8 Best Navigation Apps for Samsung Gear S3

Monday, 27 June 2022

8 Best Navigation Apps for Samsung Gear S3

Posted by Madhu Gupta
On the lookout for the best navigation app Gear S3? Are you unsure of which app to choose? Your search ends here! We’ve picked out the best of the lot to help you pick the right app. This article will inform you of the best navigation app for Gear S3 available.

Best Navigation Apps for Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 is arguably the best smartwatch you could invest in. It’s made of the finest materials, is lightweight, and extremely useful. On top of providing you with the best functional use, the sleek design makes it comfortable and stylish to wear.

Top 8 Best Navigation Apps for Samsung Gear S3

If you’re searching for the best navigation app for Gear S3, this article is for you! Read on to find out about the 8 best apps on the market to assist you in navigation.

1. Here WeGo

Here WeGo is a free web-mapping and navigation app that has been used locally and globally. This fantastic app has stood the test of time and comes with excellent features. It lets you measure the distance to your destination on the go, offers guidance for drives, provides accurate information about the traffic, allows offline access, and more. Here WeGo will give you a clearer picture of the world at once. With the public transport data that it shows, the user is guaranteed never to lose their way.

Here WeGo
We trust Here WeGo to be an essential tool. The app pays attention to details like no other. It’s no wonder Here WeGo is recommended throughout the world!

2. Google Maps

Who wants to be caught up in tedious traffic when a simple smartwatch app can save you time? Google Maps is a trusted, highly reliable navigation app that ticks off all boxes. The data it provides is highly accurate. With its precise traffic updates, real-time location sharing, public transport information, offline maps, and more, the app is an excellent choice for you! You can access turn-by-turn navigation guidance on your wrist.

Google Maps

Using Google Maps will make your experience with Samsung Gear S3 enjoyable. We believe it's the best navigation app for Gear S3! Make sure you make the most of your versatile smartwatch by choosing the best option.

3. Glympse

Glympse is preferred by users worldwide for its simple and attractive user interface, and it is guaranteed to make every aspect more accessible for you. With Glympse, you can share your real-time location, allowing you to share and request the locations of your loved ones. The app comes with several excellent features and provides high-accuracy data. Sharing your location has never been easier! And the shared location automatically expires, so you don’t have to worry about it. If you’re in danger and need professional help, Glympse can quickly call emergency personnel.


Glympse will prove to be a valuable and beneficial addition to your life. Don’t forget to check it out! 

4. Navigation Pro

Navigation Pro is a high-quality navigation assistant that offers advanced services. All you need to navigate roads and lanes are right on your wrist with Navigation Pro. It’s the perfect partner for navigation guidance whether you’re driving, walking, cycling, or using public transport. It has the autostart feature with navigation, offers voice output services, options to customize vibration and set themes, and real-time updates.

Navigation Pro

Install Navigation Pro and watch it work its magic on your own! We’re sure it won’t disappoint.

5. Komoot

Komoot is an exceptional app that stands out from the crowd with its functionality. It’s not just for drivers but everyone who requires navigation guidance- hiking, trekking, cycling, or any other dangerous sport. It offers incredible features ranging from turn-by-turn navigation to specific topographic mapping. It fuels the adventurous spirit and assists you in pursuing your dreams without losing track.

Try out Komoot and see how it plans the perfect route for you! Avail the services of Komoot to make the most out of your outdoor experience.

6. Citymapper

Citymapper is a sophisticated solution to your navigation requirements. It’s thought to be a must-have app to make your life easier if you avail of public transport services. You can trust Citymapper to accurately assist you in the cities it covers. It offers an extensive library of information and details about transportation services.


Citymapper comes with many desirable services. It finds the best route for you and gives you an idea of the transport services you can readily use. Currently, Citymapper is confined to a few cities. But if you’re traveling to a town that Citymapper covers, there’s not a better alternative you could consider. Traveling is simpler and easier with Citymapper on your wrist!

7. myPlaces

Looking for the perfect travel companion? myPlaces is your best bet. With myPlaces, you can shortlist your chosen destinations, and it’ll lead you to them without error. Save as many locations as you want to cover, and myPlaces will offer impeccable guidance to help you reach there. myPlaces is the best app to help you quench your travel thirst.


Planning your routes for a vacation can be tedious and boring. Let myPlaces do your work for you!

8. City Navigator

This turn-by-turn navigation app has some of the best features to offer on the market. City Navigator provides the services of offline access to maps as well. You can use your downloaded route map for 30 days at a stretch. With City Navigator, you will have voice and text guidance in several languages, auto-route recalculation if you ever go off track, accurate satellite view and street view, and more. It has an efficient battery-saving mode and options to brief you on the distance to your selected destination.

City Navigator

Have the best navigation experience with City Navigator!

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You need the best navigation apps available to extract the most benefits from your Samsung Gear S3. If you are interested in exploring or generally have a terrible sense of direction, your smartwatch can be your savior with the right app. We hope we’ve been able to help you out in this regard! Start your journey with the best navigation app for Gear S3.


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