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Saturday, 17 February 2018

How to Change Fonts & Themes in WhatsApp on Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Change is the only constant thing. And everyone loves it. We all also love WhatsApp which is our go-to messaging app. It has got many features that let us stay connected with friends and family. They have also brought new fun additions like GIFs, new Emojis, Status and more.

Still, we need more to have the extra level of fun. When we talk about the coolest thing that everyone wants to change in their Android smartphone time to time, themes or fonts comes in the top of the list. That's why I think WhatsApp should give its users the option to switch theme and font.
Change Whatsapp Themes & Fonts
As WhatsApp officially has not provided those options, some MOD apps help in that case. You can find some of them by searching GBWhatsApp or YoWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus on Google. Yes, by taking the help of a WhatsApp Mod, today we will change the font and theme in WhatsApp.

Here are the below steps which can help you to switch theme or font in Android WhatsApp. We will go one by one. First, we will see how to change the font and then, switch between themes. So, without any further ado let's get started.

How to Change Font in WhatsApp on any Android device?

Most of the WhatsApp lovers wish to change the WhatsApp fonts to make it look more stylish. I'm one of them and maybe you too. It's obvious that you wish that as you're reading this part of this article. So, let you know that it's not a hard task.

Here are the things you need: Android Mobile/Tablet and a WhatsApp Mod (YoWhatsApp or GB WhatsApp).
It will be only the matter of few minutes. So, don't worry. Just follow these below steps. 

  • Uninstall official WhatsApp from your Android phone. We are going to install a Mod. So, you can't use one number in both the apps. So, we have uninstall the official one first.
  • First, you need to download YoWhatsApp latest APK file.
  • Install the APK file you have just downloaded. After installing it, open the app. Create an account as you do in the official WhatsApp app.
  • When the verification is completed, tap on the top right corner. You see many options. Just tap on "YoMods."
  • Then, scroll down and click on "Universal" > "Styles (Look and Feel)" > Font Style.
  • You will see a list of many fonts with preview. Just tap on the font you want to apply.
  • Press back button and come back to the Chats screen. You can see the Font is successfully applied to WhatsApp.

 Have fun changing the fonts in WhatsApp! Those above are the most straightforward way available to change or switch WhatsApp fonts.
Now, it's time let you know how to change WhatsApp themes. So, let's dive into that.

How to Change/Switch Themes in WhatsApp?

Changing theme is as simple as we did change fonts. So, it's very easy. We just have to take the help of the YoWhatsApp MOD app.

If you're in the quest changing your WhatsApp theme, then you are at the perfect place to get that. Just follow the below simple tutorial.

  • Download and install the YoWhatsApp APK on your Android mobile.
  • If not already installed, get the YoWA APK file first. Uninstall the official WhatsApp (can't run one number in two WhatsApp)
  • Install it as you install other apps. Register with your Mobile Number as same as you do in the default WhatsApp.
  • Open YoWhatsApp > Press the Three Dots Icon > YoMods.
  • Tap on "YoThemes" > Download YoThemes (themes store).
  • You will see more than 3500 themes. Just tap on Download button and click OK.
  • Yoooohoo!! You have successfully changed the WhatsApp theme.

Continue changing the WhatsApp themes with YoMods and have fun! Choose your favorite color and get WhatsApp load with that. That's a cool thing. Isn't it?

If you want to reset the Themes settings, it's easy in the YoThemes settings. Go to YoMods > YoThemes > Reset Preference. That's it.
Hope you have enjoyed this guide to changing WhatsApp themes and fonts. This is probably the easiest you can find over the internet to these tweaks. Keep visiting CrunchyTricks for more like this.
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How to Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Posted by Rahul Gupta
The essence of having a YouTube channel is to have subscribers. What is the point of a channel that is no one subscribes to? That said, it is very important for your videos to be entertaining to your audience or they will jump ship and go to another channel. It is not enough to just have videos and subscribers. 
Get Your First 1000 Subscriber
What is most important is the constant ability to provide them value for their time. This article highlights the simple (or not) ways in which one can get more YouTube subscribers for their channel.

Optimizing Your Channel

This will make it easier for viewers to go through your videos and watch more. This brings about higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking, more customers and more subscribers.
To optimize means putting in place the following measures:

  • Artwork – You should have a banner that clearly states what your audience will gain or experience from the channel. There are many channel designers in the market.
  • Links – All your social media links should be added to your channel. Not forgetting the website.
  • About – In this section, you get to share with your audience the motivation behind you starting the channel and what they stand to gain by subscribing to your channel. This is where they get to learn about your schedule too.
  • Create playlists – Create organization on your channel. That makes it easier to find the videos one wants and makes it more appealing to look.


You have to be committed to your cause. Without commitment, you will not move forward. Being consistent is part of the commitment. Uploading of videos needs to be consistent, at a specific time and specific day every week. Make sure that all these are well communicated in every sector of your interaction. Your passion should be the driving force behind your commitment. 

If you are not enthusiastic and passionate about whatever it is you do, no one else will be. Enthusiasm is contagious. The focus should not be on what you sell but rather why you sell and then once you have pinned your passion, you can now concentrate on giving your audience exactly what they require from you.

Creating Killer Videos

The selling point of your channel would have to be the videos. It is important to give your audience quality while at the same time communicating exactly what you want to communicate. This can be achieved in the following 3 steps:

  • Plan – While it is not necessary to have an entire script, it is important to have a list of about three core points that you want to pass across. Start with the question that your audience wants to be addressed and then break off the answer into several interesting, understandable chunks. Remember to add on something that will keep your audience still hungry for more information.
  • Produce – Contrary to popular belief; one does not need state of the art machinery to cut good videos on YouTube. The most important thing one needs after a camera is a good sound, so an external microphone is crucial. Make your videos short, the shorter, the better.


With the numerous videos uploaded on YouTube, it is important to make yours stand out.

  • Include a catchy title with the keywords that you want to rank. Keep it short and appealing.
  • Including tags and ensuring that it captures the keyword is essential.
  • Describe the video well. There can never be enough words for this.
  • Reply to comments within 24 hours of uploading the video.

Ideally having done all this, it might still take you about 3-6 months to get your 1000 subscribers and this is while supplementing with paid traffic. Other people may not want to wait that long and may opt to buy subscribers. Buying YouTube subscribers involves paying people for each time they view your videos. It creates startup traffic, saves time but at the same time; it costs money.

In conclusion, having many subscribers on your YouTube channel means that you inadvertently get to earn more but one has to be willing to put in the work. Most people just see the success without considering the amount of time and commitment that goes into having a successful YouTube channel.
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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Best Alternatives to Archive Office 365 Mailbox

Posted by Rahul Gupta
From many years, users are involved in the habit of archiving the emails. The reasons might have changed and the new technologies have invented. 
Alternatives to Archive Office 365
But, the question is whether it is relevant to archive Office 365 mailbox? Should this practice needs to be continued? What are the other alternatives that are much more reliable and feasible?

The article deals with the following questions:
  • History of the Archive Mailbox?    
  • Difference Between Archive Mailbox and Primary Mailbox?    
  • How does the need to archive the mailboxes arises?    
  • Other features to keep the Emails saved    
  • Retention Policies
  • Professional Solution to backup Office 365 mailboxes    
  • Time to Wrap up

History of the Archive Office 365 Mailbox?

Consider a scenario:
You had a mailbox in the Exchange 2010 with a maximum storage space you are provided with is 200MB-600MB. As the data needs to be stored increases, storage space starts becoming an issue for both client and the server. The users were left with no choice but, either to delete the mailboxes or move the mailboxes to some other location. This is the time when the new concept of “archive mailbox” is introduced.

Difference Between Archive Mailbox and Primary Mailbox?

Whenever the user refers to as “Personal Archive”, “In-Place Archive”, or “Online Archive”, the archived mailbox is nothing else but, a second mailbox for the user. The two main differences between the primary and archive mailboxes are:

The temporary files of the archive files are not made up in the OST
The storage capacity of an archive mailbox is unlimited for users with the E3 licenses.

How Does the Need to Archive Office 365 Mailboxes Arise?

There are many reasons which lead a user to archive mailbox Exchange 2010. Some of them are explained below:

Cache Purpose: The OST cache in Outlook can cause serious problems if it has the excessively large size. So, if the users create archive mailbox, it is not cached to the OST file. Thus, it makes sense to reduce the size of the OST file by creating the archive mailbox. This method opted before the Outlook 2013.With the upcoming of Outlook 2013, the storage issue of OST file is solved from the client side. 
Storage Capacity: Office 365 offers the storage space of 50GB. A few years ago, this storage space was limited to 25GB. At that time, it was required to create the Office 365 archive mailbox. But, 50 GB is a pretty large space. If still, 50GB is not enough to save all the desired messages, the archive messages permit the user for unlimited email hoarding. This unlimited feature is only valid for the users with the E3 license. 

Users can also create the archive mailbox with the E1 license. But, in the E1 license, the size of primary mailbox along with the size of archive mailbox is limited to 50GB. So, E1 license does not allow any user to avail the benefit of additional storage capacity even after creating an archive mailbox.

Other Features to Keep the Emails Saved

Office 365 enables its users to be safe keep the emails without creating the archive mailbox. If the user wants to store emails for a certain duration of time, they can make use of these features: Litigation hold or In-place hold. These options equip the user to retain the emails even after the emails are deleted from the mailbox.

Retention Policies

“Retention policies” is a term related to archive mailboxes. In Office 365, users can use the retention policies to perform the activities like archive any mailbox after a fixed duration of time or delete any mailbox after any specific duration of time. In other words, there is a maximum number of days till which any email is kept. When users want to ensure that how long any message will reside in the mailbox, they can use already mentioned Litigation Hold or In-place hold.

For example, if the user wants to store any email for three years. At that point, the user has to use a combination of the Litigation hold or in-place hold and retention policies.

Professional Solution to Backup Office 365 Mailboxes

To archive Office 365 mailbox, users can go with an automated solution. This can be done with the help of a third-party tool like SysTools Office 365 backup software. This is the best and trouble-free answer for Office 365 backup solutions. 

The tool helps to archive the mailboxes present in the Exchange online and save them in PST file format at the local system. This feature of the tool helps in freeing up the storage space in 365 account. According to the experts, it is the master tool which has left other technologies far behind.

Time to Wrap up

With the increase in the size of the mailboxes, a user needs to delete their data or move their data to some other place outside the mailbox. Considering this point, a new concept to archive Office 365 mailboxes was introduced. But, it was realized that are some alternative features like litigation hold, in-place hold and retention policies which enables any user to view the Office 365 mailboxes even after deleting them.
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How to Recover Deleted Data With EaseUS in Simple Steps

Posted by Rahul Gupta
EaseUS is a highly successful international leading software company that was established in 2004. The company focuses on software for data backup, data recovery, and disk management. With a great experience in providing world class software that keeps focusing on data security and the best user experience, it is no surprise that EaseUS has almost 200,000,000 customers worldwide. And one of the most important and widely used products of EaseUs is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a one-stop data recovery software to recover your lost/deleted data. It is a comprehensive file recovery software that can recover deleted files or even folders that have been deleted and even emptied from the Recycle Bin. This tool also helps to recover data that have been lost due to format, Lost partition, system crash, virus attack and lots more in addition to that, EaseUS can be helpful in restoring files from a formatted disk, Dynamic Disk and even from deleted or lost partition. 

The software recovers the files with their original file names and storage paths.  Another exciting feature of the EaseUS Data Recovery program is that it comes with a Wizard mode that makes data recovery a straightforward process even for beginners.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The main features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard are:

  • It supports photo recovery, deleted, formatted & inaccessible data recovery too.
  • The software supports all types of lost files such as Images, Documents, Videos, Audio, Archives, Emails etc.
  • Recover lost files and folders from deleted volumes and partitions.
  • Recover lost Data from Windows Laptops/Notebooks, Desktops, Windows Servers, Hard Drives, USB Drives, SD Cards, Memory Cards, Digital Cameras, Mobile Devices and Smartphones.
  • You can restore lost data from your corrupted memory card types including Memory Stick, SD, CF, MMC and much more using the Memory Card Recovery Wizard.
  • You can Recover lost Data from a USB drive, Flash Drive, Pen Drive, and other removable storages with the help of USB Drive Recovery Wizard.
  • The Other Digital Device Recovery Wizard will help you to retrieve data lost due to formatting, hardware crash and other reasons from digital devices like Mobile Phones, iPods, Music and Video Players, Digital Cameras etc. 
  •  EaseUS supports RAW Recovery.
  • Supports Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7, 8 and the support for Latest Windows 10 has also been added.
  • It supports file systems such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS/NTFS5, exFAT, HFS+ and EXT2/EXT3.

Coming to the User Interface and design of the app, it has a fresh and very modern looking interface. This makes it easier to navigate. In addition to that, the app also supports a wide range of languages, which also helps to make the app more user-friendly.
How to Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Most simply, EaseUS describe their Recovery process as Launch, Scan and Recover. These three are the only significant steps needed to recover your lost Data. 

  1. Launch the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and then select a location where you lost your Data (like Desktop, Libraries, Hard Drive, External Storage etc.). Start the scan.
  2. The initial scan will be quick, then EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will list all searched files that were deleted or emptied from the Recycle Bin.
  3. After the quick scan, EaseUS will move to the deep scan immediately. This will help to find lot more of lost files by search thoroughly into file indexes. This will take a longer time to complete.
  4. After the deep scan is completed, EaseUS allows you to preview specific recoverable files. After you preview and filter files, you can target the tracked files and then press the Recover Button. This will recover everything you want.

Final Words

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the most helpful tools for anyone using a computer device. This tool can perform a very useful service, anyone who have been in a situation, where you lost your data would know the value of such a service. 

An incredible software like this is priceless, but you can avail even a free trial. This program is surely a saviour for anyone facing with the disaster of data loss. And we recommend it as a sure try to recover your data easily and solve your problems.
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Accounting: Things You Should Know and Not Forget To Do

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There are several things that accountants should consider in their career. This is especially crucial at the start point of their journey as procurement agents. Among these essentials include knowing the accounts payable. The accounts payable (AP), at this moment, refers to unpaid balance that is typically used to purchase goods and services. AP is always common because it is continuously repetitive regardless of either if one is new or is a veteran in the industry. With accounts payable, there is a guarantee for a credit balance whenever one orders items from a supplier on credit.
 Besides, the balance always remains until it is paid for entirely. As a result, the account payable is, then, recorded to have no existing balance. Account payable is essential unless one's firm is cash rich. This article outlines few AP basics that accountants forget but are crucial and useful in the accounts industry.

Determining What AP Includes

Most of the time, chances of qualifying your procurements are high if you purchase them on credit. For production and sales ordered in great quantity, this process is considered excellent. This is because this can be a good intervention where items are bought for production and sales without cash. Accounts payable is also advantageous where there is an allowance for payment provided. 

This, however, varies depending on how the supplier wishes to be paid. For instance, the term limit can be paid either in installments or net 30. Net 30, in this case, means that the supplier should be paid within 30 days of the month.

Understanding AP and Expenses

Differentiating between an AP and an expense can be a challenge to many workers. The reason usually has been for the fact that in both cases, there is involvement of money. The fact, at this moment, however, is that with AP, the costs are always incurred but not paid. This is normally because this cash is a liability. To be considered as a liability, it means that a company still owes supplier the money. On the contrary, expenses are the already –paid costs which are related to profits.

Checking For Accuracy by Three Way Matching

Three-way matching is currently the best procedure to ensure the accuracy of AP transactions. This enables accountant to identify the kind of transaction that has taken place in the company. For instance, transactions can be made in numerous ways such as with cash purchase or on credit. To make a proper tracking, nonetheless, there are only three steps required with this procedure.

These include using the purchase order, a shipping order, and an invoice. If further explained in order, it implies that your company bought on credit, the purchased items reached the intended destination, and with an invoice, you are reminded of the period within which you need to clear the creditor’s dept respectively.

Filling Purchase Orders Appropriately

For a secure account payment practices, numerous procedures should be strictly followed. This includes various details such as the supplier’s address, the unit price of the commodity being purchased, quantity, and the overall cost. Gary M. Kaplan, CPA, a CPA and advisor, in his website explains it well that purchasing forms, in this case, needs to be filled appropriately. This, in turn, can save one a lot of, later on, confusion on purchase order form.

A good accountant is more than just having skills and knowledge. If accountants can implement the above-highlighted practices, there can be a fantastic transformation in the accounts industry. Business owners would experience capability within their firms. With such methods added in business, the petty business problems will, with no doubt, be automatically solved.
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