Easy Merging of Multiple PDF Documents Online with PDFBear

Friday, 22 January 2021

Easy Merging of Multiple PDF Documents Online with PDFBear

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Isn’t it a hassle to handle multiple PDF documents when you can combine them all into a single PDF file instead? By doing this, you can easily save more time and even avoid any hassle in performing certain processes. It can be really taxing to use the same process for different PDF documents may it be uploads, printing, and other purposes.


You can merge and combine your PDF documents into one PDF file through PDFBear. PDFBear’s PDF merger will help you combine your PDF documents in a simplified and straightforward way. PDFBear also provides this online PDF merger for free on its website. You’ll have a cost-friendly alternative in merging your PDF documents online. Even word to pdf conversion can be done easily.

Features of PDFBear

PDFBear has innumerable tools and features to offer its user. Among its many notable features, the following are the most striking:

1. Easy Merging of Multiple PDF Documents Online 

You’ll find that PDFBear’s online PDF merge process is one that you can easily perform. Any user using this tool can merge PDF files through a simplified process that uses a four-step method. In turn, you surely won’t feel confused while you combine your PDF documents using this online PDF merger. All you’ll need is to religiously follow PDFBear’s four-step process in combining multiple PDF files.

merge PDF on PDFBear

For the first step of this online process, you must select and upload your PDF files into the converter. We know that selecting and uploading multiple PDF files can be quite tedious. In turn, you can always drag-and-drop multiple PDF documents into this PDF merger. Once you’ve uploaded all PDF files, PDFBear will combine all your files into a single PDF document.

combine or merge PDF

You can always modify your PDFs if you find it necessary. Once you’re done making all the modifications, simply press “Combine” or “Merge PDF!” A merged PDF document should be ready to download in less than a minute. You can always download the new PDF document to your computer or share the file with your Google Drive and even Dropbox.

2. Cheap, Efficient, And User-Friendly PDF Merger

This online tool will help you combine your PDF documents into one PDF file. In turn, it can help you do so with ease. Plus, this online PDF merger is one of the simplest online tools to manipulate. You surely won’t have a hard time using it to merge and combine multiple PDF files! Even those who are trying this process for the first time can easily do so through this PDFBear tool!

It can provide you an accurately combined PDF within a minute. Without a doubt, this online PDF merger is one of the most efficient online tools available today. It qualifies as one of the best online tools for pdf conversion as well. It can give you an accurately merged and combined PDF file promptly with no delays! PDFBear’s undoubtedly an easy tool to use for these types of PDF processes.

PDFBear Pricing

This online tool allows you to combine multiple PDF documents for free. But you can only do so for a limited number of times. If you need to combine and merge many files, then going PRO with PDFBear PRO should be the answer. This premium subscription goes for only $5.99 a month which is almost nothing compared to those costly software tools that offer the same process.

3. Accessible & Usable On Any Platform

This PDFBear online PDF merger should function without problems or issues on any platform. You’ll be able to access and use this online PDF merger regardless of the operating system that you’ll be using. In turn, you can use Windows, Mac, Linux, and other major operating systems to merge your PDF documents through PDFBear.

PDFBear also offers this online PDF merger tool on mobile platforms. Anyone who’s using an iOS or Android device should be able to access and use this PDF merger tool. With this, you can now merge multiple PDF documents straight from your smartphone. See to it that you have access to a Wi-Fi connection before using this web-based PDF merger tool.


There’s absolutely no reason that PDFBear shouldn’t be on your top three go-to online tools for this process. PDFBear most definitely leads other competitors in efficiently and accurately combining multiple PDFs into a single PDF file. All the writing services, conversion work and PDF management can be done through this software in a trice!

PDFBear can provide you with a high-quality outcome using an effortless yet effective process. Plus, this online PDF merger allows you to combine multiple PDFs for free, adding another reason merging PDF files is ideally done through PDFBear.


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