Is Solitaire Pop Legit? The Unbiased Review

The Solitaire Pop app has been doing rounds with all its claims of getting you big money. But is the app keeping its claims? Is solitaire pop legit?

No, Solitaire Pop isn’t legit, and the app doesn’t fulfill what it claims to achieve. The minimum requirement to avail of the cash is earning $200 on the app. 

But, the app doesn’t even pay you even if you exceed $1000, which is five times more than the minimum amount.

Let us look at what this app is all about and whether it is worth your time and effort.

What is Solitaire Pop?

Solitaire Pop is different from most Solitaire games available on the internet. If you’re a fan of classic card games, you’ll love this simple and exciting game.

What makes Solitaire pop different is that it has merged Solitaire with pop culture themes. Hence, the name Solitaire Pop.

How to play?

To play this, you must pick a card that is either one more or one less than the card’s value shown at the top below the board. It opens up cardboard and four suits on the left side.

Firstly, you need to remove all the cards from the suit of cards that go with the cards on the board on the right by making a set of cards. You get a free power-up if you can create a set of 5 or more cards. You can also earn Bonus Artifacts if you can arrange 13 cards together.


Power-ups enable you to shuffle the cards. Similarly, the Dynamite feature allows you to delete the leftover cards that can’t be arranged.
Further, the whole game is filled with other small tasks you must complete while playing Solitaire, making the game even more enjoyable.

Is Solitaire Pop legit?

No, Solitaire Pop is fake in terms of its claims of paying users real money.

They use advertisements to clickbait users into downloading and playing the game. In the hope of winning money, users watch ads during the gameplay, and the entire ad revenue goes into the pockets of the developers.

Overview of the Legitimacy of Solitaire Pop

So, is Solitaire Pop legit?

Although the gameplay is unique and exciting, the claims that Solitaire Pop claims to fulfill are all fake. The app is advertised as an app that can earn you up to $1000 weekly, and they even claim that you can directly redeem the money into your PayPal account.

Unfortunately, all these claims are fake. The app even advertises screenshots of PayPal accounts showing transactions from Solitaire Pop., but all the ads are clicked baits to attract users.

The app is entirely free. But, during the gameplay, users are shown ads. The ads help the developers earn money, and they make huge promises to share this revenue with users.


Unfortunately, the claims are fake, and all the ad revenues go into the pockets of the developers.

The minimum requirement to initiate redeeming money to your PayPal account is $200. But, users have complained that they haven’t received a dime even after fulfilling the requirement. Most users have even said that even after a score of $1200 or $2600, they still haven’t received any real money.

The app asks users for their PayPal accounts and initiates the transactions. But, the credit of the money does not happen.

In short, the app is fake in terms of its money claims.

Analysis of the Game’s Features and Mechanics

Solitaire Pop is a unique take on traditional Solitaire games, and what makes it unique is its pop culture themes and adventure gameplay during the classic game of Solitaire.

The multiple levels have a variety of themes, and this interests users in their area of interest and creates intrigue. Further, each level increases the difficulty, making the gameplay more enjoyable.
The game also has features allowing you to connect to Facebook and play with friends, making the game even more fun.


Features like daily challenges encourage you to play it daily and maintain daily winning streaks. Further, the graphics, simple user interface, sound effects, and multiple levels keep the gameplay exciting and keep users interested.

Additionally, options like Power-Ups, Dynamite feature, and Bonus Artifacts help the users earn more points and make the gameplay unique.

Evaluation of Solitaire Pop’s Payment system and in-app purchases

Even though the app has exciting gameplay, the money claims of the developers are all fake. Solitaire Pop requires you to earn $200 for you to be able to redeem the money.

But, the developers make it impossible for you to reach $200.

After a certain point, you start losing cash points. Then, the increase is minimal, making it impossible for you to reach $200. There is a high chance that you might give up at this point.

Even if you make it to $200, the app initiates the transaction of redeeming the cash to your PayPal account. But, in reality, the money never gets credited.

Further, while you play the zillion games to reach $200, you watch ads, and the developers earn money through every video you watch.


 According to the claims, they should share a part with the users. But they do not.

Examination of User Reviews and Ratings

The entire review section of the app is filled with people who have toiled hard and reached the minimum amount to be able to redeem the money but haven’t received a penny.


Users have claimed to reach the minimum balance of $200 and even exceed way beyond it but receive no real money.
You can check out the answers to a question on the Play Store about the app.


Can you win money from Solitaire Pop?

No, you cannot win money from Solitaire Pop, as all the claims the company makes in its advertisements are fake. They do not pay users even after they reach the minimum requirement to redeem money.

Is playing games for money legit?

Yes, some apps do pay real money for playing games. But, the amount is negligible to the time you spend playing these games. You can play these games for fun and not just to earn money.

Which solitaire app pays real money?

The Solitaire Cash app pays real money for playing Solitaire. Users have received real money from this app, and it is legit.

How to get 10,000 points on Solitaire Cash?

You can get 10,000 points on Solitaire Cash by playing every day, maintaining daily streaks, winning as many games as possible, and avoiding bad games that may break your winning streak.

What is the minimum withdrawal for Solitaire Cash?

You can redeem your Solitaire Cash to your PayPal account with a minimum of $5. Further, $1 is charged as a platform fee.


Lastly, I recommend playing this game if you love playing Solitaire. Play this game only for the sake of playing the game. The gameplay is too exciting and unique to miss out on.

But, if you’re playing this game hoping to earn money, you will surely be disappointed.

Alternative Games To Practice Solitaire

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