12 Best Roll20 Alternatives to Play in your Free Time

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

12 Best Roll20 Alternatives to Play in your Free Time

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Roll20 is a popular webpage offering virtual tabletop games to be played by users, but there are many practical and better alternatives.

Confused about what to do in your leisure time online with your friends? Searching for where to go to play cool games and chill?

We will tell you all about it; keep yourself hooked till the end. There are a lot of cool games and sites like roll20 going around the internet, but there is significantly less clarity as to which game is suited for which purpose. We will put all your doubts to ease: let's get started. 

Top 10 Roll20 Alternatives One Must Check Out

Here are the list of games that will kill your boredom.

1. Maptool

This is a networked, programmable, virtual tabletop which requires Java 6 to run. It is an open-source site with options of playing together or for players to be placed far away from each other too.

It is packed with features, has lots of community content and has a very proactive development team. It has all the usual features like displaying a map and rolling dice, which is entirely free. Overall, it is perfect roll20 alternative. 

Download:  MapTool

2. Rolisteam

This app gives its users a lot of options like talking with friends while playing and tools like character sheets, rolling dice and drawing tools. One can even share maps and images on the app.

It can be downloaded very easily on mac, Linus or windows and is thus an excellent roll20 alternative.
Download: Rolisteam

3. Mipui

This is a straightforward and appealing online map game that allows users to play games in a customizable fashion. One can open the map in a customizable map, and there is no need to download it even.

Even though the tools and options here might seem slightly limited, they undoubtedly offer a superb roll20 alternatives.
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4. Beyond Tabletop

This app, too, does not need to be downloaded and runs directly in your browser. Beyond tabletops will improve your gaming experience manifold, and one can even customize their character to their liking and play on any touch screen device.

This is one of the best roll20 alternatives available on the internet today.

5. Battlegrounds RPG edition

This app, compatible with almost every digital app conversion.

Allows users to play many role-playing games complete with unique features and a smooth and fulfilling virtual tabletop gaming experience.

6. Power Virtual Tabletop

There is almost no reason not to like this app, with it offering a superb platform to play your RPG games for free. One can add layers, import assets, add texts, export images, etc.

This RPG map editor gives one of the most enriching role-playing experiences and thus is a severe roll20 alternatives to reckon with.

7. Foundry Virtual Tabletop

This app boasts of a modern self hoasted application and more official licences than any other tabletop game. You can play any game you want or pay for preloaded content according to your desire and requirements.

Thus, this is one of the most advanced roll20 alternatives today.

8. Noizio

This is a very different kind of game that lets you tone down the noise of the avenue and allow you to focus on the job at hand. One can even set the tone for a romantic date, or it can calm you to a good peaceful night's sleep!

You can customize the sound and environment as per your comfort and enjoy studying, painting, cooking or relaxing simultaneously. This will help with Meditation, relaxation, yoga and sleep improvement. Thus, this is a unique roll20 alternative.
Download: Noizio 
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9. Pixteller

This app lets users make graphics, videos, and images much more refined easily and fast. One can select from the pre saved design patterns, which are very simple to modify with the help of an animatronics tool and photo editor.

This is a trendy alternative to role 20, which offers a beneficial design process from beginning to end. Therefore, it can be used by websites, bloggers, marketers, or anyone with a personal or commercial design.
Download: Pixteller

10. HTML 

As the name suggests, this is an internet-based map maker and a campaign manager. One can create attractive hexagonal maps linked to sub-maps to design a location with more details. This is a hexadecimal map creator and world-building, too, which can be used in DnD campaigns to build a world of players.

Collaboration or multiple viewing modes can share the map on the player's device in real-time; hence, it is a very advanced roll20 alternative.

11. Vtable

Also known as a game table, this is a java-based collaborative whiteboard app where one can display images, and sketch directly, which can be viewed by all users. Its emphasis is on no learning arc and sheer simplicity.

This highly advanced app allows you to play games that are face to face over a table in a virtual environment with almost a similar experience.

Players' experiences are so positive that it has become a superhit alternative for remote players and even classic games. Finding the right VTT can be challenging, with so many options to choose from, but if you do, this is one of the best roll20 alternatives today.
Download: Vtable

12. D20PR0

The commanding D20PRO helps users speed up the fights or roll a usual 20 on a dice virtually with vast gaming maps that bring very superior sheets to life.

This is also a multiplayer, multiplatform virtual tabletop roll20 alternative that can be considered by users online.
Download: D20PR0


Like everything, roll20 is not perfect. With increased traffic today, especially in the pandemic times, it does not hurt to explore how many viable roll20 alternatives are available on the net today. Go out there and have fun; happy playing!


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