Comparium Review: One Of The Most Powerful Cross-Browser Testing Tool

A browser is an essential tool for the internet domain as you have to surf in the internet world with the help of browsers. There are several browsers available in the realm of the internet. But we should have the best only in use. 

So cross-browser testing tools are used to assess the compatibility of your work application with different browsers. It is a fantastic tool for the website developers as they can check the compatibility from both the server domain and the client-side. There are several cross-browser testing tools available in the market to assist you in development. 

What is Comparium?

Among the vast pool of various cross-browsing testing tools, comparium has hoisted its flag on some particular aspects. It is an authorized product of the Electronic Team, which is a well popular and successful company in the realm of science solutions. 

What is Comparium

This business body has an experience of more than 15 years in the field of technology commodities. Comparium has millions of satisfied customers who have been benefitted a lot when used this product in its full fledge. The skillful employee members of this company are its ultimate strength. 

Comparium is compatible with most of the conventional systems, including iOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems. This application is used to attract mass users through a free version of this tool. Thus Comparium has proved to be one of the best cross-browser testing tools.

Latest Version of Comparium

A tool used to be released with several versions, most of the other versions are to be out in the market after incorporating slight advancements in the application. All the standard applications in the market used to hold their position and respect among the utilizers through the provision of required updates at the perfect timing. Comparium has also been updated several times and came out with the essence of brand new versions.

The latest version of Comparium is compatible with all the famous operating systems- iOS, Windows, and Ubuntu. The widely popular browsers like chrome and firefox are available in this initial version.

Features Offered by Comparium

Comparium offers a handful of attractive browser testing features that are proved to be very useful to its consumers. The perks are-

A lot of platforms are supported

A less common platform is not an absolute issue in the case of Comparium as it positively supports different platforms starting from High Sierra to Mackintosh. More or less, all the operating system versions of windows are backed in Comparium.

The different browser versions can be used

Browsers like chrome, safari, and firefox got their updates very rapidly. So it’s essential to upgrade our tools also according to the browser upgradations. Comparium is compatible with all the traditional browsers like Chrome 75, Firefox 68, Safari 11 so that you can enjoy the visual compatibility testing perfectly.

Offline website testing

It is an outstanding and useful feature of Comparium. Website developers used to perform a lot of tasks at the same time, so they can’t execute online testing every time as it is time-consuming. Comparium also provides so offline website testing facility.

Email of test result

To test your website with Comparium, all you have to do is provide the URL of the website along with your mailing ID. Comparium will get your task done and will mail you the result regarding the website testing. The required screenshots will also be sent to you by email. 

These are the exclusive features provide by Comparium to its consumers. 

Advantages of using Comparium

There are numerous advantages of using Comparium as your cross-browser testing equipment. 

  1. The main benefit of this particular tool is its compatibility with loads of websites and browsers, along with their specific versions.
  2. Comparium is very fast in getting your results ready.
  3. The results produced by Comparium are flawless to a great extent as per user reviews. 


In a nutshell, Comparium is an efficient and strong cross-browser testing tool for website developers. It can be your ultimate support in the development of a stunning website.

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