Rainbow 6 Siege: How To Win Playing 'Bomb'

Monday, 10 January 2022

Rainbow 6 Siege: How To Win Playing 'Bomb'

Posted by Madhu Gupta

One of the many modes in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 siege is ‘bomb’ mode. In this mode, two teams are against each other. The job of an attacker team is to find and destroy the bomb, while the role of defenders is to stop the enemy from diffusing the bomb.

It is an action-packed game that requires planning, precision, and good player abilities to succeed. It has many maps to choose from, and the variety of weapons and tools offered is extraordinary. 

Today, we will tell you some tips and tricks you can use to ace this mode. You can also buy the best rainbow six siege cheats to further increase your chances of winning.

Tips For Attackers

Attackers are required to destroy two bombs planted in the target building. They can also wipe out an enemy squad to seal around.

Locate The Bombs

The priority of the attackers must be to locate bombs. To scourge the bombs effectively, they can use the drones that each player can use once. So if you are in the attacking team and have a squad of five, you will have five chances of locating the bombs.

However, you and your team should use the drones on different building levels to cover the maximum searching area. Disperse your team members on other bomb sites once you locate the bombs and stop your enemy from procuring them.

Form A Plan

When your team is deciding which site to attack? You also need to consider several options, like entering the site from a roof breach. Are there any windows that can be accessed externally? You do not want to attack a well-defended site.

If you see an enemy concentration on one of the sites, move to a second site with little resistance. In that way, you will destroy at least one of the bombs with ease. Always look forward to using frags and smokes to kill and misguide your enemy.

Save Your Ammo

When you and your team have finally occupied the site where the bomb is already present or dropped by the enemy. Then all of you should get ready to defend this area from heavy enemy fire by returning heavy fire from your side.

Therefore, you need to conserve Ammo for these situations. Also, when the enemy planted the bomb, you somehow managed to occupy the site. Then, you will need to defend this site for at least 45 seconds so that your team member can diffuse the bomb. 

The enemy will rain fire upon you in that duration, and your ammo tank should also be full in return.

Tips For Defenders

The defenders have to detonate the bombs on two sites to win the round. They can also destroy the diffuser that the attacking team has or, like attackers, wipe out the enemy squad to win.

Beware Of Enemy Drones

When the round begins, your first task should be not to let the enemy see the position of your bombs. You can achieve this by MONI signal disruptor. MONI can be planted on stairs, windows, and doors to blind the enemy drone once it reaches its level.

It will save your bombs and buy you extra time to fortify both sites to increase your winning chances. The enemy will be flustered in searching for the bombs and divide into small teams to cover a larger area. In that way, you can quickly kill the individual members.

Disperse Your Team

Do not occupy just one of the bomb sites. Divide your team into two parts and cover both of the sites simultaneously. If you do not do that and defend one of the sites with all your team members, then your enemy team can quickly diffuse the other bomb and win the round.

Even if you try to move ahead, the enemy will kill you quickly as the enemy has already fortified the other location.

Choose Your Team Wisely

You can include Rook, Jaeger, and Castle in your team. They all have special abilities that will come in handy later in the game. Jaeger can block any incoming projectiles by using his "magpie" system. Castle can barricade the doors to fortify the doors and windows, and Rook has a "Rhino Armor" that will provide him with an edge against enemy fire.


Follow these tips as mentioned earlier and get an advantage of playing the 'bomb' mode of the game Rainbow 6 Siege like a pro. Happy gaming!


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