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Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Top 6 Stealthy Ways to Track Someone’s iPhone

Posted by Madhu Gupta

How difficult is to track iPhone location? I wasn’t able to reach my mom over her iPhone just a few days back. Even though she got home safely, I wanted to have a solution to fix this issue.

I started looking for applications that would allow me to track the location of another person. Moreover, since I wanted to do this for the iPhone, the options were quite limited.

If you are curious about how to locate someone’s iPhone through ClickFree, I have curated a list of the top 6 applications. All these tools will allow you to track iPhone and its location stealthily. So, let’s get to it! 

Can Solutions to Track iPhone Be Relied Upon?

With the number of options available on the internet, it can be quite challenging to find the right one. There are many scams out there, and there is no point in merely investing money in a tool and not getting any results.

So, after extensive research, this is the best option available in the market. These tools will get you the exact location of the target user and without a lot of headaches. It will help you Track iPhone easily. 

The first app of my list is ClickFree. This tool offers discrete hacking services, and its impressive UI makes it really convenient. 

1. ClickFree: Track An iPhone’s Location With Ease

ClickFree has an extensive user base, and its users love the services that the app has to offer. The application works really well to track iPhone, and you won’t even have to jailbreak the device to make it work. 

ClickFree offers remote hacking services. So, you won’t have to worry about being close to the target user. You can hack into any iOS smartphone and from anywhere in the world.

There are a lot of perks that this tool provides. So, along with a user-friendly UI, there are over 35 features to look up to. Let me tell you all about some of the top features of this application.

Why Should You Choose ClickFree’s Location Tracking?

Aside from an accurate and quick location tracker, the tool has a lot to offer. Read on to find out some fantastic perks of this application.

No Jailbreaking of iPhone

Unlike most other phone hacking solutions, ClickFree does not require the users to jailbreak any smartphone. You can set it up without needing to even touch the target user’s device physically. 

So, there is no need to worry about the privacy of your loved ones. The data will only be shared with you. Moreover, neither you nor the person you are hacking will be under any threat in terms of security. 

Location Tracking

ClickFree app will get you the accurate location coordinates of the user. You will have access to their real-time location at all times. On top of that, there is a geofencing feature as well.

This allows you to set a boundary or area on maps, and as soon as the person steps outside this region, you will be notified. The app offers advanced location tracking, and you can undoubtedly rely on the same. This is a great application to track iPhone.

2. Spyic

Another comprehensive phone-hacking solution that offers top-notch features is Spyic. The tool works wonders on iPhones. You won’t only get the location of the user but also several other perks.

You will have access to all the photos, videos, and audio files. Even social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will be accessible. You can rely on the accuracy of this excellent tool and get quality results.

3. Spyier

Spyier app offers trusted location tracking services for iOS devices. You will get accurate location coordinates and in real-time. So, there won’t be a need to keep checking the location repeatedly as you will be notified as soon as the person steps outside a defined area.

Spyier also has a reliable keylogger that will record all the keystrokes on the iPhone. You will be able to get the passwords, text messages, and much more with this perk. Check out the free demo on the site to find out more on how to track iPhone. 

4. Minspy

Are you looking for a new and modern location tracker? Minspy is the perfect application for you. The tool will offer state of the art services where you will get all the data without any headache.

You won’t need to jailbreak the iPhone to make this application function. In fact, with just the iCloud credentials, it will be possible for you to find out everything that you are looking for. To set up Minspy, you need the iCloud credentials of the user, and you will get access to all the data quickly. 

5. Spyine

Spyine is similar to other solutions on the list and will provide you all the information about the person’s location in no time.

It works on iOS devices without the need for jailbreaking the device. So now you can track iPhone conveniently.

6. Neatspy

Neatspy has been in the market for years, and it is in use by millions of users worldwide. The tool offers an accurate location tracker that will get you the GPS coordinates from any iOS device in no time.

Neatspy has several other features such as call monitoring, keylogger, social media activity tracker, etc. Moreover, it works discreetly and remotely. Check on the people you love with Neatspy’s cutting edge technology. 


You can pick any of these applications and expect top results. These are the top 6 applications to get the location of any iPhone. These tools’ usability and setup processes make it convenient for users to find out about their loved ones.

To get more details and a free demo, head to the website of these applications. All of these apps work on iOS devices and without the need for jailbreaking it. So, without worrying about your security or the person you are spying on, find out their location. 

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8 Must-have Android Apps for Lawyers in 2020

Posted by Madhu Gupta

 2020 has been an unprecedented year. Professionals who couldn’t imagine the scenario before are now working exclusively from home, thanks to COVID-19. A report published recently estimated that social interaction will decline so much that by 2021, around 85% of our interactions will not involve physical proximity to a human being. 

As a lawyer, these statistics may seem scary. For those of us who thrive on a face to face communication, establishing relationships, and the human element, to provide our services and bring home the bread, a future where everything is digital feels overwhelming. 

Client interactions are essential to a successful legal practice. Luckily with the right technology and apps to support you, your clients will easily find a solicitor and get the same comprehensive and coordinated care that you would provide under normal circumstances.

Top 8 Android Apps for Lawyers

Using the right apps can help you manage your legal practice in many ways. They can help boost productivity, improve workflow, facilitate remote communication, and help you become more organized. Apps specifically designed for lawyers can expedite research, simplify accounting procedures, help with invoicing, project management, time tracking… the list is endless. We will se some Android apps for Lawyers.

From daily management tasks to financials, billing, and more.

Here are the 8 best android apps for lawyers in 2020: -

1. Clio

Clio is one of the leading organisational apps for lawyers.

Offering billing, time tracking, file management, and more, Clio integrates seamlessly with many email and cloud storage platforms. 

Price: Free. 

2. Fastcase

Besides the endless paperwork that lawyers have to fill out, legal research the other essential aspect of any standard practice. Fastcase can help you organize your research with its extensive research library.

Fastcase is the go-to online legal research app for lawyers, a mobile platform. The only downside is that the database is American law, so it is better suited for lawyers who practice in the U.S. or those who are interested in American law statutes. This is one of the best Android apps for Lawyers.

Price: Free.

3. Lexicata

Lexicata is another great android apps for lawyers. This customer relationship management app tackles administrative tasks like collecting leads and following up with clients.

Lexicata can also be used to sign documents and monitor your digital marketing campaigns digitally.

 Price: Free trial. 

4. Depose

Depose allows lawyers to take depositions remotely, making it a legal app that is the most valuable tool for lawyers. It is a great Android apps for Lawyers.

Price: $8 

5. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is an excellent app to help you look for clients. As a marketing tool, Thumbtack can do wonders to expand your clientele.

While the app is not exclusive to lawyers, it has great potential to connect you to a goldmine of clients. And hence it is one of the best Android apps for Lawyers.

 Price: Sign up for free. Varied prices to contact interested clients. 

6. Dashlane

As a lawyer, you are privy to some sensitive information. You will see that all the legal apps held and have access to your data, and information and enhanced security are crucial. Keeping track of your passwords for all the platforms you use is also a gargantuan task.

Dashlane enhances the safety of all your digital accounts, apps, and platforms. It can safely secure and remember your passwords in one place. The app itself can be secured via TouchID technology. It also recommends healthy password suggestions for your apps. It severves as a great Android apps for Lawyers

 Price: Free for up to 50 passwords. Unlimited passwords, devices, two-factor authentication, and credit monitoring for $10 monthly.  

7. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is accounting software designed for service-based businesses such as lawyers, although it is now exclusive to law practices. The software is packed with accounting tools to facilitate the running and management of your business.

It allows you to streamline and error check to invoice, accept online payments, track income and expenses, track time billing, manage projects, set payment reminders on a schedule, automatic recurring billing, cloud storage of receipt images, create proposals and estimates and proposals, and collaborate with your clients and project teams. 

Price: Plans starting at $15 monthly.

8. Evernote

This Android apps for Lawyers does wonders. Annotating documents, taking notes, and organizing paperwork make up for a large slice of a lawyer’s time. Evernote is the gold standard when it comes to note-taking apps.

The interface is simple yet potent for recording and organizing notes. In addition to note-taking, Evernote also boasts many other features like simple image editing, collaboration on projects, creating to-do lists, and remote sharing. You can also use the OCR feature to transform handwritten notes into a digital format. 

Price: Varies with plans. 

While many apps can manage your law firm from home, don’t add on too many apps simultaneously. It would be smarter to start with a few and add to your list when you are comfortable with your existing apps.

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5 Best Instagram Video Editing Tools to Look Out for in 2020

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Social Media is now an essential part of our life. And we can see that Facebook's days are over, and Instagram is the next king of Social Media.

Even though the same company owns both, Instagram has a solid following and much better content engagement than Facebook. We'll talk about video, editing, and best Instagram video editing tool.

The Importance of Videos

One of the reasons people love Instagram is because of the features they can freely create and share pictures and videos. Based on various companies research, it was found that videos are the most popular form of engagement as they are easy to remember and fun to watch.

For Instagram marketing, videos are in use for various reasons, like campaigns, brand awareness, story-telling, or just connecting with your admirers via live sessions. For the last 2-3 years, Instagram has been one of the most popular short video sharing apps with the likes of Youtube, Vimeo, and TikTok. A task like shooting a video was once reserved just for professionals, but even beginners can do it today with the help of technology. It's all about knowing how to use the right tools! And if you know well, you can create beautiful videos without hiring a professional or spending bucks. Sounds fun? Well, let's get started. 

The Magic of Editing

A lot of people think a beautiful video or picture is just about shooting it right. Contrary to this popular belief, shooting a video is just the first step towards it. The actual magic happens while editing. It is the process of modification that elevates the picture's quality and takes it to another level.

Top 5 Instagram Video Editing Tools

In this article, you will know about some best Instagram video editing tool. They are amazing editing apps to create exciting videos for your Instagram profile and mesmerise your followers. We will examine the features of these tools, and based on your requirements. You can decide which one suits you best. 

Now, Let's Begin with the List of Best Instagram Video Editing Tool Available-

I. Boomerang

Boomerang is not your conventional video making tool as it takes a playful and creative approach to video creation. This app is used to create GIFs or short videos using pictures. Boomerang's most notable feature is using a few photos to create a video that goes forward and backward to make the Boomerang effect.

Notable Features - 

  • Instagram owns Boomerang, so it allows you to post the videos on the app directly.
  • It will enable you to add impressive effects.
  • It also gives you an option to save the video on your gallery and to upload it later.

One crucial detail is that Boomerang is not designed for professionals, but for users to have fun while making videos. It is an entirely free app that targets everyone. It is one of the best Instagram video editing tool. Boomerang is a great tool to show your funny self to your followers. The features allow you to create engagement with the audience.

2. InShot 

This video editing app is designed to do quick edits and is for both Android and iPhone. The frame design of the video is simple for anyone to use. And is best Instagram video editing tool. Since it's a quick edit, the options are also limited, but the features are enough to make decent edits. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to create a picture collage or to add filters.

Notable Features - 

  • The essential qualities include cutting, trimming, and splitting. 
  • Option to blur space to create a focus on the subject.
  • Fun elements like slow motion and fast motion
  • Give your videos a new perspective with the filters and colors. 

Inshot is available as a free version with only one issue as the video gets an InShot brand logo. If you want to remove this, the app is also available in the premium version, which costs $2.99/month.

InShot is a great app for beginners. It is a fun app where you can edit quickly and post it on Instagram. So, if you're a beginner or an amateur, this app is your friend.

3. Horizon

Horizon is an exciting app that shoots your video horizontally irrespective of how you hold your cell phone or camera. This ensures your video is compatible with not just Instagram but also for other social media like Youtube. Again, video quality enhancement gives it a professional look.

Notable Features - 

  • Adds real-time filters to your videos 
  • It allows you to shoot at 2k resolution.
  • Has the option to either upload the video directly or save in the app.
  • Allows you to make your video enjoyable with Slow motion and fast motion
  • Give your videos a new perspective with the filters and colors.

All this make it a best Instagram video editing tool available out there.

For Android users, Horizon is a free app with a few limitations like watermarks and a restricted time limit of 15 seconds. You can unlock the premium features and avoid these by just paying $1.

For iOS users, there is no free version but a one-time investment of $1.99 to unlock all the features.

4. iMovie

This application is designed for iOS users. It is one of the most simple Instagram video editing tools. The interface is smooth and easy to understand and has many useful editing features. It has two options, iMovie edit, which has automatic trailer editing features, and the one is standard editing features, where you can use the tools to edit on your own.

Notable Features - 

  • Numerous features where you have more than 20 audio filters and 30 video filters.
  • Automatically balances the color of the video.
  • It allows you to shoot videos in HD and 4k resolution. 
  • Has the critical stability feature
  • It has a media library for different media, which will enable you to stay organized.

iMovie is designed for beginners and is a free app. It has excellent features that you can use to make very engaging videos. This is without a doubt best instagram video editing tool and a movie maker.

5. Apple Clip

This video editing tool is crafted by Apple and is based on the motto of "what you see is what you get." It has many simple features because of which it is trendy among its users. 

Notable Features - 

  • It allows you to share videos directly on Instagram and other platforms.
  • It gives you the option to choose and add music from your library.
  • Simple editing options.
  • Prospects like drag and pinch or zoom in or out. 
  • Apple Clip also has amusing features like creating emojis and stickers. 

Apple Clip is just for iOS users. It is 100% free, and to use it, you must have iPhone 7 or advanced versions. It's an excellent free video creator for a simple and effective Instagram editing tool. It is one of the best Instagram video editing tool.


Whether you're creating video for your brand, for a campaign, or sharing stories, having useful video editing software is advantageous. It makes your videos not only professional but also allows you to have maximum engagement with your viewers. Ultimately, these tools will enable you to craft your imagination into reality.

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Monday, 17 August 2020

7 Best Paper Trading Apps for Android & iOS

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Well, if you're a stock market trader these days, so you need to be updated with your market and you will need to be updated with it every minute. In this modern stock market, you keep an eye on the rising and falling stock of all those traders daily, sometimes even this hourly.

The Internet of high and good speed has some simple mobile applications that have helped make the life of all traders straightforward, quick, and efficient. Through financial apps, it helps to notify and prepare traders from time to time. You can check the value of the streaming market in the real-time of shares; you can create a virtual portfolio on it, maintain a stock chart, track your portfolio, and follow its market trends. Everything can now be easily accessible from your smartphone or tablet.

Today, I will tell you in this article about the 7 best stock market apps to make your stock research much more comfortable. Here, all apps are listed and free. It will take you the next 5 to 8 minutes to learn the best stock market app in this Indian stock research.

7 Best paper Trading Apps

1. MoneyControl

This app is one of my most personal favourite mobile apps for sharing market news and updates. If you want to have this stock market app on your smartphone, I would recommend it. There is a lot of information and news available to it, even though it is a simple app to control the money.

  • Latest quote from stocks, mutual funds, F&O, BSE, NSE and currencies from NCDEX
  • Overall coverage of all news related to market business and its economy, plus interviews of senior management
  • Portfolio monitoring is effortless in stocks, mutual funds, and bullion.
  • For getting recommendations, do follow the preferred themes and upper limits.
Download here

2. Stock Edge

Share market that helps traders and investors in their research. It helps to make better decisions by providing alerts for sophisticated analytics and visualisation.

  • FII/FPI and dII cash are strong historical data visualization daily, monthly, and yearly.
  • Opportunity scan: price scan, high/low last week, more than 52 weeks/less, 3 days price behavior, etc.
Download here

3. Economic Times(ET) Markets

This is a good stock market app. This will give you the best of the latest information you can regularly use on the ET market app to read market news and updates.

  • Get these prices of share with BSE Sensex track, NSE nifty chart live & advanced technical charting.
  • Mutual fund talk with each other for news, portfolio update, SIP calculator
  • Create the monitoring list, track it regularly
Download here

4. Yahoo Finance

Firstly, you download this app then you have to change its setting now. In this regional setting, select 'India to get stock market updates. Stock research, which apps for the best stock market. 

  • Follow its stocks, which you are most concerned with, and receive personal news and alerts.
  • Keep track of his portfolio in it.
  • Explore any financial information you want to know through attractive and easy navigation.
Download here

5. NSE Mobile Trading

This app is one of the best stock market apps that offer the freedom to trade all hassle-free.

Download this app first, and when you become a member of NSE registered to trade, you can easily access your user id and password.

  • They quote it as streaming real-time, with a friendly and straightforward interface for all users.
  • It is a broad trade and market monitoring platform.
Download here

6. Investar

Zoom features make it simple navigation and interactive chart, making the stock market one of the apps. These are LTD applications of technical analysis for your smartphone.

  • Live intraday candlestick chart updates, 1 minute or 5 minutes as per subscription type
  • F&O/Live NSE stock update
  • Unlimited watch-lists
  • Push Notifications
  • Technical indicators (EMA, MACD, STOCHASTICS, Volume, open interest, BOLLINGER BANDS)
Download here

7. Market Mojo

This is a powerful app for share market research. Market mojo stock which is very good for fundamental analysis. It has already incorporated technical and key items on all stocks, capital, value movement, broker, Indian stock markets. You can also prefer to visit btc profit for online trading.

  • Pricing that determines the current value of goods.
  • The Mojo quality rank which shows the long-term performance of the company in it.
  • It's on the path of company current growth. This is based on the capacity to earn a profit.
  • It tests seven parameter returns, risk, diversification, quality, and financial tendencies in each portfolio.
Download here

Final Thoughts

That is all. I hope that the '7 best share market application 'of this blog post makes it easier for you, making it very useful for all readers.
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7 Best Online Trading Platforms for Day Traders

Posted by Rahul Gupta

If you are also one of the active trades and you are trying to put your hand in the market, or are wondering, so it can be a good idea for you. What you need in brokerage: one low cost, second premium research, third innovative strategy tools, and the fourth platform for wider trading. 

We'll choose the best online brokers in this article so that you can easily pick one of your personal choices. First of all, start a note - pattern day tradesman - defined in seconds - this account must have equity of up to $25,000 dollars and Make sure they have a minimum or not.

Online Trading Platforms

1. Interactive Brokers IBKR Pro

It has some lower rates on the mutual broker and its share price. It has some advanced trading platforms. It has the option of selecting securities for all those transactions, including its shares abroad, and attracts its customers with singular low margin rates and active traders. It offers a new offer, IBKR light, all shares, and ats all of them offer a commission-free trade.

The bottom line:

It includes active and casual traders, all the active brokers, and improved performance, a reliable trading platform, which has the same advantage of determining rock bottom price.

2. Tradestation

With a high-power trading platform, $0 trade commission, and multiple trading securities with cryptocurrencies, trading is one of the best choices for all those active traders.

The bottom line:

Trading where it has become a standard for all active traders and but now it is attracting all the investors.

3. Firstrade

With free commission on all trades, including all its mutual funds, its minimum $0 account and its discount are among the first wallet tops for brokers.

The bottom line:

No commission is charged for mutual funds at the disposal of free stock and all its options and no other broker can compete with it. It’s options traders who will realize that its broker is a contract that does not charge anything and is very rare among its brokers.

4. Merrill Edge

Merrill Edge has some of the very high-grade research that includes trading unlimited free stock and ETF. Plus, Emeril customers who have access to customer support on around 2,500 Banks in our locations.


The Bottom line: Merrill Edge is strong research for free trades. Appreciation of the thoughtful integration of all customers in the accounts of the bank of America.

5. Ally Invest

It is a good and cheap one, which is our choice for all the brokers - it is especially good for all those active traders. You can also visit cfds trader for online trading.

The Bottom line:

Ally Invest minimum $0 account for an associate investment and $0 for trade commissions, and this is a strong option for all those merchants. In this, less $0.50 option - contract fee, and this option attract traders.

 6. Fidelity

Loyalty brokerage which is the most available vogue today. It has no commission on a stock, exchange, and options and selection of funds from this expense ratio index.

The bottom line: 

The loyalty that offers $0 commission in its business has around 3,500 transaction fees that mutual fund and Its top-notch research tool, trade platform, zero-fee index fund, and reliable customer service are on record.


Excellent educational resources in business, investment with portfolio manufacturing tools, and significant mutual funds that are excellent outside the $0 commission.

The bottom line:

E*TRADE has remained very popular for all those who worked online with it. The dollar commission of the company and a reliable trading platform appealing to active traders. In the beginning, however, investors enjoy the benefits of a wider educational resource.

Final Thoughts

That is all. I hope you must have received some information from this blog's post. And you'll know which of these 7 best online will be right for your day traders. 

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