Top 5 Video Hosting Apps for Small & Medium Business

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Top 5 Video Hosting Apps for Small & Medium Business

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Video has proved to be the most effective format for communication over the Internet. There’s no other media instrument that can deliver all types of information in such a concise wrapper and combine sound, visuals, and interactive elements. 

5 Best Video Hosting Apps

No matter who you are, one of these 5 video hosting apps will become your source of inspiration or a chance to express yourself in front of millions.

1. YouTube

The first and foremost app in the list of best video hosting apps is YouTube. Alexa Rank says that it’s the second most popular website in the world. At the same time, it’s owned by Google that holds Android. All devices powered by this operating system have the YouTube app installed by default. As a result, over 2.5 billion users became potential YouTube app users from the moment they bought their devices. Can you imagine such a crowd?
This video hosting app provides you access to billions of hours of user-generated content that covers any topic that you can think of. Just enter any keyword, and you will get millions of results. The system is susceptible to your behavior, so the more you watch, the more exciting content it suggests. 

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Do you want to tell about things you know better than others? The creative studio of this app lets you produce unlimited hours of your content without expensive montage software. It includes all essential instruments, filters, and interactive elements, such as links to other videos. You can also control your publishing schedule remotely. Check out these amazing YouTube tips to use it in a more interesting way.

2. Vimeo 

Some call Vimeo the second YouTube, but it has a different look at what user videos should be. High quality and a strong message matter the most here. It also cares about author rights more than any platform. Amongst other video hosting apps, Vimeo is like a man in an expensive suit. He can talk about art, science, events, and tell some excellent jokes. 
Anyone can start publishing on Vimeo, but everything over 500 MB per week will cost you some money. It looks weird if you had experience of posting on YouTube, but that’s precisely how Vimeo developers gathered an elite society of professionals and talented people on the platform. 

3. Dailymotion

The Dailymotion app seems to be one of the friendliest to its users. It even used to be a direct competitor to YouTube in 2006. In the beginning, this French video hosting app had the fame of the patron of pirated video content.
However, modern laws of many countries block it for violations, so developers are pushed to apply stricter content filtration. The platform doesn’t seem to suffer from that a lot and remains one of the most-visited.

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The content is quite similar to YouTube’s, but it has a more significant impact on sports, news, expert reviews, and interviews. You will feel yourself in a parallel universe for the first time. There are no lively commenting and funny reactions. People take things as dangerous as possible here. Also, you can download almost any clip to view it offline. In contrast to YouTube, this feature is free. 

4. Twitch

There’s a lot of content for gamers on YouTube, but if you need more focus on e-sports and long live events, then Twitch is the best. 
Using this app, you can stream and comment live the gameplay, take part in competitions, and communicate with the biggest gaming-only society. It totals over 15 million active daily users with nearly 2.2 million producing content regularly.

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The most popular video games on Twitch are Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike GO. At the same time, you can find nearly every title even if it’s not related to e-sports at all. Twitch is the home of walkthroughs, guides, and tournaments. 

5. Instagram

This is another groundbreaking product that has over 4 billion visits per month. It started in 2010 as a simple service for sharing photos, but today it’s more focused on short video clips and lives on-the-go broadcasting. 
You can shoot clips for 24-hour stories and edit them with loads of filters, AR-masks, and stickers or add them to your feed to keep forever. With IGTV, you can make live broadcasting from anywhere with just your mobile device and chat with subscribers at the same time. 

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Nearly everyone from your neighbor to the President has an Instagram account to share some bright moments of life or for business purposes. It’s a profound source of entertainment, knowledge, and a powerful social network. Just because of its Video sharing features we have included this in the list of the best video hosting apps.


Each of these video hosting apps will broaden your horizons with new knowledge or become a full-value media personality with minimal investments. Everything that happens in the world is reflected in video hostings so that you can use them for education, journalism, science, entertainment, and other purposes.


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