How to Watch HBO Max on Chromecast?

HBO offers much more than just the network’s regular programming to subscribers. HBO Go, a streaming service that allows you to watch any of HBO’s more than 20 original programs on any device, is defunct now. However, the new and improved HBO Max is its successor. Watching it on your TV rather than the small screen of your phone or tablet is easier if you have a Chromecast Ultra.

HBO max on chromecast

If you have a Chromecast, the process is simple. All you need to do is plug the Chromecast dongle into an available HDMI port on your TV, open the HBO Max app on your phone or tablet, and cast it to the Chromecast gadget. Finally, start streaming by following the on-screen directions.

One of the biggest questions about HBO Max is how you can watch it on your TV. Continue reading to learn about further alternatives.

Why Watch HBO Max on Chromecast?

HBO Max is compatible with the Chromecast Ultra, the most recent iteration of Google’s streaming gadget, a dongle connecting to your TV’s HDMI connection. Supported devices can stream video in 4K at up to sixty frames a second using the Chromecast Ultra.

HBO Max is available on many Hulu and Amazon Prime Video service providers.

Service providers like Hulu

However, Chromecast is the best option if your smart TV doesn’t have an app or you want to use a different streaming service.

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How to Watch HBO Max on Chromecast? 

There are several ways available at your disposal to stream HBO Max on Chromecast devices. From casting to installing the HBO Max app on your TV, the following methods should help get your movie on:

Cast to Chromecast

You can cast it through your phone to watch HBO Max on your TV.

Cast to chromecast

Both devices are needed to be initially linked to the same internet network. You must also ensure that the HBO Max app is installed on your phone or tablet.

When you have both of those, take the following easy steps:


  1.     On your phone or tablet, fire up the HBO Max app.
  2.     Select “Cast” by tapping the button in the bottom left corner.
  3.     Simply choose your Google Chromecast device from the list of available devices.
  4.     To begin streaming, adhere to the on-screen directions.

Apple iPhone

  1.     Start up your Smart TV.
  2.     Fire up the HBO Max application on your iOS device.
  3.     On your Smart TV, navigate and pick the “Settings” option.
  4.     Select the General option.
  5.     Select the AirPlay option.
  6.     To begin streaming, adhere to the on-screen directions.

If casting through the phone is a problem. You may also use an external streaming device like the Roku Ultra or Apple TV to watch HBO Max.

HBO Max on Chromecast using Roku TV

If you have a Roku TV, you can watch HBO Max on Chromecast. You’ll need to first set up your Roku TV and Chromecast. Next, you must connect your Roku TV to the internet and install the HBO Max app.

HBO max on roku TV

Follow these simple steps to install the HBO Max app:

  1.     Start up your Roku TV.
  2.     Press the Home button on your Roku TV.
  3.     Select the search option.
  4.     Navigate to the “Streaming Channels” option.
  5.     Find and add HBO Max to your channel list.
  6.     Once finished, you will find the HBO Max app on your Roku TV’s main screen.

Dealing with compatibility issues

Using an older Google Chromecast model won’t be compatible with iOS devices. Some older smart TVs also don’t support Apple’s AirPlay functionality. A user of an Apple device may have difficulty dealing with this.

The good news is that you can still cast your device to your smart TV despite this. Software provided by third parties provides the key to overcoming this. Install third-party casting software on your devices, like CastTo, AirServer, or Airscreen. These apps usually support both Android and iOS. In addition, ensure your smart TV and phone are up-to-date with the app.

Once installed, these apps provide instructions to configure it to cast on your smart TV.

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Can you cast HBO Max to Chromecast?

By opening the HBO Max app and choosing the Cast icon, you may cast HBO Max to Chromecast.

How do I share HBO Max streaming?

Open the HBO Max app, choose the material you wish to share, and then utilize the platform's built-in sharing features. This will allow you to share HBO Max streaming.

Why can't I cast to Chromecast?

Make sure all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and try restarting both the Chromecast and the casting device if you are unable to cast to Chromecast.

Why is HBO MAX Screen Black?

Try restarting the device, deleting the app's cache and data, or upgrading the HBO Max app to fix any potential software issues if your HBO Max screen is black.


TV shows and movies are available on HBO Max, but you must subscribe. You can watch HBO Max on Chromecast by casting your phone onto your TV with the HBO Max app.

Your phone must be connected to one internet connection, and the app must be installed. You may access HBO Max with your Roku TV if you have one. If you are using an older model of Chromecast, it won’t be compatible with iOS devices.

Older smart TVs also don’t support Apple’s AirPlay functionality, so you must install third-party apps. The compatibility problems disappear when you use third-party casting software on your devices, such as CastTo, AirServer, or Airscreen. Finally, HBO Max is a very well-liked channel. Thus, it can be found on several platforms and applications. HBO Max may be seen on a big-screen TV via various apps, including Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

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