How to Create a Great Background for Your Instagram Stories?

Friday, 3 March 2023

How to Create a Great Background for Your Instagram Stories?

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Whether you are in charge of social media for a company, you are an influencer, or simply a regular user of social media like Instagram, your time is limited. 

As everybody knows, if you want to be popular on these apps, you need to be able to post regularly. However, if you create simple posts that have no visual interest for your viewers, you may end up losing your followers. What, then, is the secret to quickly generating stunning Instagram stories? You should be aware of the following.

Choosing the Right App for You

To create an Instagram story, you don’t only need an interesting topic. You also need to be able to make it visually attractive if you want your followers to place “likes” on your post so they keep following you. 

Otherwise, you will simply bore them, and they’ll join other accounts for their entertainment value. That is why you need to find the right app for an Instagram story background template so that you can produce perfect stories, all the time.

Imagination is something that we can run out of. Most importantly, when we create Instagram stories daily, we may need more inspiration on some days. Instead of posting just to fill the daily need, you need to get an app that will provide an Instagram Stories background. Changing the various elements becomes much easier than reimagining a new setting every time. 

You must modify the texts accordingly to what your followers need to read, adapt the colors to your images, and add any other elements you want, such as music and stickers. 

In no time, you will find yourself with a professional-looking post that you did not have to imagine from scratch, which would have wasted much of your time.

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Keep a Coherent Line

If you want followers to recognize your posts and immediately place a “like” on them, you need to have some kind of strategic vision that will provide a link between all your Instagram stories. The coherence of what you are trying to tell viewers depends on a few different elements that they can easily recognize.

You have to start with colors. There should always be a main color that stands out in the background of your stories. Otherwise, it should be found in the color that you use for your texts. There is also another way to be noticed immediately, visually. It is to use the same filter on your images at all times. In this way, as soon as one of your followers is faced with one of your posts, it will recognize it by the tone of the filter that you use. 

In all cases, this has to be a permanent decision, not just something you do occasionally. Never choose different instead of similar. People won’t get bored of seeing your colors. It will allow them to recognize you, which will act as a stabilizing factor in your relationship with them.

The same is true about the fonts that you use. It should always be the same ones. As we indicated before, it should be the same color throughout your postings. Simply alter the color if you want to shift from dark to light. If you work with black, you can use shades of gray or white.

Music can also be a common theme in your Instagram stories. The advantage of choosing one song all the time is that you can then play around with all the other characteristics of your stories, including the ones that we mentioned above. 

In fact, if viewers recognize you through a song, it is probably the strongest link you can create, especially because not many people use that as their main “branding” for their Instagram stories. It will work even better to create your own music instead of using a popular song.

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Post Regularly and stay on Your Main Subject of Interest

On social media, we tend to all become specialists in something. Sometimes, it is voluntary (for companies and influencers), but for some, the fact that they post about their lives makes them specialists in whatever they do regularly. 

For example, someone that travels a lot and takes pictures of the cities where automatically becomes specialized in tourism. Some other are restaurant fanatics and post Instagram stories about the food they ate wherever they go. They will attract people who like to go to restaurants, as well.

The repetition of a subject by one Instagram user should be seen as an advantage. Again, people won’t get bored of seeing new meals on their screen if they are all shown pictures of what they ate. 

In actuality, if they glance at your profile, they will anticipate that. Repeating in the same vein only makes you stronger in the eyes of your viewers. You do have to post regularly, though. 

Otherwise, people will get on to new Instagram accounts with the same subject as yours and leave yours behind. It is best to post daily, whenever possible. Of course, you do have to worry about the quality of your posts. But if you follow what we have been writing above, it should all go well.

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Look at What Others are doing with Their Instagram Stories

Taking inspiration from other Instagram users is perfectly acceptable. There are no revolutionizing social media anymore. What has been proven to work will continue to do so. Therefore, check out the accounts that get a lot of views and try to figure out why. 

Study the way they create their background and adapt it to your field. Chances are, it will work as well for you as it did for them. Don’t ever lose hope, and keep posting until you get up there with the most viewed accounts worldwide.


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