Mixcder ShareMe 7 White Blue Wireless Headphones Review, Features

Headphones & Music go hand in hand. Though earphones were always my prime choice but this encounter had changed my perception a lot. 

Headphones On, World Off. Well, at least I believe this fact that music relates you to the whole different world and to feel the full power of real music, you’ll also require good headphones. Mixcder is a leading audio device company which majorly focuses on premium headphones and earphones, and today I’ll be reviewing one of their latest, ShareMe 7 White & Blue Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. 

So, without any further ado, let’s start the review of these remarkably crafted headphones from Mixcder.

First Impression

The moment I ripped off the box with excitement, the headphones completed satisfied me with its initial look and design. The body is made of premium quality plastic and the blend of comfy cushioned muffles.

Mixcder Headphone Review

The headphones are light in weight and can be easily adjusted according to one’s head. The buttons and in-built microphones placed at proper places and therefore, you can rely on its durability and comfort. The minute I paired the headphones and started to play songs, I was on a whole different level.

Hands on ShareMe 7

The headphones came four days ago, and I was psyched to get my hands on these headphones as they were featured on CNET’s recommendations for best headphones and without any doubt, the ShareMe 7 has successfully proved its mark in the headphone market.

The headphones come with the main White Blue wireless headphones, premium quality auxiliary cord, and a charging cable. You can easily connect your headphones from your Smartphone/Laptop/PC. The headphones took around 2 hours to get fully charged via a micro-USB cable, and I’m still using them from past four days without any discharging. Also; the company claims the battery with the standby time of 500 hours.

Mixcder Shareme 7

The headphones are available on Amazon, and you can easily buy them but be quick as they are in rising demand nowadays. Being a premium and international brand, the company has priced the headphones for a price of Rs. 5,264.00 for Indian customers and $32.99 on Amazon.com. You can get more information about the headphones on the official website of Mixcder or official youtube channel.

Buy ShareMe 7 White Blue Bluetooth Headphones

The headphones have three external buttons on one side of the body. You can power On/Off the ShareMe 7 as well you can control the volume of the music or the audio playing. The 3.5 mm headphone jack for the cord is placed along the buttons. Moreover, the internal mics are placed on both the muffles of the headphones for better audio and sound quality for the receiver on the other side.

Mixcder External buttons


  • Built-in-Mic: – Isn’t a relief when you can also receive calls with the wireless headphones? Therefore, Mixcder took the liberty to provide the headphones with a built-in Mic, and you can even talk over Bluetooth connection without even attaching the headphone jack.
  • 4.1 Bluetooth Connectivity: – Equipped with all the latest technologies, the company has provided the latest 4.1 Bluetooth compatibility. So, you can easily connect the headphones with multiple devices, and smartphones seamlessly.  
Mixcder Headphone Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Noise Cancellation: – The best and most crucial factor that judges the class of a good headphone should also include the Noise Cancellation. ShareMe 7, therefore, comes with the feature and works pretty great. You can feel the vibes coming from the music. 
foldable shareme 7
  • Foldable & Compact Body: – Portability is a must nowadays, and the company has satisfied the whim of every headphone lover who unwillingly moves to earphones just because they cannot carry one. But now with the foldable chassis of the headphones, you can take them anywhere. 
  • Long-Lasting Battery: – The best thing about the headphones is its long-lasting battery of 400mAh and trust me, I haven’t encountered any wireless headphones that would last this much for one charge. Moreover, you can always listen by connecting them through the cord. All in All, non-stop entertainment every time.   
  • ShareMe Multi Pairing: – Mixcder has provided a fantastic feature with the ShareMe 7 headphones. You can connect two headphones simultaneously on the same device and enjoy the music, audio media, etc. with your friend at the same. Cool? Isn’t it.

Things I liked about it

  • Lightweight & Compact 
  • Premium Quality Design 
  • Must Recommended for all the Bass Lovers 
  • Best suited for Jazz, Blues & Soft Music 
  • Using the headphones for four days and still, there’s some charging left

Things I wasn’t so sure

  • The high-pitched music didn’t suit my ears as the surround sound became quite irritating after some time. 
  • One strange occurred with the headphones is that when I connected them over Bluetooth, the sound quality was excellent and loud, but when connected using the cord, the audio became weak. It left me confused as almost opposite thing happens with any other headphone jack. 
Buy ShareMe 7 White Blue Bluetooth Headphones

Final Words

A good pair of Headphones for all the Music and Bass lovers. If you’re into Bluetooth headphones, then Mixcder Headphones should be your first choice. Do share your thoughts on the product and let me know in the comment section below. Cheers!

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