5 Best Private Account Viewers for TikTok

The rise of short videos, reels, and 1-minute videos has made Tiktok a popular platform. Many TikTok influencers have opted for private accounts, which may spark your interest in following them. However, instead of sending them a follow request, some Best Private Account Viewers for TikTok can be used to view their content without requesting access.

If you’re looking to view the private accounts of TikTok influencers, here are some of the best private account viewers available:

1. Private TikTok

2. uMobix

3. mSpy

4. Brainans

5. UrlBird


Discover some amazing apps that can help you access private TikTok accounts effortlessly.

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Why the need to use a Private account viewer for TikTok?

With user data security and information being a severe concern, checking the information you choose to make public is undeniably essential.

Only some are not open to sharing their thought processes and activities with the public. Many individuals are talented and knowledgeable more than the crowd assumes them to be.


They are comfortable sharing their views with everybody. They want the world to feel and understand their emotions while ensuring the reverse also happens.

On the other hand, some people want to keep their private space intact for reasons difficult to guess. They might be selectively social or want their parents to refrain from monitoring their activities.

Ultimately, the point that stands out is the private account set up on TikTok. Following the latest circulations in the market, TikTok has initiated the push to privatize user accounts. And it is a popular instinct to utilize the resources presented to you, giving little thought to the consequences in the early stage. People are starting to make their accounts private one after another.

How to check the privacy settings and use them?

TikTok is a creative video creation platform that allows users to make and share videos in different formats. The intention behind the growth phase is the limitless possible direction of approach for the individual.

The user can create a video, animate it with stickers and emoticons, go LIVE, and interact with people face to face.

Similarly, the person’s followers can remake their video content by adding their spice mix. They can Duet with users and even download the videos.

But all these fun and fabulous activities halt with privacy settings. Making an account prohibits the general public from viewing the creator’s content and restricts their interaction with the user.

You might wonder what changes with the private account settings. For starters, you can not see any video created or posted by the creator. Also, you will find it a hurdle to collab or Duet their work with your twist of spice.

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Why make your TikTok account private?

The aftermath of privatizing your account is less severe than detailed by most people. You will reduce your reach and have some monetization issues.

But that is considerably better than receiving harassing comments and immoral requests. Sometimes it becomes unbearable to see those alphabets spurting from the viewers.

Best Private Account Viewers for TikTok

The marketplace is packed with a plethora of websites, modified applications, altered links, and such materials that give us the competency to view banned or privatized content on the internet.

Below are a few recognizable and easy-to-find websites and applications that give us an authoritative position to surpass privacy issues and view private accounts on TikTok. We must acknowledge that viewing private content without authority is legally and morally incorrect. So, ensure that you have the right reasons and explanations behind attempting such behavior.

The appreciable effort of the below-mentioned apps lies in the ethical use of these apps and websites. Mostly, parents use them to check on their children, OR the government uses them to access questionable accounts.


uMobix is a leading private account viewer for TikTok. It permits the user to view those accounts made private by the users.

uMobix is excellent because it allows you to spectate the user’s activities, their last online activity status, and their private chats all in one go. To top it off, the user remains unaware of your activities. The downside of the app is its cost, which might hinder the significant public.

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Another big name in the field is mSpy. Its unique feature is the capability to view and download videos from private accounts.

Another breakthrough mSpy brings is the capacity to interfere with calls incoming and outgoing from the user’s service.


UrleBird aims to simplify your job while accessing the private account on TikTok, and it sells itself as an analyzing tool for TikTok.

You can screen through various videos by searching the hashtags and usernames using UrleBird. Apart from that, you get it all in minimal clicks for easy viewing.

Private TikTok

Not all are cash-filled for viewing a TikTok account. Private TikTok comes as a savior to those, and it is a free-of-charge application that lets you gaze the private accounts on TikTok.

All you do is write the username of the account you wish to cruise through. And all the hidden details pop up on your screen.


Brainans is a website that allows you to sneakily enter and view the private accounts of the user you intend.


It empowers you to computerize and morph videos. And the delightful part is that all this is safe and secure.


You need to be reassured about your information being leaked or the user being warned of unauthorized access. If you want to reach out to some TikTok content creators for business purposes, you can find tik tok users using an email finder tool. It helps you to streamline the searching process.

Do let us know your favorite tool in the comment section below.

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