What is a Good Video Downloader for Android? 7 Downloaders 

What is a good Video Downloader for Android

Almost thousands of people struggle to download videos online daily and need help with questions like what is a good video downloader for Android. However, you don’t need to struggle anymore because we are going to end your juggling. 

It is not hard to get that video downloader apps are for downloading videos in different formats, resolutions, or quality. However, their functioning can differ, and so their pricing plans. 

But here we are providing you a guide on the best video downloader apps that you can use. You’ll also understand how to use different listed video downloader apps. 

7 Best Video Downloader Apps

The following apps are some of the best apps you can use for downloading videos:


The first app in our article on what is a good video downloader for Android is this. It’s features and straightforward dashboard have secured the highest position on our list. 


What makes it unique from other video downloaders is its video quality features. So even if your video is of low quality, it can also be downloaded in high quality. You can download videos from YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook on this app. 

You can download several videos at a single time on VidMate. And while downloading a video, you can select its format and resolution. 

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It is the second-best app in our guide to what is a good video downloader for Android. It has brilliant features because of which it is used by millions of people daily.  Using this app, you can download online videos very quickly and conveniently. 

For downloading online videos, there are two methods. You can browse whatever channel you want from the options or copy-paste video links for downloading in SnapTube.  


Its favorite section offers several platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. In addition to this, through SnapTube, you can download videos in several formats like MP3, MP4, and MPA. 

You can even select the video quality, like 360p, 720p, or 1080p. 


Another tool that you can use to download videos online is this app. With its robust working system, it makes downloading videos an easy task. 

If you’re looking forward to an app that can download YouTube videos especially, then this is for you. However, TubeMate is not limited to downloading videos from YouTube only; you can also download videos from other platforms. 


It can download videos from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to count a few social media sites.  You can search for any video platform in its built-in browser. Then you need to click on the video you want to download. 

After this, this tool will ask you the file format to save videos. You can download videos in audio format too, and also, you can select the resolution of your videos. 

Moreover, downloading a video will inform you about the size of the video in different formats. Thus, in this way, you can watch videos even without an internet connection. 


If you’re looking for a quick video-downloading app, you have this. In this article on what is a good video downloader for Android, we have chosen Videoder because of its downloading power. 

You can download any video in just a minute, whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media site. It has a sleek design for Android phone users. And you can download whatever video file you want to in just a minute or two. 

With video files, you can also download audio files in various formats. Moreover, it offers video and audio file downloading in multiple resolutions. 


To download videos from Videoder, you must put the video link on the search bar. However, you can’t watch any videos here; it’s for downloading videos only. 

But after you have downloaded your video, you can watch them anytime and from anywhere, even without the internet. All in all, what’s excellent about Videoder is its download speed which is as fast as a lightning bolt. 

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KeepVid is an app for keeping videos offline. Unlike any other, this video downloader tool is for music lovers. 

So you can download any video from online platforms on this. Moreover, you can download any music file from music websites effortlessly. 


Saving videos and music files on this app is straightforward. To save the files, you need to download them through KeepVid. Also, while saving the audio and videos on KeepVid, it will ask you for video quality, and you can choose accordingly. 

Hence you can download high-quality video and audio files like MP3 and MP4. Although its user interface can seem old and tacky, KeepVid has an easy-to-handle interface. 

Video Downloader

In our detailed article on what is a good video downloader for Android, one more app is this. It’s on our list because it is entirely free to use the Video Downloader app. 

Its download manager allows users to do many things while downloading. So you can have multiple videos and audio files simultaneously. 

You can pause your downloads, restart them whenever you want, and download files in the background. It can download all file formats, including MP4 and MP3 files. Also, before downloading, it will ask you for the desired video resolution. 

It has smooth navigation and helps users align with the Video Downloader simultaneously. All you have to do to download videos is search for whatever video or audio you want. 

And when you get the search results, Video Downloader will automatically detect the videos. Then with just one click, you can save video and audio files ok your Android phone. 


This video downloader app in our list is just as superb as possible. It got numerous brilliant features that can make you a fan of it. 

Firstly you can download videos just by using its link and copying and pasting that on the search bar. Secondly, it has a thousand websites for downloading video and audio file formats. 



So it doesn’t matter where you want to download videos, TikTok, YouTube, Metacafe, or any other site. You can download your video and audio files in just a second. 

Moreover, it has plenty of features that excite you to use the iTubego app. You can download any high-quality file format and complete the download in the background. 

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Can I download videos for free?

Yes, although it may sound like a scam but you can download online videos for free. For this, you need to download some apps available online. Or you can also search for websites that can download videos.


Therefore downloading videos is not a challenging task anymore. With the right tools, downloading videos from any platform is effortless. 

However, this is, in turn, a significant move to download videos. When you have thousands of options for the task, selecting one is tricky. 

In this guide to know what is a good video downloader for Android, we indeed got too many options.

That is why first, you must list your needs and look for a suitable video downloader.

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