6 Best Free Bitcoin Mining Games Online

Do you ever feel like earning real cryptocurrency while playing games? Because now you can do that by playing these top 6 online games. These games are free and easy to play, and you don’t even have to invest any cash all you have to do is complete the tasks that are in the game, and you can win a small amount of Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin depending upon the task that you selected.`

Bitcoin Mining Games

Top 6 Free Bitcoin Mining Games Online

Don’t forget to have fun while playing these amazing bitcoin earning games online for free!

Roller Coin

This is an online bitcoin mining simulator game through which you can earn bitcoin as a reward this is one of the most popular online bitcoin earning game available all you have to do is that you will have to build your virtual data to generate power and this virtual power will, in turn, allow you to earn some real satoshi coins. 

Now you must be thinking, what is a satoshi coin? so a satoshi coin is the smallest unit of a bitcoin 1 Satoshi is equal to one-hundredth-millionth of a single bitcoin. i.e. 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC.
You would have to compete with your friends to see who can earn the most!

All you need to do it sign up and create an account where you would also have to choose a character for yourself. Your character will be in a room with a small computer system next to them now you will have to generate power, and to do that, you must play mini-games found under the “games” tab. Now each game would give you mining power.

To collect your bitcoin, you’d have to go to your “wallet” in the game. Provide there your bitcoin address and submit a request to withdraw.  

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Bitcoin mining made fun!
Febbit is a browser game faucet, and in this game, all you have to do is to make a cryptocurrency mining farm and collect once per hour your earning. The game is easy to play and quite simple to understand. The minimum amount of withdrawal is 100 satoshi. 

In this game, as you level up, you will get a chip to upgrade your mining hardware. There will be two goals daily to speed up your leveling. The payout limit is very low. You can even reach the payout in about 50 playing hours. Try Bitcoin Revolution today and open the doors to financial freedom.

Contract Miner

Contract miners is a crypto-based bitcoin mining game. You have to take part in tasks and rent of properties with completely paid off contracts; then, you will have to start buying miners to take part in ‘auto miner’ tasks. You can even earn extra profits by running your miners. 

There are different levels to the game and you will have to work your way through the higher tiers. The first property you get will be rent-free and your journey into the game will start from your parent’s house. 

You can expand, hold more miners, rent a building from the agency and manage your bank finances. For all this, you will have to start a contract, and then you can see how much bitcoin you will be earning or how long the contract’s going to last.


This is one of the best free crypto mining games where not only can you earn bitcoin, but you can also earn other cryptocurrencies such as LTC, etc. without the use of any hardware. There are lots of features and functions in the game, like mining, market, shop, auction houses, and many bonuses. 

You can register for free, and you will have a small mine with enough resources you will have new mines. In this game, you have to buy mines. You will have to provide water and food for your miners to come back. You will get 3 types of mines, which will have a different amount of gold per hour. Then this gold that is brought by the miners will become exchangeable in satoshi.


This one is quite an exciting game you can kill monsters of all different kinds at different levels; you can purchase good and items that will make you feel stronger you can level up and hire new mercenaries to increase your power and to get multiple rewards. In this game, you can get 3 types of currencies credits, tokens, and gold. 

These currencies are used to purchase different items from the market. You can obtain credits by taking part in raids, and in turn, you will get amount proportionate to the damage. You can also obtain credits by purchasing mercenaries. The token is obtained by claiming the faucet and gold are randomly dropped when you attack the raid monsters or can be obtained from currency exchange.

Crypto Mining Game

This game is all about leveling up by completing various missions. You want to keep your virtual miners running for that you need to collect crystals. You can mine litecoin, dogecoin, and bitcoin. You will start with a low hash rate, but once you start to level up and get your hash reward from various missions, you will notice to see a nice flow of coins from your mine. 

In this game, you will also get a premium option once you get 1000 hash rate, which will allow you to mine dash, bitcoin, and etherium along with other perks too. All in all, this would have to be the most exciting and enjoyable coin faucet that cryptocatchers have come across. The added feature of the “Mine for real” option propels these faucets to new heights, and the returns are exceptional.

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