10 Best DLNA Streaming Android Apps

Friday, 1 April 2016

10 Best DLNA Streaming Android Apps

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Never did we dream of a device like the TV or a smartphone, now that there are devices beyond the level of our comprehension, their capabilities is also unpredictable. To be able to connect one device to the other has enhanced our luxuries even more, and especially the transfer of media from one such device to the other has also evolved over time, it was first through the cables, the LAN, then the Ethernet and now media is transferred over thin air!(The WI-Fi of course). 
DLNA Streaming Android Apps
DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance is one such technology which has eased up the transfer of data from the air. DLNA provides flexibility of media over a wide range of devices which helps us stream any type of media live from one device to the other like from a smartphone onto a high definition LED smart TV and thus enhancing the viewer’s experience. It not only connects a smartphone and a TV but also enables the connection of all such multimedia devices connected over a strong and secure WI-Fi connection within a particular range.

Here is a list of the best such DLNA streaming apps for Android phones through which it can project media to other devices.

10 DLNA Streaming Apps For Android

1. BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA

It is the most widely used app as it is compatible with every DLNA device. It supports both UPnP and DLNA servers. This app makes access to media from sources as such as local media on your device, cloud storage like Google drive etc, web browsers, file managers and lot more. Not just streaming but also provides playback, editing, scrolling, sleep timer, shuffles, integrated full-screen viewer and controller. 

It avails extensive chrome cast support with the custom appearance. So, you can stream media onto any DLNA device in your house with a WI-Fi network.

2. Media House UPnP / DLNA Browser

It runs an automatic scan to detect the devices running UPnP/DLNA over Ethernet or WI-Fi and categorizes them into (Play to) that means devices you can stream your content to and (Play from) which means devices you can stream your content from. Controlling and playback of media is possibly called as Play to. 

Available landscape mode with support to create music files and also an image viewer is also provided. Well video play is not built-in so it's recommended to install some separate video player like VLC, MX player, etc.

3. DLNA player (Glinkgosoft)

This app lets you access content available on DLNA servers. It is an out of the box working zero configuration app. With a library to manage your content, it is very easy to find the file you wish to stream. This app also has an extremely user-friendly User Interface which enables you to browse your media library with deep structure. 

You can play music on an external app too. This also has as a built in audio renderer and image viewer. With this app, all DLNA compatible devices you own, communicate with each other on protocol messages. 

4. iMediashare Personal

With an extremely wonderful interface, this app streams digital media to any DLNA supporting device right off your android device without needing any cables. This app has an excellent motion control sensor which enables the remote controlling options like play, pause, stop, next, previous can be done with nothing but hand gestures. 

The best thing about it is its free and you don't have to deal with only single phone streaming but use any connected device. It almost works everywhere supporting various online applications.

5. AllCast

It can stream media to chrome cast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and other DLNA connected devices. It also allows streaming content from your Google Dropbox as well. This says you don't have to download content and play it, as it can be directly played from the existing place. With a very simple to understand, extremely addictive and easily learnable user interface, this app also has a free version which allows you to stream, watch picture or videos of 5 minutes max, so it is worth putting in every penny for this app.

6. ShareON DLNA WI-Fi Music Player

It's different from ordinary music players as it does not download music to play from your DLNA device but gives access to play it in your required device. This app allows easy switching between DLNA devices with a user convenient interface. Over a thousand songs can be browsed with high speed on any connected device. 

Every android supported audio file can be played on your smartphone without any need to convert even though the files are stored on different devices. DLNA supported speaker gives you a high-quality music playback. This music player is Xbox 360 supported too.

7. Plex for Android

Here your PC is made into a media server and your device into a media streamer. We get this app in both free and premium modes. Unlimited media content sharing from android to any internet device can be grabbed in its free version. It supports apps like Chromecast, Roku. Android TV, Fire TV, Plex and Home Theaters too. 

The best thing about this app is that it comes with its own server that can be used to stream and store content. This own server application should be individually downloaded which is worth having. The premium version gives unlimited storage on Plex server with an offline sync media option.

8. AllConnect- Play & Stream

It's a mixed featured app used by a myriad number of users at present. With a Xiaomi box, AllConnect works with every other internet device. It mostly supports speaker brands like XBMC, Raspbmc, Airfoil, etc for streaming music content over the air. It allows both streaming online and offline content from any application that is installed on your phone. Apart from mentioned supporters, Apple TV, chrome cast, Airplay speakers etc also make a good stream with AllConnect.

9. Toaster Cast DLNA UPNP Player

Stream your photos, videos, music on your DLNA device via WI-Fi with ease. Any android app has the access to use Toaster to stream video. It is great at streaming vimeo videos as well. Media server feature is made available only to Toaster Cast Pro users, though. Location permissions are used to locate the nearest music stores & your devices via Music Locations menu.

10. LocalCast for ChromeCast/DLNA

From your phone or tablet to any DLNA device, streaming is now promisingly good. You can also zoom and rotate videos while playing. Subtitles for the videos being watched are furnished from the opensubtitle.org integration. Though it only supports a couple of formats like MP4, MKV, 3GP and M4V. You can rotate, zoom and pan the pictures. A good material design makes it satisfactory for the use. It is free and ad supported.


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