How to Sell Dogs on Craigslist? Full Guide

Craigslist is a popular tool for selling bikes or buying old toys. Its interface is easy to use, and even people who need to become more familiar with Craigslist can navigate it. Many people never believe it, but we can also sell dogs on Craigslist.

Today, we will be diving into the topic of how to sell a dog on Craigslist. And we will be exploring it in detail so that everything is covered. We start with making an ad and a great headline to grab attention. Then, we move to asking questions and going for a home visit. After that, we decide on a price. But there is still more, like choosing a safe meeting place and being ready for counter questions.

The platform bans the sale of animals. But there is a simple way around this — posting ads for free! Another method would be asking for a rehoming fee, which covers the cost of your dog. This makes sure that your dog is going to someone who will take responsibility for them while still getting paid.

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Understanding Why We Can’t Sell Dogs on Craigslist

If you are wondering why pets are not allowed, it’s pretty simple. Doing this protects them legally from theft, liability, and puppy mills. Even if getting one through their site was possible, they don’t want to be responsible for allowing these sales to happen.

Craigslist doesn’t want to take any responsibility if something goes wrong with a pet sale. That’s why they won’t let you sell them on their site. Though it’s a rarely enforced rule, the chance is still there.

How Can You Sell Dogs on Craigslist?

Here are the guided ways so that you can sell your dogs legally:

Make an ad for your dog

The very first step you will have to do is to make an ad on the website. It’s free and can be done with or without an account if you have a valid email address.

Make an ad for your dog

Be sure to list your dog’s information and add a rehoming fee to make it less likely for animal abusers to respond. If you like to visit other websites, check out 100+ Free Classified Websites List For Ad Posting, which will give a similar experience.

Visit: Make an ad for your dog.

Ask questions about potential owners to learn more about them

Regardless of whether one or multiple people are interested in your dog, it’s always good to get some background before confirming anything.

Ask questions about potential owners to learn more about them

This is an excellent method to evaluate whether they fit your dog perfectly. There is no need to meet in person, as you can also have phone or email conversations.

Visit: Ask questions about potential owners to learn more about them

Asking for a Home Visit

You can ask for a home visit with the person looking to adopt your dog. However, if they say no, do not give them your dog.

Asking for a Home Visit

There could be something they don’t want you to see, or maybe they plan on doing something terrible. Even if the person accepts your request, don’t go by yourself.

Time to Re-Home

If the person passes the steps above, it’s time to let your pet meet their new family.

Time to Re-Home

Explain its habits and rules to its new owners so it can settle in quickly.

Take a Price

It is a tough decision because everyone wants as much money as possible for their pets.

Take a Price

But you must pick a reasonable price that keeps people from running away. Research prices in your area for dogs in your breed and age, keeping in mind that purebreds usually cost more than mixed breeds.

Choose a safe spot to meet

Now that you have found someone who might want to buy your dog, it’s time to set up a spot for the transaction. Always choose neutral public places instead of your home.

Choose a safe spot to meet

Parks work well. For more safety, take a family member or friend with you.

Ready yourself for Questions

Potential buyers will want to know everything about your dog, so get ready to answer anything they throw at you. They might also ask for vaccinations and other paperwork as well as proof.

Ready yourself for questions

Don’t hesitate to end the deal if something feels off about them, and trust your gut instincts.

Guidelines for Selling a Dog on Craigslist

Guidelines you must follow when putting up a dog for adoption on Craigslist.

Take good photos

We all know that puppies are just plain cute.

Take good photos of your dog

So, if you are ready to sell your puppy, then be sure to get some good pictures of them.

Include what makes this dog special in the description

Don’t just put their name and some basic info about them.

Include what makes this dog special in the description

Let people on Craigslist get a feel for who they could bring into their home by describing what makes your dog so special.

Be honest

Above, we mentioned being honest about how your dog looks but also being honest about everything else when you want to sell dogs on Craigslist.

Be honest

We want to avoid buyers changing their minds at the last minute because you were not honest about something.

Make sure to sign a contract

Before finalizing the deal, ensure a signed agreement with the new owners includes a clause where you can take your dog back if they aren’t caring for them properly.

Make sure to sign a contract

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Can you sell dogs on Craigslist?

Technically, no, Craigslist doesn’t allow the sale of animals. However, you can post free ads or request a 'rehoming fee' to cover expenses. Local laws and regulations are essential to follow.

Why does Craigslist have a ban on pet sales?

The main reason for this is liability and the prevention of animals being sold for dog fighting or puppy mills.

What should I put in my dog’s ad?

Include basic information about your dog, like breed, age, health, and temperament. It's a good idea to send great images and a rehoming fee, even though it's not required.

Should I meet buyers at home or somewhere else?

Meeting potential buyers at home is not safe for various reasons. Instead, opt for a public place like a park or shopping center to ensure other people can see you in case something happens. If possible, don't forget to bring a companion.

What should I include in an adoption contract to sell my dogs on Craigslist?

An adoption contract should outline the responsibilities of the new owner. Including things like how they take care of a dog, what they feed them, where they will sleep, and vet care. You should also put in a clause that lets you take the dog back if it’s not being cared for properly. And don’t forget to consult with legal counsel to ensure your contract complies with local laws.


To wrap this up, Craigslist does not let you directly sell dogs on their platform. However, you can still find them new homes by posting free ads or asking for a rehoming fee. But it’s always intelligent to prioritize their well-being and follow ethical guidelines.

Their safety is most important before letting someone have your dog, ask questions and conduct home checks. Create an adoption contract and be transparent to avoid misunderstandings later.

Always remember, the top priority when looking for a new owner for your dog is to find one that’s caring and responsible. The new owner should be able to offer support, housing, and medical treatment. If you stay within these guidelines and local laws, you can responsibly navigate rehoming your dog on Craigslist.

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