SyncMate Review: Is It One of the Best Mac Synchronization Software?

If you’re one of such people who use multiple devices and multiple accounts of cloud storage to store your data, you must be having an idea of what it is like to deal with unsynchronised data. While you work on one device, it is convenient to have the changes saved on all other devices as well. Also, when you have multiple storage accounts on cloud-based platforms, it becomes essential to have the data in sync so that you work conveniently. When you’re eager to do this, there is no tool better than SyncMate, which is packed with multiple features for multiple platforms.


What is SyncMate?

SyncMate is a powerful synchronization tool for Mac. It has become highly popular due to the possibility of syncing data between Mac and Android devices. SyncMate is a fully compatible platform with Android 10 devices and iOS 13 tools. Also, the users can sync the data between your Mac running on Catalina and any other machine that SyncMate supports. 

This platform provides an option of syncing 14 different types of data on your various devices. These include Contacts, Calendar, Call Records, Messages, and many more. Additionally, the SyncMate provides its users with a total of 20 features that can be used in the Expert category of users.

System Requirements

The following requirements should be ensured before you try to install SyncMate on your Mac device. They are:
Operating System: OS X 10.10+
Disk Space: 48.51MB of free space

Features of SyncMate

The SyncMate for Mac is an excellent tool for syncing different cloud storage and other device data. However, it is possible only due to the vast range of features it holds in itself, which have been discussed below.

Syncing iTunes to Android

If you’re an avid user of iTunes, you will face a lot of problems in keeping track of your Music. But to avoid the hassles, you might try to Sync iTunes to Android which is possible using this tool called SyncMate. An additional benefit comes in the firm if different options to manage the Music on your devices, which you can listen to depending on your mood. The steps to sync iTunes to Android are:

  1. Download the SyncMate software and install it on your device. 
  2. Once you have launched our SyncMate, you will need to tell the app how you would like your Mac and Android to connect. This can be done via a USB, using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 
  3. After this installation is complete, choose what to sync and what not to sync. Under this section, you should select Music.  
  4. Now, the SyncMate will transfer all the Music organized into different playlists, albums, artists, and genres with their metadata and album cover already added.
  5. Then, click on the Sync Button, and a progress bar will appear to show the progress. 
  6. Disconnect your device when the progress is completed successfully.

Hassle-Free Sync Between Mac and Android

Since it is a well-known fact that there is absolutely no tool or software, other than SyncMate, which allows the data transfer and synchronization between Android and Mac, it becomes a useful tool. The users can use this tool to keep their data matched in their different devices all the time if they have an active internet connection. 

Therefore, it’s only a matter of choice which tool the users use after installing SyncMate as all the data would get saved on each device with this software. The process is so simple that it takes less than a minute to finish off with the process at the user’s end. This makes this software hassle-free and convenient to use.

Sync Between Mac and Cloud Services

While a user might be using multiple cloud services apart from those recognized by Mac, it is now possible to synchronize that data as well. This means the information you have saved on Dropbox, or Drive, or any other service can be accessed easily on your Mac device and vice-versa. 

You can now rest assured about your all-time access to the data stored on your cloud storage accounts, which you can access using this software. The synchronization between these two entities takes a mere few minutes, even if there is a vast data transfer involved, due to the self-developed features of SyncMate.

Complete Integration of All the Services

While using your Mac, you must have wondered what if I could use the data on other platforms as well on this computer. This exact thought has been realized practically by SyncMate, which has developed software to turn your laptop into a mainframe host of data. It hardly matters if you store your data on cloud services such as Dropbox, Drive, etc. or Microsoft accounts — your information is with you, always. 

Also, the data stored on your cloud storage is entirely secure, and no third party applications are required at all to make the synchronization possible. This also makes SyncMate one of the safest software use for Mac synchronization.

Pricing Information

The SyncMate software has been recently updated SyncMate 8 and comes in two categories for the users. There is a Free Category of users who get to use the software for synchronization of only six types of data. However, with the Expert Category, this is not the case. The users then get data synchronization of 20 kinds of data, including folders, call history, browser bookmarks, etc. The charges for Expert Category are as follows:

  1. Personal Usage: $39.95 (up to 2 Mac devices)
  2. Family Usage: $59.95 (up to 6 Mac devices)
  3. Business Usage: $99.95 (up to 10 Mac devices)
  4. Unlimited Usage: $199.95  (Infinite Mac devices)


This was a comprehensive review of SyncMate for Mac, which is one of the best software of its domain. It provides some of the best features to the users, which can be highly useful in data synchronization across different platforms. It is a must-use software since it is available for trial as well before you get to buy the actual product.

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