ECER For Convenient E-Recycle Solutions In Businesses

Friday, 5 March 2021

ECER For Convenient E-Recycle Solutions In Businesses

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Many companies are not aware that they need to handle their old computers and other electronic equipment with care. It is very dangerous to throw these items in the trash, and it is illegal. Unsecured old machines could expose proprietary data.

East Coast Electronics Recycling wants businesses and organizations of all kinds to know that they are ready to help solve e-waste. ECER Inc. provides easy and convenient services to help your business recycle its old machines safely and efficiently.


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Why Does E-Waste Need to be Recycled?

E-waste creates security problems as well as environmental problems. Most businesses are not aware that their old computers could hold data that could damage their businesses. They could expose patient or student privacy, cause employee identity theft or enable competing companies to access their business secrets.

In addition to the security problem posed by e-waste, there is a serious environmental consequence to improperly disposing of these items.

E-Waste Statistics

E-waste comprises only 2 percent of trash in America’s landfills, but it comprises 70 percent of the overall toxic waste present. Around 50 million metric tons of waste are disposed of worldwide each year. 

When e-waste is recycled, many metals like copper, lead, gold, chromium, silver, and palladium can be recovered & recycled from computers and smartphones.

Wiping Proprietary Data

East Coast Electronics Recycling uses extreme care in removing data before performing computer recycling. Computer hard drives are wiped using proprietary methods which follow the DOD (Department of Defense) Standard. A shredder destroys the data or wipes it.

Taking care of old data is one of the most important functions of the computer recycling company. If old data is not removed completely from the computer or smartphone, the owners run the risk of having their data exposed. Many types of businesses and organizations depend on keeping their proprietary data safe from external view.

Reuse of Old Computers

To keep old computers out of the waste stream, many can be reused. After the data has been properly wiped, so there is no possibility of reading it. 

old computers

We can give usable computers and laptops to schools, libraries, and community organizations in underprivileged areas in the United States and worldwide.

LCD and CRT screens are two of the components that are the most recyclable.

Easy Pick-Up Programs

Companies are starting to understand the significance of properly recycling their e-waste. ECER Inc. helps to simplify the process for all: contact them, and you can easily arrange for them to pick up your electronics from your business or organization and transport it quickly and securely to their facility.


Computers and other electronic equipment are always in a secure location. Ensuring that there is no misuse or stealing of items before wiping or recycling.

Your Responsibility To Recycle Computers

It is each company’s responsibility to keep dangerous items like old computers and smartphones out of the general waste stream. Heavy and precious metals in the computer can cause environmental pollution, damaging soil and groundwater, and affecting human health.

Together with the environmental impact of improperly recycled computers, companies and organizations need to recognize the need to keep their data out of the hands of bad actors. Siphoning of proprietary data linking schools, hospitals, and businesses are done by thieves.

ECER Inc. Makes It Easy

Especially after a business or organization has completed a major computer upgrade, the volume of e-waste generated can be overwhelming. 


Fortunately, it is easy to recycle old electronic equipment. The company can pick it up directly from your place of work, ensuring point-to-point security from the time of pickup to the eventual destruction of the computer.

Computer recycling is essential for security and the right thing to do in terms of the environment. Keeping dangerous materials out of the waste stream ensures the health and safety of future generations.

Serving the Many States

The company serves a wide sector of the American population. From Maine to Virginia, the company can pick up your computers for safe and responsible recycling. Working with ECER Inc. can put your mind at ease when thinking about the security of data and your environmental responsibilities.

Contact ECER Today

If you have computers to recycle, contact ECER Inc. today to find out how you can easily recycle them if it is convenient for you. We can drop off the items at their facility in Shirley, Massachusetts. 

If there are any problems regarding delivering your items in person, you can arrange for an easy and trouble-free pickup. ECER Inc. wants to make it easy for companies to dispose of their old machines safely and securely. 

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These were the convenient e-recycle solutions for businesses by ECER.


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