Top 8 Countries to Outsource Your Business in 2021

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Top 8 Countries to Outsource Your Business in 2021

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Business outsourcing involves contracting a firm out of your professional environment to handle activities carried out internally. You can outsource customer support, IT support, product design, SEO, or software development, among others.

 This has several benefits to the firm, as explained below:
· It reduces the operating costs as companies hire fewer employees and use fewer resources;
· Allow the company to focus on the core business as other activities are carried out elsewhere
· Enables the company to hire bigger talent at a cheaper cost;
· Shares business risk with other firms.

Here are eight countries where you can find a quality outsource service, what each country is good at, and how to go about it.

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India has become a leading outsourcing destination thanks to its recent IT-boom. It now boasts of over 14 cities where you can outsource business services within the IT sector, including software development, cloud storage, call centre, and accounting.

The advantage with India is the low cost for outsourcing different services with the same level of professionalism as costly locations. To succeed in India, you need to check the quality before the price.


Malaysia has also rejuvenated its outsourcing companies to offer highly specialized knowledge for different multinationals around the world. You can look for business outsourcing companies in electronic manufacturing, semi-conductors, and support for East Asia markets.

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Besides, you can also get accent-neutral customer help contractors for your English markets. While the prices are higher than in India, go for a specialized outsourcing company for specific needs to get value for money.


China boasts of a high population, which is a big market for just any good. However, it has a unique culture and ways of doing business.

 Besides, it has become the undisputed leader in low-cost manufacturing. Outsource in the country if you are looking to enter the Chinese markets or have your products produced at a low cost. One advantage with China is that you can get a service at different price levels for specific markets.


Taiwan is the gateway to Asian markets. It also has expertise in semi-conductors, functional programming, cloud storage, and database management. It is the perfect location for specialized expertise and a soft landing into the Chinese market. Outsourcing business processes in Taiwan is a little expensive than in China.

However, its expertise in the above areas justifies the cost. To ensure success in Taiwan, you should go for specific services with a company with a track record in their industry.

The Philippines

The Philippines has had business outsourcing services for over 100 years. However, the IT BPO services started in 1997. The Philippines has expertise in various areas such as call centre, product design, programming, SEO, digital marketing, and various IT services.  Besides, most Filipinos boast a good command of English and several other languages.

 It is the perfect destination for all-around IT outsourcing. Business outsourcing prices vary, but you should get a good deal with a bit of research. Bundle up services to get a cheaper offer.


Ukraine is a post-Soviet state that has risen to be a leader in business process outsourcing. You can outsource anything IT, from software programming, web design, app development, call centre contracting, research and development, product design, and automation. Businesses can hire complete services such as IT or accounting and even use one of the companies to outsource services that they do not offer.

It is also a soft gateway to the East European states and Russia. Select companies that combine value with quality services.


Brazil is famous for its IT support services and call centres. It has favourable laws that allow teams to work as primary agents for companies overseas. It is also a gateway to central and Latin America. You can outsource services if you need a deeper understanding of these markets. Depending on the services, you can check on specialization and cost when selecting a business outsourcing company.

For customer help, go for call centres with bilingual or neutral accents.


Vietnam is a recent entrant into the world of business process outsourcing. It has hosted big apparel companies like Adidas and Nike. You can hire professional customer support, artificial intelligence, and software development.

It is a good destination for product design projects, customer service, web designs, and automation for your production.Pick a company that offers a mix of quality service and reasonable cost.


The cost of business process outsourcing varies widely on the service and the company you are hiring. Top outsourcing opportunities come at a higher cost than general services. However, you can still find good quality service at a reasonable price. Check the companies in any of the countries listed above and compare their services with others. Good luck with your business outsourcing.


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