5 Best Bitcoin Apps for Android in 2020

Monday, 13 January 2020

5 Best Bitcoin Apps for Android in 2020

Posted by Madhu Gupta
When we talk about money, then the forms of money have evolved over the years, and today the most advanced form of currency that we have is the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is nothing but the money that has been given additional security through cryptography. 

Modern Form Of Money

The cryptocurrency that includes the likes of Bitcoins is an exchange system based on a technology called as blockchain technology. You can read more about bitcoin from the official site of bitcoincircuitpro. The blockchain technology in simple words is that a ledger is maintained where all the relevant parties that are involved in transactions can see the details of the transaction. 

These details can never be removed from that ledger. In most countries today, especially in India, the most commonly used mobile operating system is the Android system. While there have been popular choices amongst people for IOS, still Android has maintained its popularity throughout the world. 

Top 5 Bitcoin Apps for Android

Indicative of the popularity enjoyed by Android, it is also commonly used to store the Bitcoins. Bitcoin wallets have gained more popularity in the Android versions than for iOS. Let us take a look at the best Bitcoin wallets for Android devices. 

1. Trust Wallet 

Trust Wallet has been one of the most popular choices for Bitcoin wallets in the year 2019. Trust Wallet is a multi-coin wallet, which can store many other types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins. In July of 2018, Trust Wallet was bought by one of the most famous exchanges in the market- Binance. 
Many experts believe that due to this shift in ownership, the installations of the Trust Wallet on Android devices has soared exceptionally. Trust Wallet is known to add new variations so that more and more of these cryptocurrencies can be incorporated and stored by the user in the wallet. 

2. Electrum Wallet

The Electrum Wallet, has also gained popularity in the field of Bitcoin wallets for Android devices. The wallet has been known to be very user-friendly such that it has introduced many features to facilitate the usage of Bitcoins by the user. 
Some of these characteristics of the wallet include the presence of a six-digit unique pin that you have to create so that all transactions that you make from the wallet are guarded. Under your supervision, The wallet is also known to be flexible for the transfer of Bitcoins to other wallets because it does not lock your key. 

Apart from this, you can send money to other users of the Electrum Wallet just by scanning the specialized QR code of the Electrum Wallet in their respective Android devices. Electrum Wallet was initially launched for a desktop version, but later it was released on the Android platform and has gained immense popularity since then. 

3. Green Address 

The green address is a trendy choice when it comes to bitcoin Wallets on Android devices, especially for those people who are wanting their Bitcoin wallets to be extra secure and those who want the wallets to provide more autonomy while using their services. 
The security aspect is enhanced by the Green Address when it makes the users go in for two-factor authentication and pin creation before anyone can make use of the services of the wallet. Apart from this, the Green address does not store the users' key, which enables them to transfer Bitcoins to other wallets as well. 

Although the overall services of green address are not as highly competitive as the other wallets mentioned, the aspects of safety and security have been highly ranked when it comes to Green address. 

4. Bread Wallet 

If there is one Bitcoin wallet available on Android devices that have consistently made it to the list of top 5 Bitcoin wallets over the years, then it has to be Bread Wallet. Bread Wallet has been recommended by many of the experts in multiple ranking lists because of several reasons. 
The first reason why experts suggest that Bread wallet is a good Bitcoin wallet available for Android users is that it is extremely userfriendly and easy to set up. Therefore, any person who has just started using cryptocurrency can handle the wallet easily and can manage transactions efficiently. 

Apart from this, the availability of other cryptocurrencies that can be stored by the Bread wallet has also increased over the years. Thus, a genuinely good option when you are looking for a Bitcoin wallet on your Android device can be a Bread wallet.

5. 8 Jaxx 

Jaxx has been a trendy name when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and it's storage in particular. 8 Jaxx has been a popular Mobile Wallet for the storage of Bitcoins that started its services from the Android devices and has now extended them on iOS devices as well. 

8 Jaxx has been installed the maximum number of times, and users have always reported the benefits of the mobile wallet. Some of these benefits include a very user-friendly interface that has been made to cater to the people who are beginners to those who are experienced in handling cryptocurrencies. 

Apart from this, it is often said that Jaxx has provided seamless user experiences that have not been matched by the services of other Bitcoin wallets, especially those that have been designed for Android devices. 

Final Words

These Bitcoin wallets are the most commonly used and highly safe forms of wallets that are used for the storage of cryptocurrency today. Having specialized mobile wallets, which can store the Bitcoins, is a very safe way of storing cryptocurrency because the mobiles are more often than not with the user, and the user can have access to all transaction history through the wallet.


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