Discord Backup Codes: How To Get Them?

Discord has become one of the most well-known correspondence stages, interfacing with a vast number of clients around the world. With its different highlights and broad local area, Discord guarantees smooth correspondence between gamers, experts, and networks. Nonetheless, there might be examples when clients face login issues or lose admittance to their Discord accounts. To handle such circumstances, discord backup codes are provided to users.

Discord backup codes are used, and one gets them by Discord to manage login and other issues. Discord provides various options to generate backup codes like authentication factor, through the discord website, apps, desktop apps, API, Support, and many other ways.

This article will explore backup codes, why they are essential, and how users can obtain them to safeguard their Discord accounts.

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How to get Discord Backup Codes?

Clients must follow a couple of basic advances to get discord backup codes.

  • Clients, first and foremost, should sign in to their Discord accounts.
  • Then explore the “User Settings” segment. They can get to the “My Account” tab from that point.

discord settings

  • There they will track down the choice to set up two-factor confirmation.

discord user settings

  • After choosing this choice, clients can pick between two confirmation techniques. They are utilizing a verification application or SMS-based validation.two factor

Authentication Factor

Firstly, if clients choose a confirmation application, they should download and introduce one discord authentication code, just like Google Authenticator or Authy, on their cell phones. Once the application is set up, clients must examine the QR code shown on the Discord screen utilizing their validation application.

This connects the application to the Discord account. It produces the underlying arrangement of reinforcement codes. These reinforcement codes ought to be painstakingly put away in a protected area.

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For SMS-based confirmation, clients must give their cell phone numbers and follow the check interaction. Once checked, Discord will send an affirmation code to the enlisted number, which clients can enter on the Discord site. Following this, clients will accept their reinforcement codes through SMS. Like the application-based strategy, these reinforcement codes should be put away safely.

Discord Website

Moreover, clients can get Discord backup codes straightforwardly from the Discord site. After signing in to their record, they can explore the “User Settings” segment and snap on “My Account. ”

create backup codes

Under the “Two-Variable Verification” area, clients will track down the choice to create backup codes. By tapping on the “Create Codes” button, Friction will give a bunch of one-of-a-kind reinforcement codes that clients can save safely.

Discord Mobile App

If you lean toward utilizing the Discord mobile app, you can acquire backup codes through it too. Open the Discord application on your cell phone and explore the “Client Settings” by tapping the stuff symbol. Select “My Record” and afterward, “Two-Component Validation.” You can produce backup codes from that point by tapping the “Create Codes” choice. In this way also, you can get the discord backup codes on your device.

Discord Desktop App

Furthermore, Clients who favor the Discord work area application can get Discord backup code through it. Open the application and snap on the stuff symbol at the base passed-on corner to get to client settings. Select “My Record” and afterward, “Two-Variable Verification.” Snap on the “Produce Codes” button to acquire backup codes.

Discord API

Designers who use the Discord Programming interface can automatically create Discord backup codes for their clients. By consolidating the essential Programming interface endpoints and validation, engineers can give their clients backup codes as an extra element inside their applications or administrations.

discord api

Discord Account Recovery

In situations where clients have lost admittance to their Discord account, for example, failing to remember the email related to the record or losing all validation strategies, they can go through the Discord account recuperation process.

By giving pertinent data and checking their personality, clients can recover admittance to their records. Discord might provide clients backup codes during the recuperation cycle to reestablish account access.

Discord Support

When clients can’t get to their Discord account or create backup codes through the standard strategies, connecting with Discord Backing can be a suitable choice. Moreover, discord help groups can help clients recuperate their records and give backup codes. Clients can present a help ticket or connect through Discord’s true help channels for additional direction.

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Using Discord Backup Codes

At the point when clients face hardships signing into their Discord accounts, they can use their two-factor authentication Discord as an option in contrast to their standard validation technique. After entering their email address and secret key, clients will be provoked to enter a check code. Rather than utilizing their customary validation strategy, they can choose the choice to enter a reinforcement code.

On the backup code screen, clients can recover and enter one saved backup code into the given field. Discord will check the code’s legitimacy, giving clients admittance to their records. Clients should take note that they must utilize every reinforcement code once. When they use a backup code, it becomes invalid, and they ought to create new codes to maintain account security.


Can backup codes be reused?

No, every backup code is intended for one-time utilization, as it were. When a backup code is utilized to sign in to your Discord account, it becomes invalid. It is critical to produce new reinforcement codes in the wake of using the current ones to guarantee constant record security.

How many backup codes can I generate?

Discord permits clients to create a bunch of ten backup codes all at once. Users can use these codes for account validation. Additionally, they should immediately generate new codes and ensure their generation.

What should I do if I have used all my backup codes?

If you have utilized all your backup codes and require extra ones, you want to go through the method involved with creating another set. This should be possible by getting to your Discord account's two-figure confirmation settings and choosing to create new Backup codes. Try to store the new arrangement of codes for some time later safely.

What happens if I lose my backup codes?

Assuming you lose your backup codes, it is crucial to make a quick move to keep up with account security. Right off the bat, check if you have saved the backup codes in a solid area, like a secret key director or an actual record. If not, you approach your Discord account and create another arrangement of backup codes at the earliest opportunity. In any case, assuming that you have lost admittance to your record and the reinforcement codes, you ought to consider reaching Discord Backing for help with recuperating your record and guaranteeing its security.


Discord backup codes offer an indispensable shield to clients, guaranteeing they can recover admittance to their records when confronted with confirmation challenges. By following the means illustrated in this article, clients can get and safely store their backup codes. It is crucial to treat backup codes as delicate data, like passwords, and store them in a safe area. Discord clients can relieve potential access issues by proactively gaining and overseeing backup codes and partaking in consistent and secure insight on the stage.

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