How to Get Student Discounts on American Airlines?

Traveling may sometimes get very expensive. Especially for students, with a lot to see around the world, the high prices of flights may be a dealbreaker. So is there a solution for student travelers to this problem while availing of the services of American Airlines? This article will look at how to get student discounts on American Airlines.

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American Airlines offers discounts on American Airlines for students, enabling them to save anywhere between 10% to 20% on tickets. These discounts are available to students who are currently enrolled in any of the listed schools or universities. However, to receive the discount, students must present a valid student ID card and indicate the name of their institution.

Hence, students can reserve affordable fares and receive extra travel benefits. This article lets us learn how to get student discounts on American Airlines.

How to Get Student Discounts on American Airlines?


American Airlines offers reduced prices for students on domestic flights. Additionally, there are student discounts for flights departing from the US to various destinations such as Mexico, Canada, Asia, South Pacific, and Europe. Here is everything you should know about how to get student discounts on American Airlines:

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Student Discount
  • American Airlines is one of the airlines that provide reduced ticket prices to students traveling on most flights. 
  • First, visit American Airlines’ website and check the tickets for the desired destination at your preferred prices.
  • While booking your ticket, you will get the option to avail of several discounts. One such option is to go for a ‘Student Discount.’
  • Students can take advantage of this provision. Once you proceed to the payment page, you may click on the “discount link” tab to avail of the discount.
  • You shall, however, meet the requirements, which include disclosing the name of your school and presenting a valid ID. Both of which are to be done to the appropriate authority.
  • Then, a list of the available discount codes will be displayed on the website.
  • However, you may review the policies of airlines and their alliances. Student travelers can make informed decisions before booking their tickets for their desired destination.
  • American Airlines also offers promotional codes that students can use while booking their flight tickets.
  • You can copy and paste the desired code in the space provided for availing of the discount. While on the payment web page, click on the apply button
  • Students must belong to the participating universities listed on the airline’s official website to obtain a discount.

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Here are some FAQs about how to get student discounts on American Airlines:

1. How to get student discounts on a flight booking?

The requirement is different for students aged 12 years and above to access student discounts for domestic flights. They must present a valid school or university ID card during check-in at the airport.

2. How do I get student discounts on American Airlines?

You must submit your student ID and school name to avail student discount on American Airlines. As a student, you can also utilize the American Airlines promo code for students.

3. Which Airlines offer student discounts?

Air India, easyJet, British Airways, American, and Emirates are some of the airlines that offer student discounts.


Now that you have gained clarity concerning the guidelines for booking student discounts with American Airlines, it will enable you to fulfill your travel needs efficiently and cost-effectively. However, you may find the instructions for booking tickets to avail of discounts provided by American Airlines. In this way, you may efficiently and affordably meet the best of your travel requirements.

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