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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

SharedCount Review: All-in-one & Affordable Social URL Analytics Service

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Among you readers, there might be some who personally love social networking while some of you would disregard it as wastage of time. But all of you would agree that whatever your opinion about social networking, their business shall always flourish. Some like Facebook and Twitter are in a growth phase and gradually shaping the online market. 

Today, most of the marketers make use of online publishment to support their business.  Rapidly forming market’s landscapes (like Google did a decade ago), and it is up to them to push forward the marketers that know how to optimize online presence. 
SharedCount Review

And it's essential for correct utilization of internet marketing resources because the future of business depends upon social media intelligence. The allocated team for these digital tasks should monitor the tasks accurately.

In recent times, when the technology of social monitoring to read customers’ minds is in pretty good shape, it's the companies that interact and use this technology earn huge profits in the market. It's not any tough task. 

With so many tools to check up on the social media marketing of your website, you can act accordingly! These tools measure you ‘social value’ and provide insights to use and improvise your decisions. 

You need to find the most affordable tool online that serves your purpose. One of the best tools is SharedCount. Let's discuss SharedCount in details.

What is SharedCount?

SharedCount is an online service launched way back in 2010  that shall monitor upon the number of instances the input URL has been shared on the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
SharedCount Review
SharedCount also helps you track the number of likes, tweets and more. SharedCount is designed mainly to look for the most trending URLs being shared over the internet like articles or websites. It shall provide you insights into the social sharing information of the URLs that you enter in the monitoring box.

It shall track the social share statistics of your blog or website or any page you want and collect info about its popularity on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and on Twitter. In addition to all, Shared Count hosts an open API to assist you in building your tools upon it. 

In case you aren’t cool with making your monitoring tool, they provide you with all the required services so that you wouldn’t need to bother or spend time on it. They have a caching layer too that ensures the results to be accurate enough. It is very a simple tool that returns stats on your social media shares.

How To Use SharedCount?

  • First, visit the SharedCount website.
  • Enter the URL(s) that you want to analyze into the search box. You may enter multiple URL(s).  
  • Once done, click on the Analyze URL(s) option. SharedCount shall take a few moments to catch the social media data of your website.
SharedCount Review
  • Once done, it returns the results are an exhibit for your URL(s). Currently, SharedCount only supports Facebook, Pinterest, and the StumbleUpon. The services that have been discontinued for the time being are Google+, Twitter, Google Buzz, Digg, Reddit, Delicious and LinkedIn. 
  • Once analyzing has been done, you shall get the number of Facebook shares, Pinterest pins and the number of StumbleUpon stumbles.

Pricing of SharedCount

Compared to similar other tools, SharedCount has comparatively cheaper and affordable with many pricing options. Hence, you can choose the best pricing that suits you best. The pricing along with its features are listed below:

1. Plus Account

This is the cheapest premium membership plan available currently on SharedCount. This plan costs $40/ month. This plan offers you with:
  • Hoti 200,000 URL API Calls every day 
  • 500 URL Bulk API Batches 
  • Domain Whitelisting 
  • Customer Support over email 
  • Support for overages ($1 per 25,000)
SharedCount Review

2. Business Account

This is the best deal on SharedCount premium because of the features provided at just $ 120/ month. This plan is ideally suited for business accounts. The functions provided according to this plan are as follows:       
  • Per day Limit of up to 1,000,000 URL API Calls 
  • 1,000 URL Bulk API Batches 
  • Customer support over email 
  • Domain Whitelisting 
  • Support for overages ($1 per 50,000)
SharedCount Review

3. Dedicated Enterprise Account

The highest priced plan of SharedCount but an excellent deal for enterprises which have a high number of URL API calls every day. This plan offers real good services at $450/ month. This plan provides:
  • Per Day Limit at 5,000,000 URL API Calls 
  • 10,000 URL Bulk API Batches 
  • Domain Whitelisting 
  • Customer Support over both phone and emails 
  • Support for overages ($1 per 100,000) 
  • Dedicated private servers used for enterprises  
  • Available Custom Sub-domain 
  • Adjust your cache times
SharedCount Review
You also get the option to change or cancel your current plan anytime by going to your account settings. Also, if you don't find the best suitable plan for your business, you may contact SharedCount for a customized plan. 

Also, if you want to try out SharedCount before going premium, they have a free plan of up to 10,000 daily searches. SharedCount accepts payments over credit and debit card, secured by Stripe.


Every company needs to run a social media marketing campaign to popularize its business over masses. Also, it needs to monitor the effectiveness of the Social media marketing so that it can implement changes accordingly. Fortunately, SharedCount does the monitoring part quite effectively for you, so you don't need to bother. 

Once you are through SharedCount properly and have learned to use it properly to access social media data for your website, you can develop and optimize an effective marketing strategy. With affordable pricing and lots of pros, SharedCount is an excellent choice to make. If you are doubtful of buying a premium pack, you can give a try to the free trial pack before proceeding to purchase a plan. In case of any further queries, you may comment your questions below.
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5 Tips For Making Money Online (2018 Updated)

Posted by Madhu Gupta
We’ve come a long way in this digital age. The internet has made our lives easier in some ways, but it’s not just for reading the news, catching up with old friends or sending emails anymore. 
Make Money Online
These days, millions of people are making real money on the internet. All you have to do is take advantage of a few established methods. Here, we tell you the best tips for making money online.

1. Affiliate Marketing

One of the oldest and most developed ways to make money online is by using affiliate marketing. You don’t even need to have your products to market: directing customers to the products their searching for using affiliate tracking links can earn you big commissions from the online merchants. 

You can build your website to showcase these products, or you can blast them to your social media followers or mailing list recipients. Either way, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online without investment. It’s so simple, and affiliate merchants will give you everything you need to get started.

2. Start a Blog

Blogging is arguably one of the most significant current online income generating methods. By blogging about your interests or even a niche where you have identified a market, you can use the power of narrative to hook in your target market. The real power in blogging comes from advertising, and by using services like Google Adwords or even the affiliate tracking links we mentioned earlier, you’ll be making money in no time.

3. E-commerce

Blogging isn’t for everybody, and that’s okay. An alternative is to start an e-commerce website. Again, you don’t have to have a warehouse full of products to sell – these days, most e-commerce sites harness the power of drop shipping. 

Here, you act as a liaison between the customer and the merchant, selling products directly through your e-commerce site and having them shipped straight to the customer from the merchant. The best thing about e-commerce is that there are minimal start-up costs.

4. Online Surveys

Filling in online reviews is another tried and tested method for making money online. This method is best for those who want flexibility. Brand name companies and market research firms require opinions in order to structure their product development better – and here’s where you come in. 

You can earn money by answering fundamental questions about your shopping habits. But a word of warning – do your due diligence in researching your chosen survey company as there is scam potential with this method. Go with a company that has a well developed online presence.

5. Freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to make money online if you have a marketable skill such as writing, data entry or computer programming. It does take a bit of work, however. Typically, you get in at the lower level, but once you’ve established yourself and built an adequate clientele, freelancing can be a lucrative endeavor.


Making money online may seem like a daunting process, but here we’ve given you a guide to the easiest and best ways to get started. There’s no excuse as the startup costs for each of these methods are minimal, and there are many resources out there to get you on your way. Like any venture, with a little time and effort, you’ll be making money online in no time.
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How To Transfer Files & Send Messages from PC To PC?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Secure communication is vital in modern business. Every office, be it of a small scale business or large scale business requires a file transfer and messaging application preferably an offline one. We expect the communication to be fast enough so that we need to wait for less amount of time.
Transfer & Share files, messages

This way, the messenger service would avoid any hacks, viruses and time wastage by employees. Many available methods and applications shall serve your purpose. But how to choose the right app for your office? Well, the solution is Softros LAN Messenger. Let’s share a talk about it in details.

How to Send Messages & Transfer Files Using Softros LAN Messenger

Softros LAN Messenger is an instant messaging application that can be in use for intra-office messaging in both small-sized and medium-sized businesses. As the name suggests, this messenger works over LAN and doesn’t require an active internet connection. 

Its installation is hassle-free and comfortable enough with all your co-workers showing up in the user's list right after installation. The app hosts an intuitive interface that shall make your communication faster than ever. There is a drag-and-drop file transfer which you may use to send files and folders in a few seconds, irrespective of its size. 
Transfer & Share files, messages

Transfer & Share files, messages

Most of the later Windows versions support the multi-user conversations feature of this app. You can quickly create and manage your groups. Once you have created a group, you can start a convo by just a click. Softros LAN Messenger comes in handy with features such as PC to PC messaging, quick broadcasts, etc. which you can use to notify a selected group of individuals.

And most importantly, the messages and files that you exchange are encrypted and remained constrained within the boundaries of your company network. There is 100% guarantee of no unauthorized access to your sensitive data. The main features of Softros LAN Messenger are highlighted in the next section.

Features of Softros LAN Messenger

1. Serverless Technology

Softros LAN Messenger does not require any dedicated messaging server and uses your LAN connection for communication. So the worry of setting up and maintaining a dedicated messaging server is struck off. The messenger is a stand-alone peer-to-peer based application.
Transfer & Share files, messages

2. Easy To Install And Manage

This instant messenger developed by Softros has a straightforward user interface that does not require any prior technical knowledge. Using this messenger is as simple as installing and running the application on every computer on your network. Even the app configuration does not require any help from technical staff.
Transfer & Share files, messages

3. Private and Group Conversations Supported

You can talk and share files with individuals or multiple users simultaneously just by a few clicks.

4. Group Messaging

You can send broadcast messages directly to individuals and groups to notify them about an upcoming event.
Transfer & Share files, messages

5. Offline Messaging

Even if the receiver computer is offline, you can send your message. The message shall be delivered at the user end when the user comes online again. There is no requirement of any dedicated server or memory for storing these messages sent in offline mode.
Transfer & Share files, messagesTransfer & Share files, messages

6. File Transfer

Along with sharing your messages and talks, you can also exchange files and docs with your co-workers. Just drag and drop files and folders on the recipient's head in the user list. And the data shall be sent quickly.
Transfer & Share files, messages

7. Create Your Custom Groups

You can organize your employees in groups made based on their respective departments. Also, the same user may be in multiple groups as per preference.

8. Desktop Sharing

Now you won’t require to install any separate application for getting remote access to another computer for assistance. Using Softros LAN Messenger, you can grant remote access to a user, and the user will connect securely to your desktop and help you in configuration, be it for any purpose like installing an application or any technical issue.

9. Message History

This messenger also keeps track of the entire message history on local storage which you can view through and take printouts for future correspondence. The message history can be found in the built-in History Viewer.
Transfer & Share files, messages

10. Directory and Domain Support

This messaging application works perfectly in a domain controlled environment. The app displays full names of all the active users on the right panel and the SIDs identify the users within the program.

11. Can Import and Export pre-configuration User Settings

Softros LAN Messenger also allows automatic settings in case of unavailability of an active directory like network settings, license files, administrative restrictions, etc.

12. Restricted User Access

The administrators of the messenger within an office have the rights to restrict access to limited features of the communication software as and when required.

13. Secure and Safe

Last but not the least, the Softros LAN messenger makes use of AES-256 data encryption and works strictly within the company limits only. This way, your employees can safely send and receive messages. 

The messaging service shall work only within the organization. The no- requirement of the Internet helps to save lots of internet data and reduces the chances of any external hacks that might cause theft of confidential data.


Summing up all the great features of the Softros LAN Messenger, we all would agree that this has to be the perfect solution for intra-office messaging. Now you can quickly and safely exchange your chats and files inside your office. 

If you want to try the application server before buying a premium pack, you can try out its 30-day free trial. So, why wait? Give it a try, and share your views in the comment box below!
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Handling Fragile Goods: How to Prevent Damages

Posted by Madhu Gupta
When you want to send a fragile item, you’ll probably spend a lot of time trying to package it up securely. Ideally, this will prevent it from being damaged during transit.

However, there are two issues with this:

1. The Courier

No matter how well you package something you have very little control over how the delivery drivers and warehouse staff treat it. If they allow your parcel to drop or are careless when handling it, then it can easily be damaged. It’s at this point you’ll wish you’d taken out the extra insurance.

2. Time

If you’re a business, attempting to keep costs to a minimum; then your packaging materials and time will make a difference to your bottom line. You may not have the resources to wrap every item with the care you’d like.

This will increase the chances of it becoming damaged and potentially the cost of your shipment insurance.

3. Preventing Damages

There are several steps you can take to help prevent your items from getting damaged:

4. Wrap It Right

Any box will do, but not any box will keep your product secure. You need to have packaging materials which will fit snugly around your product. The less it can move the less likely it is to get broken when in transit.

Of course, you also need to you the right insulation materials to fill the box around your product.

5. Use Technology

Take a look at what Shockwatch has to offer. Their electronic gadgets will help to put you back in control of the delivery process.
You can purchase temperature recorders and indicators which will monitor the temperature throughout the delivery process; ensuring your product has stayed within an acceptable and pre-determined range.

Perhaps the best one to get is the tilt and impact indicators. These will tell the customer if anything has impacted the parcel and if it has been tilted more than it should have.

The point of this is to allow the customer to reject the parcel; making it easier for you to claim from the insurance company. It will encourage the courier to take more care.

6. Use Your Courier

Even if you’re a small business, you can use your courier via a dedicated contract or the purchase of your van. The right solution will depend on how far you are sending your items.

This will give you more control over the delivery process and handling of your item.

7. Check Reputation

The lowest price is not everything when you pick your courier service. Let your friends help with their experiences and take a look at the feedback from other users. You can choose the cheapest option but if this is also the one that has the weakest track record for looking after items you may be better to avoid it.

Of course, you’ll need to consider precisely how fragile your product is. The more it is, the higher the level of protection you’ll need in transit.
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4 Best Robotic Applications in Automotive Industry

Posted by Madhu Gupta
The automotive industry is well known for its diverse use of robots since their first application in the world. Use of robots in the automotive industry has helped to increase the production efficiency while providing flexibility in the workflow. Some of the robotic applications made in the automotive industry include:

1. Robotic Vision

This is a robot whose arm is equipped with ‘eyes.’ The camera and the laser located on the robot’s wrist enables the robot to have a vision of correctly which car part should be installed where. Robotic vision gives the robot precision in the installation of sensitive car parts. 

This technology enables the robot to adapt to any changes in the production process very quickly and offset the installation of components. The fact that the robots can identify particular differences with each car in the production line not only improves the quality of the car but also enables the industry to produce custom cars.

2. Robotic Hand

The application of robots in the automotive industry is widespread, but tasks such as wiring and wheel installation remain in the hands of human workers. The completion of the car is mainly done by human labor hence the need to reduce the workload applied to the human side. 

The robotic arm has served to reduce the human effort applied to those repetitive tasks. By using the exoskeleton device, the worker can grip 10 pounds more than they could handle usually. The robotic arm is equipped with sensors, muscles, and nerves that much help to reduce the fatigue experienced by the worker.

3. Robotic Painting

The painting process of a completed car is a crucial one requiring a substantial amount of skill and expertise. Painting a new car is complicated as nit only does it need hard work and consistency; it can prove to be dangerous to human workers. Finding a highly qualified painter can prove to be hard and automotive robots have stepped in to ease the process. 

The use of these robots in painting not only delivers consolidated results but also reduces the wastage of paint and the amount of time spent on art.

4. Collaborative Robots

The automotive industry has adopted the use of collaborative robots as not only do they serve to reduce the number of injuries experienced at the workplace but also increase the amount of work done in a day. The robots work hand in hand with human workers especially in the installation of car doors where they specialize in the fixing of the door sealant that keeps water and sound off the car while the humans focus on installing the actual door.

Robots are also being placed in the automotive industry to collaborate with other robots on the production line. One robot work in the handling of car parts while the second robot is involved in the welding of the components on the car. This not only improves the efficiency of the production process but leaves the human labor to focus on other crucial processes in the car assembly process.

Why Use Automotive Robots?

Car manufacturers are increasingly adopting the use of automotive robots in their production process. This trend can be attributed to the competitive advantage that they gain against their competitors because of the benefits they gain from the use of these robots. Such interests include;

1. Capacity

In the automotive industry, there is a dire need to maintain consistency in the production time of the cars to meet the demand. Automotive robots not only yield higher output than human labor but maintain consistency in the production process as they don’t tire or fall sick in the middle of production.

2. Quality

Robots can do tasks over and over again without causing a change in the quality of the output. They are also equipped with sensors that enable them to detect variations in the inputs allowing them to change accordingly to maintain the same level of quality.
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