Top 6 Ways to Take Professional Pictures from Your Phone in 2024

A few years ago, many of us were carrying around large, expensive cameras to capture life’s best moments. Now, most of you carry your smartphones to take professional pictures from your phone.
Smartphones have become more than just a phone – they connect us via social media, work as an alarm clock, notepad, and, of course, a camera!

how to take professional pictures from your phone
How to take professional pictures from your phone


The camera on the latest iPhone and the latest Androids are incredibly high quality, with crystal clear images and video. Today, anyone with a smartphone can be their professional photographer.

Taking great pictures with your phone isn’t hard, but it does take a little skill. Use these tips to take professional photos with your phone.

How To Take Professional Pictures from Your Phone

  • Hold Steady
  • Focus
  • Follow the Rule of Thirds
  • Use a Tripod
  • Don’t Avoid Negative Space
  • Find Natural Light

Hold Steady

First and foremost way to take professional pictures from your phone is holding your phone steady! If you don’t hold your phone steady, the photos will not turn out well: they’ll be blurry, shaky, and off focus. Keeping still while you take the picture can be difficult for some people, but it will drastically improve the quality of the photo you take.

While making preparations to take professional pictures from your phone, hold your phone with two hands if you have to, just so long as the camera is held steady. Also, don’t forget to stay still until the photo is shot – sometimes, the shutter takes a second, and moving too soon will ruin a good picture.


Focus your photos before clicking the shutter button! Your phone’s camera may not automatically focus on the subject or the place of the picture. While smartphone cameras do have impressive capabilities, it won’t always get it right. 

In this case, you’ll have to focus – luckily manually, it is super easy to take professional pictures from your phone. Touch the subject or focus area on your screen, and the camera will focus on the point that you reached. If it still doesn’t look right, tap around on your screen until you feel that the focus is set correctly.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a classic photography rule that everyone can learn and follow to take professional pictures from your phone. It states that you can break a photo down into a three by three frame, with nine total squares. The theory is that the subject of your photo should fall along one of the gridlines to create a more balanced and well-spaced photo. Studies suggest that people’s eyes naturally fall along those grid lines, rather than right in the dead center of the photo, as many people believe.

The rule of thirds is pretty simple in theory, and luckily it’s even simpler to take professional pictures from your phone! Most smartphones have the gridlines on the camera app – all you have to do is turn it on, and you’ll see the three by three grid on your screen when you take pictures. The network might not be there during the picture action, but it makes it easier to place your subject along the grid lines. 

Even if you don’t want to follow the exact specifications of the rule of thirds, you can still use the gridlines to get a better perception of the spacing in your photo. This is one of the easiest ways to take take professional pictures from your phone.

Use a Tripod

Whether you have shaky hands or you want to take a big group picture, a tripod is a great tool to enhance your photos! Smartphone tripods support your phone, and most can fit most smartphone models with an adjustable clamp. Many even come with a shutter button connected via Bluetooth, so you can set your phone up on the tripod stand and take photos from a distance. 

It makes it easy to get group photos with everyone included! Precisely, group photos become more attractive when you  take professional pictures from your phone in a smarter way!

Don’t Avoid Negative Space

Negative space is the area around your subject. Many people try to fill the frame with a photo subject like a person or a dog! Negative space helps your subject to stand out better, especially if there’s contrast involved. Don’t be afraid to include extra negative space or play around with the background behind the subject of your photo. Precisely, the task to take professional pictures from your phone becomes easier.

Find Natural Light

Natural light is the best option to light your photo. A high setting with natural light will yield beautiful images. If you’re in a low light setting, flash is always an option, but there are some drawbacks. Flash often leads to red-eye, squinting subjects, flashy reflections, or overexposure in your picture. If you can, try to find natural light to get a lovely glow over your question. Ideally, the light should be facing your subject, not behind them, so that it lights their face and doesn’t darken their silhouette.

Final Thoughts

With a high-quality smartphone camera, anyone can take photos that look nearly professional! Polish your photos with some editing tools, and you’re sure to be wowing everyone on social media. These are some of the best ways you can learn to take professional pictures from your phone. If you have followed any of the above ways, we’d be happy to know about your experience. 

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