How do I use the Online Clock when the Computer Goes to Sleep?

Do you want to remember how long you work when the computer shuts off? Do you need help tracking the time spent on activities, which results in incorrect invoicing or unpaid wages? We shall explore how  I use the online clock when the computer sleeps. We’ll look at several options for fixing this issue, including changing your power settings, utilizing an external display, or using a different device.

When your computer sleeps, you may utilize an online clock by changing your power options, connecting an external display, or using a different device. Select a dependable online timer, create alerts, back up your data, and speak with your employer.

But that’s not all; in addition to the solutions we’ve already discussed, we’ll also offer extra pointers and best practices that will assist you in understanding how to utilize an online clock properly and how do I use an online clock when the computer goes to sleep. These suggestions will help you save time, minimize mistakes, and correctly record your working hours even when your computer sleeps. You may shorten your time-tracking procedure and concentrate on what truly matters—your work—by taking our advice and putting these ideas into practice. So read on to find out more!


Many people increasingly use online clocks to keep track of their work hours as the number of remote and online jobs increases. When utilizing online clocks, users frequently have the problem of their computer going to sleep, which might interfere with their tracking. This article will addressHowow do I use the online clock when the computer goes to sleep.’

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Understanding Sleep Mode

Before getting to the solution, it is important to understand sleep mode and how it works. When your computer sleeps, it switches to a low-power mode to conserve energy by turning down components. The computer’s memory and CPU will be active when the screen and peripherals are off. It is crucial to comprehend sleep mode and how it functions before moving on to the answer.


The computer’s sleep mode is helpful for laptops since it helps the battery last longer. It could be difficult for those who depend on internet clocks to keep track of their working hours. An inaccurate time computation will occur from the internet clock stopping when the machine sleeps.

3 Ways To Use the Online Clock When the Computer Goes to Sleep

Solution 1: Adjust Power Settings

Changing your power settings is the first step to online clock functionality while the computer sleeps. To accomplish this, open your computer’s power options and select “Change plan settings.” Then, select “change advanced power settings” and “sleep.”

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Then click the “sleep” menu’s “expanded” button, and switch the “allow hybrid sleep” setting to “off.” With this setting, you may stop your computer from entering a hybrid sleep state that combines sleep and hibernation. Hybrid sleep allows your laptop to swiftly wake up by saving the contents of its memory to the hard drive, but it can also interfere with online clocks.

Solution 2: Use an External Display

An external display is an alternative to an internet clock while your computer sleeps. When a laptop goes to sleep, you may keep your computer running by connecting an external display. You may configure the external display to remain active when the laptop screen is asleep.

 To achieve this, you must first access your computer’s power settings and then connect the external monitor to your laptop. Select “choose what closing the lid does” and then “do nothing” under “when I close the lid.” With this setting, your laptop will continue functioning even if the external display is still on.

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Solution 3: Use a Second Device

Use a second device to keep the online clock active if you don’t have access to an external display or don’t want to change your power settings. You may also use the same account information you use to access the online clock on your computer to access it on a smartphone or tablet. This method lets you monitor your working hours while your laptop is dozing off.

Additional Tips

You may utilize an online clock efficiently while your computer goes to sleep by following the extra advice shown below:

  • Select an Online Clock That You Can Trust: When choosing an online clock, select one that is trustworthy and has a positive reputation. Toggl, Harvest, and Clockify are a few of the well-liked internet clocks.
  • Set Reminders: If you use a second device, you must create reminders to check your online clock frequently. To ensure that you remember to keep track of your work hours, set reminders on your phone or calendar to check your online watch occasionally.
  • Backup Your Data: It’s a good idea to routinely back up your data, primarily if you use an online clock to keep track of your working hours. Back up your essential data to the cloud or an external hard drive to prevent loss.
  • Communicate with Your Employer:- If you work from home, you must let them know how you track your working hours. They should be informed that you are using an online clock should any issues arise.


Some frequently asked questions on how do I use the online clock when the computer goes to sleep are as follows:

What is an online clock?

You may view an online digital clock using a web browser. You can frequently use it for time management tasks, including scheduling and monitoring.

Can I still utilize an online clock when my computer sleeps?

When your computer goes to sleep, you may use an online clock by changing your power settings, an external display, or a different device.

How can I change my power options so my computer will utilize an internet clock when it goes to sleep?

Can I use an external display to keep my online clock active when my laptop sleeps?

Can I use my online clock when my computer sleeps on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, using a smartphone or tablet, you may use your online clock even after your computer sleeps. Continue recording your work hours by logging onto the online clock with the same account information as your PC.

Are there any other suggestions on properly using an internet clock while my computer sleeps?

Other advice includes picking a trustworthy online timer, setting alerts, backing up your information, and telling your employer how you're keeping track of your working hours.

How to utilize an internet clock when the PC sleeps?

You can utilize an online clock while your PC sleeps by modifying your power settings, utilizing an external display, or using a different device.

How do I access an online clock when my computer is in standby mode?

You can wake up your computer remotely using a Wake-on-LAN (WOL) feature for accessing the online clock when the computer is in standby mode. This lets you access your desktop and use the online clock as usual.


In this article, we addressed ‘How do I use an online clock when a computer goes to sleep’ and answered a few questions. Using an online clock during computer sleep mode might be difficult, but it is achievable with the appropriate methods. You may efficiently track your working hours by modifying your power settings, utilizing an external display, or using a different device. 

You may also use an online clock effectively by selecting a dependable service, setting reminders, storing your data, and corresponding with your employer. Using these solutions and recommended practices, you can be confident that you correctly document your work hours even when your computer sleeps.         

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