How to Save Videos from Facebook on iPhone

On its online profile, Facebook provides a specific option for saving videos. What if I told you that you could immediately download Facebook videos to your iPhone’s storage? Yes, it is doable, and I’ll show you how to download a Facebook video on your iPhone without jailbreaking it.


How to save facebook videos to iphone


Here, I’ll go over several ways to save Facebook videos to your iPhone so you can watch your favorites even when you’re not connected to the internet. We mean at least the three simplest approaches when we said “many methods.”

Five methods for saving a Facebook video to your iPhone’s memory

Remember that there is no specific video download feature on Facebook. Naturally, you could save any Facebook video to your profile but not to the device’s memory. As promised, we’ll review three workaround methods for downloading and saving Facebook videos to an iPhone without jailbreaking it.

The video was screen recorded

The easiest solution we can think of when someone asks us how to preserve a video on Facebook on an iPhone is to screen-record the video. Thankfully, the iPhone already has a screen recording feature. However, we advise you to download Screen Record for iPhone.

Screen recording

This program has some other capabilities that you might find handy, in addition to the ability to instantaneously screen-record any Facebook video.

  • On your iPhone, find the top-right corner and pull down the menu center.
  • Open the Facebook app and begin watching the recording you choose to make.
  • The video was repositioned to be in landscape orientation for a full-screen viewing experience.
  • Take down the control center, and then click the screen recording button to start the video recording.
  • Remove the control center and tap your audio symbol to halt recording.

Internet browser

You must launch the iPhone’s browser to secretly access one of these web pages. However, you must first access the video you want to download on your Facebook app. The share button is located at the video’s bottom. A copy hyperlink option will appear after this. The full video will be saved to the notepad after you tap that.

Internet explorers


Once the page loads, a special input box will appear where you must enter the copied URL for the Facebook video. The available video quality for that video is another option. The download option will thereafter be visible next to the text. After entering the copied video URL, click the button to launch the video download.

Short instructions on how to save videos via Facebook onto an iPhone

  • Open Facebook on your iPhone.
  • the video we want to download is launched
  • At the video’s bottom, click Share and then Copy the link.
  • Search for in Safari.
  • After the website loads, insert the copied link in the appropriate field.
  • On your device, select the picture quality and download location.
  • Hit The video will begin downloading if you click Download beside the box.

Using an app to obtain videos from a third party

On the internet, numerous third-party applications effortlessly download Facebook videos. Our final suggestion for saving a Facebook video to your iPhone’s storage includes third-party applications. You should think about using tools like Nice Social Browser, Download for Facebook, File Master, etc. Read this article to find out how to download YouTube videos on Mac OS.

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Shortcut for Siri

Siri Shortcuts make simple tasks that would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming. You can either discover a shortcut for nearly everything on the internet or make your own. Use this link to download Facebook Live Downloader on your iPhone so you may download Facebook videos.

Shortcut for siri

We need to have the Facebook video URLs to download the movie before we can run the clip, but Facebook has taken great pains to conceal the video URL. Here is a fast fix to locate the URL. Open the video you want to download from Facebook on your iPhone and hit the Play icon just at bottom of the posting. The Share sheet would appear; select Copy Link from the menu.

Enter the Facebook Link we just copied into Apple or any other internet browser. It would resemble the picture below in some ways. To load the website, press Go on your keyboard.

You can see how the URL has successfully unfolded and that the URL bar contains the right URL, which the shortcut can interpret after loading the page. To the clipboard, copy this URL.

Launch the Facebook Youtube Downloader button from the Shortcuts app after pasting the Facebook Video URL.

The shortcut’s retrieval of the video from the given URL would require a few seconds. Once the video has been retrieved, the shortcut will instantly store it in your iPhone’s Camera Roll. The video can be found by using the Photos app.


The aforementioned approach does seem excessive, but if you don’t want to create Siri shortcuts, you can utilize this approach, which only requires you to launch Safari and grab the films from a webpage.

Find the Facebook video you want to download first by going there. Copy Link can be found by tapping the Share button in the post’s bottom right corner.

Open the Browser and navigate to after copying the link. Copy the Facebook URL into the input form after the website has completed loading.


To download the video that was fetched using that URL after that, just hit the Download link next to the entry field.

You would now see a sample of the video plus the various video quality options that are available for download. Simply hold down the download button until a peek menu appears, then select “download linked file” to start the download.

As soon as the video has finished downloading, tap it to start sharing it by hitting the button in the bottom left corner of the Download Manager.

You can now tap Save Video to finish. The Camera Roll now has the video.

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Can I save videos on Facebook to view them offline later?

You can save videos on the Facebook app to view them offline. All you need to do is click on options in the top right corner of the video and then choose 'Save Video.'

What are the best third-party apps to download Facebook videos on iPhone?

There are multiple apps to choose from. The most commonly used are Nice Social Browser, File Master, 4KDownload, and MyMedia iOS.


You should have a solid idea of how to save Facebook videos on your iPhone after reading our tips up to this point. However, there are a few trickier procedures for the Facebook video archive. But for now, those three-pointers ought to be plenty.

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