How to Hide Messages on iPhone Without Deleting?

Privacy is the talk of the time now. As we face rapid improvement in technology, the breach of our privacy is increasing daily. So, let us then look at how to hide messages on iPhone without deleting them.


We can see how to hide messages on iPhones without deleting them using the Archive, Hide Alerts, and Third-Party apps.

A lack of privacy can cause embarrassment or humiliation, emotional distress, financial loss, physical harm, and discrimination, leading to blackmail, identity theft or fraud, and other crimes. Thus, protecting our privacy has become the most important, now more than ever.

How to Hide Messages on iPhone without Deleting?

So, let’s start with three of our tested methods that you can use:

Use the Archive Feature

The first way how to hide messages on iPhone without deleting them is archiving. Archiving messages refers to moving them to a separate folder or space for storage where they cannot be seen when we usually open messaging apps.

Unfortunately, iPhone does not come with an in-built archive feature. But, you can instead back up to iCloud or Gmail and then archive your messages in iCloud or Gmail.

To back up your messages onto iCloud, follow these steps:


  1. Firstly, go to the settings menu on your iPhone.
  2. Click on your image/name at the top of the screen.
  3. Further, click on iCloud.
  4. Then, click on the messages options and turn it on.
To back up your messages onto Gmail, follow these steps:
  1. Go to settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap messages.
  3. Go to Text Message Forwarding.
  4. Enter your Gmail ID and then sync your messages.

You can then go to iCloud or Gmail to click the Archive option and archive the messages.

Archiving messages in this way thus saves your text messages you do not wish to delete. But, archiving them in this method does not show them in your iMessage app.

Use the Hide Alerts Feature

The second way to hide messages on iPhone without deleting them is by hiding the alerts. The Hide Alerts Feature lets you turn off the notifications from a particular sender or conversation chain.


To activate this particular feature, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, open your iMessage app.
  2. Click on the conversation you want to turn off notifications for and hold it.
  3. Then, click on Hide Alerts.

Thus, this feature will ensure that the notifications for that conversation are turned off. You will continue to see the new messages from the sender of that conversation when you open your iMessages.

This feature is great for turning off notifications that disturb you, and this will help you focus better and increase productivity. But, the disadvantage of this feature is that sometimes you may miss important or urgent messages until you open iMessages.

Use Third-Party Apps

Third, third-party apps are the third way to hide messages on iPhone without deleting them. Various third-party apps are available to let you archive texts since iPhone doesn’t come with its in-built archive feature.

These apps let you back up texts from your iPhone and store them in their cloud storage. Also, you can retrieve them any time you want to.


Some of these apps are:

  1. iExplorer
  2. Copytrans
  3. Phone view
  4. AnyTrans

Third-party apps provide a great way to archive your messages without the hassle of backing up or screenshotting your texts. Further, they help save time and perform their functions well.

The only disadvantage of these apps might be that sometimes they can sell your data to external sources. So, read the privacy policy of the third-party apps you use to archive your messages.

How to Unhide Messages on iPhone?

So, if you want to unhide the messages, follow these steps:

Unarchive Messages

Since iPhone has no Archive feature, you need to archive messages by backing them onto iCloud or Gmail. Similarly, you unarchive those messages by following these simple steps on iCloud:

  1. Open iCloud.
  2. Then, click the Settings icon at the top of the Mailboxes list.
  3. Next, click on General
  4. Then, click on the Show Archive button in the toolbar.
  5. Further, click and hold the conversations and press Unarchive.

To unarchive on Gmail:

  1. Open Gmail
  2. Click on the menu.
  3. Click on Archive.
  4. Touch and hold the conversation, call, or voicemail you want to restore. To restore multiple archived items, touch and have the first conversation, call, or voicemail, then select more items.
  5. Tap on Restore Conversations.

Show Alerts for Hidden Conversations

To show alerts for conversations that you have hidden and turned off the notifications for, follow these steps:


  1. Go to iMessage.
  2. Click on the conversation you want to show alerts for. Press and hold it.
  3. Click on Show Alerts.

Showing alerts leads to clutter and lesser productivity, as they flood your iPhone with notifications. But they also help you stay alert about any important or urgent messages you might receive.


Stop Using Third-Party Apps

To unhide your messages, you stop using third-party apps on your iPhone.

  1. Stop their usage and restrict their permissions if you want to keep the app but not use it for some time.
  2. Uninstall the app from your device and unhide all the hidden text messages on your iPhone.
Stopping the usage of third-party apps will protect your privacy better, as there will be no fear of data selling to external resources. But, this will also threaten your privacy as all your messages will be visible on iMessage, and anyone with access to your passcode will be able to access them.
Thus, setting up a passcode and not sharing it with anyone else is essential.

Tips for Maintaining Privacy on iPhone

Despite following all these steps on hiding messages on your iPhone without deleting them, you always need to maintain privacy on your iPhone. Ensure that your phone’s data is encrypted and the apps you use do not sell your information or invade your privacy.

Use a Passcode


Use a passcode to lock your iPhone and also other essential apps. Please do not share this passcode with anybody; they can use it to breach your privacy.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication


Enable two-factor authentication on your iPhone. Two-Factor Authentication is a two-step security process that uses two distinct methods of access authorization to verify if the user logging in is you or not. It ensures an extra step of protection for your data.

Use Encryption

Use apps that provide encryption. You do not want your private conversations leaked or sold to external parties. Encryption ensures that your data remains on your iPhone and isn’t stolen or misused.

Disable Siri Suggestions


Turn off Siri Suggestions. Siri Suggestions are on by default on your iPhone. By agreeing to Siri Suggestions, you allow Apple and its agents to transmit and collect your data and use your voice to improve Siri and its dictation, which can lead to a breach of your privacy.

Turn off Share My Location


Turn off your Share My Location. Keeping this feature turned on can lead to apps and websites being able to see your location at all times and invading your privacy, and it can also direct ads at you based on your location.

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Can you archive text messages on an iPhone?

iPhone does not come with an in-built archive feature. You can use a backup feature, hide alerts feature, and third-party apps to archive your messages.

Can you make text messages private on iPhone Lock Screen?

Yes, you can make text messages private by setting and clicking on Lock Screen Appearance. Then, click on Show Previews. Further, click on never. It will notify you when you receive a new message but will not show you the details.

Which third-party apps can I use to hide messages on my iPhone?

You can use iExplorer, Copytrans, Phoneview, and Anytrans to hide messages on your iPhone.

How do I hide photos on my iPhone?

Open Photos. Then, select the photo that you want to hide. Next, tap the More button and click on Hide. Further, confirm that you want to hide the photo or video.


Privacy is extremely important in our daily lives, and a breach of confidentiality can lead to multiple dangers. So, we must ensure that our data is protected at all times. We can protect our privacy using the Archive feature, Hide Alerts feature, and Third-Party apps.

We must always ensure to use a passcode, enable two-factor authentication, use encryption, disable Siri Suggestions, and turn off our Share My Location to further prevent any breach of privacy.

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