8 Best Indian File Sharing App Picks for Sharing Files Instantly

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

8 Best Indian File Sharing App Picks for Sharing Files Instantly

Posted by Madhu Gupta

After Android has brought its nearby share in competition with Apple's Airdrop, there might be slim and sleek chances that your mobile or desktop doesn't support it. The only source one would be left with is the third-party apps or websites to do the needful. 

ShareIT was the epitome of file sharing, like WhatsApp in messaging and Instagram for scrolling. But, now that it seems to be a Chinese app banned in India, it is annoying to be barred from using it. To know about some cool games for Android, click here!

But it's just a matter of time, as even when Nearby share or Airdrop did not exist, file-sharing did. If you want to share files across devices, check out the file-sharing apps below that transfer files without downgrading their quality. 

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Top 8 Best File Sharing Apps to Use 

We have listed the file-sharing app which can be useful while sharing. sharing will feel like it never did before. you can choose the app that suits you and helps you in your work.

1. ShareMe 

With nearly 500 million downloads over the play store, Xiaomi's ShareMe is the Airdrop of androids as it is one of the best apps for Android to android transfer. If connected to Wi-Fi, ShareMe claims to be 200 times quicker than the old feature of BlueTooth, but the exciting part is that it works even without an internet connection which allows sharing over BlueTooth. 

ShareMe allows sharing of photos and videos and apps, documents, and much more as it works at lightning-fast speed. It is entirely ad-free as it won't pop up any frustrating ads while sharing data. This app has a user-friendly experience as it segregates files into categories to make the transfer process easy and supports cross-platform transfers. It allows sharing between devices of Android and iOS. 

Google has something new to launch almost every day, and after the ban of ShareIt in India, Files by Google is more about sharing files instead of file manager and storage cleaner. It allows you to share files over Android offline with almost a speed of 480 Mbps. The only requirement for both the sender and the receiver is to have an updated version of the app to be fast and reliable. 

One exciting feature of the files app is that it generates a unique link for every file, just like google docs or sheets, which doesn't require the person actually to have the file and allows saving. But the disadvantage of files is that it is only available for Android and not Apple users. 

3. Send Anywhere 

As its name suggests, it allows the user to send files anywhere without hassle. This application allows sharing of big files quickly and easily with a simple user interface and appealing features to use.

This is one of the best alternatives to ShareIt as it transfers data between devices of a maximum 10GB file size at once. One can share photos, videos, and everything downloaded from the Internet. 

4. Superbeam

Superbeam relies on Wi-Fi directly to share tons of pictures and videos between Android devices as they can pair with each other using NFC, QR code scanning, or manually set key sharing. 

You'll feel glad to know that this is another ad-free app to save you from annoying ad videos before you begin sharing. It has a paid pro version, but the basic version would also suffice to share minimum data. 

It has been popular among several Android and iOS users right from its launch as it provides multiple ways to share files between devices. Professionals and students use it to share data with minimal time consumption. Also, it has one feature that helps it stand out among other apps, as it allows sharing of an entire folder at once. The Phone clone feature of Xender will replicate the data of an old android device to a new one. 

The only disappointment about Xender is that it keeps popping up ads and installs random apps with sponsorships which might not be appreciated. The only reason why Xender is not on the recommendation list in the long run. But if you don't mind that, it is one of the most suitable apps available. 

6. AirDroid 

AirdDroid, another wireless data transferring app, allows sharing of files between computers and mobiles and even sends messages. The best news is that it is not available to Android users only but also freely for Apple users. 

It transfers data at a speed of 150Mbps and brings 'Wi-Fi direct' just like Superbeam, which doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection to share files from one user to another. 

7. XShare

Xshare is another app with the best reviews and ratings of 4.4 stars and great installs of 100 million. This ranks in the top position in the list of best apps for sharing files on the same platform and works on Wi-Fi and cellular data. 

It shares almost everything from photos to videos to music to documents and transfers data of any format, with the highest speed being 40Mbps, to transfer quickly. XShare is sometimes pre-installed on a few devices, but otherwise, it can be installed on android phones using the play store.

8. Zapya


The list ends and brings the best one out of all for you. Zapya! Yes, without exaggerating it much, it allows you to transfer files in bulk which even ShareIt failed to do. With a fast internet speed, you can use it for cross-platform sharing over Android and iOS with the help of a QR code scanning feature. 

This all-in-one app is a trendsetter, as it not only allows sharing but also offline chat with up to five devices and 'speed optimization' where you can customize the speed as per your connection even if it is slow. So, undoubtedly, this is the app that you need to transfer files. 


Other than the apps listed above, which is only a small number, the app store, and play store is flooded with apps similar to these, and we picked out the best ones for you to give a review of them. They are famous for their impressive performances and user-friendly interfaces. They stand in the queue to provide a tough competition to ShareIt, which has received exceptional responses since its launch. 

Android users have always had more options, but there are a few for iOS users too. So pick out the best one for your device as per your needs, and share files without worry. 

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