How To Install IceFilms Addon On Kodi?


If you don’t know how to install the IceFilms addon on Kodi, you are missing a significant portion of your entertainment. Not only that, but you are also paying for a thing that you can have for free, much like the variety offered by these movie apps for Android.

Kodi is a streaming platform that allows various add-ons like IceFilms to show international movies and shows. Whereas IceFilms is an add-on for international movies and shows. That is why IceFilms and Kodi go hand in hand and are essential for unlimited and free entertainment. If you’re looking for alternatives, here’s a guide to the best IceFilms alternatives.

Now we’ll see how to use IceFilms on Kodi and the installation process. In addition to that, we will also explore how to secure your system while using Kodi.

Before You Install IceFilms Addon On Kodi

Before jumping into how to install the IceFilms add-on on Kodi, it will be helpful for us to look at prerequisites.

Ensure You Have Kodi Installed

Before doing anything, ensure your device has Kodi installed; if not, you need to install Kodi first. There are different installation processes for Kodi on different devices, and here we will include only some important and commonly used devices.

Kodi on Windows

You will get three options to install Kodi on your Windows: download from Microsoft Store; the other two options are a 32–bit installer and a 64–bit installer, and you can choose any of them.

Kodi on Windows

After downloading the Kodi file, you need to allow specific permissions and complete the setup process till the end.

Kodi on Android

Firstly, you can download the Kodi app from the Google Play Store for free, similar to downloading movies using Showbox, as explained here. Secondly, if you are still waiting for the direct install option from the Google Play Store, visit the official Kodi website. From here, you can download Kodi in app form.

Afterward, you must go to your device settings and allow file installation from unknown sources. Then you can locate the file after downloading it and start its installation.

Now you can follow the same procedure to set up Kodi on your device.

Kodi on iOS

Kodi on IOS and macOS is somewhat the same as downloading it on Windows, and for iOS users, here are some additional movie apps for iOS to explore. However, you need to install the 64–bit installer and finish the setup process by clicking the prompts.

Kodi on Linux and other devices

Installation and Kodi on Linux devices differ from other platforms and devices. You first need to click on an SSH or terminal window, and in the space given, you must type the proper command for installing Kodi.

Then you can finish the setup process according to the prompts on your screen.

Enable Unknown Sources In Kodi

After installing Kodi on your device, you must change the settings to install IceFilms on your account.

Firstly, you must change the setting and turn the installation on from unknown sources. After this, you can only install any add-on on your Kodi account.

However, it would help to be careful after it because now you can install any malicious program.

Install a VPN

After you have installed Kodi and done the required settings, you need to secure your network and system. As Kodi is a popular platform for international movies and shows used by millions of people, it is also the target of malicious practices.

Also known as a virtual private network, VPN is the most commonly used measure to protect online information. It will hide your online activities and other information like IP addresses from any third – party, including authorities and hackers. So, you will get protection from hackers and malware.

Also, it has one more benefit: you can watch any movie or show even if it is banned in your region. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite shows and films worldwide.

How To Install IceFilms Addon On Kodi?

In this section, we will see how to install the IceFilms addon on Kodi so that you can enjoy seamless and unlimited entertainment.

  • Firstly, go to Kodi and click on settings
  • Now press the file manager tab
  • After this, hit the add source tab and then press on the tab saying <None>

Now press the file manager tab

  • Now you have to enter or insert the URL for the IceFilms addon, then press OK
  • Then you need to provide the source name and again press OK

add name

  • After this step, you need to go to the Kodi home dashboard and press Add –ons tab

click add-on

  • Now hit the icon of the open box and then press the install button from the zip file

install from zip file

  • When you have installed the zip file format of Kodi, you have to go to the source name you added earlier and then hit the repository file button, and install it


  • After you have installed the repository, you need to open it and then press the Video Add–option
  • Now you will be getting the option of IceFilms; you need to install it

video add-on

  • After you have installed IceFilms on your Kodi, you need to follow the prompts actions to finish the setup process

What Safety Tips You Need

After knowing how to install the IceFilms addon on Kodi, discussing other essential things is important.

As you already know, Kodi is one of the most used platforms to watch international movies and shows; it also inherits danger. One of the most common threats is piracy and other online security issues.

When you can download or watch any show on IceFilms on Kodi, there is a high chance of getting pirated content too. Its repositories are the most common source for pirated and unlicensed copyrighted content.

When you frequently use some addons for Kodi, you will start getting some recommendations. While some even have viruses to hack your system, some have pirated links.

Visiting and using the legal and authorized addons for your movies and shows is essential. Therefore, you can use IceFilms for unlimited entertainment without any worries about online threats.


Is Kodi an excellent platform to watch videos?

Yes, there is no doubt that Kodi is one of the best platforms to watch videos, movies, and series. With its features, it is well known as the home theater for offering completely free entertainment.

Can we watch already downloaded videos on Kodi?

Yes, we can do that too. However, Kodi is more famous for streaming online videos, movies, and serials. However, if you have downloaded some movies and web series earlier, you can watch them too on Kodi.


Therefore, we can see how important IceFilm Kodi is for entertainment-loving people, similar to enjoying the best anime movies on Netflix. It is not only a platform where people can watch thousands of international movies and shows, but it provides them all without any extra cost, and you can watch them for free.

They present the perfect combination of unlimited free movies and shows with the best-ever streaming platform. If you also want to turn your device into a magic box of endless fun and entertainment, follow the abovementioned steps.

Then you are all set for your weekend movies and shows with other international content.

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