4 Tips to Make your PC Game Friendly

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

4 Tips to Make your PC Game Friendly

Posted by Madhu Gupta
When your PC is new, everything is fast and works at optimal speed. As time progresses, however, things start to drag, and the system takes a dip. This is every gamer's worst nightmare. You want to take a critical headshot when you need one, but when your PC drags, you lose your chance. If you're going to keep things as fast as possible, these tips will get you started. 
Make your PC Game Friendly

1. Install more RAM

The best care for your PC begins when it is new and performing at its best. Additional memory is a basic but one of the best upgrades. PCs that are almost running out of space usually spill data into the hard drive, which in turn slows your computer. Hard drives are naturally slower than system memory, which is why you get a performance hit when things pill into it. 

If you have a windows 8 PC, for instance, you can comfortably work with an 11GB (32-bit) or a 2GB (64-bit) system. However, serious gamers always aim to have at least 16GB on their machines. This makes playing Pikachu or Eve a bliss. 

2. Maintain your Computer

Most people have low performing PCs because they lack time, not money. Naturally, machines become slow as they age, either from hardware issues, bloatware, and outdated components. Your games take the hit, and they stop running as fast as they used to. 

You should always update your Windows, backup your data, manage your emails, and delete folders and programs you no longer apply. Always scan your PC, double-check essential settings, and clean your hardware. PC maintenance is annoying, but it is necessary if you want to maintain an excellent working machine. 

3. Reduce Start-up Applications

Do you wonder why your computer takes forever to log into windows? You likely have too many applications running immediately. You power your machine. PCs are set such that some applications run automatically when you log into windows. If you have tons of apps running, your RAM will automatically suffer. 

Simply reducing the number of apps that run can significantly reduce your drag time and improve performance in your games. Windows 8, for instance, has a built-in task manager where you can disable the games. You might have to do a little more searching with Windows 10 and 7, but the improved performance should be worth the headache. 

4. Optimize Windows for gaming mode 

This option is best if you are using windows 10. You can squeeze in optimal gaming performance by merely using a built-in Windows feature called gaming mode. Find the function by pressing windows key plus I, or type game mode. Select the option called control game mode and optimize your PC for games. 

Final Words

Slow PC s for gamers don't have to be a headache. You only need to commit to maintenance and use the hacks and tricks outlined here to improve the performance of your computer. Always listen to your machine and take it in for diagnosis if you have done everything in your power, and performance is still an issue. 


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