How Can SMS Help Improve Your Company's Customer Service?

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

How Can SMS Help Improve Your Company's Customer Service?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Companies of today’s world are always in competition over who can provide the best customer service experience. The success of many startups, or even long-established companies, depends on the success of their customer service. 

This is why almost all businesses that interact with the public, continuously try to improve their customer service quality. One way that has proved effective in its reach to the public, and in providing a better customer service experience, is the use of SMS

Text messages that reach the entire customer base of modern business are now a popular choice in the market, seeing as they can improve customer service experience.
improve customer service experience

Customers can Provide their Feedback

Just like any other service, improving customer service for a business is best done by listening to what the customers themselves have to say. Through the use of SMS, customers can be sent feedback forms or survey links, through which they can provide their opinions on the services offered by the company. 

According to the customer-service specialists at, millions of people now use smartphones and have it on them at all times; this means that the use of SMS for gathering feedback can reach millions of customers pretty easily. 

Customers can answer simple polls, fill in surveys on their phones, or they can text back the company with any concerns that they may have. 

Sharing Business Updates with Consumers

Getting more and more people to know about your business and all the new services it has to offer them is key to improving the sales of your business, and in turn, the customer service. SMS comes in handy in reaching a wide range of customers pretty easily and quickly. 

Loyal customers to the company would appreciate being the first ones to know of any new services on offer, while new customers can become more faithful to the company through that SMS trick. The SMS service can also provide customers with any offers available that they can make use of, or help them stay in touch with the company. 

Sending Digital Receipts and Reminders

When customers know how much they spend and get reminders customized for them via SMS, they become more loyal to the company. With that, the customer service quality improves drastically. Customers are always keen on knowing all the details of their interaction with the company they’re dealing with. 

With the use of SMS, companies can provide just that. If the company or business performs direct deals with customers in the form of face-to-face sales, then customers would most likely appreciate getting digital receipts instead of, or alongside paper receipts. This comes in handy if they ever need to go back to the company or store with the goods or services that they have paid for. 
Sending Digital Receipt
The same thing applies when customers receive reminders of due dates, confirming the item or service that they should be receiving. The SMS thread provides a connection between the business and the customer and creates a quality customer service relationship. 

Saving Time for the Business and Customers

Almost all customers who want to get in touch with a service-providing company look for speedy customer service to save them time and money spent on long phone calls with customer service agents. Using SMS, in this case, enhances the customer service experience by saving customers valuable time and money. 

Customers can quickly get in contact with the company through a chain of text messages. That way, they can avoid the long times spent on the phone, or the long queues when having to visit the customer service branches of their desired company physically. 

The same thing applies to the company’s staff. Businesses can save a lot of time and money by using SMS to communicate with customers and to provide a decent customer service encounter. 

The customer service experience provided by any company can make or break the company. SMS is considered to be among the most effective ways to improve customer service quality. Using the text messaging service, people can provide instant feedback to the company and can feel more loyal towards it when they see their opinions taken into consideration. 

SMS can also help companies save themselves and their customers some valuable time and money by communicating through convenient mediums without having to go through long queues to speak to customer service agents. 

SMS provides an excellent medium that fits perfectly well with companies looking to improve their customer service in the modern age, where millions of customers rely heavily on their smartphones.


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