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Tuesday, 20 September 2022

10 Best Alarm Apps for Heavy Sleepers

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Oversleeping is a real problem for so many people. The last thing you want to do when you wake up is roll over and go back to sleep.

But, if oversleeping becomes a habit, it can affect your health and happiness in other ways too. 

Best Alarm Apps For Heavy Sleepers

Top 10 Best Alarm Apps for Heavy Sleepers

The good news is that plenty of alarm apps can help keep heavy sleepers on track, so they don't waste time in bed feeling like they have nothing to do or have set their alarm clock repeatedly by mistake. We've listed the best alarm apps for heavy sleepers below:

1. Alarmy - The Wake-up Solution

Alarmy is the most popular alarm app on the market. With over 1 million downloads and a free version, it has become a go-to option for heavy sleepers who want their alarms to be more than just a primary snooze button.

Alarmy - The Wake-up Solution

This app also has an exciting feature that requires you to solve puzzles or complete tasks before turning off your alarm; this can help you wake up before your designated time by giving you something else to do while still in bed.

Download: Android 

2. Morning Routine: Wake Up Alarm

If you're looking for an alarm clock app that helps you wake up, Morning Routine is a great choice. It has an easy and reflexive method, with various alarm sounds, including nature. You can set the alarm to go off at the same time every day or at different times throughout the week—the app will even help you remember when it's time to get out of bed.

Morning Routine: Wake Up Alarm

If all else fails, this alarm clock app can also remind you when to take your medicine by flashing red lights on your phone (though we recommend taking them off before heading off).

Download: Android 

3. Sleep Cycle: Sleep Recorder

Sleep Cycle is another popular app and one of the most valuable apps for heavy sleepers. The app uses your phone's accelerometer to track your sleep patterns, which means it can wake you up in light sleep (you'll be more alert) or deep sleep (you'll be less alert). You can also set a specific time for it to wake you up at night—or just let the app do its thing by itself.

Sleep Cycle: Sleep Recorder

The other great thing about this app is that it has a ton of features not just as an alarm clock but also as a sleep tracker:

Download: Android 

4. I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

I Can't Wake Up is an excellent app for heavy sleepers who need to be awakened by an alarm. The app allows you to set a time for the alarm to go off, and it will even work if you turn off your phone.

I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

The sound of this alarm is loud enough that even if you're not wearing headphones or earbuds (or in bed), it'll wake up anyone nearby enough that they'll hear it through their window or door frame.

Download: Android 

5. Sleep as Android: Smart alarm

It is a good option for those with irregular sleep patterns. The app can track your sleep quality, habits, and health. It also provides charts that show how much you've been sleeping on weekdays and weekends.

Sleep as Android: Smart alarm

This app has an alarm clock feature that allows you to set a specified time for waking up in the morning (or night). You can also use this alarm clock for other functions like reminders or tracking your daily steps.

Download: Android 

6. Alarm Clock – Puzzles & Math

This Alarm Clock is one of the best alarm apps for heavy sleepers. This app has a massive collection of alarm tones and snooze, puzzles & maths options to help you wake up quickly. Over 10L+ downloads on the play store and 4.5-star ratings.

Alarm Clock – Puzzles & Math

Download: Android 

7. Alarm Clock Xtreme: Timer 2022

This Alarm App is one of the most acceptable alarm apps for heavy sleepers. Over 50+ million downloads on the play store and 4.3-star ratings.

Alarm Clock Xtreme: Timer 2022

Download: Android 

8. Alarm Clock - THE LOUDEST!

Alarm Clock - THE LOUDEST! is one of the most suitable alarm apps for heavy sleepers. Across 500k+ apps have been downloaded from the Play Store. This app received 4.5-star reviews.

Alarm Clock - THE LOUDEST!

Download: Android

9. Talking Alarm Clock Beyond

Talking Alarm Clock Beyond is one of the best alarm apps for heavy sleepers. Over 1 million plus downloads on the Play Store and 4.3-star ratings.

Talking Alarm Clock Beyond

Download: Android 

10. Alarm Clock Puzzle – Free Wake Up Alarm

It is one of the best alarm apps for heavy sleepers. Over 1 million plus downloads on the play store and 3.8-star ratings.

Alarm Clock Puzzle – Free Wake Up Alarm

Download: Android 


It can be hard to get enough sleep at night if you're a heavy sleeper. Whether you have a problem awakening up at sunrise or want an easier way to wake up on time, these apps will help.

We hope that our tips and tricks helped you find the best alarm app for your needs – now go out there and enjoy your well-rested mornings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Alarm apps for Heavy Sleepers

Why do I keep oversleeping?

If you have trouble waking up in the morning despite using multiple alarm clocks and setting them all at different times throughout the day, then something else may happen with your health. Pursuing a medical alert if this is an ongoing problem is essential so they can diagnose you properly.

Apps Is there a difference between the free and paid versions of these apps?

Yes, there's a big difference. Free versions of these apps will only allow you to set one alarm at a time. You'll need to purchase paid versions if you want to set multiple alarms or use any of the other features on this list.

What are other ways to wake up in the morning and not be woken up by an alarm clock?

If you don't want to use an alarm app, there are other ways to wake up in the morning without one! For example:

-Set your schedule so that you wake up at the same time every day (this will help train your body to be ready for a new day).

-Get rid of blue light sources in your bedroom (such as computers and televisions) at least one hour before bedtime.

How do I turn off my alarm?

If you want to turn off your alarm, you must swipe right on your phone. Make it go away and stop waking you up.

What apps should I use to set my alarm, so I wake up at the exact moment of each sunrise?

If you want to wake up at a specific time every day, use an alarm app with a snooze feature. You can set your alarm for however long you need. Then swipe right on it when it goes off to make it go away for five minutes. The alarm will come back on when the five minutes are up.

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Monday, 19 September 2022

9 Best IceFilms Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Who wouldn't appreciate limitless free access to tv shows And movies? A movie enthusiast would search every website to find the download link for the movie they want to see. If you enjoy watching movies online, you should be aware of the many websites that offer Icefilms alternatives for specific movies and TV shows.

Free access to movies with various topics and genres is available on the website Icefilms.

Best IceFilms Alternatives

You may download several movies using these links. In contrast to OTT services, which require you to make payments using their portal to watch movies and TV shows, Icefilms is free to use.

The download procedure is also relatively simple and uncomplicated. But the fundamental issue with Icefilms is that nobody can foresee when it will suddenly go offline because it is unreliable. 

So, looking for better, more solid solutions is the wisest course of action in this situation.

But before moving on to Icefilms alternatives, let us discuss the significant drawbacks of Icefilms.

Why Should You Choose IceFilm Alternatives?

Icefilms has a few drawbacks, but the main one is that they don't host the content themselves. There are links to other websites for every movie you can discover on the website. 

It is not considered piracy because you do not directly download the movies from the website.

It only gathers and provides links from other websites. Although it is still prohibited, this is a significantly less serious offense than posting the content itself.

There are many free movies on Icefilms, but the layout is dull. The majority of the titles have blue links and black backgrounds.

Additionally, you'll see that there are no navigational pictures on the page. However, many individuals like Icefilms as their site of choice for streaming movies.

Icefilms is not the only option; numerous Icefilms alternatives are discussed below.

Top 9 Best IceFilms Alternatives To Watch Free Movies

1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an excellent Icefilms alternative for a large selection of movies. It has a professional-looking homepage with an elegant vibe that will allow you to adore exploring its extensive library.

High-definition films are also available along with television programs in various genres, including drama, love stories, science fiction illusion, action, and more.

Tubi tv

Once registered on the website, you may also create your playlist. Meanwhile, you can watch for free without creating an account. It also has a collection of preschool movies for children.

Isn't it incredible? You can watch a movie marathon in the convenience of your home on this website. 

Additionally, it can be accessed through Roku, Amazon Fire, iOS, and Android is terrific news.

Visit site: Tubi TV

2. Az Movies

You can view HD movies on the website for free and without difficulty. Your best option is Az Movies.

 It offers a vast movie library with titles from many genres, including action, thriller, comedy, and romance. Here you can watch movies from 1948 until 2021.

az movies

Additionally, you can discover your preferred movie made by well-known film studios like Marvel and Disney. Furthermore, this website is integrated with NOXX, making it simple to locate and enjoy TV episodes.

Visit site: Az Movies

3. StreamM4u

One of the most significant Icefilms alternatives is StreamM4u, which offers online registration-free access to HD movies. 

This website includes enormous collections of films, TV series, and episodes. Additionally, you may sort these videos by genre and year.


Watch movies for free on your computer, smartphone, or another smart device. With its enormous collection of films, series, and TV shows, Stream4u opens the entertainment world to you.

An excellent Icefilms substitute that won't interfere with browsing, watching, or downloading movies.

Visit site: StreamM4u

4. Putlocker

Get free access to the newest movies and TV series, and stream them in uninterrupted HD. And it's not just the most recent; if you look hard enough, you may uncover some exciting vintage films. 


Visit site: Putlocker.

5. LookMovie

If you're searching for an Icefilms alternative that provides free access to the most popular movies and TV shows in 1080p, LookMovie is a reliable choice. 

The website makes a promise to offer the highest-quality movies available online.

The most recent movies and TV series are all available here at no cost. It has 18 movie genres, including drama, action, and crime.


You may instantly find your favourite movie by using the genre, year, ranking, and Top IMDB filters. Additionally, LookMovie is an excellent location to watch TV.

Visit site: LookMoive

6. Cmovies

More than 20 film genres are represented in Cmovies, including anime, comedy, crime, and romance. In addition, there is an extensive selection of TV programs. 


You can search for your desired video using the featured series, top IMDB, and cinematic movies.

Additionally, it is a location where you may see various films, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and others. As a result, Cmovies is among the top websites like IceFilms. Consequently, it is one of the better Icefilms alternatives.

7. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher offers to sort through the most recent, well-liked, highly rated, upcoming movies and TV shows within its 20 genres. On this website, you can also discover movies featuring your favourite movie star or actress.


Visit site: MovieWatcher

8. ZMovies

Another excellent Icefilms alternative is ZMovies. It provides a lengthy collection of both new and well-liked movies. You can choose movies by year and genre as well. To download stuff in HD resolution from this website, you must establish a profile.


Visit site: ZMovies

9. Ohh. io is a public online video streaming service that offers millions of films and TV shows. You can limit your search results by genre, nation, language, or well-known actors or actresses.

Additionally, offers full movie downloads for offline viewing.


Nobody can dispute the fact that watching movies and television provides a distraction from reality. After a long, exhausting week, you watch a movie to unwind, feel, romanticize, imagine, and entertain yourself. Because not all of us can afford expensive OTT platforms.

One of the services that offer free access to these films and television series is Icefilms. However, a user may want to look for an alternative due to problems with it.

The most acceptable Icefilms alternatives and other superior ways to watch free movies and TV shows have been discussed in this post.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Internet Censorship?

Posted by Madhu Gupta

There are many pros and cons of internet censorship. From a 4-year-old to an 80-year-old, everyone has the freedom to use the internet.  

What are the Pros and Cons of Internet Censorship?

The question in this situation is, how can we tell what is right from wrong? We are here to give you an in-depth idea of the pros and cons of internet censorship.   

Pros And Cons Of Internet Censorship 



1. Prudent

As the term suggests, it means having a vigilant demeanour to know the appropriate thing to do. 

If you go to Google (given that all the filters are disabled), you will find that when you search for something, you will find that some of the results showcase some more content related to:

  • Sexual violence
  • Sex trafficking
  • Murders
  • Identity theft
  • Illegal drugs and many more.

Internet censorship helps reduce harmful or offensive content and keeps it out of reach of your children. Internet censorship helps limit or block access to content that can potentially harm a young audience. 

2. Safeguards The Nation

Leaks of sensitive content, like videos of military activities and strategies, exclusive economic info, or other confidential details on the internet, can be a massive threat to our country.

While the United States is generally known for the freedom it provides, internet censorship is of actual use when it comes to the protection of the economy of the nation or other components that have the potential to sway our position in the global market.

3. Confines Child Pornography And Other Unsafe Data

You might have come across the term “dark web, but is it real?

Sadly, the web visibility to us is just 20%. The rest, 80% part is the dark web. Some sites provide people access to buying and selling drugs, human trafficking and spreading child pornography. 

Besides child pornography, harmful information can even accommodate:

  • Identity theft
  • Fake news
  • Illegal activities
  • Hateful and misleading information.
  • Information leading to defamation 

 Internet censorship assists in limiting the kind of info on the internet. Supporters of internet censorship even state that it limits the probability of predators getting targets. 

4. Reduces Cyber Crimes 

In this world of blooming digitization, cyber threats are a significant issue of concern. Most of the population has their private and professional info stored on the internet. 

Internet censorship can prevent access to means and techniques for committing cyber crimes.

5. Terminate Deceptive/Misleading Rumors

With various news media sites emerging on the internet, it becomes difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake ones. Many websites spread false information on the internet to make money.

Thus, implementing internet censorship can probably decrease the circulation of fake news on the internet. Over recent years, the circulation of fake news and rumors has been a significant challenge for society.

The pros and cons of internet censorship balance the freedom to access data while reducing the circulation of fake or misleading news.

6. Protects Privacy

Internet censorship programs have many pros, particularly when facing trouble due to violent material, misleading information, or harmful content. Internet censorship potentially keeps them away from you.

The same applies to illegal activities and everything that restricts freedom of speech. The leaking of personal information on the internet can be hazardous as hackers may use this info against you, and it can even lead to defamation.

Censoring this can assist you in protecting your privacy and maintaining your reputation.



1. Decreased Information Flow

Most of the content released on the internet is restricted by internet censorship.

Social media is a massive platform with billions of daily users around the globe. These false rumors, explicit content, and use of vulgar language are more prone here. 

While viewing from the positive side, freedom of expression is provided on these platforms. Internet censorship can lead to the suppression of open conversation, hindering the free flow of information.

2. Expensive

Internet censorship requires money to monitor the web. Google has about 2.1 trillion results. Thus, it might be an expensive process to filter all the information.

Most of the population favours internet censorship until they discover that it would increase their tax.

3. Can Negatively Affect The Economy

Recent years have marked a rise in the number of entrepreneurs. With such a rising number of start-ups, it is essential that these businesses can freely promote themselves.

Rising internet censorship can hurt local businesses, depriving them of economic opportunities. It even leads to a lack of freedom if you sell your commodities on the internet, thus negatively impacting the nation’s economy.

4. Monopolization

Entrepreneurship is to have the freedom to create and sell anything. When these activities are governed, it limits your freedom, activities, and success.

The internet can no longer be a valuable means for generating income, significantly if censorship hinders the free transfer of data.


What is internet censorship?

Internet censorship monitors and regulates the content being uploaded and accessed on the internet. 

Is internet censorship needed?

Yes, as it ensures security and safety on the internet. Analyzing all the pros and cons of internet censorship. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of censoring.

What can we infer from the pros and cons of internet censorship?

By studying and analyzing the pros and cons of internet censorship, we can get a clear idea of what it is as well as it helps us understand how we can magnify the positives of internet censorship.


After having gone through this entire article, you might have an idea of the pros and cons of internet censorship and its effects on society and the economy.

Various countries have faced difficulties because of the aspects that resulted in internet censoring, and most continue to balance the positives and negatives. Comment your views on the pros and cons of internet censorship. 

Advocates of throttling the open exchange of ideas on the internet prioritize safety over freedom. Whereas the people opposing internet censorship debate that web users must be capable of making their own choices regarding what they should post on the web and what they shouldn’t.

Whereas freedom of speech is essential, this freedom needs to be safeguarded from abuse. In case of any queries, feel free to contact us.

Have a safe networking!!

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Sunday, 18 September 2022

Door Ringer Reviews - Is it a Scam Or Legit?

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Door Ringer reviews: Door Ringer is a new IoT gadget that lets you understand when an individual is at your gate. So, how does it work? We'll tell you everything you need to know about Door Ringer, including its features, cost, and order process.

Door Ringer Reviews - Is it a Scam Or Legit?

If you want to find door ringer thoughts, you have reached a valid location. Many door-to-door sales associates have been scamming people out of their money and using these scams to commit financial crimes against them. 

Here are some door-ringer reviews that will help you see what this product can do and if it's worth trying or not. You'll be glad to read these door ringer reviews before making any purchase.

When it comes to installing the best doorbell cameras, there are plenty of different door ringer reviews you can find online. But which doorbell camera should you install? 

There are a lot of doorbell cameras on the market right now, and each has its benefits and disadvantages. Before you go out and buy yourself a fancy doorbell camera, do your research first and check out all the different door ringer reviews you can find online about these devices.

What is Door Ringer?

The Door Ringer is an internet-connected doorbell that lets homeowners manage their doors without answering the door or letting people in. The device has two primary functions: you can see who's at your door before they ring and remotely talk to them using your phone.

Features of the Door Ringer

The Door Ringer Video Doorbell has many features; 

Features of the Door Ringer

Some of which are: 

  • HD Video Resolution
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Advanced Motion detection & Geo-Fencing Alerts
  • Wide Field of Vision 
  • Superb Audio System
  • Simple Installation
  • Enduring Life-span
  • App Compatibility
  • IR Day and Night vision
  • It allows you to take immediate action

Is Door Ringer Effective? Legit or Scam? 

Door Ringer claims to provide homeowners with protection against intruders. However, the product has received mixed reviews. Some users attest that the Door Ringer works excellently and the product is dependable, while others claim that their alarms were set off by cars driving by their homes.

Is Door Ringer Effective? Legit or Scam?

It can be challenging to decipher between genuine and negative reviews due to fake reviews and misleading information about this product online.

How Does the Door Ringer Work?

Do you want to watch videos from inside your house, but are worried about visitors? The Door Ringer device is here to make your life easier. Connect the Door Ringer to your phone, computer, or intelligent TV operating a broadband connection.

How Does the Door Ringer Work?

If someone rings the doorbell while the device is activated and connected, they will hear a chime coming from inside their home instead of outside. Your visitor will be directed to press either one of the two buttons that show up on the screen to get your attention.

Why Choose Door Ringer? 

Your doorbell is an essential part of your property, not just for its looks but also for its safety. For example, you would like to know if somebody's at your front door and answer the phone in time.

Why Choose Door Ringer?

But what if you are on vacation and missed an important call? To reduce this risk Door, Ringer installs doorbell video surveillance.

Benefits Of Door Ringer Video Doorbell

Users Enjoy A High-level of Protection: Doorbells with cameras will record the person on your doorstep and show you who is standing there before you answer. They also come with a motion sensor that can tell when someone approaches your door and sends you an alert so that you know whether or not to answer. The Ring video doorbell has two ways to communicate: Wi-Fi and cellular service, so even if the power goes out, your system will still work.

1. Add Worth To Your Property 

A security camera installed at your front door can ensure that burglars don't target your property. Additionally, these devices are simple enough for most homeowners to install themselves without professional help; they only need some essential hand tools and about an hour.

Add Worth To Your Property

If you're tired of having packages stolen from right outside your front door, then the Ring Smart Video Doorbell could be what you've been looking for!

2. Provides A High-quality View Of Visitor 

One of the best features of this type of device is that you get an apparent view of who is knocking at your door thanks to their high definition quality.

Provides A High-quality View Of Visitor

You'll never have to worry about your mom mistaking Grandma's young lookalike as her child again because she couldn't see well through a peephole. These products offer crisp images in both daylight and nighttime conditions, so you'll always be able to see who's there.

3. No More Missed Packages  

With a Ring Smart Video Doorbell, you'll never miss another package delivered to your home again. Once the delivery driver leaves the package at your doorstep, they will notify you using the app or SMS text message alerts

No More Missed Packages

In many cases, drivers are more than happy to drop packages inside your home if nobody answers their call while waiting outside.

4. Top-class Video Capture

Video doorbells allow you to monitor precisely what is happening outside your home at any given moment. Unlike older models, these gadgets can capture up to 1080p HD footage, providing users with great clarity during both day and night hours.

Top-class Video Capture

Plus, users get instant notifications sent straight to their smartphones any time something happens near their front door.

Frequently Asked Questions About Door Ringer Reviews

Is it possible to hack video doorbells?

Yes, if you have the wrong password. If you set your password to something easy to guess, such as 12345 or abc123, then anyone who knows how to hack into technology could easily break in and see what's happening inside your home. This includes criminals who want to steal your things or even police officers who believe there is no one at home and want to enter without permission.

Which doorbell video is impervious to hacking?

Creating a secure password can prevent a video doorbell from hacking. This will prevent anyone from getting into your device and seeing what's happening inside your home. If you want to ensure that your information is safe, set up an encrypted connection and ensure that no one can get in without knowing the code. For example, Arlo Audio Doorbell Plus.

Is there a difference between the Door Ringer and other door alarms? 

The Door Ringer is an affordable option that you can easily set up without hiring an electrician or handyman. It also has a battery backup to continue working despite a power outage at home.


So, if you are looking for a door ringer that will alert you even if your phone is in another room or if someone is trying to break into your home while you are gone, then the Door Ringer may be worth a try. 

We think it would probably work best when placed near an entryway or hung on an inside wall by an open closet because it can only be heard from one spot in your home at any given time.

 Unless there are no other ways out of this room (such as through windows), there won't be anyone outside listening for sounds originating from within their own space either - which means only those who enter through doors would hear anything but themselves.

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Saturday, 17 September 2022

How To Change Bio On Discord In 2022

Posted by Madhu Gupta

In the About Me area, often known as the Discord Bio, you can provide more details about who you are. Anybody who views your profile will see this. Before today, this capability was only available to Nitro users. However, anyone can edit their Discord profile's bio if they know how to change bio on discord

Users can add personal details about themselves in the "About Me" area of their Discord account if they feel comfortable with others seeing it. The desktop and mobile versions of the website allow you to add and change sections.

how to change bio on discord

The About Me section of discord's latest upgrade has become available to many users in beta. If you're wondering how to sign up for the Discord About Me beta and how to change bio on discord, update your bio, and if it's accessible on mobile devices, here's how to do it.

The About Me Section Of The Discord

The "About Me" part of the discord contains markdowns and URLs. That is, users can organize their content in various formats and even include connections to other sites. For instance, if you wish to add "Me" in capital letters, type **Me**. If you want to italicize your content, use this format: *Italicize this text.* You can also include website links in this part. Paste your URLs into the box to accomplish this.

There is also the opportunity to insert emojis into the section to convey your views about it. You can also see the entire array of emojis by clicking on the emojis symbol, which is located directly next to the "About Me" section.

You can enhance your Discord profile by mentioning your social media or online accounts and stylizing them using these advanced options.

How To Add, Change & Edit About Me Bio On Discord?

How To Change Bio On Discord Mobile

  • Adding or changing the information in your phone's "About Me" section. 
  • On your device, launch the Discord application. In the bottom bar, select the profile symbol.
  • The "User Profile" link can be found on the "User Settings" page.
  • Choose "About Me" and complete the information on the "User Profile" page. 
  • Then, you can preserve these specifics by tapping the floppy disc button in the bottom-right corner.

Change Your Status On Discord

You must sign in to your profile on the website or the desktop app for Windows or Mac to change your status. Access the desktop site or app for discord initially, then sign in with your Discord credentials.

You can see your identity, profile logo, and present status in the lower left corner. To view the available status list, click your profile's symbol.

You can select one of four preset categories by default. When you're "online," others may talk to you and play with you. You can set your status to "Idle" to show that you are unavailable while you are off your computer.

Also, you may set your status to "Do Not Disturb," which mutes all incoming calls and alerts folks that you're not accessible.

You can switch your status to "Invisible" if you wish to disappear from the list of currently online users, but you can still communicate and use discord generally while doing so.

Adding "About Me" Information To Discord From A Desktop

Using your pc, you can add or edit the "About Me" column. Start the Discord app or browser version. Then, if you haven't already, log in to your private account, and advise How to Geek.

Choose "User Settings" from the discord's bottom edge menu, just below your username. Select "Edit User Profile" from the "My Account" menu on the settings screen.

To that exact bottom of the "User Profile" page, browse. Fill out the "About Me" checkbox with some stuff about yourself. Click "Save Changes" to then save your modifications.

How To Enable The Discord About Me Beta Feature (2022)

The About Me beta test is accessible. Well, people are receiving the Discord About Me beta at random. Participants are chosen randomly while the technology is still under experimental testing.

 Alas, even though you sign up to be an alpha or beta member, you won't be able to acquire this bio feature confirmed. Also, keep track that if you currently have access to this function, waiting to sign up for Nitro will prevent you from using the "About Me" beta option.

Discord About Me is presently in beta testing, however, it will soon be made available to all users. Therefore, don't worry; you will receive it shortly. 

The criterion's random selection is the only alternative way to achieve it. Discord's About Me function is currently only available on desktops. Now that you know how to access the Discord About Me Beta, you have all the details you need.


Q1. How to change bio on discord?

Ans. Navigate to the Settings section and choose bio in the Discord phone app to edit your bio. Your Discord account will be included in a display of all of your accounts.

You will be directed to the account's Bio page after tapping on the account whose bio you wish to edit. You can create a new description here and then click Save.

Q2. How can the text be added beneath a Discord name?

Ans. Tap on the user's profile in the top left corner of the Discord client to add text beneath the user's profile. After that, add your text by clicking the pencil sign near the name.

Q3. How can a game on discord be faked?

Ans. Users can connect to play games through the voice and text chat app Discord. You must set up a network and extend invitations to players to simulate a game. 

Then can begin playing without being present once they're inside. You can pretend to be playing games with other people on Discord using bots.


One can communicate with your loved ones, friends, and others who have common interests on discord by delivering instant messages to them or joining them in your social circle. 

Using your profile, you can gain recognition on our network. For instance, including your skills, interests, or other personal details in the "Bio" or "About Me" area will make it easier for other users to recognize you.

This article aims to help readers who want to understand the main subjects: How to make a custom playing status on discord, how to change bio on discord (2022), and more.

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