Best GBA Emulator for Android | Top 6 in 2024

 The Game Boy Advance (GBA) is one of the most successful manual consoles ever with Nintendo. It was one of the first portable consoles to hold vivid 32-bit games and a decorated collection of casual and fun games. If you want to restart your childhood with old classics or to try new addiction, take the fun of Game Boy Advance (GBA) with a GBA simulator on your Android smartphone. The best GBA emulator for Android will make it simple and enjoyable to play games.

best gba emulator for android

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Top 6 GBA Emulators for Android in 2024

Here are our options for the best GBA emulator for Android:

1. Overall Best GBA emulator for Android: EmuBox

EmuBox is the first one on our GBA mobile emulators list. This is the tool for you if you own an android device and you want to play Mario and so on. The user interface makes it amazing.

Some of the other consoles, including Nintendo DS, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance, can be used to play. You need a powerful device for PS games. The simulator performs perfectly in GBA games.



EmuBox is extremely good at managing all these diverse emulations with no frame drops or pauses. However, you can need a good smartphone to manage computing power if you wish to simulate DS or PlayStation games. This simulator performs outstandingly well for GBA games. The whole GBA library can recreate without delay. The application is free with no purchases.


However, you can expect one or two advertisements to show up occasionally. The simulator provides all the basic features you’ve come to expect, such as saving states and cheats, supporting hardware controls, screenshots, etc. But if you are a power user who uses extremely specialized features, EmuBox’s feature list can marginally decrease you.


It is incredibly quick to load the simulator. Download and install are what you need to do. You can execute it once on your device. Attach a joystick or just set up the screen keys to load your rom.


Features like the user interface are extremely basic and have no tone of customization. That’s why you notice some lack of advanced features. This is relatively new. But it’s nice at work. EmuBox is pretty decent for an alternative that doesn’t cost you a dollar.


  • Free
  • No in-app support
  • Supports hardware controller


  • Contains ads

2. ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy is the second in our android system GBA Emulator Series. It is somewhat similar to EmuBox making a multi-platform emulation to be compatible with more than one console. The tool helps you play your games on consoles such as NES, PlayStation, 64 Nintendo, Boy Color Game, and Boy Advance.


ClassicBoy has almost perfect emulation for almost all of the games and is therefore one of the best GBA emulator for Android. Just a few games aren’t running as well, and they request high demands. GBA games work without delay on the ClassicBoy, and you can enjoy the whole library without real issues. All basic features include protected states, fast forward support, hardware controller support, and cheats.


In addition to all the usual functionality you’ve planned, you’ll even discover some new stuff that is part of the simulator. Firstly, it will help all the sensors on your phone and use them to monitor the game. 


Also, it supports advanced gestures, meaning that you can perform touch gestures on the screen and translate them into instruction or Button inputs. This is a perfect choice for those without a physical controller and who don’t need an overlay to check their game on the show.


You can also do things that you like to modify the control layout. It makes it a little bit quick to enjoy even the most touch-screen games. The only biggest concern is that most of these features are not accessible. If you look for one of these advanced features, you should expect to pay for the entire version. 


In general, if a multiplatform simulator is looking for which most games are played correctly, then ClassicBoy is suitable. Try Lite edition until you decide on the purchase.


  • Decent features
  • Sensor support
  • Supports gesture controls


  • Some games will not work well.

3. GBA.emu

GBA.emu is an unparalleled emulator, allowing you to play your favorite games on your GBA emulator. Many of you who know it already has PC support, and this is quite exceptional.


GBA.emu emulation is nearly perfect for all GBA games. It has sophisticated emulation features such as emulation BIOS that supports your games correctly. Emulation is a breeze with very few complications in nearly all sports.


It comprises all standard features, including support for cheat code, hardware controller, state storage, and backup memory. You can use the simulator for most USB and console gamepads and also support Wii controllers.


Also, expect support from multiplayer since the simulator is based on a PC release. You can also conveniently synchronize your backups smoothly between your PC and your devices. There are no Lite or GBA.emu trials. You need to order the simulator to use it. 


You can’t see how it works because you need to merely depend upon the refund program to protect you if you have any issues. Yet GBA.emu is a rock-solid medium for emulation of the best GBA emulator for Android.



  • Backup memory feature
  • BIOS emulation
  • Multiplatform support


  • No free version

4. John GBA Lite

John GBA Lite is the fourth in our Android system GBA emulator series. It’s the best GBA emulator for Android. A GBA simulator with unrivaled user interfaces for an android smartphone. Emulation assistance is mind-blowing. Ideal for gamers looking for a simple-to-use solution.



John GBA can replicate a comprehensive game library with no problems. It also has advanced support for emulation to enhance emulation accuracy further. There is a range of audio and visual tools open to you to adjust. John GBA also has the necessary functionality you like.


Save states, cheats, and support for the controller are normal things, and most are left out for convenience. You can still find unique features like Dropbox and cloud save support. John GBA’s on-screen keyboard layout is not the best but can be modified to be used. Besides that, this emulator functions surprisingly well for those who want to run their games with a simple emulator.


  • Easy to use
  • Hardware controller support
  • Cloud saving feature


  • Poor on-screen keyboard

5. RetroArch

RetroArch is a superb GBA emulator that offers your favorite games on a great platform. You get a tremendous experience from this GBA emulator for android devices.


The emulator includes all of the most important functions for your game. We found it to be a new tool that uses the Liberto interface for development. It works as an emulator but offers enormous flexibility.


These cores can be installed to create several emulators for popular platforms and even underrated platforms such as Sega Game Gear, Sega Saturn, and Nintendo 64. RetroArch can be a challenge to play GBA games. It needs technological knowledge that many people don’t have.


But you can use it for superb GBA emulations with little inconvenience and problems once you get it done. There are some GBA special characteristics of other emulators, but it can be good if you want to change your emulation quality. If you want to get behind your emulation techniques, RetroArch is a good platform for imitations of GBA games and the best GBA emulator for Android.



  • Free
  • Accurate emulation
  • Excellent technical options


  • Difficult to setup.

6. Pizza Boy

Pizza Boy GBA has newly entered into this new industry with its unique feature of C and assembly programming languages, making it easier to operate and positively impact your battery life, making it lightweight. 

Even if the mobile phone belongs to an older android version, it enables you to play your favorite games 60 times per second. It has replicated variants of the original Game Boy Advance (GBA), providing the user with a great nostalgic gaming experience. 


Accurate emulation for its sound and image development. It supports the basic requirements like save states, speed adjustment, hardware controller, and no advertisements. It is among the best GBA emulator for Android.


  • No Ads
  • 60 FPS
  • Better battery life

Final Thoughts

You can select the best GBA emulator for Android from several choices. Finally, you have to determine which simulator you like and which one fits well for your needs. Hence, we hope the above article will help you choose the best GBA emulators for Android according to your preferences.

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