9 Best Writing Apps for iOS in 2024

Nowadays, people use mobile devices for communication and entertainment. However, a lot of people who work on desktops switch to mobile devices. It is convenient to use an iPhone or iPad for writing. You can bring your smartphone or tablet from Apple with you, sync files, or turn a tablet from the Apple company into a desktop by connecting a physical keyboard.

The Top 9 Writing apps for iOS are: 

Therefore, you need to make the choice of the best writing apps for iOS.

Top 9 Writing Apps for iOS

Let’s check the best mobile writing application for iOS in 2024:

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Google Docs

It is one of the top writing services from Google. This app is free in the AppStore and has a 4.9 score, which is excellent. By using this app, you shouldn’t be afraid of accidental data loss. This app uploads all the data to cloud storage simultaneously when you can access the Internet.

google docs

It provides the ability to share a document with anyone. Moreover, you can set up editing permissions by generating a shareable link.

Download Google Docs

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It is a free text editor from the Apple company. It works perfectly on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The main feature of this app is a large assortment of templates and mockups that allow composing a document with no hassle.


It brings the ability to supplement your document with any graphics. You can add diagrams, icons, images, and figures. Also, you can draw in documents or insert audio files.

Download Pages

Microsoft Word

Keeping a high score of 4.8 in the AppStore, this writing app for iOS provides the ability to write quickly and supplement your papers with images, tables, bullet lists, etc. The full-featured app can write blog posts, books, and documentation.

microsoft word

The application provides excellent tools for text formatting. You can easily update text styles, add images, highlight particular sentences, and share your documents using Microsoft Word on your iPhone or iPad.

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Download Microsoft Word


Werdsmith has the best score among the writing apps for iPads. Keeping a 5.0 mark, this app for authors turns your iOS device into a portable writing studio. It is perfect for writing books, poems, stories, and essays. It provides the ability to update formats and themes.


Therefore, you can customize the app according to your needs. The Werdsmith will notify you how many written words motivate you to write more.

Download Werdsmith


Elevate your iOS experience with Elephas’s iOS writing app. Seamlessly connecting your devices, Elephas enhances how you share files, links, and text snippets across platforms, making collaboration effortless.

elephas ios keyboard

With its intuitive interface and swift synchronization, Elephas empowers you to bridge the gap between your devices, ensuring you’re always in sync and in control of your digital interactions. Say goodbye to cumbersome transfers and hello to a streamlined, unified ecosystem – experience Elephas today.


Are you looking for a simple iOS application with a minimal design? Consider downloading the iWriter text editor in the AppStore. This app will be helpful for those who can hardly focus on work.


It provides distraction-free writing in full-screen mode. Also, this app shows the word count statistics in live time.

Download iWriter

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Creative Writer

This application will be helpful for those who experience a lack of inspiration. This app is one of the best writing apps, with a 5.0 score and the ability to write poems, stories, and books using a word flow.

creative writer

This app generates dozens of suitable words when you’re writing. Hence, you can compose a document by using suggested words only.

Download Creative Writer


Scrivener is one of those writing apps for iOS, which greatly assists those who write books, scenarios, and complicated documents.


It helps to arrange all the files by a hierarchy structure that allows navigating quickly and easily. Moreover, it syncs all your documents and converts them into any format.

Download Scrivener

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Wolfram Alpha

If you need to supplement your document with some calculations, feel free to use the Wolfram Alpha app. The question – “can I pay someone to do my math homework?” will not arise in your mind with this application. It is a comprehensive tool that can resolve almost anything.

wolfram alpha

Summing Up

So these were the top writing app for iOS. The above apps in this article do a fantastic job of helping people improve their grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and more.

They are all excellent apps. Choose a writing app based on their device and budget. Free and paid options are available.

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