Upleap Review: How to Get More Instagram Followers

Upleap is a great way to get more Instagram followers. And conveniently, it seems like everyone is interested in getting more Instagram followers and likes these days. But not all of us are willing to work towards growing their Instagram by themselves.

Upleap Review

It doesn’t matter if you’re an influencer, owns a business or a personal account on Instagram. If you’re not taking care of people’s first impression when they find your profile, you might as well delete it.

But who has time for this, right? Not everyone can spend part of the day trying to engage with people on Instagram, and not all of us know how to design a social media growth strategy. This is where Upleap is going to become a favorite must-have tool of yours.

What is Upleap?

A platform where an account manager helps you grow your Instagram faster. The account manager interacts with people likely to follow you or engage with your posts. To be clear, this means your growth is organic. You aren’t buying followers, likes, or bots. Keep reading to see what kind of results we saw!

How does Upleap Work?

You provide keywords that best describe your Instagram account. Secondly, you may also provide other Instagram profiles that you aspire to look like or that are similar to yours. 

How Upleap Works

Lastly, your account manager can use the profiles of your competitors as a benchmark. We went through this process when setting up our Instagram account with Upleap.

After You Setup

Once you set up your Instagram with Upleap, you are allocated an account manager. In our case, Cindy was listed as our account manager, who then proceeded to grow our Instagram account.

When you’re paired with an account manager, they start working on your account by engaging with the hash tags you provided. Upleap also engages with followers of the users you specified. With us, this meant we did not have to put more effort or time in making our Instagram grow. As a result, the only time you’ll spend is going to check on your app notifications as we did.

Can Upleap Get You More Followers?

The results we saw were fantastic. We worked with our account manager named Cindy for 3 months. We were on a Lite plan and saw an influx of over 5000 new followers. The best part was that they engaged with our profile and content! While some of our followers would message us, most of the others would consistently our posts. While we advise you to post frequently with your account while working with Upleap, you can still see results with minimal effort.

How Much Upleap Costs

First of all, Upleap has a no-commitment free trial. This means you can try them for free for 3 days without even adding a payment method. Upleap has three plans that you can sign up to after your free trial ends.

The most cost-effective tier starts at $39 per month, or $29 a month if you pay annually. Their Standard plan costs $69 a month, and their premium plan costs $99 a month. We recommend starting on the Lite plan ($39) and working your way up if you like the idea you’re growing. On top of that, we discovered a few discount codes through a quick search on Google. Maybe you can get their service cheaper if you scout around a little!

Upleap has plans for every kind of user and every kind of budget. Another thing that we noticed is that they have a ‘rewards’ program where you can enjoy the service for free just for showing them some love on different platforms.

Where You Can Sign Up

You’re able to sign up to Upleap for free directly on heir website. You get an account manager when signing up.

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