Converter: Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Posted by Rahul Gupta
We all love watching videos on YouTube, but sometimes we need that video on our PC due to maybe slow connection or lack of bandwidth or something like that. Consider another situation, when you need to convert a video from one format to another format due to a compatibility issue with your TV, Mobile Phone or your PC, or you want to edit a video and add or remove some part of the video.
Video Converter Ultimate Review
Generally, we need three different tools for tasks like these three, but the Video Convertor Ultimate is one the tool that can complete all these tasks and have some more exciting features. So, I am going to review the video converter ultimate and will find out if it’s worth your money and also, we are going to look how to use it.

Key Features

  1. Video converter, lets you easily convert media files from one format to another format. 
  2. Video Downloader, allows you to quickly download files from various video hosting sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. 
  3. Video Editor, lets you quickly edit video using some basic editing tools. 
  4. DVD Burner tool enables you to can quickly copy and convert your DVD, edit DVD files and burn DVD disc. 
  5. Stream Videos to Your TV lets you streams the media files on your computer directly to a smart TV or a standard TV via streamers like Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.


With all such unusual features, you can without any doubt conclude that it’s a premium software. However, the company also offers the trial version that is absolutely free to use and download from the website. The functionality of free version is limited. The paid version is available for $49.95 for a lifetime License. You can also get a one year license for $39.95.

Features and Review

1. Video Conversion

VCU accepts almost all the common media file formats such as MP4, WMV, MPEG, AVI, FLV, etc., and also supports some rarely used formats like NSV, etc. You can convert your media file to any format with more than 158 output options. You can also choose the output format from conversion templates with optimised settings for specific devices and platforms like iPhone, LG TV, Android.  You can also convert standard 2D videos to 3D.

Since it has soo many features, I decided to do a simple test to find its efficiency and compared it with another tool. Wondershare claims that Video Convertor Ultimate converts media 30 Times faster than other converters, which is not true unless it compromises on the video quality. 

Video Conversion
So, to find its conversion speed, I compared the VCU with another top-rated free video converter - Handbrake. I converted the same video with same settings with both the tools one by one. Video converter ultimate took 7 minutes 45 seconds to convert 4.5 minutes long 1080p video song from MP4 to MKV, whereas Handbrake took 14 minutes 12 seconds to convert the same file. However, I noticed some quality loss in the file converted by VCU but its conversion speed is impressive.

2. Video Editor

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate also lets you do some basic editing on its easy to use interface. You can easily trim, crop, flip, rotate, add watermark, add effect, add subtitle, increase or decrease volume or brightness, adjust saturation, contrast, deinterlacing, greyscale mode and some more features. You can apply the effect and view the live preview and save it if you like the preview. 

The video editing tool is very efficient and does the work in the least possible time without compromising the quality of the video. I have tested the video editor tool with another free comparing the editing options and rendering speed. I have compared the video editing software with windows movie maker as it is a freeware, comes preinstalled with a Windows PC. I find that editing options are more in VCU as compared to windows movie maker. 
Video Editor
So, I edited the same music video that we have converted earlier and added some lyrics with the editing tool. After editing, I rendered the video file. I took 2 min 30 seconds for VCU to complete. However, Windows movie maker took 10 minutes. So, VCU is a clear winner over the windows movie maker.

3. Youtube Downloader

Online Video Downloader undoubtedly a helpful feature for the people who love to download and watch web videos offline. You can easily download videos with video converter ultimate browser extension (which you will be prompted to install), or you can simply copy the video URL and paste it into the converter window. 
YouTube Downloader
I’ve tried it on some popular video hosting websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Yeoh, etc., and Wondershare’s VCU successfully downloaded all of them.


Video Converter Ultimate by Wondershare is a complete, powerful, and easy-to-use video utility software. If you are looking for software that allows you to burn DVDs, watch videos, and download online videos at the same time, Video Converter Ultimate is the perfect option for you. You may also consider downloading Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate Free version before buying the full version.

Do share your thoughts and let me know if you’re successfully able to convert all the videos using this remarkable and handy tool from Wondershare. Comment below the favourite thing you’ve liked about this video conversion software. Cheers!
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Why are Datacentres a Crucial Part of the Businesses?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
If you think that the Big Leaders and Billionaires with their propagandas are ruling and governing the world, then you’re really travelling to the wrong path. Money and Power are not the prime factors nowadays.

Ever heard about a Datacentre? Yep, these are the real heroes who are storing the whole existence of this world. From storing all the banking, finance, and accounting details to the latest episode of a Web Series on Netflix, Datacentre is responsible for everything. So, let’s shed a little light on what a Datacentre is, and why they are important to us. 

Importance of Data Centres

What is a Datacentre?

In the simple terms, Data centres are nothing but a place where hundreds of servers are placed and managed to operate all the data storing and networking processes. These are the locations where computing and networking are encrypted and furnished for storing, collecting, processing, accessing, and distributing large chunks of data. They've been backing up the world since the advent of computers and would keep storing all data for centuries.

Initially, they were as big as a behemoth and consumed space as big as a room per computer. Eventually, as we're advancing with technology and innovation of reducing the size and cost of the gadgets, the need for the data centres is also rising exponentially. All the data centres are interconnected that are further divided into various sub-network so that every person can access them, and the information stored on them, remotely.

They are mainly operated and managed by large enterprises, companies or the government to store all the data. Their size varies according to their usage and can be a building or a group of buildings with hundreds of powerful servers running 24/7 without any hassle.

The Importance of Datacentres

The data centre market is mostly affected by the exponential growth of data, and also the recognition there is enormous value in that data. The marketing analysis of the firm IDC says that by the end of the year 2020, the world would exchange 44 trillion gigs of data.

It doesn't matter if you're working a law firm, running a business, or a farmer, data centres are importance to every being, actively or passively. Most of the companies rely on the accurate recording, data updating and the traction of their data on even a second-to-second basis, helping them to survive in today's economy.

Employees consume this data to complete their accounting reports, estimating scales and ultimately improving customer service. Large organisations and Research Institutes gather customer and partner data and store this crucial information on the data centres, which they can later analyse, access, and drive various strategic decisions. On the other hand, ordinary consumers and users like us, are to connected to these data centres as we store our data on them in the form of finance, personal information, etc.

  • Power
The first and the far most important thing is the availability of power. Most of developing countries are not yet good with deploy a constant source of energy. That's why data centres play a crucial role for uninterrupted data access as they are continuously encapsulated with various power sources with power backup as their priority.
  • Connectivity
The current scenario of the business industry is that every enterprise once and for all conducts their business on the mobile basis, and that's where the connectivity of data centres leads you.
It profoundly impacts on the performance, reliability and the security of the companies, whether large or small. They mostly cater information and distributes it to various locations in the form of assets.

On average, a data centre lasts only for 15 – 20 years at maximum. So, when you're thinking about all the significant changes in IT, you can assume how hard it would summarise all the requirements. Here is an infographic providing a visual representation of the number of data centres around the world.

Brought to you by UK2

How Datacentres Work and Operate?

Just like two computers connect each other via a local network or LAN, the internet servers send the information to all the different web browsers. The data stored on a server is then divided into packets and is transmitted using routers over a wired or wireless connection.

The data centres are the places with these information providers. A massive scale of having hundreds of performance oriented servers deploying GBs of data that is being requested to millions of web based requests worldwide.

Moreover, the data and security encryption provided by the data centre companies assures you the full protection of your data from corruption loss, transmission errors, and hacking. It doesn't let your data to be remained vulnerable for even a milli-second of time. Of course, that's what they charge the companies for.

Like any computer data, server data is vulnerable to corruption, transmission errors, loss and hacking. Most data centres implement a large security funnel to protect your information from physical to digital threats. The buildings are fully secured with security staff, more appropriately like a prison.

The data is backed up on multiple locations and files are saved to they can be accessed in the cases of immediate access. The servers are also entirely wiped or destroyed in some cases when they've reached their limit.

Final Thoughts

Do share your thoughts if you weren’t aware of any of such data, and please share if you’ve any other important factoid to share with us on the following information related to the Datacentres. Cheers!
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