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Saturday, 30 June 2018

How to Set up Private Wordpress Hosting for Less than $10/month

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Everyone is tired of shared hosting because of downtimes and very less control over our server. When we host our website on shared hosting, Actually, We are sharing our server with tens of other shared hosting users.

It means, we only get the small amount of resource of the server. For example, If shared hosting company has 1 server with 16GB of RAM, they will simply host 16 websites on the server and you will get 1GB of RAM too and shared computing power.

Serveravatar Review
It also means that if any of those websites is doing something fishy, your website will be affected too. For instance, If someone is sending spam Emails and the IP address of the server gets blacklisted on Gmail or Yahoo, The Emails sent by your website will be listed in the Spam folder too, because you are sharing the same IP address.

Average shared WordPress hosting will cost you around $5 to $15 per month. I have good news for you! Now You can set up your private WordPress hosting for less than $10/month. Considering you are getting constant traffic, this setup will handle thousands and thousands of visitors on a daily basis without affecting the speed of the website at all.

In this article, we will setup a Wordpress website on a cloud server or VPS with SSL certificate that will never actually expire, in less than $10/month. To be more specific, I am going to use a cloud server from vultr with 1GB RAM and it will cost me $5/month. If you are getting more than 5,000 page views a day, a cloud server with 1GB RAM is recommended. You can get it for $5/month.

To manage this web server, We are going to use ServerAvatar. It is a management panel for Cloud Servers. Using ServerAvatar, we will be able to configure our server and install Wordpress websites with ease (We won’t even touch command line at all). The reason we are going to use ServerAvatar is that we can speed up the configuration process (It takes hours to set up a server otherwise) by a huge factor (3 minutes to configure and 5 minutes to set up our website).

So, Here are the steps to setup your private WordPress hosting for less than $10/month.

  • Create a cloud server (Using Digitalocean, Vultr, Linode, etc.)
  • Connect a server with ServerAvatar
  • Install a Wordpress website with SSL Certificate

Believe me; this process will not take an hour! You can also set up multiple websites on your own server in seconds. Also, you can monitor activities on your server (We’ll see it later).

So, Without wasting any more time, Let’s get started with the process.

Create a cloud server

Many companies provide instant cloud servers. Some of them are Digitalocean, Vultr and Linode. You can create an account in any of these websites and get your cloud server ready in minutes. I have created an account in Vultr and I am going to create a cloud server in vultr. Here is how the process looks like.

When you first create an account in any of these websites, you will have to top-up your account so that you can get started! Just top-up your account with $5 because it’s the minimum value to top-up for the first time.

Once done, Click on the Servers section given in the sidebar and then click on the + button given on the right side of the screen just like the following image.
You will be redirected to a page with multiple options. Don’t panic, Here is how you are going to deal with those options.

  • Server Location: If you want a 512MB server for $2.5, select Miami. Otherwise, select the best location based on your traffic. If you are getting more traffic from the USA, selecting the USA based data center is best for performance. Similarly, if you are getting more traffic from Australia, Select a data center that is based in Australia.
  • Server Type: Select Ubuntu with version 16.04 x64.
  • Server-Size: You can select the plan you want. ServerAvatar supports servers with any size. For this example, I am going to select $5 plan with 1GB memory.
  • Additional Features: Here, you can select Automatic backups if you want. Otherwise, everything is optional here.
  • Startup script: It’s completely your choice. I am not going to upload any startup script because I don’t need it. Startup scripts are rarely used for custom configurations.
  • SSH keys: If you want to add your SSH key, you can! If you don’t know what SSH key does, skip this option too.
  • Server Hostname and label: It’s the name of your server. You can enter anything you want. In this case, I will simply enter test-server.

If you are using the server provided by other companies like Digitalocean or Linode, Server creation process will be almost same. The only difference will be termed.

Now, Click on the Deploy button and your server will be ready in 2-3 minutes! Once it’s ready, you will see Status as Running just like the following image.
Status as Running

Connect Server with ServerAvatar

Now, It’s time to create an account in ServerAvatar to manage this server. Click here to create an account in ServerAvatar. 

For our readers, there's a special discount of 10%. Simply use coupon code CTRICKS10 during checkout to avail 10% discount on ServerAvatar.
To create an account, you just have to enter your Email address and password. You will receive Email verification link to verify your Email address.

Once your account is ready, top-up your account with some amount to get started. Minimum amount to top up is $1 and if you want to pay on a monthly basis, Top-up your account with $4.

After that, click on the Add drop-down given in the top-right corner of the dashboard and select Server just like the following image.
Select Server
You will see a form containing three fields for Server Name, IP address and root password. This information is provided by Server provider. In case if you are using Digitalocean, you will get this information in the Email just like this.
In case if you are using Vultr or Linode, you can find information on your control panel or dashboard. I am using Vultr for this guide and I can find information by clicking on the Server name on Instances section.

Just fill up the information and click on the Add server button. You will get a notification once your server is configured and ready to use just like the following image (You can also see the progress on Dashboard).
Server is Ready
Click on the notification and you will be redirected to a server panel! Server panel will show basic information about your servers like Memory usage, Disk usage and Server load. Also, these values are monitored and presented in a beautiful graph so that you can know what’s going on at any given time. Server panel looks like the following image.
Server Panel
Initially, you won’t see anything in Server monitor because your server is brand new. ServerAvatar will monitor the health of your server every 15 minutes. So, you will start getting to see usage graph in Server Monitor.

The first thing you should do on your server is to turn on the firewall. It is very easy. Just click on the switch given in the Firewall card on the server panel and firewall will be enabled on your server.

Install a Wordpress website with SSL Certificate

Now it’s time to create a website on our server! Considering we are doing all these on Cloud server, We are very fast! It is very easy to create a Wordpress website using ServerAvatar. First, make sure your domain is pointing to the right server. You have to update nameservers and put host as your server’s IP address in the domain’s main A record.

Now, Click on the Add button from the top-right corner of the panel and select Application. You will be asked to select the server. Currently, We just have one server, so we will select a server and click on create an application. You will see a form with some fields that look like the following image.
First of all, Enter the application name which is used to identify the application on a server and enter the domain/subdomain you want to host on the server. Make sure that the domain or subdomain you are adding is pointing your server.

In Application type, Select Wordpress. Once you select WordPress, you will see three more fields are revealed in which we will enter Wordpress information like the title of the blog, admin username and admin password. Fill the information and your form should look like the following image.
Select Type
Once you’ve entered the necessary information, click on the Create application button and ServerAvatar will create an application for you in less than 15 seconds.

Once the application is ready, you will be redirected to the application dashboard that will contain information like FTP credentials, Graphs containing the history of the application’s response time and load time. Application health is checked every 5 minutes if you are using ServerAvatar. You will be notified within 5 minutes if something goes wrong on your application.

Now, We want to install SSL Certificate in our application. ServerAvatar provides one-click SSL certificate configuration. To install an SSL Certificate, Click on the SSL Certificate section given in the sidebar of an application dashboard just like the following image.
SSL Certificate
In the SSL Certificate page, you will be able to manage the SSL Certificate of your Application. If you don’t have SSL Certificate installed, you will see an option to install it. If it is already installed, you will get an option to enable HTTP to https redirection, Update SSL Certificate (Only if you have installed custom SSL certificate) and Uninstall SSL Certificate.

If you haven’t installed SSL Certificate yet, you will see something like this:
Install SSL Certificate
To issue and install SSL Certificate automatically, Select the Automatic option from the drop-down and click on Install SSL Certificate. If you want to install custom SSL Certificate, select Custom from the drop down and enter the certificate information. Once the SSL Certificate is installed, You will see options like this.
Custom SSL
If you are installing SSL certificate for the first time on the server, it will take about 2 minutes to configure the server to issue and configure SSL Certificate. Otherwise, it will take less than 30 seconds to issue and configure SSL Certificate on your application.

So, this is how you can create private Wordpress hosting capable of managing multiple websites on a single web server and monitoring them. And we have spent less than $10 till now ($9 including taxes to be more specific).


The benefit of this setup is, you can create a highly scalable application. For instance, if you are on shared hosting and your traffic raises like crazy, you won’t be able to handle that much load and your applications might face downtime but it’s not the case with this setup.

It will take seconds to upgrade a server with higher memory and computing power. ServerAvatar will configure it accordingly and you will have an upgraded server ready to handle more and more traffic in minutes. You can even divide your WordPress application into two servers using ServerAvatar.

If you already have a website on shared hosting and want to migrate it to use Cloud server with ServerAvatar, you can contact ServerAvatar’s support team at and they will migrate your site for you to this setup without downtime. If you have questions, you can comment them down in the comment section and we will respond back as soon as possible.
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Thursday, 21 June 2018

The Impact of Technology in Our Lives

Posted by Rahul Gupta
In a world that is fast changing with every passing day, we can always look forward to the next big thing in the nearest future.  Beyond question, effects of technology in our daily lives are far reaching in many different ways. From education, medicine, research, astronomy to lifestyle and among other areas, there is always something technological or inventive about how we lead our lives in the 21st century. 
Impact of Technology
In this post, I explore the impact of technology on our lives, but first, here are a few things you need to know. 

Could we live without technology?

Imagine a world without space stations: we would still be struggling to find out what exists in the outer space.  Studying the possibility of extraterrestrial life may have only remained a mirage, and so would be taking to the skies in a Boeing Airbus. Living in such a world would be equal to spending endless nights in a dark cave. Therefore, to appreciate the impact of technology on human life is to, first of all, imagine a world without it.

You are a part of revolutionary changes

Revolutions are not always about toppling tyrannies or governments that have increasingly become unpopular.  The impact of technology on society is revolutionary.  From the Northern hemisphere to the South, and across the eastern worlds to the Atlantic, everything about life is changing. The question is; are you part of it or do you fit into the modern society from a technological standpoint?

Well, millennials are the hardest hit because their sense of technology is not only fancy but also ambitious.  They want to own the latest gadget in the Smartphone market and get their hands on Smart TV sets. But, that is not all. The impact of technological approaches to living stretches beyond owning an iPhone X or watching a movie on a curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) using Virtual Reality (VR) goggles. A closer look at the way some of these inventions keep changing our lives is arguably the best shot at understanding everything piecemeal. 

Positive Impacts of Technology include the following:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Straight out of Sci-Fi movies such as transformers, factious robotics has become a reality.  From driverless cars, flying cars, AI sound interface gadgets like Alexa by Amazon, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and humanoid humanoids like Sophia by Hanson Robotics, saying that Artificial Intelligence take-off is still at the development stage would be an understatement.

The impacts of AI on our lives are without a doubt, massive. And with Machine Learning (ML) being the mainstay of AI technology, tech-giants like Google are forecasting a foreseeable feature where machines will replace humans in performing specific tasks, if not all activities. 

Convenience in Travelling

When you talk about the effects of technology in the 21st century, transportation is worth mentioning. While there is a lot going on in this sector, especially with flying cars, high-speed trains and air travel that reduce travel time between countries and states to a few hours, underground speed tunnels and drones are set to make a huge statement in this sector. Elon Musk’s Boring Company is one of those pioneering tunnel transit systems.

While technological inventions in the entertainment industry have been applauded for capacity building, the education sector is perhaps the biggest beneficiary. From learning gadgets, the applications for learning new languages, systems that creative collaboration in the classroom, gamified learning to augmented reality (AR) superimposing Virtual Reality (VR) in training pilots, learning has never been as interactive and intuitive as it is today. Students are also able to order papers from writing services such as Eduzaurus with great ease and convenience. 

High-speed communication systems

Space stations and satellites are forms of technology whose impacts on our lives are superfluous. There has never been a better way of disseminating information fast and furious like now.  Fiber optics is magnifying the interwebs. Technically, today’s world is a global village where you can communicate with anyone in any part of the world in real-time via video Apps, webinars, and other instantaneous channels.

Effective research in medicine and clinical administration 

Cancer patients will soon experience a newfound treatment, thanks to the use of Proton Therapy that is set to bring about precision in cancer treatment.  That is not all. Medical research on vaccine prototypes, including a possibility of creating life from cell membranes, is at an advanced stage. Ostensibly, a lot has already taken place making it possible for doctors to perform complex and delicate surgeries in this age, all thanks to technology.

Convenience in learning

While technology is massively transforming lives positively, it is also worth noting that on the flipside, there are disadvantages that come with it.  From data leaks, cybercrimes pollution and health concerns due to radio activities elements, information war (terrorism) to people laziness, you will probably run out of count the negativities. 

We think that the described above examples of technological boost impact on our lives vividly demonstrates that we are no longer able to live without it. Living conditions, quality of healthcare and education, duration of human life – all this we have got due to scientific discoveries that were made within last century and earlier.
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Famoid Review: Do They Really Provide HQ Social Media Services?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There are often times when we do feel a need of purchasing social media services. But the truth is there is hardly any social media service provider that works reliably. 

However, if you are in search of a social media service provider which is highly reliable. Then let us introduce you to the Famoid. Now the question is what is Famoid and how it can help you out? 
Famoid Review
Well if you happen to have these questions in your head. Then let us answer the questions for you. So let’s head into the topic without wasting much of the time.


Starting with the introduction at first. Well, the Famoid is an online tech company which offers multiple social services. These include social media likes, followers and so on. The company was started back in 201 7, and since then to now it has gained a considerable customer base. 

The main aim of the company is to create the best solution for social media services and many more. And they are indeed doing so. Moreover, the company always focuses on giving importance to the customer experience and make sure you are having a pleasant experience with them. 

Furthermore, the Famoid is a legal company which is based in the United States. As well as it is the first company that legally offers social media services. 

Moreover, their system is fully automatic which helps the company to deliver the service in a faster way compared to the other provides in the market. As well as the company does have a great support team, and their support team is available 24x7 including holidays. So if you ever face any issues with their services, you can feel free to contact the support team. 

So that was a small introduction to the Famoid. Now let’s talk about the different services that Famoid is offering. 

Famoid Services

Famoid mainly offers services for social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. So let’s talk about each of them one by one:

Instagram Services

When it comes to Instagram services. The company offers quite a lot of services. Which includes, Instagram followers package, Views Package, Likes Package and Automatic likes package.
Instagram Followers
Talking about the Instagram packages, well the company charges merely $2 95 for 100 followers and for 5000 Instagram followers you have to pay $34 95. Even this is the same pricing format that Famoid offers for all its Instagram services.  

Facebook Services

Talking about the Facebook Services, well the company offers total two Facebook services. These include Fan Page Likes Package and the Post Likes Package.
Fb Likes
Coming to the Fan Page likes package, well Famoid has 4 plans for this which include, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000 Facebook page likes package. The 500 likes package plan is priced at $8 95, and for the 5000 likes package, you have to pay $44 95. Also, the Facebook likes page follows the same pricing pattern.  However to make you understand in a better way, here is the pricing chart:

Twitter Services

Now coming to the Twitter services, well for Twitter the company offers total 3 services. These include Twitter followers Package, Retweets Packages, and Likes Packages. 
Twitter followers
Talking about the Twitter followers package, well it has total 4 plans which go from 500 to 5000. The lowest plan is priced at the $8 95, and for the height plan, you have to pay $44 95. Also for Twitter re-tweets and likes, Famoid follows the same pricing format. 

YouTube Services

In the end, we have the YouTube Services. Famoid offers total two services for the YouTUbe. One of them is the YouTube subscriber package, and another one is the YouTube Views Package. 
YouTube Subscribers
Talking about the YouTube Subscriber Packages, Well it has four different plans which go 500 subscribers to the 5000 subscribers. For the 500 YouTube subscriber package, you have to pay $59 95. Where for the 5000 YouTube subscribers, you have to pay $289 95. However to give you a better understanding here is a pricing chart:
YouTube Views
Now coming to the YouTube Views Package, well it has total 8 plans. The lowest plan offers 1,000 YouTube views and the highest plan provides 500,000 YouTube views. Talking about the pricing, well for 1000 views, you have to pay $9 95 where for the 500,000 YouTube views you have to spend $899 95. 

So that was all social media services that Famoid is offering along with the pricing.

Final Words

So that was all for the Famoid. Now if you are just wondering if you should go with their services or not. Then we would suggest you to do so. 

As the company works legally, furthermore the company offers excellent support. Talking about the support, the company replies to each and every ticket in just 15 min. As well as the company processes your order instantly, and you start seeing the results within 10 to 15 minutes. 

However, you should know the fact that the company does not offer any kind of refund once you make the purchase. So we would advise you to give a try to the smallest plan at first and see how it is working for you. If you feel it is worth, then you can always have the chance to buy expensive plans. 

Anyway, if you have any question to ask then do feel free to leave a comment below. We will surely help you out. 
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MotoCMS Review: Quick Website Builder to Turn Business Idea into Life

Posted by Rahul Gupta
We all know the fact that creating a professional looking website can be a pretty task job. Even it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But what if you want to build a website?

Well, there are two things that you could one. One, you can hire some web designers and let them do the job. Or you can do it by yourself. However, hiring someone can be pretty expensive so let’s not talk about them. 

Moving to the second option, well creating a website is not that hard in today’s world. Thanks to a bunch of the web builder tools available online. It has become a pretty easy job for anyone to create a professional looking website.

One of such website builders is the MotoCMS. Now the question is what MotoCMS exactly is and how it can help you out? 

Well to answer all these questions answers, we thought about writing a MotoCMS review and explain about it to you. So let’s just go ahead and talk about it without wasting much of the time:


Starting with the introduction at first, MotoCMS is a website builder which you can use to create your own professional looking website in just a few clicks. 
MotoCMS is an excellent combination of SaaS easy website builder and Content Management System, which is capable of building professional-looking responsive websites. All you have to do is choose a template for your business, and you are all set.
With the help of MotoCMS, you will be able to make a website for your Business: Photography website, Real Estate, Restaurant, Industry, Medical and other types of business. 
Also, you do not have to dirty your hands into coding, just drag and drop different web elements and you are all done. Even using the MotoCMS, you will be able to post blog posts. So if you are planning to start a blog and not a business website. Then MotoCMS can still help you out,

In addition to that, it allows you to add your own domain to your site without any issues. Just simply enter your website’s domain name and redirect the website to it. 

The primary goal of MotoCMS is to simplify the user experience. And deliver all the necessary tools in the simplest way possible. 
Plus the best thing about the MotoCMS is that it has excellent customer service. No matter how significant the product is, if the customer support is not great, then there is no point in spending our bucks on the product. But when it comes to MotoCMS, well it is incredibly great.  The company offers 24/7 Technical Support to all the MotoCMS Customers.

The Top Features Of MotoCMS

Drag & Drop Website Builder

As we have just mentioned the MotoCMS offers a drag and drop website builder. Hence, as a result, you do not have to code a website. 
Drag & Drop Website Builder
Just select a theme and use all the drag and drop elements to make the site look perfect. As well as your site will be fully functional.

Fully Responsive Design

In today’s world where most of the users love to browse the internet using their device. It is so important to have a responsive website that works on every device. 
Fully Responsive Design
Hence just to help you out with this MotoCMS’s themes comes with the responsive designs which are created with latest techniques.

Fast Website Loading Speed

Website speed is an essential factor for any website and getting a perfect website speed is not that easy. There are professional who faces issues while making website load as fast as possible. However thanks to the MotoCMS, you do not have to worry about any of such website loading issues.

The MotoCMS is built on an advanced system architecture which helps the websites to load in the faster way possible.

E-Commerce Solution

Creating an e-commerce website is not that easy. But with the help of MotoCMS, you will easily be able to do so. Thus, you will be able to sell products and services online with the advanced tools provided by MotoCMS.

It comes with product catalog with filtering and search options. As well as it has a secure payment gateway and lots of settings for shipping and tax and so on. 

SEO Tools

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most crucial thing in any website. It is the only thing that helps you in ranking in Search Engines. And just to make all these an easy task for you, the MotoCMS offers SEO tools. 
SEO Tools
Using these tools, you will be able to set proper URLs, Meta Tags, Website Pages, Alt Tags and so on. 

So that was all for the MotoCMS review. Now go ahead and try out the website builder by taking a trail and see how it is performing for you. Also for any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.
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What to Surprise Fοllowers in Instagram?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Instagram is οne οf the mοst pοpular sοcial networks in the world, which surprises with its users' capabilities. Probably, each of us went to Instagram at least once. Business competes with each other, fighting for the attention of the target audience. An unusually hot battle is fought for the segment of girls 25-34 years. The most solvent, and prone to online shopping, customer segment.

I hope everyone knows that just high-quality and beautiful photos will not surprise anyone? Business has become smarter, began to organize prοfessional shooting, look for professional models, photographers, allocate budgets for the production of high-quality photos. After all, Instagram sells eyes.
Surprise Followers in Instagram
Until now, there are promoted accοunts, but they lose in the competition because of inactive fοllowers, it is better to have 100 active fοllowers than 1000 inactive. If you encounter such a problem, yοu can use Bigbangram service. Thanks to the Instagram unfοllow functiοn, yοu can clean yοur accοunt from unnecessary fοllowers and you do nοt have to waste precious time and energy.

Let's talk about how to strengthen your own positions, using new types of content, or new technical capabilities that are not used by everyone.

Why use new content types?

By using new content types, you get additional coverage. And as a result, you can increase the popularity and raise the sales curve.
This is a chance to diversify the Instagram feed, and engage subscribers in the content.

New content types, not necessarily new. It may be a little-used format, but using it, yοu can stand out and becοme mοre pοpular.
Hide ugly photos in the gallery

Instagram is a territory of beautiful phοtos and videοs, that's why we go to Instagram.

I am agitated by the photos, which can’t be attributed to the beautiful, and before I thought that such things couldn’t be published at all. For example, I was annoyed by the photos of manicure in the style of "threw sausages on the table." But it turned out that such photos are converted into orders. The girls come to the salon, show these photos and say: "That's what I want."
There is only one way out of this situation. Publish two or more photos or videos, but in the first place to put an appetizing and beautiful picture, and then the necessary.

Reviews-one of the most useful and useful types of content, with few peοple, know how to make reviews beautifully, often dumped screenshοts from the chat, showing how they are happy. We do the same, hide all the screenshots for a beautiful photo.

We conduct broadcasts

Broadcasting is a trend and a great way to promote the community.

Sοme fοllowers receive notifications about the beginning of broadcasts; if you motivate them to follower to nοtifications, then there will be more such subscribers.

Broadcasting is a way to cοntact yοur audience, get acquainted with them, show your face. Topics on which you can broadcast, a great many:

  1. presentation of new products, updates
  2. interview
  3. podcast
  4. backstages 
  5. educational broadcasts and webinars.

Stories and city hashtag

In the regions, it is easy enough to bring to the top of its history, and as a result to get additional coverage of stories.

All displayed the hashtag of the city depending on the city where you are. For this need to do three things:

  1. Make an interesting story;
  2. To attach the hashtag from the city;
  3. On the histοry of the hang active link to your accοunt, the label should be large enοugh that it can quickly go to the account.

The method works great for lοcal businesses: pizza delivery, beauty salοns, etc.


Now Instagram is very popular video in the style of "how to do it. Go to "Recommendations "and from 40-60% of all content will be video. Most of which are made in this style.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to show the process on videο, shoot and shοw.

Gamification: we involve followers in communication
The principle is straightforward, you make cοntent, and encourage your followers to write you cοmments or in private messages.
This increases the οrganic reach οf each publication, and perhaps the entire accοunt, and therefore you can earn.

Be sure to use the game in the stories, the more it is quite easy to do.

Surveys in the stories

Just recently, there are survey features, and it's a very interesting tοol! Instagram tracks the reactions of followers to clicks, and therefore make people mοre interested.

In the statistics of stοries, you can see who and how it is clicked, and if necessary to communicate with them further.

Disappearing first comment

SMMplanner has released a new feature. Nοw, tοgether with the publicatiοn of phοtοs and videοs in Instagram, you can immediately publish the first comment.

Basically, this functiοn is used to" hide" hashtags that are still indexed by the Instagram search engine.
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