5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In 2020

Friday, 31 January 2020

5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In 2020

Posted by Madhu Gupta
In this fast-evolving world, everything undergoes change. Also it is getting replaced. Communications, transportation, media, or even mundane. This things like snacks get changed over time at everytime. But then somethings are made that are so perfect. You can say extremely accurate in their functions. When compared to the necessities that they become a part of the evolving eras.

Similar things can be said when talking about the changes. In the practice and usage of the traditional currency. Traditionally the money or hard currency. It is government-controlled, has been used as a mode of payment for the acquiring of goods, services, and duties. Held in context with coins or notes, and recently through digital counterparts like cheques, etc. Now, transform your life with one of the best cryptocurrency trader bitcointraderspro and become the next millionaire.

The traditional money has ruled the market. However, with the dawn of the developed times, the e-currency or cryptocurrency was used. Highly varying than the original currency concept. The cryptocurrency but is a mode to pay for goods and services as the old currency was. Also, known as the modern digital currency, the cryptocurrency has been one of the main virtual sections of the Internet Times. This have been growing very rapidly.

But what is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a mode to pay for any kind of aid or goodies. But with a technology that is backed yo by leverage blockchains and hence is decentralized.

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By being decentralized, it means that this currency is independent of any government restrictions. Hence is totally free of the central control. Hence, this makes the currency transparent, secure, and strongly fixed.

Why Cryptocurrency in 2020?

Almost done with a decade, humans have proud themselves with astonishing achievements. One is the advent of cryptocurrencies. Because the use of e-currencies is completely clear of counterfeits, fraud-resistant. Also has the least amount of reduction during transactions, cryptocurrency proves to be safe and reliable. It has stood firmly against the tests of times. It has come out as transparent and hence is a choice worthy of appreciation. If you want to experiment with a change of transaction methods in 2020.
But when there is an overabundance in the options you can choose. It may get a bit difficult to pick one of the best. Hence, here you will be reading about 5 Cryptocurrencies that are an excellent choice in 2020.


The first and most obvious choice concerning cryptocurrencies is always going to be Bitcoin. The working of Bitcoins is slightly different than that of the conventional currency.

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A Bitcoin is produced when a compound and complicated math problem is solved. Consequently, it cannot be made by printing some sheets or any papers. Also on the command of a bank. If you are trying hard to earn money from bitcoin then the Bitcoin Rush can be the best app for you.

Why Bitcoin?

Forerunner of all e-currencies, Bitcoin was the first of its kind. An innovative idea, the Bitcoin currency does not fall under the regulations of the central banks. Also, unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoins do not experience inflation. But on the contrary, their value seems to grow by every passing minute.
Consequently, Bitcoin Halving will be conducted shortly this year, and the values are going to skyrocket. Do not miss your chance!


Second, to only Bitcoin itself, Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency out there. Ether, the currency of Ethereum, falls under the largest decentralized applications.
Ether began at a mere value of $0.40. But today it is estimated to be over 4,100%. Before of its beginning value. And, this in itself is reason enough to invest in Ethereum because the trends show that the values are only going to increase further.

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Why Ethereum? A transaction time of 15-20 seconds is one of the best reasons but, not the only one. Ethereum is admirably very secure. It works with a platform known as the Smart Contracts. Interestingly Ethereum 2.0 is going to be released this year. Thus, it gives you even more reason to invest with Ethereum in the year 2020. Also, Smart Contracts are an ever-growing platform, and therefore a worthy choice.


A cryptocurrency that has mastered competition with its exceptional interior transformation, Ripple is one of the most well-suited currencies to carry on with, in 2020.
Initially excused, Ripple is now but the best choice if you are looking for a currency that values in almost $10 billion!

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The currency, like other cryptocurrencies, is decentralized. This does not fall under the radar of the governments.
Why Ripple? Today, esteemed as the most flexible currency, Ripple has made a mark in the payment network. With its advanced methods for currency exchange, Ripple seems to be standing on the top.


Basically, the clone of Bitcoin, Litecoin, is one of the cryptocurrencies that use the basic Bitcoin coding for their systems. Innovative and remarkable, Litecoin comes from a team that has worked with reputable firms like Google and also a currency exchange medium known as Coinbase.
It prides itself on the achievement of working 8 years, without a single time, when it had to face the downhill.

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Why Litecoin? Although, as mentioned earlier, Litecoin is a currency that uses Bitcoin coding at its base. Then why use Litecoin at all? The answer is that though the basic coding is similar to Bitcoin, Litecoin alters the faulty codes and uses only the very best. The result visible for all is - zero downtimes for Litecoin! Also, it is the most used cryptocurrency, and transactions will only increase in 2020. I would suggest you to try Bitcoin Loophole and learn how to increase your earnings in 2020 from bitcoin.


Relatively newer in the field when held in contrast with its forerunners, Dash is but still an option worth trying. Just in about Five years, Dash has managed to obtain a value of over $ 2 billion. It is quite impressive when considering its age.
Why Dash? It is the fast-paced popularity and reputation of Dash that helped it reach where it is today. About a 100 million dollars are exchanged by Dash every day!

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It is of no apparent doubt that the future is digital. And, now is the time to ensure that the currency is too. With the help of irreversible transactions and solid security, cryptocurrencies will rule 2020 and further. So, invest in cryptocurrencies now and participate in the renovated today!


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