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Saturday, 17 March 2018

USB Network Gate Review: Share USB over Ethernet for Windows

Posted by Rahul Gupta
USB Network Gate is used for the connection of more than one USB devices. This is done by connecting it to the computer network using the Internet, LAN, or WAN. It almost feels like the device is connected to our machine.
USB Network Gate
Honestly, your location doesn’t matter and you can have yourself located in any part of the world. The different devices that can be used for the purpose can include Modem, Scanner, Dongle, and Printer. Apart from these, one can also use anything else that is connected to their computer or PC for the time being.

Why USB?

Sharing becomes one of the sole purposes when you have your PC. Transfer of files and data is often required. By sharing USB all over the network as well as multiple computers, it becomes easy for people all over the world to have access to your computer and can use it.

With this facility, it becomes simple to have access to your hardware devices. These include a printer, scanner, Dongle, and any other USB device that your PC supports. Accessing them becomes easy anywhere and at any time.

USB Network Gate also brings along a high desirable capacity with the help of which, sharing becomes flexible. All that is needed for one to do is, connect your USB device to your PC or MAC, and further connect it to a Linux device. That is all, and you are completely good to go.

Features to fall for

Some of the useful features are mentioned below:

Sharing is easy

It might so happen that there is a need to share more than one USB device on various computers. USB Network Gate does the needful and brings in the solution. Printing, Scanning, and Fixing, to any other PC, becomes easy and flexible. Also, add a password to get access to the users.

Plug in

Do you want to connect your USB device to your virtual machine? Well, all that you need to do is install the network gate on some random OS, i.e., virtual machine. After this, you can easily have access to your peripherals even if your desktop is far away. The compatible devices include Microsoft Hyper -V, VMWare, Citrix, and so on.

Get Access

With the Remote desktop connection, troubles are likely to bother you. One of the most common issues that pop up while using a remote connection is accessing the other USB local devices becomes a problem. In a remote session, working with any other USB device becomes easy with USB Network Gate. Apart from that, one can also set their machines automatically to find out and connect to the other USB devices.

Access to Wi-Fi

The network configuration doesn’t require any changes from your side. Without that, the sharing process can be easily done. They can be directly accessed from anywhere, i.e., laptops or any other device. If the devices like your printer, scanner, etc. are connected to your computer, then you are good to go. All the users in the network can work without any trouble.

Some more Add-ons

You might love these extra add-ons exclusively available in it.

Nothing stays Limited

The connector of USB over Ethernet provides one with all the facility. It brings along high desired capacity for one to share their USB devices all over the network. This can either be on Windows or Linux. Looking for more? Well, it also allows creating a connection between server and client. It can either be Mac-Linux, Linux-Windows, or Mac-Windows.

Optimizes Traffic

The USB over Ethernet brings with it a convenient option with the help of which it becomes easy to compress the traffic. All the things like transfer of data and bandwidth, high transfer speed can be done easily. This turns out to be convenient when there is data that are available in an uncompressed way.

Keeps Data Safe

One of the most important and valuable thing to all of us is Data and Information. It often becomes a problem when it is mishandled or when it drives out to some unusual hands. This can bring in serious trouble. With the USB software for sharing, it is guaranteed that the data is safe. It ensures that the data doesn’t reach out to any other third party. What is yours, remains yours and that too, totally safe. This USB software comes embedded with the high and secured connection. That is not all as there are hidden options that provide traffic encryption too. In addition to that, one can also keep it password protected to control the access from other users.

Swap Support

There is no need for you to restart your PC if you wish to share some different device or USB over the Ethernet. All that one has to do is unplug their device from the shared USB and get it plugged into some other device. The remote client will have its new target directly on its screen.


Well, this brings us to a conclusion and also to mention the fact that how much efficient USB network gate is. Apart from the bunch of advantages, it is going to bring for you; it will also make sure to serve you with the best. So, make sure to have your hands on this sturdy gate once in a while.
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How to Start Earning Bitcoin With Ease in 2018

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Bitcoins! They have become the thing gossiping about in 2017 / 2018. Everyone wants to know and have a piece of the precious online cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. Even though there are several other cryptocurrencies out there, Bitcoin has been the most Limelight and for a perfect reason. It has one of the most valuable local currency conversion rates as well as the numerous options available to earn and convert it.
Start Earning With Bitcoin
There are certain limitations to Bitcoin as well, for instance, there is only 10-metre number of these things that can be mined or and out of the Global ledger of the blockchain. People may not know that and think that it's an unlimited stream of online money. But it still, that doesn't make it any less valuable. By the way, there are still a couple of median Bitcoins left to mine for the rest of the world. So in this article, we will focus on some of the natural and fast ways to earn Bitcoins by doing some chores and errands online.

I am now going to contradict my above statement by saying that there is no way to make a substantial amount of Bitcoins online. Don't click on this article just yet. And never said that you could not earn Bitcoins at all online, I just said that it's not very easy and you are not going to become a millionaire overnight. Just like anything else that is worth having in this world, Bitcoins come at a price of your hard work. So if you're still here and I am not clicked off this site, let's get started.

Small earnings

There are plenty of things that you can do which are relatively easy and pay slightly less than desired. Let's go over some of the most well-known earning sites. I have listed the ones that are known to give you at least something in exchange for you are our earlier. There might be hundreds of jobs out there on the internet, but not all of them will be legit. One of the legit website on which I started working recently is CoinDirect due to their fast processing speed & better support than other popular websites available in the market. Bitcoin has become the advertisement simulator the ones posted by dating websites for finding singles in your area. You know that it's fake and you have never clicked on it, right? I'm going to assume you said yes.

Keep in mind that if anything seems fishy or untrustworthy to you on the Internet don't click on it. He has a tape which I learned from experience. If something seems too good to be a true online comma, it probably is too good to be true. No one will give you free cash for doing copy paste jobs online. Now you know where my bitter, sadistic nature comes from. Anyway, let's start on with this list.

Paid to click websites

There are a couple of websites online which will pay you a couple of box for watching or clicking on advertisements posted by various ad campaigns. It might also involve visiting specific sites and staying on the page for a couple of seconds until the timer runs out. When you will have to do a couple of his every Saturday or minimum amount of days per hour. You will usually be paid on an hourly basis which can debit at the end of the day. One of the most popular paid to click or PTC websites out there is called ads4BTC.

It's pretty simple. They show your ads, you will call them and stay on them for the designated time interval and you get paid a measly amount of BTC. Yes, I said the measly amount. For the 20 seconds of ads that you will be watching in the site for about 24 hours a day, you will make approximately $10. That is, of course, worth in BTC, which will be equivalent to 0.0216 BTC.

So if you have excellent min meditation skills and have incredible patience, and I'm not in a hurry for earning a lot of cash, you can consider this option. Here is a link to the website if you want to check it out for yourself:

Work a micro job where you get paid in Bitcoins

There are plenty of websites which require you to complete small jobs and get paid in Bitcoins. 1 popular search website where you can work on pretty much any job you have a skill set on and get paid in Bitcoins in exchange and its name is coinworker.

CoinWorker is pretty simple. The website says mine with your mind, which is very cool in my opinion. Coin worker allows you to earn Bitcoins essentially by using only your web browser and your skills. Is tough to follow a couple of simple steps to get registered on coinworker and start earning. Your first app registers with your Bitcoin wallet address over at coinworker. Then, start completing short analytical tasks by which you can receive according to the level of the completion of the task. All these tasks do not require any additional download and can be done on your browser itself.

Then, when's your account hits 200 points, these points can be converted into Bitcoins R Us decent. These BTC will be paid directly to your Bitcoin address and will appear in your wallet after 24 hours after which they have been paid. The payment initiation process might take a while to show up as updated.

The tasks haven’t you can be anything starting from web development, logo designing as well as coding. You can do other simple tasks such as data entry and content feeling as well. It's mainly Fiverr, where you sell yourself but not for money, but Bitcoins instead. This website has been tried and tested and even though the payment can be a variable often, it is an idiot. Here is a link to the site if you want to check it out yourself and learn more.
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5 Tips To Kickstart Your Online Trading

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Online trading can be daunting if you’re not already familiar with the terminology and different markets. Thankfully, there are a lot of free and paid resources available to help take you from confused newbie to confident beginner. 
Tips to Kickstart Online Trading
With this in mind, here are a few tips to help focus your efforts to become an online trading success.

Concentrate on a single area

One factor that can always confuse when starting trading is the vast variety of options available. Some people will trade shares, while others will stick to forex. Many people will shadow experienced traders, copying their trades to guarantee overall gains. Find an area that appeals to you then learn about this single area.

Online trading is best approached as a long-term commitment - trying to learn everything in the first month will leave your head spinning. Learning a single discipline well will serve you much better. Many resources offer specialist advice on specific markets, such as this advice on trading stocks from NerdWallet. Once you feel you have a good grasp of your chosen market, you can move on to learning about another.

Diversify your portfolio

Diversification is a bit of a buzzword in trading circles. Spreading your investments across different markets, commodities and platforms help to reduce the risk factor. While diversification is in essence reasonably easy to achieve, efficient diversification requires knowledge of each area you are going into; you can read free resources like Investopedia to start your journey. This follows on naturally from the above tip. It’s better to invest in two or three markets you have a good understanding of than spread your money among many investments you don’t understand.

Read, read, then read some more

Read magazines, check useful websites and follow trusted bloggers in the trading world. Consistently absorbing information will speed up the learning process, even if you’re not consciously aware of it all. Bloggers will often share tips, or provide information on their own mistakes. Some online stock trading apps like IG will also share exclusive market data and analysis. Both of these can be invaluable when you’re taking your first steps towards becoming an online trading guru.

Use virtual money first

Whatever type of trading you decide to start with, don’t use your real money to start. A lot of online trading platforms and apps provide a virtual money account, so you can experiment with your newly acquired knowledge and learn the software. They are a great way to see how your trades would have played out. Don’t blow your virtual budget quickly, divide it between your chosen areas of investment and treat it as you would your real money. You’ll soon know if your approach would have been successful.

Be a trading voyeur

As well as bloggers and websites, you can also learn by watching experienced traders. Many out there trade professionally. Watching how they approach each market and even shadowing their trades with your virtual money (to a lesser degree) will help you master the markets quicker.

Despite the urge to dive in with both feet, taking the time to develop a robust and sensible long-term approach could pay dividends in the future.
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5 Tips to Improve Your Examination Essay Writing Skills

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Everyone knows that the essay starts with an introduction that has the context of your essay topic, a body that gives examples and elaborates the points that you introduce and then, at last, the conclusion that ties all your ideas together.

If you are under examination conditions, then typically it means that you have a time limit. Usually, you feel that the time is not enough for you to write down all your ideas. The other trouble that you may face while writing an examination essay is that you may not know about the topic. This can probably create stressful circumstances.

Improve Your Examination Essay Writing Skills
In this article, a few tips are being shared for your help so that you can maximize your output or results. You will learn about what to do and what not to do under such conditions because there are things that students do and think they are clever, but they do work against them rather them for them.

1. Do Not Waste Time and Space

Students make a big mistake of mentioning all the techniques that they are going to analyses in their essay in the introductory paragraph. This will waste your time and space on paper as well. You just must put the main idea of yours in the introduction. The discussion on all the techniques is a part of ‘the body’ of the essay.

2. Do Not Use Fancy Words

Students normally try to use vocabulary that they even don’t know how and where to use. They use such words just because they know them, and they must add them to the essay no matter they belong to it or not. Therefore, do not use words that you do not understand.

Make sure that you use the ’fancy’ words correctly. Students try to write complicated sentences to write a simple idea, and by doing this, they lose the meaning of what they want to say. A simple rule is that, if you could not say the same sentence to someone or the person next to you, then probably it is not making any sense in writing too.

3. Do Not Use Contractions

When you are writing an essay, make sure you do not use contractions. This means that avoid the use of isn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, etc. Use these words in the complete form of their two parts will make your work more formal.

4. Do Not Mention Quotes Everywhere in Your Essay

This is one of the most common mistake that the students make. Most of the examples that you get from the text are just evidence or lines. So, instead of calling them quotes, you might say that this example shows, or this line shows, etc.

5. Do Not Repeat the Wording of the Question

Some of the students might think that they are clever enough to use the wording of the essay question again and again and can deceive the examiner. However, it can lead to your marks deduction.
So, what you must do is be aware of making such mistakes because they are very common ones and can be caught by reader very quickly. You can take help from the custom writing applications and online services for improving your essay writing techniques.
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Thursday, 8 March 2018

How Can Native Advertising Impact Your Blog Revenue in 2018?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Web blogging is among the most common way for aspiring content creators to get established on the internet today. But it isn’t just novice content creators; many major websites also maintain a respectable web blog just because they are free from certain restrictions that are generally imposed on their main websites. Also, blogs provide a general consolidation for all the media channels that a corporation or individual might own, making it easier to track customer interests, get first-hand user feedback and throw in general discussions, all under one roof.
Native Advertising
Now, while it all sounds promising, things aren’t as easy as it might seem on paper. The most obvious and common issue funding, more specifically return on investments. You see content creation is a time consuming a job and obviously individuals that dedicate time to it, do it to make a living. So even with very high-quality content, it isn’t really easy to get a decent revenue unless you have ad support on your blog. Now some of us might argue that ads are generally distracting and often distract the often pristine look of the website unless it is well optimised for the design. That is where native advertising comes into play.

Short Summary on Native Advertising

There are lots of forms of advertising on the web. While the most standing out are the banner ads and clickbaits, they don’t do much to get the customers attention because:
  1. Banner ads can often be overlooked if it doesn’t match the content of the website.
  2. Clickbaits are simply annoying and one of the primary reasons why we need ad blockers in the first place.
But the most discreet and elegant form of advertising that has seen a huge rise in recent times has to be native advertising. What native advertising does, it that tries to blend into the content, trying to stay relevant to the viewer who might feel like the ad is actually a part of the entire content on the page. 

To give you a better idea of what it is, let’s take the music artist David Guetta for example. You’ll often see him using wearing headphones from the brand Beats by Dr.Dre and it usually on contract for a native ad. The genius of this is that you want those headphones even though they aren’t necessarily asking you to buy them. The product is a part of the content, and it doesn’t shout “ad” in the slightest. 

The biggest USP of native advertising, apart from its inconspicuous nature is that it is non-intrusive. Ads with this format will never ask or shout at you to buy or adapt their products, but there is a very high chance that such ads won’t get outright neglected because of their impeccable incorporation into the content itself. Like when was the last time you ever ignored a “Find more like this” after a good video or piece of information.

Native Advertising For Blogs and Bloggers

Let's discuss Native Ads for Bloggers. Native advertising is helping bloggers to ramp up the revenues, more-so than another form of ads. How could you be so confident? Well, the first thing you would need to do is set up the content in such a way that it can sync with your ‘In-text ads’. There is no point in just inserting ads for the heck of it which doesn’t even match with the content. Secondly, you’ll need a register with an ad-networks who can provide you with a decent ad campaign for your website. 

Assuming that you are running a Good blog with relevant content and a high rate of visitors per day. You can create publishers account on MediaVenus; It is among one of the best Adsense alternatives and a trusted ad network dealing with native ads technology. Unlike, other ad-agencies, MediaVenus has a special focus on making the nature of ads as non-intrusive as possible. They do support banner ads as well but for the most part, they are specialists in native ads. 

How MediaVenus Helps Bloggers to Boost Ad Revenue?

As we know, MediaVenus is a prominent ad-network that acts as the intermediary between some of the top advertisers and web publishers (that includes Bloggers & Webmasters). They have a very simple and uncluttered interface that is easy to understand and straightforward. Since MediaVenus is mostly native and banner ad driven, it is quite convenient for bloggers to integrate the ad system in their blog or website.  The advantage for bloggers here is that, they can sign up with MediaVenus and start monetizing their traffic even with they are beginner. Infact, MediaVenus helps all range of publishers with low, intermediate and high monthly traffic volume.

MediaVenus ads is very customisable when it comes to ad placement. Bloggers have the choice to tune the ad flow according to their content. However, it goes without saying, but novice bloggers can sometimes find it difficult to match the ads exactly but nonetheless, MediaVenus’s allows you to file tickets about your queries so that you can express grievances related to any topic. They have excellent support system that can help you out via Skype or Email and make sure that that the ads displayed are always relevant to the content published on your website.

MediaVenus Dashboard
One of the more prominent features of Media Venus is their web panel. Which has a very straightforward menu to access all the necessary tools required for maintaining your ads. They have a very extensive statistics tool that displays all the information regarding your ads, including your ad widgets. You can see the CPM & CTR rates along with total number of Clicks on ads, total income, impressions and so on. Now these features aren’t uncommon for most ad networks, however very few of them has such a level of clean and uncluttered presentation that you can find on MediaVenus.

Easy Payout Withdrawal

MediaVenus allows Publishers to withdraw their respective revenue every week. The minimum threshold amount is just $15. MediaVenus is among few ad network that allows multiple payment methods such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Paxum, Webmoney, Capitalist etc..

Media Venus Referral Programme

MediaVenus offers an excellent referral programme where MediaVenus shares 50% of their revenue. In simple word, You will get 5% of the ad revenue of your each referral publish on MediaVenus. This is interesting especially for for bloggers who is always looking for different method to make money online.


In the recent scenario where adblocker and tight competition causing a serious downfall in the global publishers’ revenue. In such stiff, Native Advertising become a lifeline for almost all range of Publishers including Bloggers who are getting disappointment from Adsense or low revenue that empowering to look for some alternative options. 

Nevertheless, MediaVenus is a fast growing native advertising network crafted for seasoned webmasters and novice bloggers alike. The interesting part which i like is, One can easily use Google Adsense ads along with MediaVenus native ads without violating respective policies. This will help to boost the monthly revenue and engage audience attentions.
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