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Steel-type Pokemon is gaining popularity lately, and it can be seen why. There are no steel-type Pokemon in Generation I, where Dragons were uncontrollable. Only in Generation II were Steel-type pokemon introduced and given a group of resistances. And after only one generation, the first Steel type legendary was introduced.

best steel type pokemon

The legendary type is the most powerful in the whole franchise. The 5 best steel-type Pokemon we will talk about in this article are Dialga, Kartana, Jirachi, Heatran, and Scizor. Discover their move sets, potential strategies, and how they can fit into your team composition.

Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or new to Pokémon, this article will provide valuable insights and help you make an informed choice when selecting your Steel-type Pokémon. Don’t miss out on these incredible creatures!

Top 5 Best Steel-Type Pokemon

If you are looking for the best steel-type Pokemon you want to add to your team and are confused about which one to add. Then, don’t worry. We have you covered and have created a list of the best steel-type Pokemon by considering various factors like statistics, design, resistances, etc.


Dialga is a dual-type Steel/Dragon Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. Unlike some Pokemon, Dialga does not evolve from any Pokemon.


This dark blue dragon-type Pokemon has steel projections on its chest, back, feet, and head. Dialga has red eyes with a smoldering look and is immune to poison, and has spines on its back, horns, and three claws. It is tough to study this Pokemon as it lives in a different kingdom.

It is resistant to flying, rock, steel, water, normal, etc., but vulnerable on the ground. If we look at the stats, Dialga attracts attention with 150 Special attacks, 120 defense, and 120 attacks.

Its widespread attacks, like Iron Tail and Roar of Time, can serve some severe damage. Though there are so many steel Pokemon, Dialga is the best steel-type Pokemon among them all.


It is introduced in Generation VII and is like Dialga, but it does not evolve from another Pokemon. It is a dual Steel/Grass type Pokemon and one of the Ultra Beasts with a code name UB-04 Blade.


Being a grass-type Pokemon, it looks like origami having white and orange colors. It does not have a face. It has a four-sided star on its center antennae on top of its body and long, thin arms resembling a Japanese sword.

Like paper, Kartana is lightweight, allowing it to dodge danger easily, though it is vulnerable to fire. As it is thin like paper, in battles, it depends on its sharp edges that can cut down a building in one go.

It is immune to poison and is resistant to steel, grass, dragon, fairy, water, etc., making it the best steel-type Pokemon.
This deadliest ultra beast has a 181 attack stat, one of the highest. There is a high possibility that it should strike first as it has a speed of 109 and has some dazzling moves like Smart Strike and Sacred Sword.


It has a low HP of 59 and only has 31 special defenses forcing it to strike first as it will not last long in the battle. It can be a game changer if you choose the right time to release it in the battle.


Introduced in Generation III, it does not evolve from any other creature. It is a dual Steel/Psychic type pokemon with adorable looks. It has a tiny yellow-white body with a curved line on its belly which is used to hide its third eye, and its hairs are fashioned like a star.


Despite being asleep for most of its lifetime, it can still fight in the hibernation phase. It grants wishes to anyone who yearns for it after waking from sleep though it is for a short time only, making it the best steel Pokemon.

But, it only grants three wishes due to its three tags. It is immune to poison and is vulnerable to Ghosts, Dark, fire, and ground. It is resistant to grass, dragon, fairy, ice, etc.


Introduced in Generation IV, it is also not known to evolve from other Pokemon. It is a dual Steel/Fire type pokemon with a brown color body having gray dots. Its eyes appear to be always open. It uses claws on its hands and feet to climb and grasp the walls.


The fire-type Pokemon has a very high body temperature with boiling blood. It is a guardian whose source of power is the Magma Stone. It is resistant to flying, Psychic, Bug, Ice, Normal, etc. but is vulnerable to ground and water.


Introduced in Generation II, it is known to evolve from Scyther when traded while holding a Metal Coat. It is a dual Steel/Bug-type Pokemon with a red body, yellow eyes, and gray abdomen.


Being an insect-like Pokemon, it has detachable wings and a metallic exoskeleton. It has sharp claws sticking out from each foot. These claws prove to be deadly if an enemy gets caught in them. Scizor also uses its hands to tear the enemy into tiny pieces.

It is resistant to grass, bug, ice, dragon, Normal, etc., and is vulnerable to fire. It is specialized in physical moves and has a 130 attack stat that will provide significant damage with its moves like X-scissor and Iron Head. Scizor can transform its low-power actions into substantial injuries, and the choice of Mega Evolve magnifies its Defenses and Attacks to a great extent.

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Why is Steel the best Pokemon type?

Due to the immunity to poison and so much resistance from the opponents, Steel is considered the best defending type of Pokemon.

Who is the cutest Steel-type Pokémon?

Jirachi is considered the cutest steel-type Pokemon as it almost resembles a fairy, and it has beautiful wings and a star-shaped hat with 'wish tags' hanging from them. Despite having a petite body and tiny arms, one can not ignore those sharp and curious eyes. Jirachi is a mythical steel and psychic type Pokemon and is an underrated one because of its cutest looks. It was introduced in Generation III and is mainly occasionally seen flying under the radar.

Who is the king of Steel-type Pokemon?

Metagross is the king of steel-type Pokemon. Since its introduction, it is undoubtedly the steel champion and has been a steel god, mainly when it deals with competition. It has a base stat of 600, along with 130 defense stat and 135 attack stat.

Who is the original Steel-type Pokemon?

According to most Pokemon lovers, Steelix is the original steel-type Pokemon that evolved from Onyx. When trainers first saw Steelix, they were terrified. Steelix is the first choice that comes to anyone's mind when they think about steel-type Pokemon, and it is one of the enormous Pokemon and has crazy defensive stats.

What is the strongest Steel type Pokémon in the sword?

Zacian is considered the strongest steel-type Pokemon in a sword, and it is a Fairy-type Pokemon with higher attack and speed ratings. It was introduced in Generation VIII and is known as 'Warrior Pokemon.' It holds the sword in its mouth, and its attacks are delicate.

Are there any Dark Steel Pokemon?

Bisharp is the dark Steel Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolved from Pawniard. It rules over the pack of Pawniard and becomes the pack's alpha after fighting with other Bisharps, and if it loses in the fight, it has to leave.


Steel-type Pokemons have gained so much popularity because they are highly resilient and can deal with damage irrespective of the battleground they are on.

As these steel-type Pokemons are so valuable, it is natural that trainers are attracted to them. Additionally, the players only want to have the best steel-type Pokemons that are strong enough, which they can add to their battle teams.

You can choose the Pokemon best suited to your needs based on the list above. I hope this article was helpful.

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