Kicksta Review: A Platform for Instagram Growth

Nowadays, every person wants to be famous and become viral. There must have been a lot of instances when you would have tried to make your audience grow by increasing your social media followers. However, the task only seems to be easy, but to make it happen in reality is challenging, and not everyone manages to do it. Many brands, celebrities, people, etc., go unnoticed despite performing well due to their lack of fan following and user base on social media. That is when tools such as Kicksta kick in and make things easier and better for their users.

Kicksta is a platform that will help you to grow your Instagram account. But how? Kicksta will make your posts reach a like-minded audience, making them visit your profile. Kicksta will also provide insights of your progress so that, if you like, you can invest more.

Keep reading to understand more about Kicksta.

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Kicksta Review: What is it?

Kicksta is a service that uses artificial intelligence to help you engage with an authentic audience and not bots because those bots will only be a blot on your account if they’re stagnant. Kicksta started rolling out its services to different groups of people and brands and has become a favorite quickly.

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Kicksta Review

However, Kicksta does not make false promises to its users; hence, the users are completely aware of what they are doing. Kicksta does not grow followers but only helps the brands reach their users.

Why Prefer Kicksta?

This is a great question and a valid one, too, that the users need to have an answer to. There are many tools and websites which are helping their users to grow their Instagram followers and become micro-influencers.


But Kicksta is one of those reliable tools that can get you real followers, on Instagram if you intend to improve your brand or company name. Kicksta does not use bots to randomly open your profile to fake accounts and let you live under the illusion of false followers. Instead, Kicksta allows real users to select and choose whether they want to show interest in your brand. This is one of the reasons why Kicksta does not promise the number of followers that will increase.

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Features of Kicksta

Kicksta has many features which will help the users who have decided to take the services of Kicksta to improve their presence on the image-based platform Instagram.

Meaningful and Real Audience

When you sign up for Kicksta services, you are not asked to stop posting new content, nor will Kicksta do it on your behalf. Instead, Kicksta will help your content reach the intended audience, who might never have come across your profile due to obvious reasons. Once the audience comes across a page repeatedly, the scrolling stops, and gradually, that audience becomes your follower.


Your profile gets a better viewership, as it will now be shown in the recommended list of their followers. Therefore, the list of followers on your profile will consist of only those interested in your content and brand, and no unnecessary and non-engaging profiles will load your profile. 

The Clock Growth Rate

Another promising feature of Kicksta is that the growth does not state to a particular region in the World. Since the World is now global, the audience and followers discover your profile from all the parts of the World and help you to get around the clock growth rate. The artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies used by Kicksta ensure that the audience remains engaging and the content goes to like-minded people continuously for a better growth rate.

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Frequent Reports and Insights

While you can see that your brand and profile have steady growth, you won’t know the best thing to do to reach the zenith without reviewing what is working and what isn’t. Hence, Kicksta provides many insights into its methodology and everything it has done to promote your profile.

kicksta report

These reports allow you to quickly determine where to invest more effort and what to stop. After all, not everything would work for a particular brand or profile. Therefore, Kicksta allows you to work on your strengths and make your presence felt on this platform.

Safe and Secure to Use

While making your profile available to the public, many tools of this kind will expose you to unnecessary spamming. However, since Kicksta is well known for its security and safety, it does not let the spammers spam your profile and make the experience for your core users terrible. Due to this excellent and essential feature, the existing users and followers don’t leave your brand citing lousy expertise. That gives stability to your user base.

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Pricing and Subscription

With so many features of Kicksta, the users will surely want to use it, but for the pricing system. However, Kicksta provides a money-back assurance to all its users within 14 days of signing in. Once you have confirmed your account details with Kicksta, you can continue testing your performance until 14 days and opt to leave if you feel the services are not up to mark or as you had expected.

Kicksta pricing

Kicksta won’t ask you a single question and will proceed with a 100% refund. However, if you wish to continue, you must choose between one of the two available plans — Standard and Premium.

Standard Subscription

This subscription is available for $49 per month for a single user. Under this subscription, you can access basic features such as meeting targets and steady growth rates. However, blocklisting and advanced targeting characteristics won’t be available to such users.

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Premium Subscription

Under the Premium subscription, the users are entitled to every feature under the standard subscription. This also includes other features such as email support, live chat support, and blocklisting for spammers. It costs $99 per month for a single user. Also, the targeting rates enhance, and the growth rates reach peak levels under this subscription.


Does Kicksta really work?

Kicksta will help you to grow your Instagram followers by engaging with the target audience strategically.

Can I trust Kicksta?

Kicksta is a secure tool and is also affordable for everyone.

How do I cancel Kicksta?

You will find a cancellation form in the dashboard. Fill out this form to cancel Kicksta. But a refund is not available after the trial period.

How much does Kicksta cost?

The creative plan, which includes basic support and growth, costs $49/month. And the professional plan, which provides for high-level support, customization, and filters, costs approximately $149/month.


This was a comprehensive review of Kicksta, which will help you to grow your brand and user base on Instagram. The followers are genuine, and the services are up to the mark and highly secure, based on the real-time reviews of the clients.
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