SerpBook Review: Monitor & Automate Your Keyword Rankings

Serpbook Review
In SEO, keyword ranking is one of the critical factors. You need to monitor your keyword rankings to understand the competition. Plus, you will need to find a perfect SEO strategy for your keywords. But as you already know, keeping an eye on the keyword ranking is critical. It can be challenging as only so many tools are available online.  

SerpBook is an easy-to-use SEO rank tracker that lets you access several live snapshots to see how you’re faring in all significant search engines in real time. You can share statistics with your team, clients, boss, or anybody you wish with a few clicks of your mouse, and you can preview rankings across every significant search engine worthy of your time.

Serpbook Review
Well, if you have this question in your head, then let us answer the question for you.

SerpBook Review: What is it?

In a single sentence, you can say that SerpBook is a rank tracker tool that offers keyword ranking data. 

It is a popular Keyword rank tracker tool for Digital marketers that offers accurate information. It is also one of the easy-to-use SEO rank trackers that allow access to several details. In addition, it will let you share the stats of your keywords with your team, client, or anyone without any issues. 

Also, you can preview your rankings across all the major search engine giants, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. The tool will provide you with a detailed report of your keywords. That includes monthly search data, competitor data, backlink information, etc. Also, this information’s highly accurate.

The application’s user interface is also easy to use, and it will take a little while to understand the usage. So you can focus more on your SEO campaigns and grab the ranking you wish to get. 

Serpbook Review

The tool comes in two versions. One of them is a free one; another one is a premium one. However, the only difference between the free and premium versions is that it comes with lots of restrictions, whereas the premium version of the tool offers many features. To make you understand in a better way, here is a quick look at the pricing table:

Serpbook Review

So that was a simple introduction to the SerpBook. Now let’s move to the section where we will talk about this application’s top features. 

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SerpBook Features & Highlights

SerpBook is famous for a lot of features that it offers to marketers. Let’s discuss each of them in detail:

Easy To Use

The main feature we have liked about the SerpBook is its effortless access. Once you sign up on the SerpBook and get access to the Dashboard, you will instantly gain access to all the tools. 
You can quickly check the stats of a domain. Could you create a category and then enter your website link? After that, could you add all the keywords you’d like to target, and you’re done?

Serpbook Review

Once done, the tool will fetch the details and display the results. Also, could you check the page occasionally to get all the future stats?

No Offline Software Required

Back then, we had to install software to complete all these tasks. And so many people did not like it. However, now all the features are available online, including the SerpBook.

You do not need any software to install on your computer. No matter what Operating system you use, Windows, Mac, or Linux. If you have a strong interest in connection with the Internet browser, then you are good to go.

Serpbook Review

SerpBook has a cloud-based service. So you can easily access your keyword ranking stats from different computers. Even you can get it directly from your smartphone. 

Other Features

SerpBook also comes with some other features as well. Like SerpBook has an instant notification feature. This feature sends you a notification every time your keyword moves down or up. 
It also offers you API access, including RAW Data, unlimited API calls, And an API link for each category.  Also, you can export the keyword rankings stats in Excel or PDF. 

Well, here are the top features of the SerpBook. Should you go with the SerpBook?  Well, if you have this question, then let us answer the question for you.

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Q1) How does SerpBook work?

SerpBook works by regularly querying search engines for specific keywords and tracking their rankings over time. It provides users with insights into keyword performance, fluctuations, and trends.

Q2) What search engines does SerpBook support?

SerpBook supports various search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The specific search engine coverage may vary, so checking the tool's documentation or website for the most up-to-date information is essential.

Q3) Can I track keywords for multiple locations?

SerpBook allows you to track keyword rankings for specific locations, such as countries, cities, or regions. This is particularly useful for businesses targeting particular geographic markets.

Q4) Does SerpBook provide historical data?

Yes, SerpBook typically provides historical data, allowing you to view keyword rankings over time. Historical data can help you identify trends, evaluate the impact of your SEO efforts, and make informed decisions.

Q5) Can I track my competitors' keyword rankings?

Competitor tracking is a feature offered by some keyword tracking tools. It allows you to monitor and compare your keyword rankings against your competitors. However, it's essential to check if SerpBook explicitly offers this functionality.

Q6) Are there customizable reporting options in SerpBook?

Many keyword tracking tools, including SerpBook, offer customizable reporting options. This enables you to generate reports tailored to your needs and share them with clients or stakeholders.

Conclusion: Should You Buy SerpBook or Not?

If you take keywords rankings seriously, you must go for it. The tool offers accurate information and has an excellent support team. Plus, the pricing is pretty affordable. Suppose you compare the device with other services available on the Internet. Then you will see that the SerpBook is the cheapest keyword in the market and works like a charm. 

However, if you are still deciding whether to go with it, it also offers free services you can take without paying a single penny. So go ahead and try the SerpBook tool out and see how it is working for you. If you like the service, you can make a purchase.

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