8 Must-have Android Apps for Lawyers in 2022

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

8 Must-have Android Apps for Lawyers in 2022

Posted by Madhu Gupta

2022 has been an unprecedented year. Professionals who couldn’t imagine the scenario before are now working exclusively from home, thanks to COVID-19. A report published recently estimated that social interaction will decline so much that by 2021, around 85% of our interactions will not involve physical proximity to a human being. 

As a lawyer, these statistics may seem scary. For those of us who thrive on a face to face communication, establishing relationships, and the human element, to provide our services and bring home the bread, a future where everything is digital feels overwhelming. 

Client interactions are essential to a successful legal practice. Luckily with the right technology and apps to support you, your clients will easily find a solicitor and get the same comprehensive and coordinated care that you would provide under normal circumstances.

Top 8 Android Apps for Lawyers

Using the right apps can help you manage your legal practice in many ways. They can help boost productivity, improve workflow, facilitate remote communication, and help you become more organized. Apps specifically designed for lawyers can expedite research, simplify accounting procedures, help with invoicing, project management, time tracking… the list is endless. We will se some Android apps for Lawyers.

From daily management tasks to financials, billing, and more.

Here are the 8 best android apps for lawyers in 2022: -

1. Clio

Clio is one of the leading organisational apps for lawyers.

Offering billing, time tracking, file management, and more, Clio integrates seamlessly with many email and cloud storage platforms. 

Price: Free. 

2. Fastcase

Besides the endless paperwork that lawyers have to fill out, legal research the other essential aspect of any standard practice. Fastcase can help you organize your research with its extensive research library.

Fastcase is the go-to online legal research app for lawyers, a mobile platform. The only downside is that the database is American law, so it is better suited for lawyers who practice in the U.S. or those who are interested in American law statutes. This is one of the best Android apps for Lawyers.

Price: Free.

3. Lexicata

Lexicata is another great android apps for lawyers. This customer relationship management app tackles administrative tasks like collecting leads and following up with clients.

Lexicata can also be used to sign documents and monitor your digital marketing campaigns digitally.

 Price: Free trial. 

4. Depose

Depose allows lawyers to take depositions remotely, making it a legal app that is the most valuable tool for lawyers. It is a great Android apps for Lawyers.

Price: $8 

5. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is an excellent app to help you look for clients. As a marketing tool, Thumbtack can do wonders to expand your clientele.

While the app is not exclusive to lawyers, it has great potential to connect you to a goldmine of clients. And hence it is one of the best Android apps for Lawyers.

 Price: Sign up for free. Varied prices to contact interested clients. 

6. Dashlane

As a lawyer, you are privy to some sensitive information. You will see that all the legal apps held and have access to your data, and information and enhanced security are crucial. Keeping track of your passwords for all the platforms you use is also a gargantuan task.

Dashlane enhances the safety of all your digital accounts, apps, and platforms. It can safely secure and remember your passwords in one place. The app itself can be secured via TouchID technology. It also recommends healthy password suggestions for your apps. It severves as a great Android apps for Lawyers

 Price: Free for up to 50 passwords. Unlimited passwords, devices, two-factor authentication, and credit monitoring for $10 monthly.  

7. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is accounting software designed for service-based businesses such as lawyers, although it is now exclusive to law practices. The software is packed with accounting tools to facilitate the running and management of your business.

It allows you to streamline and error check to invoice, accept online payments, track income and expenses, track time billing, manage projects, set payment reminders on a schedule, automatic recurring billing, cloud storage of receipt images, create proposals and estimates and proposals, and collaborate with your clients and project teams. 

Price: Plans starting at $15 monthly.

8. Evernote

This Android apps for Lawyers does wonders. Annotating documents, taking notes, and organizing paperwork make up for a large slice of a lawyer’s time. Evernote is the gold standard when it comes to note-taking apps.

The interface is simple yet potent for recording and organizing notes. In addition to note-taking, Evernote also boasts many other features like simple image editing, collaboration on projects, creating to-do lists, and remote sharing. You can also use the OCR feature to transform handwritten notes into a digital format. 

Price: Varies with plans. 

While many apps can manage your law firm from home, don’t add on too many apps simultaneously. It would be smarter to start with a few and add to your list when you are comfortable with your existing apps.


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