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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Top 10 Best Clothing Design Apps for iPad

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Be it a pro fashion designer or a passionate novice; everyone has their moment. A flicker of thought or motivation which once lost is hard to retrieve in the same format. In this technological word, we hardly ever find people carrying their notebooks and pens, instead keep it simple and efficient; it is high time to use your gadgets at hand aka the iPads.
Clothing Design Apps for iPad
Below are the “10 most compelling apps for Clothing Design on iPad”, check them out and download them as soon as you are done with this article because, why throw away the chance of awesomeness?

1. Penultimate

This app is free, but there are, undoubtedly, in-app purchases.

As the name of the app suggests and the description of the app puts into words perfectly: The best digital handwriting on iPad.

This app comes with bold features which let you write, sketch and organize by your need. It also lets you synchronize with Evernote, which is a lot more advantageous and also makes it easy for the organization. You can work on the go, anytime, anywhere!

2. Ruler 2

This app is priced at around 2$. A ruler is a must, especially for a fashion designer. This app makes recording the measurements simpler and easier, also very handy.

Conversions are made uncomplicated. A record of all the digits you need at one place.

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Scale anything and anywhere, even beyond your device.

3. SewingKit HD

This app costs around 7$. (Now, nothing good is available for free)
This app is one place to go, store everything you need in space.
Track your sewing patterns, keep track of your fabrics, and add people to their measurements you sew for, keep track of the projects you have got to finish, the sewing you are inspired to do, the books, your equipment; this app can store and retrieve just about anything.

4. myPANTONE Wedding & Events

It will cost you around 5$ to buy this app. This app is specially made for weddings and special events. A style board for color coordination through the entire game without missing a beat.

It has inbuilt 200 Pantone wedding colors - Dessy bridal apparel and accessories libraries. You can choose from thousands of images as well as add from your library. Easy sharing once styled, locating and buying from the nearest stores made available on the app.

5. The Cut on the Runway

One of the best apps provided at zero bucks! Free!!

Like the description says: The world of fashion is at your fingertips with The Cut on the Runway iPad app. It has available collections from over various renowned Fashion experts and countries like New York, London, Paris, Milan, etc.

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It includes all the biggest fashion events with the top looks and misses, with the videos of top shows.

Entire closet details of the models at concerned shows made available on the app.

It is a treat to all the fashionistas out there!

6. Moodboard

Another best app, priced around 13$. The name depicts the app perfectly. An app specially created for the making of boards based on moods and inspiration as and when you please.

This app helps you experiment with your new ideas, provides you with a collection for inspiration, share it instantly and easily choose from a significant number of works.

The features are handy and gold!

7. Autodesk SketchBook

In-app purchases but the app itself is free. This app is for designers with a spot on drawing ideas. You imagine you put it in this app as close to your imagination as possible. With the range of tools available for working, it is possible for you to achieve the highest level of perfection, if that exists.

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Sketch, create line art, paint – bring out your creativity alive with this application.
Find your very own aesthetic!

8. Adobe Illustrator Draw

It is free of cost in the app store. The list is always incomplete without an Adobe app.

An app which helps you to include the finer details provides you with five different pen tips for the accuracy, allows you to work with multiple images and drawing layers, with adjustments to every layer, various styles and stencils.

This app allows sharing between Photoshop or Illustrator for other effects. It is a treat to all the perfectionists!

9. Art Authority

Priced around $13, worth all the money. This app here has nothing to do with sketching your ideas but instead provides you with 100,000 paintings and sculptures to bring you into the exciting world. Inspiration, motivation and most importantly a reference.
Finely exquisite, leaves you mesmerized with the skills shown! 

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10. WWD: Women’s Wear Daily

Few in-app purchases but the app don't cost you. Everything about WWD in one place. An app that keeps you informed about WWD's top stories and publications. From articles about WWD to insiders’ thoughts, keeps you updated with everything that is going on. It contains street style, runways, and collections, one stop for everything.

Delivered through elegant prose, photojournalism, and illustration, WWD is an essential read for anybody who wants to participate in the fashion/beauty/retail ‘conversation’.”

Note: - Most of the mentioned apps need internet connectivity for the usage.

These could be your inspiration or your motivation. Check these applications out on the App Store for more detailed descriptions. Don’t let the ideas pop away!
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Saturday, 21 January 2017

SendPulse: Is It Most Reliable Bulk SMS, Email Marketing & Campaigning Service?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
In a world that is full of new startups, online advertisement and marketing campaigns, everyone nowadays looks for the best strategy to market his brand/products. Though social media and video advertising have dominated the marketing industry, it is still the known fact that email marketing is one of the best techniques to gain leads and conversions.In a nutshell, they serve a bunch of different purposes for all the companies and businesses.
SendPulse Review
One such company that deploys all the necessary tools, content, and the planning to craft such creative and remarkable marketing strategies for all the major brands is SendPulse. So, without any further talks, let’s know more about this.

Overview – A little about the Company

SendPulse is a leading online platform that provides an array of different marketing and campaigning related services. Talking about the platform, SendPulse has famed itself by getting recognized as one of the best startups by The Next Web in 2016.

It has evolved into a successful agency with its proficiency in bulk SMS, emails, SMTP and web push notifications for all the companies. So, you can communicate and interact with more than thousands of customers, potential clients, and users all together at once. Increase your online and offline presence with these services, generate more user traction and get satisfactory results from your marketing campaigns.

The company uses an AI, or “Artificial Intelligence,” based platform that smartly predicts users’ behavior and therefore based on the collected data, the system automatically determines the most suitable time to contact the users. It observes the mail receiving and opening timings, days, and targeted age group interests. Based on the results, SendPulse aims to get more impressions and compression as possible.                          

Getting Started

What’s better than free? A free service, and that too forever. Yes, SendPulse hosts a small free plan that offers you with limited services but with full capabilities. Without any doubt, the restriction free plans are premium and are subscribed on a monthly basis they are worth a buy.

Moreover, if you can ignore the little restrictions, then SendPulse offers some reliable services with its free trial version too. The plan is not that bad, but it doesn’t suit everyone. 

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With bulk email and SMS sending services, the company continues to grow as a dedicated all in one platform with all the available functions under one roof. The best thing to opt for these services is easy of operating them. SendPulse has a dedicated drag and drops editor for all the editing and modification stuff. 

However, you’ll need to sign-up for these services and some other templates. The registration process is easy, and you keep playing. The interface is heard to be the best one, but you seriously need to focus on better things. You need to log in and confirm the account as well.

Hands on Review

  • Easily Manageable SMS & Emails

Apart from the smart AI based platform, SendPulse has also differentiated itself from the competition as it offers a clear and neat user interface. Later, you can say whatever you want. Don’t hesitate, please.
SendPulse Services
Once the setup is done, then you need to focus on the users that can base for multi-level purposes. Apart from the dashboard, the company is focused on targeting and working on a freelancer basis. You can start by signing up and create an account on Facebook with the SendPulse branding.

Moreover, if you’re trying this tool for the first time, then I could help you with all the photos and email bulk sending strategies for free. Also, the company would prefer to sign up on the website and standard using the services via the internet. You are also entitled to import all your existing contacts and emails and helps us to export the backup in CSV, XLS and XLSX file formats.

  • Simple & Effective Campaigning 

Simple & Effective Campaigning
Accidentally or deliberately, you’d start to notice that the online platform is quite impressive as it gives you the privilege to get an overview of all the running campaigns. The internal templates with all the standard designs are a boon to the user. You don't have any need to start from the scratch. Just edit the content, change the color schemes, and that’s it. 
The drag and drop based editor help you to edit the predefined templates which are based on HTML. In fact, SendPulse has one of the best builder and editors for email marketing.
  • SMS campaigning & Autoresponder

The free plan allows every user to contact less than 2500 subscribers, with 15000 emails support on a monthly basis. I guess it’s more than enough to get a glimpse of all the premium features that this platform. From Autoresponders, A/B testing for developers, Subscriptions forms and much more by different requirements.
New SMS Campaign

Is SendPulse worth it? Final Words

This premium platform offers a different kind of pricing and plans for all its services. The cost depends on the number of subscribers that you want to target. The lowest 2500 subscribers cost you around $9 on a monthly basis. Other plans and prices and mentioned on the official SendPulse website. 

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Do share your thoughts on the services offered by this remarkable AI based platform. Comment below if you’re going to plan your next campaigns with SendPulse services. The pricing is affordable and if a go-go for the marketing agencies. Cheers!
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Top 6 Best Online Calendar Design/Maker Software

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Have you ever guessed how calendars are made? How do the makers know what day you'll have a local holiday or if 15 September next year would be a Sunday or Saturday? Well, of course, the special days are either gazetted, if tentative like Holi and Easter Sunday or fixed like Christmas and Women's Day.

Collecting this information, making templates for displaying months, cutting papers of suitable sizes and inking dates and letters with separate pens make for a lot of work, so that it's preferably not to be done by a single person. So if you decide to make your calendar, how will you create it without much hassle?

Online Calendar Maker
There may be a lot of reasons you need a personalized calendar:
  • You want to add sticky notes and scribble reminders on the calendar because you need to remember them at all costs, but your family shares a single calendar, and your mother doesn't like spoiling it.
  • You need a slight schedule with the smallest font to make looking at the dates handy, but such small calendars couldn't be found.
  • Your teacher gave making one as your next assignment.
  • You wish your calendar could be a little more fun-inspiring and wacky.
You can do a lot with your designed calendar such as you can stick your notes and write anywhere upon it to remember events, plan your oncoming days accordingly and thus be better at time management and holding on to commitments.

While the usual process of making a calendar would involve the drab idea of imitating the information from any other calendar, there are more convenient alternatives. Making a schedule through a software would provide the basic template for any timetable, taking charge of the tedious dates-writing aspect and let you focus only on the fun decoration part. Also, you'll save your time and energy.

Here, at CrunchyTricks, you are going to know about some excellent online calendar makers.

1. Canva

Canva has a beautiful horde of material to embellish your calendar with- a stock library of over one million photographs and illustrations, more than 130 font styles and a vibrant color range. It lets you base your calendar on literally anything, and you are sure to find relevant background images on that topic in their stock library.

You can also upload your photographs, allowing you set a different one for each month. In this way, you can create themed calendars for dedicated years or about your interests and then download and print them in excellent resolution.

If you think some photographs could be used for your calendars, but they have errors, aberrations or dirty spots then use the editing tool to fix them, add stunning filters and edit text. Running out of time? Save your progress or keep the designs for future use. Premium images, illustrations and designs are available for not more than $1, but most of its features are free. Just sign up, and make use of this spectacular calendar maker as you will.

2. Time and Date

Time and Date place before you two options- PDF Calendar with essential features to edit, print and share and Advanced Calendar Customizer for extended options. 

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Provide the following information- Country, Calendar type and period( One year, one month or multiple months), Select display type (Small, Medium, Large), Row and column numbers, extra space for notes, holiday columns, language and some more options like regulate holiday appearance etc. and press Show and/or Save. No signup, no verification, you just click away to making a personalized calendar.

Other features are the Calendar Generator, which saves you from hefty calculations by generating a calendar for any year. The Date Calculator can tell you when you're a billion seconds old, find the duration between dates and play math with them. The sites other links might provide you valuable information about the moon phases during a fortnight and solstices and equinox.

3. Yearly Calendar Maker

This site is all you can idealize about a schedule maker with a simple interface. Just a few steps and you're done. Select dimensions for your calendar, select a year, upload an excellent photograph of yours, type in a caption if you wish and choose your font, which includes your favorite Times New Roman. Then feel the moment when you click "Generate", only once- Your desired calendar will appear on your screen. Download, print and use it.

Have your calendar anytime, any length, any style (you can even make a tear-off) and do all that for free on Yearly Calendar Maker. Create an account and avail its unusual features, even saving your calendar to finish later. The premium membership should permit you calendar creation with greater expertise, but the site's not offering them now. So take a chance on this site and see if it works well for you.

4. FreeHTMLCalendar

It is a great tool for creating monthly calendars. You can compile all the monthly calendars to make a yearly one. You just tell the year and the month, decide upon the starting day of the week, language and day name length and go for previewing the calendar. It doesn't sound like fancy and attractive, but utilitarian which is attractive too. As soon as you download the calendar, you can customize to meet your needs and then use it for display.

Now, here tailoring means using a programming language such as CSS for designing, but it's most likely one doesn't want the designing to be all about writing codes. Designing is so difficult this way. So you can still use this for obtaining necessary calendar information. Do the crayons or water-paint for decoration.

5. CalendarLabs

Apart from the basic year and month information to create a calendar, this site asks you for the country you wish to make your calendar for. It is what makes CalendarLabs unique. They store holidays prevalent country-wise to accommodate the holiday dates efficiently in your calendar. For example, if you live in America, this calendar will automatically place their Independence day on July 4 while if he wants to create an Indian calendar, that'd have 15 August marked beforehand for our Independence day.

The calendars at CalendarLabs are provided in various printable formats, and even a four-year calendar can be made, displaying all 48 months in one template.

5. WinCalendar

This site offers some predesigned monthly Microsoft Word calendars if you are feeling too lazy to create one and would use it only for referential purposes. Otherwise, you may design one according to your preferences. It provides holiday information for up to 10 countries. 

So if your country is among those lucky ones, then you are saved from the irritating exercise of marking special days. Apart from the proffered sizes, fonts and layouts you can download the WinCalendar Software for more of such features and create them on the go.

6. CreatePhotoCalendars

With you have two options- You can make the calendar online through EZStudio or download its software to enable a fraction of its features without internet. It encourages you even to sell your product online or share it as a service gesture. The ordering process is very smooth and seamless.

You can add photos from your Flickr, Facebook accounts or your computer which can be resized to preferable dimensions but imposes a limit of 10 pictures per month. Choose from over 800 backgrounds to make your template look spectacular. The site saves your birthdays and events to use the information in the next year.

The software exposes you to over 300 background designs and lets you add drag and drop stickers to your calendar. You can add imprint information on your calendar on both platforms. It is most recommended to use the online one, although the software can download conveniently.

So these are the online calendar makers that make this dull job much more intriguing and pleasurable.
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Friday, 20 January 2017

10 Best Fake GPS Location Spoofer Apps for Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
You might remember when Pokemon Go was launched; the crazy hype made you crave for it. But the only irksome thing that stopped you from downloading it from Google Play store was the sentence "This item is not available for your country." For once, you rethought that the world has all the right over everything that's online, even when you're seas across.

It finally got you infuriated either over the developers or your hard luck. Similarly, many other facilities and services over the internet are most probably restricted to countries other than yours. It is usually a strategy by developers to gain hold over key areas before releasing their products worldwide.

You know that sometimes, you're the deserving user for the product, but just in the wrong place. Also, shifting to that place would be too great a hassle. So don't blame your motherland for this, my friend! Lie. Fake your location and claim your right upon these services. For this, your mobile phone has to send the GPS location of the desired whereabouts for validation, and a GPS spoofing application conveniently does this.

Fake GPs Location Spoofer
GPS spoof can primarily be used for anonymity. One can maintain his privacy by faking his GPS location and thus be safe from online security breaches. If you feel something fishy about your Internet service providers and your mobile platform developers using your private data to serve their interests, you may keep a check on it by GPS spoofing.

Now that you have understood the benefits of GPS spoofing and are eager to use it to have those precious but restricted apps let us go through some great GPS spoofing apps for Android.

1. Mock Locations (fake GPS path)

Google Play Store Rating: 3.7
Developers: Dvaoru

Mock Locations offer a 24-hour free trial period in which you can use its premium features like the 'hide mock location' button. You can actually emulate a fake GPS route on the road with this device, through which you can pretend to be traveling. To make this alibi more convincing, you can set a variable speed and sometimes even traverse through closed routes fictionally. Well, that's useful especially when you want to play Pokemon Go without getting up off your sofa.

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The app also provides a side feature of hiding an application icon from the status bar. The app is also available in German and Italian translations.

2. Fake GPS- Fake Location

Google Play Store Rating: 3.8
Developers: Andev

This is another efficient app to let your phone correspond to the places that you wish to portray to be currently living in. Your phone will send the information to other apps that require your location according to your preference. You may let your phone consider you're in New York, London, Delhi or anywhere in that case. The procedure is simple- Enable developer settings, check mark 'mock locations' in developer options, set your location to be 'device only', open the app, choose a location and press "Play".

The app is light-weight but contains small in-app purchases. It requires your phone to have Google Maps installed. It works with Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp but not with Viber.

3. Fake GPS Location

Google Play Store Rating: 4.1
Developers: Lexa

With this app, you are just two clicks away from teleporting yourself to another place, as viewed by your third-party apps. It supports command line interface and is extremely light-weight.

Be careful that you must not uninstall the app before setting it to your original location. Otherwise, your place shall be locked to the last mock location after uninstall. The app is free with sufficient features, enough for our little hacks.

4. Fake GPS

Google Play Store Rating: 3.5
Developers: ByteRev

Follow these simple steps- Turn on "Allow Mock Locations" on development settings, disable location services and run the Fake GPS app before running your apps. It would let you test the ability of your apps to track GPS information to avail better personalized experience from your platform services. You can obviously use the app to be somewhere else on the globe, by default.

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And you have to go with a single click for all this.

5. Mock GPS Pro

Google Play Store Rating: 3.9
Developers: FansBoy

The interface of Mock GPS Pro is simple, as it is map-based. Just choose a location on the map, and set it as your current location. Be anywhere without any travel. Let the third-party app developers know you have an excellent standard to be in the US or Switzerland or somewhere lavish.

The app is very light, and it won't be any burden on your phone space- The download size is just 136 KBs.

6. Location Mockup- Fake & Share

Google Play Store Rating: 4.0
Developers: iApplize

The interface shows your position as the Android mascot waving a hand at you as you set its location to your desired place. You are told the location's name along with the latitude and longitude. Just remember to disable "Use Wireless Networks" and "Use GPS settings" on your phone and allow "Mock Locations". The app is straightforward and small-sized and shouldn't trouble you much.

7. Location Spoofer

Google Play Store Rating: 3.5
Developers: LSDroid

With features such as random movement and spoof duration, you are bound to be impressed by Location Spoofer. Just install the app from the Play Store and forget all your worries regarding GPS spoofing.

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8. Fake GPS Location Pro

Google Play Store Rating: 4.5
Developers: UsefullApps

Fake GPS Location Pro is one great app for movement simulation and proxy location. Make your phone believe it's in another location by enabling 'Mock Location'. It is compatible with many apps that require human movement. You can even choose the kind of move (On foot, By Car, By Plane) and the direction. The coordinates change accordingly. It is quite helpful, especially when you want to brag about your trip to this exotic place to make your pals burn in jealousy.

9. Mockation

Google Play Store Rating: 4.0
Developers: blackkara

Mockation is another helpful tool to bluff your apps and mobile phone to be in a place that suits your convenience or interest to show those Pokemon Go developers you are a native and thus avails such games into your phone. The interface is intuitive, and the download size is very small.

10. FGPS

Google Play Store Rating: 4.5
Developers: DOM Team

FGPS is a tool you can trust on when GPS spoof is concerned. It 'changes your current location with any place on the planet you want to go to'.

So these are the ten apps chosen scrupulously just for you.
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Thursday, 19 January 2017

7 Best Websites for Free Unlimited Spoof Calling

Posted by Rahul Gupta
How do you know whose call it is before you pick up the phone and hear the voice? The caller's ID information that appears on the screen! Just by bypassing this verification, one can give ways to deceptive scams and hard-to-trace hoaxes.

There's a lot of dirty history associated with caller ID spoofing- Many have impersonated the police or the White House to facilitate scams, while some have even used it to send a SWAT team to a commoner's house.

It has even been used a lot in telemarketing and elections. With caller ID spoofing, you can be anyone from anywhere, thus enabling you access a selectively available recipient or trick someone into taking your call, which couldn't be possible if he knew your actual identity.

Not only in nasty jobs, but caller ID spoofing also finds utility in many personal and professional arenas. Law enforcers may impersonate a suspect's close friend and urge him to answer the call to divulge his location. Doctors and teachers, if especially famous, might receive hundreds of calls each day. Letting out their personal numbers would ruin their private space.

Free Unlimited Spoof Calling
So, they may set a caller ID of their office to assist their patients/student's guardians from their homes, without the risk. On a lighter note, this can be a pretty good tool to have fun with. Call your friends, pretend a creepy fellow and annoy them ludicrously. The ethicality of caller ID spoofing only depends on what you choose to use it for.

Spoof calling isn't much of a hacker's job. A lot of sites let you do it conveniently. Some even provide features for recording and speech parameters to make your trick seem more genuine. Here, you shall find ten such websites that offer free unlimited spoof calling.

1. SpoofTel

SpoofTel offers a free 15-second caller ID spoofing trial wherein they'll ask you your number, the number you wish to call and the spoofed number you want the recipient to see as the caller. If you feel you might get caught speaking in your natural voice, the site also provides voice change feature with four sound profiles- Man, Woman, Girl and Boy. The soundboard feature lets you add sound effects or create your custom ones. After this, you just require typing in the captcha code and press "Call".

If you found the service fantastic, you may sign up to get the time restriction removed and gained exposure to a wider number of features such as recording and sending spoof SMS. All users of SpoofTel receive SpoofMinutes which can either be purchased or borrowed as credit. The spoof calls can be made over the internet or their Canadian and US toll-free numbers.

2. CrazyCall

To get started with a free trial, CrazyCall has its procedure. You shall be asked to choose your country, come up with a caller ID you want to display and finally fill in the number you want to call. Upon pressing the "Get me a code" button, you will be rendered the number to call and a code for verification. Call this number and tell the code which will allow you connect to the friend you want to fool. 

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CrazyCall also provides the mobile application both for Android as well as iOS. The site also provides customer support, in case you have queries and requests. Also note that the choice for the dialer's country is limited, providing only seven to eight major countries where the service is available. There is no registration to the site, and your content will be checked for profanity or vulgarity, as their Terms state.

3. BluffMyCall

The site opens with a free trial window asking the dialer's number, the recipient's number and the fake caller ID you'll be impersonating. There are options for voice changing and enabling recording and announcement. As soon as you fill in the above information and preferences, just press the "Place Call" button, and you will be making a spoof call. This free spoof call is allowed for two minutes.

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To avail extended features and options, the site has a credit system, which you must be permitted to use after you sign up for the service. There are various packs to opt for- from 60 credits at $10.00 to 1-month unlimited subscription for $29.95. One credit is equivalent to 1 minute for residents US/Canada/most of Europe, 2 minutes from some other countries and 3 minutes for isolated regions.

4. SpoofCard

SpoofCard has some notable features- It enables you to send your calls straight to the recipient's voicemail if even talking to that person might blow your cover, retaining the credibility of the message as it is one-sided. They also claim to be the world's first real-time voice changer, allowing you sound like a man or a woman with background effects to pretend to be somewhere else like music for a discotheque, all on the go. It even allows you to send spoof texts, just like spoof calls.

The credit system allows you to purchase credits after you sign up. One minute of spoof calling costs one credit while one spoof text is available for five credits. You can avail, for example, 45 credits for $9.95. And of course, a free trial is available. Apps both for Android and iOS are downloadable too.

5. My Phone Robot

My Phone Robot offers you a 40-second free spoof call trial, though it is stated that this free offer is available in the US only. But there is some great news for non-US residents. You can still enjoy free calls with their secret bonus scheme, according to which they're giving 150 free credits for every sign-up with Facebook or Twitter. 

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That means you can still have at least seven pranks and spoof call, enough to do your job! Like all spoof calling sites, this site too has an economical pricing system, with 250 credits costing at $3.99 to up to 7000 credits for $49.99, in case you decide to sign up. The process is simple- they'll call you, they'll call the recipient and then the call will be bridged.

6. Covert Calling

Here, you are allowed to make three calls with thirty-second limit for the free trial. Just enter your number, the recipient's number and the number to display. Then enter the captcha and finally place your call by clicking ob "Submit" button. You will receive a call; then your friend will be called, and the connection will be bridged.

Upon signing up, the site appeals with favorable and reasonable pricing, with 100 minutes of spoof calling just for $10.00. Apart from your PC, you can call from your phone as well just by dialing into their 800 number.

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7. Spoof My Phone

You can certainly try a spoof call, with a similar procedure, but if you want more of such free calls, you may like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter and Google+. They'll keep updating their free promo codes, which would be sufficient for some more calls. You may even download their free app on Google Play store, Amazon apps, Blackberry world or iPhone App store.
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