What is GC invoker Utility and How to Disable it?

Friday, 26 August 2022

What is GC invoker Utility and How to Disable it?

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Nowadays, in the era of technology, we tend to download a lot of software that makes our work easy. Some come at no cost and make us happy to get something without paying a buck. But we pay some cost the way or the other even if it's FREE. In this blog, we will discuss the GC invoker utility by Adobe which auto boots and makes the system slower, and remedies to work on things that can help us to resolve the issue.

What is gc invoker ability

We sometimes download malware or unwanted software downloaded in the system and keep working whenever the PC is booted back. It makes us very upset while watching a movie, doing an online exam, or playing an exciting online game. Let's see and learn about GC Invoker Ability and how to disable it.

What Is GC Invoker Ability?

AdobeGCClient.exe process is a windows program that allows the checking and validation of Adobe Software and its license. It is not recommended to stop the process of such a program, but when the program's unusual behavior shows up, you need to disable the process since a malicious program or malware can work on it.

Steps To Disable it GC Invoker Ability

To avoid such malfunctioning, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Adobe GC Invoker Utility needs to be disabled using the Windows Task Manager.
  2. Registery needs to be checked, and AGCInvokerUtility.exe files the program has created should be deleted collectively so that the process doesn't boots back again.
  3. Use an antivirus that can scan malware on your system and automatically disable or quarantine it.
  4. Use a 3rd Party software that supports uninstalling the programs infecting the files and obstructing the regular use of it.

Disable GC Invoker Utility using the Windows Task Manager

Windows Task Manager supports all sort of events that happens on the desktop. When an application takes time to close or is not responding, Windows Task Manager helps to force shut the application quickly and prevent the system from undergoing heavy work tasks. Perform the following steps.

Disable GC Invoker Utility using the Windows Task Manager

Together, press Ctrl+ALT+DEL and wait for some time. You will find the screen will pop up with a load of options. Choose the option that goes by Windows Task Manager.

Go to Processes Option and look for the Adobe GC Invoker Utility, which will be there among the processes going on simultaneously. Once you get the process, right-click and disable the process as soon as possible.

Delete Files from the Registry

Once you have completed the work with the Windows Task Manager, go to the registry option. It must be noted that any wrong information or files misplaced while opening the Registry may lead to data loss.

The system may ask to reinstall windows or create a backup which can lead windows to boot back on its own. Now let's first open the Registry using the run dialog box. Run Box can do it by simply pressing Windows+R keys simultaneously.

Look for a spot that can be written using the keyboard, and type in Regedit. This option helps to open the Registry Editor option. The Registry Editor has a set of registered applications with its essential data. Press Ctrl+F to get the search bar option.

Look for GC Invoker Utility file with the extension of .exe which goes by the name AGCInvokerUtility.exe. Then Look for all the contents in it.

Look for suspicious files that are not valid programming files. Please note that if you don't know which file to delete, it is better to research or console an IT expert to ensure everything is working simply and fully sound.

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Use An Antivirus to Stop Malwares

An antivirus is an essential tool that every computer requires whenever it goes to the internet. It is necessary to have a paid version of the software to scan and detect modern-day malware. Free Antivirus is good to go with but doesn't provide the optimum protection to the computer. 

Regular virus scanning is a good habit that users must follow to avoid such malware infecting their devices. Norton and Kaspersky are good antiviruses available in the market, although they have an expensive plans. To protect the users and their data, one should use one of them.

Use of 3rd Party Uninstall Software

Nowadays, when you see a program running without your permission, you want to get rid of them. You want to uninstall the downloaded and stored junk and malwares. Now you uninstall them, but they don't go away. You might wonder why it is not installing even if it is showing to uninstall.

Use of 3rd Party Uninstall Software

So, it would be best if you were looking for a 3rd Party Software that does the cleaning work of such high programmed malware sticking to the primary programs and hindering the normal function of the work. Use this to remove program apps, which are inbuilt into the PC and are of no use such as Adobe GC Invoker Utility . Make sure you don't delete anything important else. You will suffer from loss of data and desktop outage.

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What Happens if I Accidentally Delete a Registry?

The system will look for the same and try to fix it by reinstalling it. If the system doesn't find any backup, it will not allow the particular program to work correctly due to the missing file.

What to do if I Cannot Find the AdobeGCClient.exe Process?

To find Adobe GC Invoker Utility, go down below and look for all the processes or sort using the ticker 'NAME'/'CPU.' They will filter the small programs and pull the high CPU usage programs, making it easy to find them.

Do We Need to Remove the Necessary File by Suspicion?

Sometimes we come up with a situation where the file is a system file but infected, and we use antivirus and quarantine it.


In this blog, we have tried to cover the most basic and handy way to solve the issue caused due to Adobe GC Invoker Utility. Even if the problem persists, we highly recommend you to look with an IT/Computer Consultant and solve the root issue. Else, you may lose your Hard Disk due to heavy usage.


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