10 Best Snapchat Charms and How to Get Them

Since its official debut in 2011 with much fanfare, the social media behemoth Snapchat has advanced significantly. What was initially used only as a platform for exchanging amusing and frequently embarrassing images that would disappear into thin air in seconds now serves various other purposes.

Snaps are Snapchat’s main feature, but several other entertaining and intriguing updates exist. It fosters camaraderie among Snapchat users and enables them to communicate in real-time through Snaps, chats, and other means. Snapchat Charms is one of the most desirable features of Snapchat nowadays.

Snapchat Charms

Rewards take the shape of various Snapchat charms depending on the actions between two Snapchatters. All the information you require about these and how to obtain them is below.

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Top 10 Best Snapchat Charms in 2024

Before actually getting into the specifics, we should first comprehend the meaning of Snapchat charms. The Support Page for Snapchat describes charms as funny, unique keepsakes that frequently commemorate your friendships, and they are only added based on how you engage and relate to your loved ones.

Do you wish to see Snapchat charms? Navigate to the bottom of a friend’s or a collective’s profile. For additional information on each charm, click on it. To return, press anyplace other than the charm or even swipe down. Remember that Snapchat charms will be updated over time, so look for fresh delights! Either you or your friend may view Snapchat charms because they are personal, and they will be unable to see your charms if you unfriend or block someone.

The following are 10 best Snapchat charms you need to know about:

Astrology and Zodiac Charms

Astrological aspects, affinity, and birthstones are all significant themes in some of these charms. A Snapchat It’s a Sign charm given to two persons if they share the same zodiac sign. Depending upon your friend’s zodiac sign, the Astrological Sign charm might provide information about their behavior and distinguishing characteristics.

Astrology charm

An identical assessment is made by the Sun Sign Compatibility charm using both of your signs. It’s entertaining to find the things the stars offer regarding your relationship. The Mate’s Birthstone charm displays a birthstone associated with your friend’s birthday period. An Aquamarine stone, for instance, symbolizes all births in March. This is one method of taking advantage of Snapchat’s zodiac profile features.

If you and one of your friends have compatibility in astrology, you receive that charm. When two zodiac signs complement one another, as with this charm, it indicates that the two people are buddies.

Joining Snapchat Charms

Snapchat focuses on marking the start of a recipient’s journey via the application. Because of this, the app gives users unique charms depending on when they first registered.

Since it released Stories in 2013, users who have utilized Snapchat are known as Snaps OGs. However, you receive the Since Way Before charm if you signed up in 2014 when conversations were launched. Users now receive charms with the dates Started in 2015, Signed in 2016, and so forth starting in 2015.

Snap Score Charms

This is determined by averaging the Snap Scores of two Snapchat users. Every stage has a unique identifier, and you’ll move up the levels when your score rises, thanks to more interactions.

When you become a Snap Legend, the crown is already yours. Your consistent use of Snapchat will get users five stars and the top spot in the ranking. Individuals starting to use the program more actively but whose scores are insufficient enough to reach the top level will then receive the Snap Hero’s charm, and four stars are given to them.

Shy Guy Charm

Still, no Snaps or Chats have been sent between you and your friend. Is your stomach queasy?

How To Get The Shy Guys Charm: One of our faves, primarily due to the timid ghost. This charm is intended for two buddies who have never snapped or chatted. Get started!

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Group Charms for Snapchat

Recently, Snapchat introduced group charms that can only be exchanged within a group conversation. These charms offer a novel way of describing various community interpersonal interactions and functions. 

Group charms

Navigate to the group, click on your pals’ symbols in the upper left corner, then scroll to the bottom to see your group charms.

New Friends Charm

You’ll get a New Friends charm if you just started to get along with somebody.

Snapchat Employees Charm

As the title suggests, all Snapchat employees are given a unique recognition label that says Snapchat employs them.

Snapchat Snap Masters Charm

If you regularly use Snapchat a lot and you’ve been chatting with a buddy frequently, you may be able to obtain this charm. 

Snapchat master charms

You have to be persistent to obtain this charm!

Snapchat It’s Been A Minute Charm

This indicates that you and some friends, who used to be connected and frequently conversing, have lost touch because you haven’t snapped or chatted for a while.

Snapchat Best Friends Charm

You can obtain this allure if you consistently snap and speak to a single friend over several days.

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What Is The Standard Score For Snapchat?

Although there isn't a baseline Snapchat score, Snapchat Rookies and Snap Heroes tend to attract many friends. Quite a few people have seen wearing the Snap Legends charm.

How can I acquire Snapchat charms?

According to your buddies' birthdays, how much you've known them, how frequently you snap, and other parameters, Snapchat will constantly award you charms.

Can Snapchat charms be lost?

Regrettably, yeah. Charms depend strongly on Snapchat engagements, so you risk losing a charm if that activity level declines. For instance, you can unlock the Best Friends charm by adding your buddy to your Snapchat list of Best Friends.


Maintain a constant eye on your friend’s account to keep track of any Snapchat charms you have just discovered. In that way, you’ll be alert for just about any new charms Snapchat may covertly launch.

Charms, though, are little more than a whimsical Snapchat activity tool. Snapchat has a broader range of options, especially if you want to master its interface.

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