How to Turn Your Passion for Performance Into a Profitable Career

Friday, 12 November 2021

How to Turn Your Passion for Performance Into a Profitable Career

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Whether you are a singer, dancer, actor, comedian, musician, or another kind of performance artist, the chances are that you dream of turning your passion for your craft into a profitable career. Despite being a challenging feat, there are solid steps you can take to set the foundation to make this happen. Here are the first steps you can take towards making a career out of your performance artistry. 

Passion for Performance

Have a Great Headshot

We might live in the age of perfectly-edited selfies, but professionalism requires more creative expertise than that. No matter your performance medium, you want to invest in a headshot from a professional photographer that captures the essence of your character and the clearest perspective on your looks as possible. Be sure to consult with them about what kinds of clothing and makeup are most suitable, and have both digital and print copies on hand for auditions. And make sure when you show up that your hair is the same color and cut as it is in the photo!

Fine-Tune Your Resume

Maybe you’re just starting out as an actor and have very little on your resume other than extra work, or you’re a seasoned dancer with twenty years of stage performances behind you. No matter what you’re doing or where you are in your career, you want a resume that most accurately reflects your performance history. If you’re a new actor, but who you’ve trained with, accurate body states including weight and height, and any relevant skills you have. If you’re a seasoned dancer, list only your most recent and most famous or well-attended performances. 

Have a Profile on Talent for Hire Websites

In this new digital age, it is essential that you have an online presence, especially as younger generations are moving into positions of leverage in the entertainment business. Websites like Backstage, Actors Access, Casting Networks, and Special Guest have a great track record. Most indie productions and even some big entertainment networks have booked talent online, so make sure you are visible to them in as many places as possible. 

Keep Educating Yourself

The healthiest attitude to have as a performer is to accept that you are a lifelong learner. Continue to take classes in your craft, no matter how many years you have been at it. Studying with and learning from new people is a great gift and investment of time that will reap the rewards into the far future. 

Attend the Opening of an Envelope

You should be attending as many shows in your entertainment medium as humanly possible for multiple reasons. This will accelerate your ability to network, keep you informed on the skill level and overall landscape of the competition, and allow you the opportunity to show that you aren’t just in this for yourself. You’re willing to help out other performers in the scene. While there are tales galore of divas and conceited performing artists, the reality is that no one wants to work with a selfish performer. Be someone who shows up, says hello, and congratulates others. Not just because it will get you farther, but it will make everyone be able to breathe.  


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