10 SEO Tracking Metrics That Matter in 2021

Thursday, 15 July 2021

10 SEO Tracking Metrics That Matter in 2021

Posted by Madhu Gupta

SEO is such an important and in-depth tool that you can use to measure and track everything related to it. You can focus on various metrics, be that rankings, engagement, or revenue, to name a few. The SEO metrics allow you to have a better insight into how successful your organic searches are growing and performing. They also provide users with a lot of information that can help to form new strategies to target different markets.

seo tracking metrics

There are many metrics one can choose from to focus on and track. Below are our top ten metrics to help you make a serious impact on your SEO campaigns. 

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New Referring Domains

As backlinks are the most important Google ranking factor, the more relevant backlinks you have from good quality domains will boost the impact of your own domain. If a site links to you, Google believes that this makes you a trustworthy site. However, a second link from the same site doesn't have the same impact. New referring domains should be a priority to increase your visibility online, T-ranks SEO mentions. 

On-page Optimization Scores

This is the process of optimizing the contents of your page for both your users and the search engines. You can use various online tools to analyze your offerings and give you a score to reflect how well it is optimized for SEO. 

on page optimization scores

The score takes into account items such as; keyword density, instances of related keywords, URL, page title, and the meta description, to name a few.

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Text Readability

Whereas most metrics for SEO focus on more quantifiable metrics, text readability tracks the quality of your content. It uses things like the relevance of the content and comprehension. Actionable content that has clear takeaways is much more valuable than less researched and over-glorified content. 


Whenever your page shows up in Google search results, this counts as an impression. This is correct even if the user doesn't actually scroll down and see your listing correctly. Impressions are a great early indicator of how well your SEO campaign is going. As your rankings increase, your impressions will increase; once you can break into the top three, then your traffic will surge.

Click-Through Rate

Your click-through rate informs you of the percentage of impressions in Google SERPs that generate a click-through onto your web page. You can track this easily through Google's search console using the performance module. 

click through rate

Click-through rates and your page's ranking position have a strong correlation. The higher you rank, the more clicks you will get.

Keyword Rankings

Although obvious, keyword rankings are a very important metric to keep on top of. 

They allow you to benchmark your progress and offer early signals that your SEO strategy is working correctly. It would help if you focused on both branded and non-branded search terms while conducting your research to have the best results. This should also evoke organic growth and traffic to your site.

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Organic Traffic

It is essential to track the amount of organic search traffic your site gets. This is a true and relevant reflection of your page and campaign.

organic traffic

 It ultimately identifies whether your SEO efforts are delivering the foundations of a successful program or not. You can track this easily via Google analytics and map out your progression.

Indexed Pages

Google shows their pages and search results in an indexed format; to showcase them correctly, they must have devised a way to display this properly. If your pages aren't indexed, then they will never get any organic search traffic. You can use various online sites to ensure your page is indexed correctly to get the best results.

Pages Per Visit

This metric highlights your user's ability to explore your site further and move into the conversion funnel. Many people visit a site and only use one page; this is a missed opportunity to persuade them further to adhere to your site. This is the next step after gaining more traffic, and you must interest your visitors to stay on your site.

Bounce Rate

This, too, focuses on the number of pages viewed by visitors, and the bounce rate highlights those that visit one page on your site and then leave. 

bounce rate

This isn't a ranking signal, but it definitely indicates a problem with certain pages or your site as a whole. It is essential to track this and make any edits to help your page flow.


These ten metrics are vital for ensuring your site is successful and fully optimized for SEO. Keeping an eye on these metrics will allow you to track your campaigns' impact and give you the chance to tweak them to ensure you receive the best results. 

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