{*Latest} 10 Free Dofollow Backlinks From High PR Websites

Thursday, 26 February 2015

{*Latest} 10 Free Dofollow Backlinks From High PR Websites

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Building dofollow backlinks is one of the essential work related to SEO, if you want to rank your website higher in search engine. And what if they are of high PR, your rankings will simply boost in Google, bing and other search engines. High PR backlinks help blogs and websites to increase their traffic along with ranking. So today in this guide I am having a list of 15 free high PR dofollow websites on which you can build high PR dofollow backlinks in just few minutes.
After many days searching I have created this list to help you in getting high pr dofollow backlinks in seconds. Just go through the list and start working on backlinks.

How To Get High Quality Free Dofollow Backlinks From PR Websites

1. Backlink From BlogAdda
  • Go to blogadda.
  • Now register yourself their for new account.
  • Navigate to my account.
  • Their you will see a option Submit Your Blog.
  • Now add all your blog details and click on submit and that's it.
  • You will get a dofollow backlink.
2. Backlink From Codecademy
  • Go to Codecademy.
  • Register for a new account there.
  • Go to your profile and add your website link.
  • That's it. This will be a dofollow backlink from PR7.
3. Backlink From Granta
  • Go to Granta.
  • Register a new account on their website.
  • Fill your profile and add your website link while filling profile.
  • This will be a PR7 backlink.
4. Backlink From OneTab
  • Open your Firefox browser.
  • Now search and install One-Tab extension in your browser.
  • Open your website/blog in your Firefox browser.
  • Click on one tab extension at the top in the right side.
  • It will open a new page, just click on Share as web page.
  • And that's it, you will get a unique on which your backlink will be available.
5. Backlink From Copyrighted
  • Go to Copyrighted.
  • Create a new account there.
  • Now add a content that you own say your website. When filling details, it will ask you to add website URL, just add your website.
  • That's it.
6. Backlink From AllTop
  • Go to Alltop.
  • Now select your category say it's technology then go to tech category.
  • At the bottom of the page you will see a option to add your blog/website.
  • Just add you website details and in few days you will get a email confirmation from them that your site is submitted.
7. Backlink From Indugly
  • Go to Indugly.
  • Register a new account on the website.
  • Add photos from your blog and then the site will give a dofollow backlink by showing url blog/website link on the photos.
8. Backlink From Mozilla
  • Go to Mozilla.
  • Sign up for free Mozilla account.
  • Fill the required details and click on submit.
  • Verify your email in order to activate your account.
  • Now login to your Mozilla account and add your bio with a website's link, that's it.
9. Backlink From Ted
  • Go to Ted.
  • Sign up on Ted website.
  • After activation your account, go to your profile then edit profile.
  • Now scroll down the page and then you will find a link to insert your website.
  • Just add your website or blog and that's it.
10. Backlink From Eventful 
  • Go to eventful
  • Sign up to eventful.
  • Verify your account there.
  • Click on profile button and there you will see a button "Add More Info". Just click on it.
  • Add link which putting your info using : <a href = "http://www.yourwebsite.com"> Your Keyword </a>.
  • That's it, you will get high PR backlink.


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Your ranking for the keywords in the anchor text of that tier 1 link will increase, as new links turn into indexed. Most forum are not indexed very well, so you may have to post a few times before even one of the links is picked up.

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