How To Buy Airline Tickets For Someone Else?

How to buy airline tickets for someone else

Buying a plane ticket for someone else, but you don’t know how to? Don’t worry, we have your back! Just follow the steps mentioned, and this article will tell you how to buy airline tickets for someone else.

Follow these simple steps while buying a ticket:

  1. Do a thorough research.
  2. Confirm your choices.
  3. Enter information.
  4. Paying for the ticket.

Continue reading to learn how to buy airline tickets for someone else. You will find all the information to know if you don’t know how to buy airline tickets for someone else.

What Will You Need?

Buying a plane ticket for someone else involves the exact steps you will be required to follow when you buy your ticket. Except in this situation, you will have to punch in the details of the person you are buying the ticket for instead of your details.

Identity Verification Proof

It is the most essential step when it comes to anything these days. A government-issued ID must be verified for any process even to start.

Identity Verification Proof

If you are asked to upload anything, keep a copy of a driver’s license, passport, green card, or any government-issued license.

Why is this done? It is done to avoid any possibility of illegal activities that may take place– they check to make sure that your identification proof is genuine and not fabricated. They also want to ensure you travel for legitimate reasons before issuing a visa.

Visit: Identity Verification Proof.

Keep Passports Or Visa On Stand-by

Research the visa requirements of the place you intend to travel to. Double-checking is essential when you are buying anything for someone else.

Keep Passports Or Visa On Stand-by

If you have taken up the responsibility of booking their tickets, ensure you do it correctly.

Visit: Keep Passports Or Visa On Stand-by

Keep Other Payment Options Ready

Let’s say that the payment option you usually use is not available. Keep backups just in case this happens.

Keep Other Payment Options Ready

If you are a frequent flier or a loyal airline customer, they will offer you a discount, earning you more loyalty points for choosing them again. 

How To Buy Airline Tickets For Someone Else?

Do A Good Research

What do you need to research? First and most importantly, the location of the place you are buying an airline ticket to. Once this is sorted, quickly research the airline and decide on your closest airport. Doing this will make boarding easier.

Do A Good Research

Anything you choose should align with the person’s likes; quick research will help you determine that. Rescheduling or canceling flights is often an expensive loss because you will be charged a fee. 

Confirm Your Preferences

Double check! That is your keyword. Always double-check to ensure you have entered the correct details and chosen the right location and airlines.

Confirm Your Preferences

Check if you are sure of the plane timings and the number of the plane– write it down somewhere if you have to.

Do this before you pay for anything. Making changes before paying for the ticket will save you money. But if you do it after spending, you will be charged a heavy on your wallet fee.

Enter The Correct Information

You need to enter the details of the person you booked a ticket for. The ticket is not for you but for someone else to use. The information should be correct.

Cross-check if you have entered the proper information once again.

If the name you entered has a different spelling that does not match their identification proof, they will not be allowed to board the plane even if you paid for it. Check the details before you move to the next step.

Pay For The Ticket

You will be done in minutes if you choose to pay online. But if you use your airline loyalty points to get a discount, your ticket user must prove that you gave them this discount.

That is another whole process that you will have to follow.

Pay For The Ticket

Again, double-check that all your information is correct before paying for the ticket and prove that you have used your loyalty points willingly.

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Small Things To Keep In Mind While Booking A Ticket For Someone Else.

To summarize everything on how to buy airline tickets for someone else so that it is an easy process for you at a glance.

  • Enter the correct details of the person the ticket is being booked for. Make sure everything is right here.
  • You can make changes after you buy the ticket, but be aware of the fee you will be charged.
  • When you are done with purchasing the ticket, let the person know what they must keep handy i.e., what documents they will need, what proofs they might be asked for, etc. This is important to do if the person traveling is a first-time flyer.
  • Give them all the necessary details– the flight number, the schedule, etc.
  • If you will not be traveling with them, get them to research the airlines and the location beforehand. They need to understand how things are planned.


Can I book a flight for someone else?

Yes, it is possible. All the process is the same, but you will have to enter their details instead of yours. You can book a flight for someone else if all the information is correct and foolproof.

How can you send a plane ticket to someone you bought it for?

You will have to go to the airline’s official website and look for your flight. You are allowed to make changes with the option given. Make the changes, but you might be charged a fee.

Can you sell your unwanted tickets?

If your airline allows you to change more details than just the name, you can sell your ticket to them. An amount of money will be charged when you do so.

Can an unused ticket get you a refund?

Yes, most airlines offer a 95% refund to the account the money was debited from. The 5% is deducted to make up for the loss the airlines may have suffered as another customer would have used it to travel.


In conclusion, we discussed how to buy airline tickets for someone else. We went through the steps that had information on what you will need and what you need to do.

Watch out for more articles similar to this!

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