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Thursday, 26 May 2016

10 Best Keylogger for Android [Apps+Softwares]

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Our mobile phone devices connect us to the world. It is efficient, quick and robust in fulfilling all our needs and luxury with just a few taps. Since we store a lot of important stuff on our phones, it is important that we keep an eye on them every time. 

Keylogger software and apps are tools that help us watch these devices. With these, you can have complete control over your phone even when you are not holding it physically. The apps, call logs, SMS, chats and other social media accounts can be monitored.
Keylogger For Android
And if you find anything suspicious you can block the device or erase some data from it. All these log files and details are stored in your Keylogger software accounts so that you can access them quickly, all at one place. This post brings you the top 10 Keylogger apps for Android.

1. Shadow - Kid's KeyLogger

Shadow has been designed for parents to keep a tap on their kid's activity on mobile phone devices. With shadow, you can also share your phone with your colleagues even if you don't trust them. 
Simply download and install Shadow from Google Play Store. Once installed, activate the app when you give it to your friends. Shadow will record every event that happened during its activation and with this, you can find out if some malicious activity has taken place on your phone. 

Shadow can work on almost all Android devices starting from version 2.2 and up. And it only requires 1 M of your storage.

2. Trust

Trust keeps a record of activities that is happening on your mobile phone. It records the call log and removed media. It records even the details such as when the screen was unlocked and power connected or disconnected. 
Trust also stores the entries regarding the installed, deleted, restarted and replaced apps along with the time stamps so that you will know exactly about what has happened with your phone while you were away. It works on Android phones with Android 2.0 and up.

3. Kidlogger

KidLogger is a freeware that is suitable for Android phones and tablets. It is specially designed for those people who are looking for apps to know what their kids do with mobile phones. It keeps track of browser history with relevant time stamps. 
KidLogger also records the incoming and outgoing calls, SMSs, and emails. The log files can be uploaded to your KidLogger account so that you can view it remotely. 

KidLogger v.1.4 can be installed on Android devices with Android 2.0 and 2.1. KidLogger v.1.5 works with other versions. You can also check the media, apps used and the games played by kids with total time spent on each one.

4. SpyEra

SpyEra can be employed in Android phones and tablets. Even though it is not a free tool, SpyEra has many features which make it worthy enough to go for. It performs a deep analysis of your phone and keeping track of almost all the minute details and logs. 
The reports can be viewed in the SpyEra account. You can listen to the calls live, track the phone using GPS. SMS, Emails, media and other files can be monitored. 

SpyEra uses the ambient recording to enable/disable the device's microphone so that you can record conversations for and listen to then offline from your SpyEra account. It can also crack email and app passwords of the target Android device and get its lock patterns and PIN codes. 

SpyEra for tablets costs $149 for 3 months. For the smartphones, the three-month subscription is available for $189. You can also get an all-in-one subscription at $489 per year.

5. MobiStealth

MobiStealth keeps a watch on your phone activities even if the GPS is turned off. It can monitor chats, media, SIM replacement and call details. All these data can be accessed from MobiStealth account remotely. MobiStealth is compatible with all leading network service providers. 
There are two versions of this product that are available. The Pro version is worth $199.99 for a 12-month subscription. The Pro-X version has Skype Chat, Viber, and WhatsApp logins and is available at a cost of $179.99 for a year.

6. iKeyMonitor

The free version of iKeyMonitor has limited but handy features. It can track the phone with GPS, but the size of logs is limited to a maximum of 50 entries. It supports English language and can show the calls, SMSs, emails; websites visited and other essential details.

It lists the screenshots of every activity. iKeyMonitor Android Full, which is the paid version, has some exciting other features too. With this, you can perform undetectable tracking. Also, the logs will be sent to email, and you can view them online with iKeyMonitor account. It supports keylogging for all languages. The paid version costs $39.95 per month.

7. mSpy

With mSpy, you can note all the keyboard strokes that have been made on the monitored phone. The logs can then be viewed remotely through your control panel. Emails, calls, and SMSs can be monitored. 
You can also impose incoming call restrictions. Website history, bookmarks, blocking sites can all be controlled. Also, you can access the calendar, address book and various other social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. Other installed applications can be managed and blocked, and also changes in media and Instagram are duly noted. 

You can also create analysis reports to perform detailed analysis. The premium version costs ₹3960.0 per month, and the basic version is available for ₹1680.0. Bundle Kit, which has all the combined features, is available at ₹4800.0 per month.

8. HelloSpy

HelloSpy is a software that can perform efficient tracking by running in the background. The tracked activities on the targeted mobile phone can be viewed using the HelloSpy account. You can keep a tap on the emails, calls, and browsing history. You can also record the calls. 
Download and install HelloSpy and then register an account. Using this account, you can later see the details and reports. A trail version is available for 48 hours for free. 

For a year, the subscription charges are $199.99. You can get it for a short period such as a month for $29.99 or 6 months for $89.99. A live demo is available on the website for users to familiarize the tool and exploit all the features and functions. And there is a 24/7 assistance team to help and guide you anytime.

9. Android Keylogger

Android Keylogger is a tracking and monitoring software for Android devices. You can observe the calls, text and other details of the phone. It satisfies the need for tracking and backing up sensitive data. Android Keylogger also supports monitoring WhatsApp and Viber messages and also the details regarding internet usage
Android Keylogger
With photo tracking feature, you can find out the photos captured and received via any medium. Android Keylogger also gives access to the phone book and contacts. You can record calls and remotely control the phone being invisible. 

The installation and setup are pretty easy. It costs $69.97 for a lifetime license.  You can remotely block apps and retrieve SIM information. In the case of suspicious attempts to break the phone, you can remotely delete the data.

10. TopSpy App

With TopSpy App, you can get access to cellphone calls, SMS, and location throughout the day. Also, many social media accounts such as Viber and WhatApp data can be tracked. Once installed, the data can be directly obtained from the control panel. It is available for mobile phones and desktops. 
TopSpy App
For phones, the basic version costs $99.99 per month. And the Premium version which has support to spying social media account and a few other features costs $199.99 a year. The Family Kit, which offers all the features and robust technical assistance, can be availed at $479.97 a year.

Final Words

Android devices are undoubtedly the most popular and widely used smartphones and tablets these days. So the need to keep a proper check on your valuable Android device is imperative. With keylogger apps, you can check if your kids are misusing the tools they have been given by surveillance of the websites they visit and pictures they take or receive. 

You can also have better parental control by restricting what your kids use the blocking features ensuring the children will not erase valuable data accidentally. And not just that, if you have a suspicious colleague or spouse, getting a keylogger tool will help you know their calls, SMS, and other data. 

Confidential business information that has been shared with your clients and other partners can be prevented from leaking by strictly observing the emails and inboxes of the targeted device. And some of these tools also extend their support to desktops so that the surveillance is not just limited to Android phones and tablets. Even if you lose or phone or an intruder gets hold of your device, your data is safe from the wrong hands with remote control. 

Critical data can be backed up and erased from the phones if someone steals it. Sensitive applications can be blocked so that nobody else gets access to it. These are also one step towards a secure phone experience with features such as GPS tracking.
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Best App Promotion Guide To Make Your App Popular

Posted by Rahul Gupta
So you've created this awesome app, great! Guess what, no one cares! No matter how talented you are and what kind of awesome app you have the codes for, you still need to get your ass off and get it some exposure. Without exposure, no one would ever know about your application, so whatever level of "awesome" it is, it's bound to get lost in oblivion. So that's where this piece comes in.
App Promotion Guide
In this post, we have listed the best app promotion guides you're going to get on the internet so make sure you pay attention!

Personal Branding

It's more important than the branding of your "app"! Well, it is! I mean, right now if Kevin Systrom posts just about anything about his new app maybe, the world would go crazy about it because Kevin is the founder of Instagram. He's a fan following, people who know and like him and thus it's easier for him to get eyeballs on just about any app he wishes.

Well, Social Media has made Personal Branding remarkably easier. So yeah even before you launch your app, "Launch" yourselves! Trust me that would work better than (almost) anything in this guide. (With the one exception just below this section!)

Positive Reviews

I said the first strategy is the "second best" one to get your app some exposure, right? Well yeah, it would have been "THE" best if this thing didn't exist. But trust me, Positive Reviews? They're the magic charm. I mean they have the capability to get almost any app on the Top list in the matter of "hours"! (That's how Instagram made it to the #1 Photo sharing app literally in HOURS!)

Here are the reasons why it works, try posting a status that says "Hey! I created this application; it's awesome, please try it". And then another that says "Hey! This app is just awesome! don't know who created it, but whoever did, did an excellent job"!

And tell me which one has a better engagement? Of course, the second one. Well because in the first you're just promoting "YOUR" app. While in the second case you are promoting someone Else's work, which "isn't so common" in this century right now if the app didn't deserve it.

How to Get Positive Reviews?

The tragedy is that people don't "always' leave positive reviews! In fact, they don't leave reviews at all no matter how much they love your app.

And that's where Best Review App comes in! To save your time, you can gather positive reviews by working with some platforms that provide good app reviews. There is a large number of this kind of platforms on the market, and the one I would like to recommend is Best Review App which owns tens of thousands of app users around the world to write quality app reviews!

In-app Elements

Ever seen one of those "Rate us please" or "Rate us and Get 100 points" Pop-ups inside the app? Well, those work like a charm. One doesn't get something unless he or she ask for those things, and that's where this strategy comes in.

When users are using your application, you can make something pop up something similar to that. Thus, now all they have to do is either click on stars or something. It's easy; it's fast and people consider it.

So well yeah just do it! And if your app has anything that's like "points" or money, you can offer them that. For example, get 100 free points for rating us or something!

Final Words

So well yeah that was it folks on Best App Promotion Guides to Make Your App Popular! I'm pretty sure these should have helped you out. Seriously, if you're considering that strategy of getting positive reviews, I'd say don't miss out trying BestReviewApp! It does the job, trust me.

Just try them and I'm pretty sure you're going to thank me later. Because well, BestReviewApp has been doing this long enough, for big enough clients. And well, it's still surviving means it's liked knows it's job, right?

This was one of the best App promotion guides I’ve ever written! So what are you waiting for? Although if you've got any queries, you can make use of the comment box!
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How Online Coupons Would Make Your Travel More Efficient?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
How expensive is it to travel very frequently? Too much, right?

When I have to travel more, things go extra tight economically, and my pocket asks me to go out and look for an extra job to earn more money or save money, however you can’t satisfy your wallet if the reason to travel is important. But I can choose the second thing that my pocket was asking.

How Coupons Make Travel Efficient
Going on business trips one after another is going to put a real effect on your wallet and that you are going to hate about traveling. Everyone has a reason to go abroad, to another state or city. Say it a business trip, your honeymoon, vacations with your family or anything else.

Booking tickets for bus or Hotels online is easy and time-saving, right?

Online Coupons can help you saving money while you are going for 2 days stay in a five-star hotel or traveling by air. Let me know if you have a way to reach guys and do bargaining with them to let you stay in a hotel at discounted price
but online coupons can do this for you.

Why Online Coupons?

Using an online coupon means making a purchase over the internet, and that would be saving hell lot of time for you. Online coupons to get a rebate on top brands like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Hotels, Redbus and Uber are there on the web.  Not using an online coupon will lead you to pay in full or to go to a local travel agent for the purpose.

Enjoying a candle light dinner at a five-star restaurant is always a dream for a middle-class couple, and that might have been a dream forever if the online coupons won’t have evolved. Hitting the nail on the head is way necessary to save money on anything and that you can do by using a coupon code while you shop online for tickets, clothing, electronics or anything.

How To Get Most Out Of Coupons?

To save more money, I used to keep a calendar in my pocket or draft it in my smartphone. Even if I am not dying to avail a discount on Hotel tickets, I will note it down along with the expiration date. Better if it is a site-wide (50% off on everything) coupon.

I saved money equivalent to a lion’s share last month, and I was on cloud nine.

Coupon codes, deals, and contests are not kept under lock and keys, but you have to shake your legs to find them out. Avail Cashback, discount coupons or contest winning the prize by visiting a deal on a discount code website.

Get Deal
A deal is way different from Coupon code. Clicking the deal won’t ask you to provide you a coupon on the cart because the page you are landed already has reduced prices.

Clicking the “Get Code” button will reveal a code that I used to put at the eleventh hour (at the time of checkout).

Always check for the expiration date of the coupon or deal before you use them. Otherwise, you will find it irritating enough like talking to a brick wall.

What kind Of Deals Are There?

There are many. I will lay down a few.

Cashback Deals: Usual cashback deals are those where you get a guaranteed cashback of prespecified percentage of the price. Contest cashback deals are also run by the brands selecting a few customers eligible for the cashback.

In cashback offers, the merchant will send your cashback money in your bank account or your wallet on the merchant website. 

Discount Deals: In discount deals, the price is already reduced on the cart, and you pay the price after cutting off your discount.

Where to Find Coupons?

The destination to find a coupon code depends on the kind of code you need. To grab a deal on the discount from your nearby cafeteria, looking up a Sunday newspaper will be an excellent choice rather than looking it on the internet. Most often I find promotional coupons or monthly coupons in my email, and you too can subscribe the merchant’s mailing list to get the right codes inside your INBOX.
Get Codes
MakeMytrip coupon will be something that you need if you’re a travel person. And saving 70% on a domestic hotel booking will take you to the cloud nine.

Final Words- An Extra Tip

Going to make a purchase right after watching an up for grab coupon is not an original task, though. There could be a better discount offer on another store at a less price that you missed in a hurry.

By giving a minute or two to look for coupons from another similar store, you won’t suffer a huge financial loss. 

Now you can become and jet set and travel anywhere, and your wallet won’t have any complaint with you. Even in tight economic conditions, you can make your wallet happy by using coupons.
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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

HostSailor Hosting Review: Premium VPS Hosting & Services

Posted by Rahul Gupta
If you are planning to start an online business or a website, then the first thing that comes to mind is that where should I buy the hosting for my website or e-business? 

HostSailor is a well-recognized hosting provider which offers fast and reliable VPS & Dedicated Hosting services and has numerous affordable plans that will fulfill your needs with incredible customer support and hassle free upgrades.
Hostsailor Review
I’ve been using HostSailor's VPS Hosting for past few months on some of my niche based blogs and here is my opinion on its hosting and why should you choose it for your website as well. So here is my HostSailor Hosting review and opinion on its services.

Introduction to HostSailor

One of the largest hosting providers HostSailor offers premium VPS and Dedicated Hosting, SSL Certification, and Domains. It is a UAE based company and offers premium and affordable servers situated in Europe (Netherlands & Romania). 
VPS & Dedicated Hosting
It is best known for a broad range of operating platforms on servers to suit the required services of the Client and his business.

Top Features

HostSailor has created a name among the leading hosting providers with its remarkable server performance and outstanding support. Today, I’ll be sharing a complete review its numerous hosting services and other features that HostSailor offers. 
  • Premium Dedicated Servers from companies such as Dell, HP, etc. 
  • Offers a wide variety of platforms such as Linux, Ubuntu and Windows for dedicated Servers.  
  • After Sales Services & 24*7 technical support with average response time 1-5 minutes. 
  • Affordable Hosting Plans with Gbit Connections and 99% Up-time including reverse DNS.  
  • Instant Setup with free tech support via tickets and emails.

VPS Hosting Review

Different VPN Hostings
HostSailor offers four VPS Hosting Platforms with a vast number of web hosting plans available starting at a very affordable price of 1.99$:

1. OpenVZ VPS:- It offers six distinguished hosting plans with the core pricing of $ 1.99 to $ 38.99 per month. It packs 15GB for the basic version and up to 180 GB for the premium plan. It also has an SSD offering which is slightly costlier as it offers more speed and fast processing speed. 

2. XEN VPS:- When it comes to setting up own kernels for servers, XEN provides quick and reliable Linux-based servers which sport 512 MB RAM for the starter package and up to 320 GB of storage. You can purchase the premium plans at very affordable price of 3.99$ to 41.99$ for the Commodore Plan.

3. KVM Linux Based VPS:- With Bandwidth up to 8TB and 16 cores of processing, KVM's virtual private servers satisfy full needs of small e-commerce and business websites. The pricing starts from 3.99$ per month to 41.99$ per month for the premium plan. 

4. KVM Windows VPS:- In the KVM hosting servers, you can opt for Linux as well as Windows. If you worry about your website’s reliability and more back-end support from your servers, then Windows-based virtual servers and best suited for you. The basic plan offers 512 Mb RAM, 2 cores CPU and 30 GB of SATA storage at the price of 6.99$ per month.


All the four categories provide 24/7 tickets support and technical assistance for all customers, SolusVM Control Panel, ISP manager 5, and IMAP and POP3. If you want to expand your server’s disk space or require extra Bandwidth & IP, then you can purchase all the additional features at affordable prices.

All the HostSailor's servers are Robust and offer premium security to its clients with bug resolution and weekly backup.

Dedicated Hosting Review

I recently referred HostSailor's Dedicated Hosting to one of my clients whose online business got a surprising boom, and its hosting couldn’t manage the outnumbered traffic on its server. Turn out -the site was running faster than ever, and its up time increased to 99% in a month’s analysis.

Compared to VPS Hosting, Dedicated is more expensive as it provides the freedom of managing the whole server with flexibility and maintenance. However, I found that HostSailor offered faster and cheaper servers by annual plans. 

HostSailor packs dedicated servers from the major brands such as Dell, HP based in Netherlands and Super Micro in Romania. The most amazing thing about these servers is the processing power. They have beastly configurations and robust designs with full technical support. HostSailor dedicated server was designed to deliver fast servers with features like reverse bandwidth and root access with maximum security.

Technical Specifications:-
Basic Configurations for Dell Servers include: 

CPU – Intel Xeon Processor E3-1241 clocking at 3.5Ghz.
RAM – 16 GB DDR3 (for all Plans)
Bandwidth – 1Tb outgoing (Incoming Free) 

All the servers are designed to maintain heavy traffic, and you can add additional licensing services like Webuzo, CloudLinux, and cPanel at affordable prices. You can quickly setup your server within 15-20 minutes with all the customer support for free. This server is available $59.99 monthly, and the unmetered plan with 2TB storage is priced for $ 213.99 monthly. 

What I Like About HostSailor?

Coming to my views I would recommend the HostSailor’s VPS Hosting for all the small and medium business as they are more fast & secure. Also, here are some other key points: 
  • After Sales Service: - It doesn’t matter how much you know about servers. At some point, everyone needs customer support. HostSailor cares about clients and provides 24/7 tickets support for any query related to servers and all. 
  • Flexibility & Reliability: - All the servers are designed and configured to deliver fast speed with flexible installations for all web hosting and dedicated servers.  
  • Affordable Pricing: - Even though HostSailor provides premium VPS and Dedicated Hosting, all the plans are available to customers at very reasonable prices. 

Conclusion - Should you go for it? 

My verdict is that you should opt for HostSailor if you are thinking of moving your hosting service. After using HostSailor's Hosting services and their friendly customer support makes it an excellent option for all the users who are willing to buy VPS Hosting or want to move to Dedicated Hosting then they should go for HostSailor. 

It offers performance-oriented servers with performance and user-friendly cPanel customization and makes it an excellent option for all the customers who are starting or own medium businesses. 

All in All, HostSailor is an upcoming hosting provider with premium VPS and Dedicated Hosting and with such affordable and fantastic hosting plans, I am going to rate 4.6 ratings out of 5.

So this was my final review on HostSailor Hosting Services. You can refer to its main website for more details. Do share your thoughts and opinions below and let me know if you are going to use HostSailor’s Web Hosting for your site or business.
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Monday, 23 May 2016

Factors that May Be Holding Your Business Back

Posted by Rahul Gupta
As any experienced small business owner will tell you, the world of small business is a roller-coaster at times, but worth it in the end. Many new small business owners have to learn the ropes as they go, which can create some problems along the way. 
Factors Holding Business Back
The only thing that you want to do as a small business owner is staying with something that does not work. Whether you use an actual office or virtual office services, you will inevitably run into problems, but you will need to find a way to bounce back and come back better each time. 

The following are a few factors that may be holding your business back from the growth it needs.

No Help With Your Phone Calls

I would say that it's the biggest issue that most business owners have to deal with on a daily basis is answering all of their calls. But by hiring answering services, you will be able to avoid getting sidetracked when it comes to doing tasks around your office space. The amount of money that is paid to an answering service will be more than worth it considering how helpful it can be.

Lack of Capital

One of the biggest reasons that can hold a small business back is a lack of capital to put into your business. The lack of money will hold you back from growing and can lead to an overall collapse in the company. 

One of the best thing to do when trying to build up capital for your business is to find ways to cut corners. You need to create a budget that you can live with to save as much money as you can to reinvest in your business

Also, estimate how much working capital will be needed during the business year and same can be raised either way or not. If possible, raise money keeping in mind the level of risk that your industry has. The business may collapse if the money is not raised with the need of the time and it may be the worst reason for the downfall of any business.

Lack of Time

Another very dangerous factor that can lead to an overall decline in your business is a lack of time to devote to it. When most small businesses are starting out, the owner has to split time between their business venture and their actual job. Not devoting enough time to your business can make things start to get bad fast, which can lead to you closing the doors. 

You need to crack all the nuts you can to devote as much time as you can to growing and expanding your business to make it your primary job.

Worst Location of office

A garments shop in the market where no Joe is looking for clothes is such a bad selection of a location for business. Location factor has to be considered while setting up the office/business.

The business house has to be not too far from the employees, customers, and city. Yes, offices are established even in a rural area, but their business is attached to the locality most often. So, pick a location that will not be a barrier to the growth of your business.

Lack of Planning

If you do not plan anything and start a business suddenly, only a golden destiny can make it a success. Every successful business is a result of detailed, meaningful and analytical prior research and planning. 

You need not plan coming ten or twelve years of your business because the conditions are not going to be as you anticipate now. But, if you intend small goals one after another, it definitely will work.

While planning, you may find some thoughts to grow your business that you won’t be getting after commencing the business because of a right amount of operating tasks to do.


If you avoid the mistakes and give some attention to the factors laid above, you can make your business and the big success.
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Top 9 iOS Emulator for Web Developers - Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Everyone loves iPhones and Apple devices even though they are a costly affair. Why? For starters, Apple devices have a very sleek and compact design such that anyone who uses it for a few moments becomes a fan. And the user interface is also very easy to use, and moreover, it becomes sort of like a necessity for users who are already accustomed to it. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford a Mac or iPhone. 
iOS Emulator for Windows
So an iOS Emulator is the only viable option in front of you to get a Mac-like user experience with your Windows device. These emulators can mimic the iOS interface that can successfully put you under the illusion that you are using an Apple device. 

And for developers who want to test a particular iOS app they have just made, iOS simulators are the final word. They might not need an Apple device but just an emulator that can run an iOS environment so that they can know how it works and make the necessary bug fixes afterward. Here are 9 iOS Emulator tools for Windows.

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1. iPadian

iPadian is an easy way to get iOS-like interface on your Windows device. You have options to get the free version or the paid one. With the free version, you get the iOS emulator, app store, and iOS games. However, the paid version which costs $10 can offer you much more. 

You get to use WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other apps. Also, there are 3D games and all the Android games. And above all, the paid version gives you an ad-free experience

To use iPadian, directly download the emulator and then click on the shortcut created after installation. For those who still need help, follow the tutorial video given in the iPadian website. You can search for games in the iPadian interface and click on them to play it.

2. Air iPhone

Air iPhone
Air iPhone is a tool to run iOS apps. It replicates the iPhone interface on your device. To run this emulator, you will need AIR framework. You can install almost all the iOS apps. Although the reviews do not fully recommend this emulator, you can still install it to get a basic experience of handling an Apple device.

3. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio can be used for simulating and emulating iOS. This works for developing cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android systems. With MobiOne, you can quickly build native iOS apps, and these can be used on any device that is compatible. 
MobiOne Studio
You can create status notifications, share web app links and apps through email and configure your app to run on iPhone and iPad. And also, you can view the status of your app with the help of App Center Progress view and download the app installation file on your computer once the project is completed. To ease the user experience, there are drag and drop options.

4. iPhone Simulator

You can run a lot of iOS and iPhone apps and games using iPhone Simulator. And not just that, you can even test your under-developed apps to find its issues and bugs. So now, your phone can be a virtual iPhone. The graphics and the iOS emulation are pretty impressive with the features being so real. 
iPhone Simulat
However, one disadvantage is that you cannot directly access App Store, and few of the iOS apps cannot be run. You can make customization as well as try the default applications that come with it. The wallpaper, clock and other features of iPhone can be accessed.

5. Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin is a fully functional iOS emulator. With the developer support that it provides, Xamarin is undoubtedly the best tool for getting an iOS-like environment in your Windows devices. There are tutorials and detailed guides by the developers to help you familiarize the tool.  This is not a free tool, but it is useful for iOS developers for testing their app.
Xamarin Testflight

6. iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator can help you get iOS apps and games on your Windows device. So with this tool, app designers can test apps at nascent stages and make further corrections. The graphics and the interface are impressive and look exactly like that of the real iOS devices. But unfortunately, like a few other emulators, in iPad Simulator you can't get access to the Apple App Store or access some apps by default.
iPad Simulator

7. Smartface

Smartface is an iPhone app emulator which helps you to develop cross-platform native iOS apps. This excellent application can also be used as a tester application. The leading features of Smartface are the plugins support to extend Smartface apps, JavaScript library, Testing apps and debugging, enterprise plugins and services and much more. 

It offers lots of flexibility to the developers in creating their apps. It supports almost all the latest versions of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. To emulate any application, you will have to get the app. With Smartface studio, all of this can be done with a single click!

So far, we have seen powerful emulators and simulators that are capable of running iOS apps on Windows platforms. Now, if you have developed a website and if you want to check whether your site works in mobile devices by Apple, there are some website simulators that tests and shows the preview of how it looks on iPhones.

These are mostly websites, and they are totally free tools.

8. iPhone Simulator/iPhone Emulator

Using this tool, you can test your site on iPhone 3G/ iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPad 2. You just have to enter the URL in the field provided and check. The results will show how your app looks on these devices, and you can totally use these previews to carry out the presentations. And it is very practical for debugging.
iPhone Simulator/iPhone Emulator

9. Mobile Test

Mobile Test is an iPhone 5s emulator which can be used to test your websites and web apps. You have to enter the URL of the site and give it a go! It has a very user-friendly interface and in addition to iPhone, it also supports a broad range of Samsung and Sony Xperia smartphones.
Mobile Test

Final Words

So we have seen the iOS emulators and simulators. By now it must be clear that an emulator can totally duplicate the iOS environment and replace the original devices. They can run iOS apps without modifying the actual device. 

So for those users who are looking forward to having an iOS experience even on their non-iOS devices, these emulators are handy. And simulators on the other side can set up an environment similar to that of the original OS. Apparently, these are used by app developers and tester who want to check if their yet- to-be-completed apps will successfully run on the iOS platform. 

Since they do not replicate the hardware, some applications may run differently on the simulator and the actual device. And in practice, a simulator will be faster than the real device. Now if you want only to test your web apps and web pages, there are tools for that too! 

Having understood that and knowing what you need, pick out the best one for you. Yes, you don’t need an iPhone to know what it is like to have an iPhone. And designers, don’t worry about buying a new iPhone or Apple device to test your iOS app, let the emulators do the work for you.
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Saturday, 21 May 2016

[Free+Paid] 10 Best Screen Recording Software for Mac

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Watching videos, you would have come across situations where you wanted to get a part of the video to be captured and saved. Did you know that there are tools that could do that for you? Here are 10 Best Screen Recording Software for Mac. 
Screen Recorders For Mac
With these, you can record part of the on-screen action that is happening or records video from the webcam or another source. Further, you can select the recording are and also make edits and changes to it. Screenshots can also be captured and edited.

1. Camtasia

Camtasia is an expensive yet remarkable tool for screen recording. For starters, it helps the user to record whatever they wish from the screen and other external output devices. Then they can perform edits, mixing and other enhancements to design a video like a pro.

The interface of the software is designed with a studio-like layout so that even a novice can learn and adapt quickly to the screen recording and editing process and make a masterpiece of their own. Also, many visual effects can be enabled such as the "green screen" whereby the user can insert himself into the video. 
The videos created are highly interactive with hot zones through which the users can interact and work across all kinds of devices. There is a companion app Techsmith Fuse, which can be used to import photos and videos from your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone to the Mac. Once the recording is done, for you to perform separate editing, this excellent software will import system audio, screen video, cursor, and microphone onto their tracks. 

You can also start screen casting by turning on your webcam. Camtasia will add that as a different track separately. Cut and patch of videos appear flawless so that you can create a perfect video from many broken pieces. And the original footage is saved so that you can go back to it whenever you wish. 

You can take a tutorial session to remove all your doubts and to explore the various functionalities. And you can split the clip into two using a single click and remove mistakes quickly. The split clips will later be stitched together. There are options for both open and closed captioning. Camtasia is designed for professional users, and there is only a one-month trial version. After than you can buy it at $99. The Camtasia Studio, which is the perfect package, costs $299.

2. Screenflow

Screenflow is yet another software designed to incorporate the needs of professionals. Screenflow has a simple interface that is capable of doing complex functions. The users won't feel any clutter in the menu and functionalities that it offers. You have the option to record video from your Mac's screen, iPod touch, iPhone and iPad using a lightning connector. 
Videos can also be imported from external webcams and other devices. You can edit or add commentaries to your screen casts. With the zoom function, your screen casts can be further perfected. The high frame rate renders excellent recordings as if the videos were happening on your screen. You can share your creations on YouTube on the go! However, subtitles or other text cannot be added to the screen casts. The free trial or the paid version worth $99 can opt.

3. Snapz Pro X

Snapz Pro is very effective for taking tutorials and training videos as it can capture a particular part of your screen leaving behind the rest. It has a simple interface and has only the most important functionalities that are needed to get your job done. And with a "live preview" option, you can see which region gets captured beforehand and decide to make changes accordingly. 
Snapz Pro X
The trial version can be extended to an unlimited number of days, but a watermark appears after 15 days. And yes, to get rid of it, the pro version is available at $69.

4. VLC Media Player

Everyone knows VLC as a tool for playing videos. But there is are so many things VLC can do such as play 3D videos, record directly from webcam, act as YouTube downloader and much more! Here we will see how VLC player can be used to record an on-screen action. 
VLC Media Player
For this, find the option Open Capture Device in the Media menu. Choose the input source as Screen. You can also record from the webcam. This is a very necessary option for screen recordings. But it is free and might be of good use to one time users who have no time to download other tools or pay for them. 

There are a few features such as to customize the audio input device that is capturing, adjusting the frame rate for videos and focusing well with the mouse. Yes, your list of reasons to like VLC just got bigger.

5. Snagit

Snagit is from the developers of Camtasia. It is also designed for professional users but cheaper and apparently less powerful than Camtasia. Despite that, Snagit still has a lot of winning features that would make you grab it. You can add annotations to videos, screenshots and comment over them for designing tutorial videos. 
VLC Media Player
Using the TechSmith Fuse app, you can add images or import media from other devices. And there is a feature called "scrolling capture" with which you can take screenshots of long web pages smoothly. And the capture area can be resized. You can also save the settings by creating a profile. The profile remembers the settings and adjustments. 

So the next time you want a capture or recording, much time can be saved by not making custom changes and adjustments in the Settings. The Pro version costs $49.95.

6. Quickcast

Quickcast is an app that you can get from the App Store for free. It can be used in your Mac for screen recordings. With Quickcast, you can get screenshots and video recordings easily. There is a 5-minute time limit. So you can get only 5-minute videos at once. To get longer videos, you will have to merge them using some other app. 
Using external mic or with a webcam, you can capture videos. The region of capture can further be customized. And you can also get a preview of what you have got so far. After capturing, you can easily share your work too.

7. OBS

OBS is a free and open source tool for video capturing. It has a lot of functions, so much that no other free tool can provide. But it is not very easy to work upon for an average user. There are many features that you can use but too few tutorials and forums that tell you how to do it. 
The basic settings and features can be seen in the guide given on the website where you download the tool. You can capture a particular region of the window and make all possible adjustments and customization. So if you are ready to learn, this is a much-recommended tool.

8. Screencast-o-Matic

Using Screencast-o-Matic, you can record videos online. If you want a standalone app, you can download the free version. Videos with a length of up to 15 minutes can be created using this. You can select the size of the screen. Recordings can be done from the display or the camera input. 
The recorded video can then be saved to your device or directly uploaded to YouTube. With the pro version, other features such as zoom, blur and overlays are available.

9. QuickTime

QuickTime Player is used for watching video clips. But on your Mac, it can also be used to record videos just like VLC. It is entirely free as you know it. In the QuickTime File menu, select the Select New Recording option. Too many customization are not available, but this option is worth a quick try. You can use it to record from your microphone too. 
The volume button can be used to record the audio while recording. And the quality of the video being recorded can also be adjusted. For recording from the screen, choose the New Screen Recording option. There are Start and Stop buttons to control the recording.

10. Monosnap

Monosnap too is a free tool to make screen recordings. You can make recordings at 60fps, a feature that is not available many other instruments for a smooth video. You can record on-screen and video from the webcam. It is simple but very useful for making instant videos. 
There are options to stop recording the audio. Valuable information can be highlighted using the arrow and the other parts can be blurred. Whatever you capture can be organized and stored in the cloud or locally.

Final Words

Get your favorite part of a movie you like or create one of your own. Using these tools, you can get screen recordings of games and other videos. Also, you can adjust and resize the area of recording and add annotations in case if you are making tutorial videos. These tools are also great for capturing screenshots of long web pages and sharing them quickly. And if you are not interested in getting a new tool, tap the hidden features from media players like VLC and QuickTime.
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