How to Add White Borders to Photos?

Nowadays, every teenager or young person is pressured to improve the aesthetics of their profile and images. They frequently appear to discover “How to add White borders to photos?” on Google or search engines. The answer to their query is provided below.


There are countless methods to alter your images, thanks to the emergence of various third-party apps and programs. 


Simple options include enclosing your image in a plain white border, utilizing many photos to make a diptych or collage, or getting creative by decorating your frames with color, patterns, stickers, and other elements.


While some people apply interesting filters or vibrant light leaks to their photos as layers, many photographers put white frames around their images to offer a unique touch.


These websites and apps can help you improve the look of your photos, especially if you want to upload them to photo-sharing websites like Instagram. Here are a few simple methods for adding a border to a picture.

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Border-Adding Web Apps, Desktop apps, and Mobile apps for Photos


How to add a white border to photos?

If you don’t want to download any software onto your computer or smartphone, these websites provide a choice of dependable free photo borders and frames to add white borders to photos.


You can sign up for a paid account to use more features and designs.

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As your one-stop shop for web design, there’s no reason you can’t utilize Canva for anything as simple as framing or adding a border to your photo.



You can easily register for a free account to utilize the service. Once finished, you can create using the Canva app or the website.


When starting a new design, choose Elements > Frames to begin. You must select your frame before adding your image to Canva.

Many other types of frames are available, such as borderless collages (ideal for Instagram), frames with plenty of color blocking, spliced pictures, Polaroid frames, and more.


A tonne of free frames are available, but Canva also provides extra expensive frames or frames that are only accessible to premium customers. 


To obtain the full effect from some frames (like the Polaroid frame), you need to download them as PNGs with transparent backgrounds; however, doing so requires a paid subscription.


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If you’re looking for a simple method to add a plain border to your picture, look no further than LunaPic.


Put your photo online from your PC or a site like Google Drive. Next, decide on the border’s design. 


You can choose between a tiled backdrop and a bright border.


You can change the border’s size.


Choose which sides it should be on, and decide whether to use a 3D effect. When ready, press Apply to store the picture.

ShakeItPhoto (iOS)

Adding a Polaroid frame and a vintage touch to your photo is all that the iOS software ShakeItPhoto does, and it does it rather well. With ShakeItPhoto, you may either shoot a new photo or pick one from your camera roll.



You only need to search further than this app if all you’re seeking is a quick way to add a Polaroid frame to your iOS images.

Windows Paint

Paint will work just fine if all you need is straightforward. 



Open Paint and select your image


Click the rectangle in the Shapes section of the top toolbar. The border can then be added by clicking and dragging around the edge of your image.


Use the Outline menu to choose between options like Solid color and Felt tip if you want to alter it slightly. 


Additionally, you can change the thickness using the Size dropdown and the border’s color using the Colors section.


Several free Microsoft Paint substitutes make applying a border to images simple.


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InFrame (Android and iOS) 

Although InFrame is a straightforward tool with many image customizing possibilities, its primary goal is to offer unique and attractive frames.


All photographs are shown in a grid gallery when using the app for the first time.


Tap All Photos at the bottom to change to a different gallery if necessary. 


Tap the picture you want to have a border around it. You can choose up to nine if you wish to put your images in a collage.


After selecting an image, you can browse the numerous frame options at the top. After choosing one, you can alter the image by changing the frame’s color or by including effects and stickers.


You own a Windows computer with a colored border. 


The image will be saved to your gallery so that you may share it with other applications immediately when you’ve completed editing when you touch Done in the top-right corner.


On my iPhone photos, how can I add a frame?

The Edit screen has a toolbar at the bottom. Swipe left to see more tools. When you've found the frame, hit the Apply button after selecting it from the bottom list of edges, borders, and structures. Then instantly preview the picture frame.

How can you make the Paint have a border?

Select 'Open' from the 'File' menu. Locate the image to which you wish to add a border, and click 'Open' to bring it up on the Paint canvas. Go to the Shapes area and select 'Rectangle.' To add a border to the image, click in the upper left corner and move the mouse to the bottom right corner.

In Photoshop, how can you add a white border around a picture?

Select Solid Color from the Layers menu's Create a New Fill or Adjustment Layer drop-down box to construct the border. Set the color to white in the dialogue box (if it isn't already) and press OK.



Many photographers like to add White borders to photos because it enables them to display the complete image, regardless of size or orientation, without cropping.


A white border can ensure that your audience will view the complete image, even though it now has more size options than the original square.


Try it once, and if you want to improve your images, see our tutorial on taking pictures.


You can do many things with your images using the photography tools built into your devices or a few apps, from adding basic white borders to decorating your photos to look like Polaroids. 


You’ll have a stylish border to frame your shot regardless of your selected tool.

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