Vimeo vs YouTube: Which Will Work Best for Your Business?

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Vimeo vs YouTube: Which Will Work Best for Your Business?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Lots of businesses, especially despite the latest impact of COVID-19 pandemic, are turning their attention to social platforms. The variety of those is enormous. But as the primary predicted trend for social media is video content, YouTube and Vimeo are regarded as leading choices for promotion. 

These platforms are based primarily on video content. But they have specific prominent differences that make business owners wonder, which of these social media would serve best for the marketing strategy. Let's try to find out how different are these networks.

Audience size

YouTube is unbelievably huge. The flow of new users can be practically endless with the right strategy. There will not be so many views on your Vimeo. In comparison, it operates a much smaller community. YouTube has the audience more prominent than one billion viewers, and Vimeo can show off around 200 million people that are visiting this platform monthly. So for the bigger and faster expansion of your auditory, you should choose the YT platform. For more focused and niche development, you can use the second one.

Community and Competition

This point is thoroughly connected to the matter of the previous paragraph. Due to the difference in numbers, the communities on these social platforms went on separate ways. 

As the audience is more prominent, the number of businesses that occupy popular niches grows exponentially. Thus, it is effortless to get lost among thousands of similar videos that appear on YouTube every single day. On Vimeo, you will have fewer competitors and will be able to run a fruitful promotion campaign in one of the most occupied niches.

Note: There is a higher possibility of meeting immature behavior on YouTube than on Vimeo. That is because the first network is used by youth, and people of older age prefer the second one. 

Money-Saving or Money-Oriented

When talking about spending lesser funds on promotion, the winner is probably YouTube. Using it is entirely free, there are no limits to the size and quantity of uploaded videos, and it doesn't care if you are a business account or not. On the other hand, Vimeo offers a basic plan for businesses. But for someone who is at the start of his business, every buck should be saved. There is a direct correlation between competition size and the promotion price. 

Adding the fact that there are numerous strategies for totally free growth on YouTube, there's nothing left to say on Vimeo's behalf. 

Metrics Analyzing

It is crucial to gather every last piece of information about user behaviors, reactions, and preferences. There's a big list of statistics that matter to the business:

  • Watch time
  • Unique Viewers
  • Subscribers
  • View duration
  • Click-through rate
  • Traffic, etc. 

It helps you to improve your content regarding how your viewers interact with it. Google's spawn wins here again, and for the same reason as before. There is no fee for watching your stats. On Vimeo, you have to pay to have access to a whole specter of metrics that are important to you.

Mobile Access

The obvious choice is here. Around half of all views on YouTube are coming from mobile devices. This social network is outrunning any other video app, including streaming services like Netflix or Twitch. Even knowing that Vimeo content is also well-optimized for mobile doesn't save the day. It is wiser using YouTube as a tool for attracting new generations, as people tend to spend most of their time with noses stuck to their smartphones. But Vimeo takes place as well as its content is more focused and selected. So it's up to you and your business strategy you choose.

Search Optimisation

Unfortunately for Vimeo, YouTube is outstanding in this matter as well. It is known as the second largest search engine. Hmm, why would that be so? :) All thanks to its mommy - Google. Like any loving parent, Google will prefer in its search the videos that are uploaded on YouTube rather than any different platform. That makes a good reason for a business to use YouTube as the primary place for promotion. And take a good time on research for the best keywords too. 

Technical Support

And here is a point to Vimeo! Oh, finally. This perk comes with its policy of paid packages. Purchasing a specific plan, you will also get a different level of technical support for your profile. More money spent equals better service for you at any time and in any case. On the other hand, YouTube has no mercy for dummies. You have to be able to find information by yourself. Yes, technical support is present, but it will not be as thorough as the one on Vimeo. 

Advertisement Options

And another one for Vimeo. Everyone remembers how annoying pre-roll ads can be. Although you can buy ads for 10$ a day on the platform for yourself, this can infuriate some users, and they will never become your customers. By now, ads are not allowed on Vimeo, and they don't seem like changing this policy in the nearest future. This helps you deal with ad-free and more compliant users who will readily absorb your content and come to your business.  In your face, YouTube!

To Sum It All Up

In general, YouTube is a winner. It has what a brand needs for growth. It is widespread, and it's cheap. But the fame of this social platform also brings a significant disadvantage. It is very hard not to drown in the stream of content that is similar to yours. Every popular niche is filled with other brands that are struggling for their place under the sun. Vimeo can offer you smaller, but still constant attention to your blog or business, even if you are not super-creative with your videos. This is an excellent method to start your development and check on your strategy before reaching out to the bigger audience on YouTube. It's up to your business needs right now. Good Luck!


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