7 Best Credit Card Reader Apps for Android & iOS

The digitalization of almost every field is marking this era. Today everything is available in its digital form. Whether it is ordering food or any other goods, medicines, tickets, or any other thing, it can be bought digitally. Amongst all these actions, monetary transaction is worth mentioning as it forms the basis of most of the digital activities. 

Most of us wish to have digital transactions for fast and smooth exchange but are always triggered by second thoughts of money security. It is, for this reason, the credit card reader applications are used, and in this post, we shall discuss the seven best credit card reader apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Which are the Best Credit Card Reader apps for iOS and Android?

We have compiled a list of the best credit card reader apps for iOS and Android, which shall help you to choose the right application for you. You need to know your requirements, and you’ll have no difficulty in making the right choice.


It is one of the best credit card reader applications. It is a combination of free apps and a reader. It’s features make it unique and the first preference of most of the users across the globe. It can be used by both iOS and Android users. It is a lightweight application that runs quite smoothly. With Square, you can get your credit card read anywhere as Square has its device application that, once downloaded in the device (tablet or smartphone), allows effective and secured card reading.


This application does not make unnecessary information demands, thus maintains the users’ privacy. Besides, Square does not store card information, which ensures total security. To use this app, all you need is to log in to your Square application account, which will be followed by smooth and fast transactions in just a swipe. It reads MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Discovery. Also, the application works in poor or no signal conditions as well, which makes it a must-use product. 

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It is another useful profiled application to read Credit cards for smartphones and tablets. It can be used in both iOS and Android devices. It includes a free app to be installed in your device and a reader to connect. This application provides services at a comparatively lower cost. It lays high emphasis on user’s data security. It secures user data for more ease in the long run along with modification and maintenance of records of transactions. 


With this, it reduces too much pressure of remembering data for its users. It has too many features to be counted on hand. Still, a few which are worth mentioning are digital receipt generation for every transaction, user-friendly functionality, chats with customers with no clock limitations. Also, it demands no monthly or annual fees, which make it pocket friendly to the users. Someone with a low budget for a credit card reader must try this application.


PayAnywhere is an American origin application that provides an active card reading service. This application is for those who need extra services apart from card reading from there credit card readers. This application gives complete information about complete and pending transactions, maintains a library of commodities along with their quantity and price for an easy and fast money transaction. 

Besides, the application allows scanning and maintaining of barcodes. In case your device is unable to scan any barcode, then you can use another barcode scanner to connect.  As the name suggests, it is not affected by the area or signal issues for any money transactions. Thus, the application is perfect for large scale money transaction businesses.



Shopify is an application-based credit card reader that allows smooth card reading for both iOS and Android-based devices. Though there are many card readers, Shopify makes a difference by synchronizing all necessary transaction activities on a single platform. 

That’s one of the reasons to put this application in this list of the best credit card reader apps. You can order, find, pay, receive from a single device only. Its functions are user friendly, and fees are pocket friendly; thus is preferred by many users around the globe.


Credit Card Terminal

This is one of the best credit card reader apps and suitable for those who wish to erase every single information from their device. At the same time, there are a few users who like to save the information required to avoid unnecessary data recollection pressure. 

This application is best for such users as it stores the only required information to make your work smoother but erases extra sensitive information, thus ensures security as well. It also provides refunds, signature, transaction history, etc. This is available for both iOS as well as Android users.


PayPal Here

This application is available for both iOS as well as Android devices. PayPal Here allows payment from mobile devices in its proximity. Also, it is highly beneficial as the POS (Point of Sale) machines for PayPal. Here they are quite affordable. 

An additional feature that PayPal Here provides to its users is to accept the payments via their bank accounts. It also agrees with the amount from cheques while using the application on the Android or iOS platforms. The methods to accept payments by PayPal Here is quite easy and convenient. It can be made via a card reader or a swipe reader, which comes with a chip or chip, tap and stand for contactless transactions. An an alternative, you can also try payment solutions from UTPGroup.

PayPal Here also charges a flat transaction charge, which makes it economical for the merchants as they save money on large purchases. Without any monthly fee, PayPal provides one of the best services, and the transactions are completed within one business day.



The final application on the list of the best credit card reader apps for iOS and Android, payline is known for its low transaction fees. It charges a mere 0.2% of the transaction amount and a flat 10 cents for each transaction, which makes it one of the cheapest applications to use. 

The monthly fees of $25 have to be paid by merchants who also hold a merchant account to transfer the payments. The card reader device is a Card Connect Mobile Unit, which costs less than $50 and is easily integrated into the application. Also, account stability is excellent for Payline, which makes it one of the best apps for iOS and Android. 



This was a list of the seven best credit card reader apps for iOS and Android, and we have taken great care in listing the official card reader apps. These apps provide an excellent service and are easy to integrate with the system. However, if you have any suggestions or feedback, you are always welcomed to share it with us.

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